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Newborn Hearing Screening
HIVAIDS : Working with Dr. Jonas Salk (Part One) and (Part Two
HIVAIDS : Fear in the Medical Community
HIVAIDS : Drug Therapy Side Effects and Complications
HIVAIDS : A Smart Enemy
Children and Violence (Part Two)
Support From Colleagues
Prejudice and the Human Brain (Part One)
Psychology of Gender, The (Part Two)
Psychology of Gender, The (Part One)
Psychology of Prejudice, The (Part Two)
Abraham Lincoln and the Truth About Prejudice
Market Experiments
Mental Accounting
Probability and Stereotypes
Psychology of Single Questions, The
Psychology of Prediction, The
Shades of Gray
Ethical Dilemmas and Research Studies
Proving That Mind, The is Malleable
Ramona Family Case, The
Swipe Left : Dating Apps Have Killed Romance
Humanitarian Intervention Does More Harm Than Good : A Debate
The More We Evolve, the Less We Need God : A Debate
Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground : A Debate
Pay College Athletes : A Debate
Western Democracy Is Threatening Suicide : A Debate
The U.S. Health Care System Is Terminally Broken : A Debate
Unresolved : Face-Off with China
Debating the Constitution : Technology and Privacy
Video Games Will Make Us Smarter : A Debate
Trump's First Hundred Days : A Debate
Long Live Walmart : A Debate
Unresolved : America's Economic Outlook
Preserve Net Neutrality : All Data Is Created Equal
Bitcoin Is More Than a Bubble and Here to Stay : A Debate
Negotiations Can Denuclearize North Korea : A Debate
Social Media Is Good for Democracy : A Debate
Globalization Has Undermined America's Working Class : A Debate
Unresolved : U.S. National Security
Retail Alliances, Not Washington, Will Save the U.S. Health Care System : A Debate
Progressive Populism Will Save the Democratic Party : A Debate
The Special U.S.-Saudi Relationship Has Outlived Its Usefulness : A Debate
The Universal Basic Income Is the Safety Net of the Future : A Debate
Charter Schools Are Overrated : A Debate
Policing Is Racially Biased : A Debate
Give Trump a Chance : A Debate
Obama's Foreign Policy Is a Failure : A Debate
Give Undocumented Immigrants a Path to Citizenship : A Debate
Blame Big Pharma for Out-of-Control Health Care Costs : A Debate
Blame the Elites for the Trump Phenomenon : A Debate
Climate Change : The EPA Has Gone Overboard, A Debate
Gerrymandering Is Destroying the Political Center : A Debate
Call a Convention to Amend the Constitution : A Debate
Liberals Are Stifling Intellectual Diversity on Campus : A Debate
Amazon Is the Reader's Friend : A Debate
Declinists Be Damned : Bet on America, A Debate
The Little Princess
The Moonstone
You Don't Need Feet to Dance
YERT : Your Environmental Road Trip
Yalom's Cure
Without the King
With God on Our Side
A Will for the Woods
Who is Henry Jaglom?
When Jews Were Funny
Wetlands Preserved
Welcome to Leith
We Were So Beloved
Waiting For Armageddon
Wagner's Jews
Wagner and Me
Voices of the Andes
Venus Boyz
Unknown Soldier
Unborn in the USA
Trials of Henry Kissinger
Tiger Next Door
A Tickle in the Heart
Through a Lens Darkly
Thomas Jefferson - A View from the Mountain
Thomas Berry : Dreamer of the Universe
They Killed Sister Dorothy
Television under the Swastika
Tales from the Script
Talent Has Hunger
The Take
Sukkah City
Spring and Arnaud
Speak the Music : Robert Mann and the Mysteries of Chamber Music
Spark Among the Ashes
The Sons of Tennessee Williams
Something To Do with the Wall
The Siege of Leningrad
Sherman's March
Shakespeare's Women and Claire Bloom
The Sex Trade
Sergio Vieira : En Route To Baghdad
Senator Obama Goes to Africa
Search for Mengele
Sacred Stage : The Mariinsky Theater
Sacco and Vanzetti
Roses in December
The Restaurateur
Reich Underground
Rehearsal for a Sicilian Tragedy
The Raw and the Cooked
PS Dance!
The Professor
Prima Ballerina
Pressure Cooker
Peter Brook : The Tightrope
Perfect Candidate
People of a Feather
Paul Bowes : The Cage Door is Always Open
Oyler House
Our Man in Tehran
Our House
Our City Dreams
The Other Man
Orchestra of Exiles
The Open Road
One Nation Under God
One Cut, One Life
On the Rumba River
Nuclear Nation
Night of Broken Glass
Next Year, Jerusalem
New York in the Fifties
The New Rijksmuseum
Nelson Algren, The End is Nothing , the Road is All
Nazi Medicine
Mystery of Eva Peron
Strange and Familiar : Architecture on Fogo Island
Braddock America
A Mother's Courage
Motherland Afghanistan
More Than The Rainbow
A Model for Matisse
Miss Hill
Meridith Monk : Inner Voice
Meeting Resistance
Making the Boys
Making Grace
Living Downstream
Live Nude Girls
Light Keeps Me Company
A Life Apart
Let's Get Frank
Leon Blum
Lenny Bruce : Without Tears
Lavender Limelight
Last Season
Last Flight of Petr Ginz
Last Dance
La Sierra
Know How
JFK : The Private President
Jane's Journey
James Castle : Portrait of an Artist
Into the Fire
Inside the Koran
Indian Point
In the Family
In Search of Cezanne
In Search of Blind Joe Death : The Saga of John Fahey
I'm Dangerous with Love
I'll Sing for You
I Dream of Wires
Howling with the Angels
Howard Zinn : You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
House of Life
Homo sapiens 1900
Homemade Hillbilly Jam
A Hole in a Fence
High Fidelity
Hiding and Seeking
Hellfire : A Journey From Hiroshima
Heinrich Himmler
Growing Cities
Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child
Gospel According to Philip K. Dick
Give Up Tomorrow
A Girl and a Gun
Furher Cult and Megalomania
Forgiving Dr. Mengele
Food Beware
Fish out of Water
Fire on the Mountain
A Finished Life
Fidel : The Untold Story
Far Out Isn't Far Enough
Eye of Vichy
Etoiles : Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet
Erroll Garner : No One Can Hear You Read
Eat This New York
Duch : Master of the Forges of Hell
Dreaming Lhasa
Dream Deceivers : Heavy Metal on Trial
Divide In Concord
Dive : Living Off of America's Waste
The Devil's Miner
Dear Talula
Dangerous Living : Coming Out in the Developing World
Dancing Dreams
Dancing Across Borders
The Dancer
The Dance Goodbye
Curse of the Gothic Symphony
Cross and the Star
Cool and crazy on the road
Cool and Crazy
Constantine's Sword
The Company : Inigo and His Jesuits
Chet Zar
Champagne Safari
Casting By
Carmen and Geoffrey
Capturing Reality
The Camden 28
The Callers
Buying Sex