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The Physics of Fire
Feeding Baby with Breast Milk
Exercising Safely After a Heart Attack
Exercise for Pulmonary Patients
Exercise and Weight Loss
Exercise and Stroke : Impact of Exercise on Stroke Prevention
Exercise and Heart Disease
Exercise and Blood Cholesterol Management
Exercise : Discover the Importance of Warming Up Your Body Before Exercise
Ergonomics and Activity at Your Desk
Epidural Anesthesia
Emotions of Heart Failure
Emotions and Your Recovery
Emotional Wellness of NICU Parents
Eating Well Even at Fast Food Restaurants
Eating Healthy for a Healthy Heart
Eating Healthy at Parties
Eating Healthy at Ethnic Restaurants
Drugs and Pregnancy
Drug and Alcohol Use : Making Safe Choices and Seeking Help
Discovering Your Smoking Triggers
Discharge Instructions
Diapering 101
Diabetes and Depression : A Self-Care Checklist
Diabetes and Depression
Diabetes Sick Days : Monitoring for Ketones
Diabetes and Exercise Safety Tips
Diabetes : Skin and Foot Care Exams
Diabetes Support : Loved Ones and Friends
Diabetes Support : Your Healthcare Team and Community
Describing and Rating Your Pain
Depression : More than Sadness
Creating Your Weight Loss Plan
Creating Your Diabetes Support Network
Creating an Exercise Routine when You Have Diabetes
Creating a Quit Smoking Plan
Coronary Artery Disease : When Are Heart Attacks Most Likely to Occur?
Coping with the Baby Blues
Controlling Your Risk Factors for a Healthier Heart
Controlling Your Blood Pressure When You Have Heart Disease
Controlling High Blood Pressure
Controllable Risk Factors for Vascular Disease
Communicating with Your Healthcare Team
Common Treatments for Pneumonia
Common Tests for Heart Failure
Common Tests for Coronary Artery Disease
Common Skills to Help You Cope with Stress
Common Emotions at Diabetes Diagnosis
Common Emotions After Heart Surgery
Common Breastfeeding Positions
Comforting Your Crying Newborn
Cleaning and Healthy Air
Circumcision : What You Need to Know
Choosing Healthy Foods without a Food Label When You Have Diabetes
Choosing Fats Wisely When You Have Diabetes
Choosing Carbohydrates Wisely When You Have Diabetes
Choosing an Ostomy Pouch System
Choking Prevention Skills
Changing Your PICC Line Injection Cap
Changing Your PICC Line Dressings
Changes that Lead to Better Diabetes Control
Central Venous Catheter for Hemodialysis : Changing Your Dressings
Caring for a Loved One with a Mental Health Disorder
Cardiovascular Training
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Training Your Heart for Life, 2nd Edition
Car Seats Aren't Cribs : Safe Sleep for Baby
C. Diff Prevention
Buying Healthy Foods
Breathing Training and Pulmonary Illness
Bonding and Baby Care
Blood Pressure Medications
Bathing Your Newborn Baby
Back in Shape
Baby Skin Care Tips
At Discharge : Eating Healthy at Home
At Discharge : Medications and Medical Devices
Asthma Self-Care Skills
Aspirin Effects During a Heart Attack
Aspirin and Heart Disease
Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks : Calming the Mind
Antiarrhythmic Medications
Antepartum : Getting Ready for the NICU
Angioplasty and Stenting : Understanding the Risks
Angiography : Understanding the Risks
Angina : Symptoms and Tests
Angina and Other Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease
Adjusting to Life with Your New Pacemaker
Adjusting to Life with Your ICD
Addressing Your Smoking Habit and Behaviors
Activity Guidelines the First Few Weeks After Surgery
Accessing Your Graft for Hemodialysis
Bobby Seale speaking at Black Panthers rally on Boston Common
Donated to Science
Los totos
Proper Transfer Techniques for the Health Care Professional
Kashmir :The Legacy of Partition of India
Kashmir :valley of despair
The Killing of Kashmir
Proper transfer techniques for healthcare professionals
The Immune System.Series 2
El Proyecto Del Mono Drill
Shingles :treating the chronic pain
Haiti and Dominican Republic :An Island Divided
Maybe Baby
Baked Swordfish & Risotto With Saffron
The slave trade
First Steps :How Babies Become Toddlers
