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Five Fingers For Marseilles
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The Good Old Naughty Days
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The rules of the game
Umbrellas of Cherbourg
American Teacher
Spin the bottle : sex, lies & alcohol
No Control
What we do in the shadows
Seven Samurai
The Jew in the Lotus
The new public
Jacob the liar = Jakob der Lügner
Calaveras - Day of the Dead
Your Best Brain. How Adolescent Brains Work. Episode 17,
Your Best Brain. How Infant Brains Work. Episode 16,
Your Best Brain. Your Social Brain. Episode 15,
Your Best Brain. How Your Brain Manages Stress. Episode 14,
Your Best Brain. What Makes You Happy. Episode 13,
Your Best Brain. Pleasure and Your Brain. Episode 12,
Your Best Brain. How Emotion Drives Attention. Episode 11,
Your Best Brain. Feeling with Your Brain - Emotion. Episode 10,
Your Best Brain. Seeing with Your Brain - Vision. Episode 9,
Your Best Brain. How Your Brain Uses Your Senses. Episode 8,
Your Best Brain. Creativity and Fluid Intelligence. Episode 7,
Your Best Brain. The Advantages of Forgetting. Episode 6,
Your Best Brain. How Your Brain Uses Memory. Episode 5,
Your Best Brain. Neuroplasticity - Your Flexible Brain. Episode 4,
Your Best Brain. Damaged Brain, Damaged Function. Episode 3,
Your Best Brain. Your Unique Thinking Abilities. Episode 2,
Your Best Brain. How Your Brain Works. Episode 1,
Your Best Brain
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. King Tut's Magic Mirror and Sarcophagus. Episode 24,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Translating Tutankhamen's Tomb. Episode 23,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Translating the Tomb of Perneb. Episode 22,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. An Ancient Egyptian Prayer for the Dead. Episode 21,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Palimpsests: When Scribes Make Mistakes. Episode 20,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Reading Hieroglyphic Jewelry. Episode 19,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Negation in Ancient Egyptian Sentences. Episode 18,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Names of the Gods. Episode 17,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Egyptian Calendar. Episode 16,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Ancient Egyptian Numbers. Episode 15,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Names of the Pharaohs. Episode 14,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. New Ideograms Related to the Gods. Episode 13,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Past Tense and Adjectives. Episode 12,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Dependent Pronouns and the Passive Voice. Episode 11,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs and the Bible. Episode 10,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Immortal Scribe. Episode 9,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Suffix Pronouns and the Hieroglyphs of Ptah. Episode 8,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Jean-François Champollion Cracks the Code. Episode 7,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. William Bankes and the Keys to Decipherment. Episode 6,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Early Attempts to Decipher the Rosetta Stone. Episode 5,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Napoleon in Egypt. Episode 4,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. How a Language Becomes Lost. Episode 3,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The Ancient Egyptian Alphabet. Episode 2,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Why Egypt Needed Hieroglyphs. Episode 1,
Decoding the Secrets of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Understanding Imperial China. China's Last Dynasty: Fall of the Manchus. Episode 24,
Understanding Imperial China. Experiencing China's Civil Service Exams. Episode 23,
Understanding Imperial China. China's Treaty Ports. Episode 22,
Understanding Imperial China. The Taiping Rebellion and Its Cult Leader. Episode 21,
Understanding Imperial China. Emperor Qianlong Hosts a British Ambassador. Episode 20,
Understanding Imperial China. Qing Dynasty: Soul Stealers and Sedition. Episode 19,
