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Mitchell & Kenyon. Preston North End v. Notts County (17 October 1904) 99,
Mitchell & Kenyon. Preston North End v Wolverhampton Wanderers (19 November 1904) 98,
Mitchell & Kenyon. Preston North End v Wolverhampton Wanderers (19 November 1904) 97,
Mitchell & Kenyon. Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield United (29 March 1907) 95,
Mitchell & Kenyon. the collier's daily life (1904) Black diamonds : 92,
Mitchell & Kenyon. Workers leaving T & W Lees of Stockport (1901) 91,
Energy medicine for health and wellness
Sleeping wellness : bridging the gap between body, mind, and sleep
Less stress, more time. The wellness business Vol. 1,
Aging well : exercise and nutrition as medicine
Medical wellness : concepts and observations
Making the call ... return to play : what is the evidence?
Nervous system considerations in the athlete
Hot topics in sports medicine
Lifestyle and wellness implications for our population and our athletes
Medical challenges in athletes
Cardiovascular disease in athletes
Strength training with yoga
Anti-aging with yoga
Healing with real food & essential oils for busy people
Props with purpose in yoga
Aqua mind body fusion
Heart 'n' sole barre workout : based on concepts of pilates, dance & fitness
Round and about the method : pilates progressions with a stability ball and mini ball
The art of pilates-yoga fusion : blending pilates and yoga progressions
Lessons learned from the coal face of sports nutrition
Quantification of sweat electrolyte losses during prolonged exercise
The Leach Pottery 1952
The Leach Pottery 1952
Frontline. Chasing heroin [Season 34, Episode 6],
Frontline. Inside Assad's Syria [Season 33, Episode 18],
Counting on birds. Plight of the grassland birds
Counting on birds. Journey of the broad-winged hawk
Counting on birds. Saving songbirds
Belyy Bim chernoe ukho
Flávio Rangel : o teatro na palma da mão
Harder than Everest
The forgotten force
The artist, the peasant = L'artista, iI contadino
A Calcutta Christmas
Someone you know
The talented Mr. Stone
Earth at risk : building a resistance movement to save the planet
Shifting years. Shifting your perception
Shifting years. Seeing our differences as strengths
Shifting years. Finding common ground
Kyoto : heart of Japan
The visas that saved lives
Conversation starters. Team expectations
Conversation starters. Playing to your strengths
Conversation starters. Is it pain or opportunity
Conversation starters. Getting to know the generations
Conversation starters. Focusing on what you want
Conversation starters. Embracing change
Conversation starters. A positive future
Don Giovanni
Orfeo ed Euridice
, 19462003 The Center of the World
Eisenstein and Stalin :when art and politics clash
Animation in Multimedia
Hollywood's Insider Secrets Construct Your Own Makeup Kit For Under
The eye. Chris Ofili
Shaping of the American Nation Collection
Ryan's Well
National Gallery Victoria and Bernardaud
100 dollars & a T-shirt : a documentary about zines in the Northwest
Bikini : a real story = una historia real
Advertising at the edge of the apocalypse
I live for art : a journey into meaning and the creative process
School Prayer: A Community at War
Garbage into Gold: Innovations in Recycling
Cape Spin! - An American Power Struggle
Arctic Quest
Brewster's millions
Uno Veintecinco
About The Pink Sky
What Matters?
A Kiss of Art: Ulrich Kahlert (Ulrich Le Snob) & Gerard Vaughan (NGV Gallery)
Three Boys Dreaming
Modern Day Slaves
Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works by A.G. Lafley & Roger L. Martin
Global Economics and Oil: Jeff Rubin
Living Lightly on the Sea: Annie Hill and Trevor Robertson
Healing Agent: Tank Maneuvers with Tank Black
The Prospect: A Blue Chipper's Road Back
Finding Thea
Franck Muller, Patrick Lamb & Marie Streichenberger
Veiled Ambition
Angelina Jolie - Bad Girl Gone Good: Unauthorized Documentary
HYT & SPADA Concept
Gisele Croes, Baccarat & Richard Feigen
Tom at the farm
Whose streets?