Word of Mouth :Learning to Communicate
Sweet solution for woodlands
Sugar, rebuilding an island industry
New Gift
Animate Earth
GM Foods :Vandana Shiva
The Man with the Golden Arm
Nancy Frates Meet the mom who started the Ice Bucket Challenge
Blacking up :hip-hop's remix of race and identity
Practical Applications of Similarity
Sports reporting for TV news
Hispanic entrepreneurs :against all odds
Peter Simon - Through The Lens
Integrative family therapy
Ken Burns The National Parks :America's Best Idea
Doris Kearns Goodwin Learning from Past Presidents in Moments of Crisis
Physics Demonstrations in Mechanics Part II
Super Weed Can't Be Killed
Call of the wild
Kitaj…In the Picture
Talking with Buddha
A league of her own
American experience. The abolitionists.;Interview with Erica Armstrong Dunbar. Part 1 of 4
The Island President
The heart broken in half
Population Geography
World Weaving Traditions
Families of Guatemala
Popol Vuh
After the boom
The Latin American boom
The Latin American boom
Peru :Fiesta of Corpus Christi
Bolivia :The Great Power of Christ
Guatemala :Day of National Unity
Latin America
Salsa Y Tropical
Ecuador :Fiesta of Yamor
VooDoo Damballah Ceremony in Haiti, 1996
Voodoo Sorceress's Home in Haiti, 1996
Haitian Song
Dancers in VooDoo Ceremony in Haiti, 1996
Cultural Diversity in Health Care
Cuba and Haiti :Globe Trekker
Backstrap Weaving In Mexico & Guatemala
South of the border
Three songs
Danzon no.2
Frida Kahlo :portrait of an artist
Frida Kahlo :portrait of an artist
Frida Kahlo :portrait of a woman
Diego Rivera :I Paint What I See
Mexico :Cuernavaca : city of eternal spring
Juan de Marcos Gonzales and Afro Cuban All Stars :Absolutely Live
Mexico :St Michael Archangel
Black in Latin America - Cuba: The Next Revolution
Isabel Allende :possessed by her art
A Zest for Life :Afro-Peruvian Rhythms, a Source of Latin Jazz
Quema Judas :A Mexican Folk Tradition
Mexico :Day of the Dead
Baroque.Part 2
Visiones: Latino Art & Culture - Episode 4
Tango Negro :The African Roots of Tango
Music moves the world :power and passion of rhythm, melody, and dance
A Thousand and One Years Ago :from the Roland Collection
Dreamworlds 3 :desire, sex & power in music video /the Media Education Foundation presents ; written, narrated & edited by Sut Jhally
Orpheus' blood
Introduction and sacred space
Sacred journey and conclusion
Diane Benscoter, How Cults Rewire the Brain
The Church of Christ, scientist
A secret order, the Druzes
The fantastic invasion /produced and directed by Nigel Evans
Good People go to Hell, Saved People Go To Heaven
Cognitive Dissonance
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
The Shadow of Waco
What really happened at Waco
Waco :The Rules Of Engagement
David Koresh - Final 24: His Final Hours
Cult Witness :A Study of the Cultic Experience
The brainwashing of my dad
Cult breakers
Sacred text and stories
Sacred memory
Sacred rituals, sacred spaces
Sacred time
Meet the Mormons
The Church of Scientology :Religion or Cult?
Scientology :the ex-files
Scientologists at War
Trapped :Life Inside a Cult-How to Spot a Cult
English goes underground
Escape :Can You Leave a Cult? How to Spot a Cult
CAN :the Cult Awareness Network
Rajneeshpuram :an experiment to provoke god
Visions of Paradise
Safety on set
Inmate 777
Chinua Achebe
A Chance to Dress - The Complexity of Gender Expression
We are family
Criminal Court
Court, Trials, and Sentencing :Due Process
And Justice for Some
American Law :How It Works
The Island President
How Women Won the Vote
Expanding gender :youth out front
Criminal Court Process and Procedure
The Courts :Our Rule of Law
Civil Court Process and Procedure
Above the law?
Say brother.Another conversation with the next generation
Building Bridges :Cross Cultural Journeys
Fast food off the shelf =Por qué quebró Mc Donald's en Bolivia?
La ofrenda :the days of the dead
Deaf Jam
The Family Farm
Real stories from a free South Africa. Belonging Volume 3,
Struggle for identity :issues in transracial adoption
Wounds of war
State of the Talib
To End Honor Killing
Barbie nation :an unauthorized tour
Hormonally yours