Understanding Imperial China. The Great Wall and Military Life in China. Episode 18,
Understanding Imperial China. Ming Dynasty Trade and Spanish Silver. Episode 17,
Understanding Imperial China. China's Bound Feet, Brides, and Widows. Episode 16,
Understanding Imperial China. Admiral Zheng He's Treasure Fleet. Episode 15,
Understanding Imperial China. The Mongols and Marco Polo in Xanadu. Episode 14,
Understanding Imperial China. Genghis Khan and the Rise of the Mongols. Episode 13,
Understanding Imperial China. Rice, Silk, and Tea: South China's Peasants. Episode 12,
Understanding Imperial China. Peasant Life on the Yellow River. Episode 11,
Understanding Imperial China. A Day's Journey along the Qingming Scroll. Episode 10,
Understanding Imperial China. Life and Times of Song Dynasty Literati. Episode 9,
Understanding Imperial China. Triumph and Tragedy in Tang Poetry. Episode 8,
Understanding Imperial China. China's Grand Canal: Lifeline of an Empire. Episode 7,
Understanding Imperial China. Cosmopolitan Chang'an: Tang Dynasty Capital. Episode 6,
Understanding Imperial China. China's Buddhist Monks and Daoist Recluses. Episode 5,
Understanding Imperial China. Amazing Ban Clan: Historian, Soldier, Woman. Episode 4,
Understanding Imperial China. China's Early Golden Age: The Han Dynasty. Episode 3,
Understanding Imperial China. The First Emperor's Terra-Cotta Warriors. Episode 2,
Understanding Imperial China. Opium, Trade, and War in Imperial China. Episode 1,
Understanding Imperial China
The Modern Political Tradition. Why Political Philosophy Matters. Episode 36,
The Modern Political Tradition. Just Wars? The Problem of Dirty Hands. Episode 35,
The Modern Political Tradition. The End of History? Clash of Civilizations?. Episode 34,
The Modern Political Tradition. Habermas - Democracy as Communication. Episode 33,
The Modern Political Tradition. Postmodernism, Truth, and Power. Episode 32,
The Modern Political Tradition. The Politics of Nature - Environmentalism. Episode 31,
The Modern Political Tradition. Identity Politics - Multiculturalism. Episode 30,
The Modern Political Tradition. Identity Politics - Feminism. Episode 29,
The Modern Political Tradition. Walzer on Everything Money Shouldn't Buy. Episode 28,
The Modern Political Tradition. What about Community?. Episode 27,
The Modern Political Tradition. Ayn Rand, Robert Nozick, Libertarianism. Episode 26,
The Modern Political Tradition. Rawls's A Theory of Justice. Episode 25,
The Modern Political Tradition. Marcuse and the New Left. Episode 24,
The Modern Political Tradition. Philosophy vs. Politics - Strauss and Friends. Episode 23,
The Modern Political Tradition. Reviving the Public Realm - Hannah Arendt. Episode 22,
The Modern Political Tradition. Conservative or Neoliberal - Oakeshott, Hayek. Episode 21,
The Modern Political Tradition. Totalitarianism and Total War. Episode 20,
The Modern Political Tradition. Fleeing Liberalism - Fascism and Carl Schmitt. Episode 19,
The Modern Political Tradition. Fleeing Liberalism - Varieties of Socialism. Episode 18,
The Modern Political Tradition. Progressivism and New Liberalism. Episode 17,
The Modern Political Tradition. Modern vs. Traditional Society. Episode 16,
The Modern Political Tradition. Marx's Critique of Capitalism. Episode 15,
The Modern Political Tradition. Mill on Liberty and Utility. Episode 14,
The Modern Political Tradition. Civil Society - Constant, Hegel, Tocqueville. Episode 13,
The Modern Political Tradition. Nationalism and a People's War. Episode 12,
The Modern Political Tradition. Legacies of the Revolution - Right to Left. Episode 11,
The Modern Political Tradition. Debating the French Revolution. Episode 10,
The Modern Political Tradition. Montesquieu and the American Founding. Episode 9,
The Modern Political Tradition. Smith and the Market Revolution. Episode 8,
The Modern Political Tradition. Kant's Ethics of Duty and Natural Rights. Episode 7,
The Modern Political Tradition. Rousseau's Republican Community. Episode 6,
The Modern Political Tradition. Locke on Limited Government and Toleration. Episode 5,
The Modern Political Tradition. Hobbes, Natural Law, the Social Contract. Episode 4,
The Modern Political Tradition. Machiavelli's New Order. Episode 3,
The Modern Political Tradition. Ancient Republics, Empires, Fiefdoms. Episode 2,
