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Pioneers of television: Season 3 Miniseries
Nova Making Stuff Wilder
Raw to ready collection: Mack Truck
Saving the ocean collection: Scourge of the Lionfish
Super skyscrapers: One World Trade Center
Joseph Wolpe on systematic desensitization
Sidney Bijou on behavioral child therapy
David Barlow on treating anxiety disorders
Albert Bandura on behavior therapy, self efficacy & modeling
Recovering from an affair : 6 sessions of couples therapy
Bowenian family therapy
Strategic couples therapy
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy
Power of 2 marriage skills workshop
Hans Eysenck on behavior therapy
Arnold Lazarus on multimodal therapy
Alan Marlatt on harm reduction for substance abuse
Donald Meichenbaum on cognitive-behavioral therapy
Treating the severe OCD client
Engaging the ambivalent OCD client
Meth inside out. Windows to recovery Volume III,
Meth inside out. Human impact Volume I,
Meth inside out. Brain & behavior Volume II,
Of rocks and flowers : dealing with the abuse of children
Tres madres : structural therapy with an AngloHispanic family
A house divided : structural therapy with a black family
Cognitive therapy for panic disorder
Effectively intervening with violent behavior : an interview with Dr. Peter Fonagy
A cognitive behavioral perspective on aggression : an interview with Dr. Donald Meichenbaum
Getting control of yourself : anger management tools and techniques
Mindfulness for life : an interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn
The healing power of mindful parenting
Harnessing the power of genograms in psychotherapy
Psychodrama unmasked : essential tools and techniques
Cognitive therapy for obsessions
Exposure therapy for phobias
Aaron Beck on cognitive therapy
Albert Ellis on REBT
Making child therapy work
Building confidence in motivational interviewing
Resolving ambivalence in motivational interviewing
Increasing importance in motivational interviewing
Core concepts of motivational interviewing
Expressive arts therapy in action
Carl Rogers on person-centered therapy
William Miller on motivational interviewing
7 skills for addiction-free living : stress management
7 skills for addiction-free living : social skills
7 skills for addiction-free living : problem solving
Psychotherapy for chronic PTSD
Living with PTSD : lessons for partners, friends, and supporters
Survival from domestic violence : stories of hope and healing
7 skills for addiction-free living : managing emotions
7 skills for addiction-free living : behavioral self-control
7 skills for addiction-free living : assertiveness
7 skills for addiction-free living : alternatives for substance abuse
Group counseling with children : a multicultural approach
Leading groups with adolescents
Child therapy case consultation
Erving Polster on Gestalt therapy
Action methods in couples therapy
Salvador Minuchin on family therapy
Effective treatment of violent individuals
The roots of violence
Creative healing in mental health
Empowerment family therapy
Emotionally focused therapy in action
Narrative family therapy
Integrative family therapy
Adlerian family therapy
PTSD in children : move in the rhythm of the child
When helping hurts : sustaining trauma workers
The therapeutic relationship, individualized treatment and other keys to successful psychotherapy
Confronting death and other existential issues in psychotherapy
Group therapy : a live demonstration
Assessment & psychological treatment of bipolar disorder
Object-relations family therapy
Value-sensitive therapy
Solution-oriented family therapy
Otto Kernberg : live case consultation
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy for personality disorders : an interview with Otto Kernberg, MD
Satir family therapy
James Hillman on the soulless society
James Hillman on archetypal psychotherapy
TCs in prisons : a research perspective
Structural family therapy
Death, dying & grief in psychotherapy. Hospital consultation with medically ill patients Volume II,
Death, dying & grief in psychotherapy. A brief psychodynamic treatment Volume I,
Behavioral couples therapy
Becoming a therapist : inside the learning curve
Cognitive therapy for weight loss : a coaching session
Resolving trauma in psychotherapy : a somatic approach
REBT for anger management
My kids don't appreciate me : REBT with a single mother
Children of the camps : the documentary
Art therapy has many faces
Internal family systems therapy
Imago couples therapy
Coping with the suicide of a loved one : an REBT approach
Rational emotive behavior therapy for addictions
Psychodrama of a marriage : a motion picture
Psychodrama in action : 1960's
Psychodrama of a marriage (around 1948)
Spontaneity training and role re-training and introduction to psychodrama
Jacob Levy Moreno : his life and his muses
Psychotherapy with medically ill children
Connecting with our kids
Experiential therapy
Emotionally focused couples therapy
The counting method : a treatment technique for PTSD
Explaining PTSD : lessons for mental health professional
Depression : a cognitive therapy approach
Harm reduction therapy for addictions
Trauma and the body : a psychodramatic approach
Healing childhood abuse through psychodrama
Feminist therapy
Invisible child abuse
Reality therapy
Voices about relationships
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with Donald Meichenbaum