New boy
Kumiko, the treasure hunter
The door
Between fences
Jihad selfie
A moving image
The life equation
Bang gang (a modern love story)
Archaeology : An introduction to the world's greatest sites. Göbekli Tepe, Çatalhöyük, and Jericho. Episode 7,
bell hooks : cultural criticism and transformation
Black is black ain't
America divided. The system. Episode 1,
Welcome to the space show = Uchû shô e yôkoso
Once I was a beehive
The Buddha : a history of Buddhism
City rising : Examining gentrification and its historical roots
The queen of Spain = La reina de España
Memory hackers : the science behind memories
The crush
The addictive brain. Junk food, porn, video games - addictions? Episode 12,
Young Lakota
Perfect 36 : when women won the vote
The addictive brain. The gambler's brain. Episode 11,
The released
The big history of civilizations. Greece in Its Golden Age. Episode 18,
The other side
Rocks in my pockets
Bon voyage
Mama coca's war :how the war on drugs impacts Latin America
,Part 2Life
Der blaue engel =Blue angel
Conquest and colony
Filming My Father - In Life and Death
Against the Odds
Coca mama :the war on drugs
Tulia, Texas
Tulia, Texas
Social Climbers
a series of 10 episodes
Tough Guise
Complementary and Integrative Medicine
The scripture of nature
Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe with Nuruddin Farah
Life after transplant for kids & teens
/a production of the Media & Policy Center Foundation in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting
1887 to 1914
Crimes Against Humanity :Justice Pursued
Jamaican Storyteller & Thomas Osha Pinnock
Coca and the congressman :drugs, farming, and socialism in Bolivia
The Positive Emergence of Women
Popol Vuh
Suez Crisis
The Suez Crisis :1956
The Great Indian Railway: Part 2
45 Caliber Submachine Gun, 1943
African Archives
Venezuela :Drums of San Juan
Choose a Variety of Foods
A conversation with gender non-conforming, gender non-binary youth
Histories of the Holocaust - Dachau: State Within A State
The Holocaust
Histories of the Holocaust - Buchenwald: 1937-1945
A day in the Warsaw Ghetto
Journey of the Universe
Pre-Columbian Literature
Hotel Rwanda
Conquest and colony
Fire and ice
Au revoir les enfants
Toxic Tears
Screaming Queens :The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria
Duel :Hamilton vs. Burr
Chernobyl reclaimed :an animal takeover
The Fall of Quebec
The Aztec Empire and Spanish Conquest
Al Capone and Prohibition
The Fall of Constantinople
Sekigahara : The Battle of the Samurai
Birth of Rock Music
Darwin Discovers the World
Genghis Khan : The Empire of the Steppes
The Internet : The Origins of the Web
Confucius and Chinese Thought
Einstein and the Manhattan Project
Alexander Becomes Great
The Transparentsea Voyage
Cold Night Hot Salsa
The Lost Hokusai
Glucose Spike—Uncovering a Hidden Threat : Medical Revolution
Killer Stress—The Causes : Medical Revolution
Wudu Islamic Washing
World Hijab Day
Women's Purim
Three Rivers Spirituality
The Boxer
Syrian Monastery
Sufi Whirling Dervishes
Spiritual Chanting
Ramadan Quran Recitation
Preparing for Losar
Orthodox Chanting
One Extraordinary Church
Children's Hajj
Bahá'í Nineteen Day Feast
Amidah Prayer
The Iceberg Project
Dystopia : What Is To Be Done?
Contract Faculty : Injustice in the University
Critical Theory : The Frankfurt School
The Unconscious : Freud and Lacan
Saussure : Foundations of Semiology
Pierre Bourdieu : Reproduction in Education, Society, and Culture
Sociology at the End of the World
Pierre Bourdieu : Habitus, Field, and Capital
Max Weber's the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Marx's Theory of Alienation and Species Being
Durkheim's Theory Concerning Suicide
Durkheim's The Elementary Forms of Religious Life
Postmodernism : Lyotard and Baudrillard
Ideology : Marx, Althusser, and Gramsci
Axel Ullrich (DE) : Stopping Cancer at the Root
Elmar Mock (CH) : Swatch, Ultrasound Welding and More
Adnane Remmal (MA) : Boosting Antibiotics with Essential Oils
James G. Fujimoto (US) : High Resolution Medical Imaging
Waleed Hassanein (Egypt/US) : Sustaining Transplant Organs
Stephen Lindsey (UK) : Energy-saving Rotary Air Compressor
Günther Hufschmid (DE) : Super Sponge for Oil Spills
Gert-Jan Gruter (NL) : Plant-based Plastic Bottles
Sylviane Muller (FR) : Treating Lupus by Targeting T-Cells
Laurent Lesterquit (FR), Lionel Ries (FR-BE), Jean-Luc Issler (FR), Guenter W. Hein (DE), Jose-Angel Avila-Rodriguez (ES) : Radio Signals for Better Satellite Navigation
Jan van den Boogaart (NL), Oliver Hayden (DE) : Rapid Blood Test for Malaria
Giuseppe Remuzzi, Ariela Benigni, Carla Zoja (IT) : Treatments for Chronic Kidney Disease
The Play Within : An LGBTQ Documentary
To Move Is To Be Alive
Founders and Foundations : Art Therapy in America
Women and Conquest
Truth, Lies and Self-Deception
Thinking Dangerously Living Differently
Thinking Afresh
The Word and the World
The Universe Code
The Really Real
The Point of It All
The Next Universe
The Morality of War
The End of Secrets