The Modern Political Tradition. Origins and Conflicts of Modern Politics. Episode 1,
The Modern Political Tradition
Latin 101. Next Steps in Reading Latin. Episode 36,
Latin 101. Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs. Episode 35,
Latin 101. More on Irregular Verbs. Episode 34,
Latin 101. Counting in Latin. Episode 33,
Latin 101. Gerunds and Gerundives. Episode 32,
Latin 101. Fourth- and Fifth-Declension Nouns. Episode 31,
Latin 101. Interrogative Adjectives and Pronouns. Episode 30,
Latin 101. Reading Excerpts from Roman Law. Episode 29,
Latin 101. Cum Clauses and Stipulations. Episode 28,
Latin 101. Conditional Sentences. Episode 27,
Latin 101. Deponent Verbs. Episode 26,
Latin 101. The Perfect Tense Passive System. Episode 25,
Latin 101. Reading a Passage from Caesar. Episode 24,
Latin 101. Using the Infinitive. Episode 23,
Latin 101. Forming and Using Participles. Episode 22,
Latin 101. The Perfect Tense Active System. Episode 21,
Latin 101. Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns. Episode 20,
Latin 101. Using the Subjunctive Mood. Episode 19,
Latin 101. Building Translation Skills. Episode 18,
Latin 101. The Imperfect and Future Tenses. Episode 17,
Latin 101. The Relative Pronoun. Episode 16,
Latin 101. Third-Declension I-Stem Nouns. Episode 15,
Latin 101. Third-Declension Adjectives. Episode 14,
Latin 101. The Present Passive of All Conjugations. Episode 13,
Latin 101. Reading a Famous Latin Love Poem. Episode 12,
Latin 101. First- and Second-Conjugation Verbs. Episode 11,
Latin 101. Third -io and Fourth-Conjugation Verbs. Episode 10,
Latin 101. Introduction to the Passive Voice. Episode 9,
Latin 101. First- and Second-Declension Nouns. Episode 8,
Latin 101. First- and Second-Declension Adjectives. Episode 7,
Latin 101. Third-Declension Neuter Nouns. Episode 6,
Latin 101. Introduction to Third-Declension Nouns. Episode 5,
Latin 101. The Irregular Verbs Sum and Possum. Episode 4,
Latin 101. Introduction to the Subjunctive Mood. Episode 3,
Latin 101. Introduction to Third-Conjugation Verbs. Episode 2,
Latin 101. Pronouncing Classical Latin. Episode 1,
Latin 101
American Military History. Facing Wars Past and Future. Episode 24,
American Military History. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Terrorism. Episode 23,
American Military History. Balkan Wars: Bosnia and Kosovo. Episode 22,
American Military History. Knocking Iraq Out of Kuwait. Episode 21,
American Military History. American Forces in Grenada and Panama. Episode 20,
American Military History. Elusive Victory in Southeast Asia. Episode 19,
American Military History. The United States Enters Vietnam. Episode 18,
American Military History. Korea and the Cold War. Episode 17,
American Military History. From Normandy to Berlin and Tokyo. Episode 16,
American Military History. Air Power over Germany; Toward Japan by Sea. Episode 15, American Military History. Air Power over Germany Toward Japan by Sea. Episode 15,
American Military History. War in North Africa and the South Pacific. Episode 14,
American Military History. From Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway. Episode 13,
American Military History. John J. Pershing, the Doughboys, and France. Episode 12,
American Military History. American Expeditionary Forces: 1917-1918. Episode 11,
American Military History. The Spanish-American War of 1898. Episode 10,
American Military History. Chattanooga to Appomattox: 1863-1865. Episode 9,
American Military History. Vicksburg to Gettysburg: 1862-1863. Episode 8,
American Military History. The Civil War's Main Front: 1862. Episode 7,
American Military History. Opening Volleys of the Civil War: 1861-1862. Episode 6,
American Military History. The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. Episode 5,
American Military History. Andrew Jackson and the War of 1812. Episode 4,
American Military History. Redcoats Fall to the Continental Army. Episode 3,
American Military History. George Washington Takes Command. Episode 2,
American Military History. America: Forged in War. Episode 1,
American Military History
Learning Statistics. Statistics Your Way with Custom Functions. Episode 24,
Learning Statistics. Prior Information and Bayesian Inference. Episode 23,
Learning Statistics. Time Series Analysis. Episode 22,