Person-centered expressive arts therapy
Integrative counseling
Encounter groups for addictions. Keys to fostering growth Volume III,
Encounter groups for addictions. Pitfalls & solutions Volume II,
Encounter groups for addictions. Evolution of the encounter group Volume I,
What works in psychotherapy
Sex, love & intimate relationships
The therapeutic community. Components of a generic therapeutic community Volume III,
The therapeutic community. Community as method Volume II,
The therapeutic community. The therapeutic community perspective Volume I,
Understanding and preventing suicide
Voices of suicide : learning from those who lived
Adlerian therapy
Mind-body therapy
Transactional analysis
Integrative therapy
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with John Krumboltz
"I'd hear laughter" : finding solutions for the family
PTSD and veterans : a conversation with Dr. Frank Ochberg
Irreconcilable differences : a solution-focused approach to marital therapy
Multimodal therapy
Object relations therapy
Family systems therapy
Solution-focused therapy
Existential-humanistic psychotherapy
James Bugental : live case consultation
Rollo May on existential psychotherapy
Harville Hendrix on the healing relationship
Legal & ethical issues for mental health professionals. Confidentiality, privilege, reporting, and duty to warn Volume I,
Positive psychology and psychotherapy
Coming out : voices of gay and lesbian teens and their families
Narrative therapy with children
Reality therapy with children
Classroom interventions for ADHD
Adlerian parent consultation
Cognitive-behavioral child therapy
Assessing ADHD in the schools
Person-centered child therapy
Adolescent family therapy
Object relations child therapy
Gestalt therapy with children
Adlerian play therapy
Solution-focused child therapy
Suicide & self-harm : helping people at risk
Reality therapy for addictions
Couples therapy for addictions : a cognitive-behavioral approach
Cognitive therapy for addictions
Integrating therapy with 12-step programs
Stages of change for addictions
Making divorce work : a clinical approach to the binuclear family
Arnold Lazarus : live case consultation
Down every year : a demonstration of depth oriented brief therapy
Exploring narradrama
The psychological residuals of slavery
She's leaving me : a four-stage treatment model for men struggling with relationship loss
Couples and infertility : moving beyond loss
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Sexual minority adolescents Program 7,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Diversity and multiple identities Program 6,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. The bisexual experience Program 5,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. The coming out process Program 4,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Relationships, families and couples counseling Program 3,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Individual assessment and psychotherapy Program 2,
Psychotherapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Historical perspectives Program 1,
Gender differences in depression : a marital therapy approach
Family secrets : implications for theory and therapy
The gift of therapy : a conversation with Irvin Yalom, MD
Psychodrama, sociometry and beyond
Zerka on psychodrama
Time limited dynamic psychotherapy
Existential-humanistic psychotherapy in action
Psychotherapy with the unmotivated patient
The legacy of unresolved loss : a family systems approach
Tools and techniques for family therapy
Irvin Yalom : live case consultation
Couples therapy : an introduction
The angry couple : conflict focused treatment
Effective psychotherapy with men
The abused woman : a survivor therapy approach
Mixed anxiety and depression : a cognitive-behavioral approach
Management styles. 1
The marketing series. promotion. The marketing mix : 7,
Marketing mix. Price
Marketing mix. Product case studies
Marketing mix. Product
All about appraisal : introduction and examples
Responsible corporations? Google, Apple & News Corp
Employment law in action
Termination of employment
Employee representation & trade unions
Data protection at work
Motivation in action
Appraisal in action
Leadership and management
Organizational cultures
Organizational structures
Human resources strategy
inside a factory. The new mini. I,
inside a factory. The PCB. 5,
Inside a factory. Brompton Bicycle. 7,
Methods of production
Systems in a factory
Converging technologies
ICT and business : the great revolution
A decent factory?
Fair trade in action
How to do a business plan
Inside a hotel
The marketing mix at Cadbury's
What's going on in marketing research?
The entrepreneurs. Tossed. 1,
The marketing series. The power of the brand. 3,
The marketing series. The 4 P's and beyond. 2,
The marketing series. The internet revolution. 1,
Marketing a theme park
ICD 9 guided collection 2
ICD 10 guided collection 2
DSM 5 guided collection 2
Symptom media collection
Introduction to psychology
DSM 5 guided collection
ICD 10 guided collection
ICD 9 guided collection
Coping mechanisms and defenses collection
The life of Muhammad collection
The Latino Americans collection
The African Americans collection
Superheroes : a never ending battle collection
Super skyscrapers collection
Shakespeare uncovered collection
Saving the ocean collection