Learning Statistics. Spatial Statistics. Episode 21,
Learning Statistics. Polynomial and Logistic Regression. Episode 20,
Learning Statistics. Regression Trees and Classification Trees. Episode 19,
Learning Statistics. Statistical Design of Experiments. Episode 18,
Learning Statistics. Analysis of Covariance and Multiple ANOVA. Episode 17,
Learning Statistics. Analysis of Variance: Comparing 3 Means. Episode 16,
Learning Statistics. Multiple Linear Regression. Episode 15,
Learning Statistics. Regression Predictions, Confidence Intervals. Episode 14,
Learning Statistics. Linear Regression Models and Assumptions. Episode 13,
Learning Statistics. Hypothesis Testing: 2 Samples, Paired Test. Episode 12,
Learning Statistics. Hypothesis Testing: 1 Sample. Episode 11,
Learning Statistics. Interval Estimates and Confidence Intervals. Episode 10,
Learning Statistics. Point Estimates and Standard Error. Episode 9,
Learning Statistics. Sample Size and Sampling Distributions. Episode 8,
Learning Statistics. Validating Statistical Assumptions. Episode 7,
Learning Statistics. Covariance and Correlation. Episode 6,
Learning Statistics. Continuous and Normal Distributions. Episode 5,
Learning Statistics. Discrete Distributions. Episode 4,
Learning Statistics. Sampling and Probability. Episode 3,
Learning Statistics. Exploratory Data Visualization in R. Episode 2,
Learning Statistics. How to Summarize Data with Statistics. Episode 1,
Learning Statistics
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. The Future of Organic Chemistry. Episode 36,
19301940-Selling War
Safety on Set
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Purifying by Chromatography. Episode 35,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Purifying by Extraction. Episode 34,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Purifying by Distillation. Episode 33,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Purifying by Recrystallization. Episode 32,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques. Episode 31,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Episode 30,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Measuring Handedness with Polarimetry. Episode 29,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Infrared Spectroscopy. Episode 28,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. UV-Visible Spectroscopy. Episode 27,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Synthetic Polymers. Episode 26,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Metals in Organic Chemistry. Episode 25,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins. Episode 24,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. DNA and Nucleic Acids. Episode 23,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Sugars and Carbohydrates. Episode 22,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Modifying Benzene - Aromatic Substitution. Episode 21,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Benzene and Aromatic Compounds. Episode 20,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Conjugation and the Diels-Alder Reaction. Episode 19,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Nitrates, Amino Acids, and Amides. Episode 18,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Amines, Imines, and Nitriles. Episode 17,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Organic Acids and Esters. Episode 16,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Aldehydes and Ketones. Episode 15,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Alcohols and Ethers. Episode 14,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Addition Reactions. Episode 13,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Elimination Reactions. Episode 12,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Substitution Reactions. Episode 11,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Alkyl Halides. Episode 10,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Alkenes and Alkynes. Episode 9,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Cyclic Alkanes. Episode 8,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Alkanes - The Simplest Hydrocarbons. Episode 7,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Stereochemistry - Molecular Handedness. Episode 6,
Foundations of Organic Chemistry. Acid-Base Chemistry. Episode 5,