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Heroes and villains.Spartacus
The Pacific coast
The White House
Classics on a summer's evening
Targeting Bin Laden
Videofashion collections.Volume 5, Episode 2,New York
Fashion classics.Volume 3, Episode 1,Couture of duty
Videofashion specials.Volume 1, Episode 6,Bathing beauties
Berlin :die Symphonie der Großstadt
The son of the sheik
Improving Architectural Photography.Part 1
Improving Architectural Photography.Part 2
Tony Brown's journal.Is the Tawana Brawley story an outrage?
Antonio Vivaldi :A Man for All Seasons
Franz Schubert :Lieder of the Pack
George Frideric Handel :Much More to Handel
Joseph 'Papa' Haydn :The Composers' Composer
Ludwig van Beethoven :Triumph Over Adversity
Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky :Hopeless Romantic
Sergei Rachmaninoff :Under the Influence
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :Giving a Name to Perfection
Barrier against slick
The specimen room
Aerial shots of the Louisana coast
Reactions to top kill failure
The rise and fall of Versailles.Louis XIV :the dream of a king
Life and Choice After Roe v. Wade
Improvised cap holding
New bridge built
Oil spill coming to an end
Devastation from oil spill
Boeing proposes permanent fix
US regulators launch comprehensive review
That delicate balance II - our Bill of Rights.Equality and the individual
Se habla español.Module 9,Adjetivos
Se habla español.Module 18,Comparaciones
Se habla español.Module 28,El progresivo
Se habla español.Module 33,Los acentos escritos
Se habla español.Module 17,Ser y estar
Seconds from disaster.Season 3, episode 6,Plane crash in the Potomac
Two years after the explosion
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound :Peripheral Nerve Entrapment
Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Pediatric Genitourinary System
Introduction to 3D Cardiac Imaging
Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
Upper Extremity Venous Imaging
Standard Protocols
Introduction to Cardiac Doppler Ultrasound
Abigail Charpentier lecture :diversity practices at Aramark.Importance of understanding differences in handling workplace diversity
Barry Salzberg lecture :Deloitte.Importance of remaining committed to diversity
Kathy Savitt lecture :Yahoo!.Importance of focusing on right decisions not perfect ones
Brent Bell lecture :conflict resolution.Conflict can help to strengthen relationships
Kevin Gaugush lecture :Aramark.The onboarding process as new hires start in a company
The designers.Volume 4, Episode 2,Vera Wang
Videofashion daily.Vol. 4, Episode 29,New York wrap
Videofashion daily.Vol. 4, Episode 30,European wrap
Videofashion men.Volume 21, Episode 2,Crosscurrents
Videofashion daily.Vol. 5, Episode 29,Best of New York wrap-up
In our backyard
Exposed Jan 21, 1964 :Cats Are Now 32 Days Old : Depth + Visual Pla[In?] Are Present
Exposed Jan 16 1964 :Cats Are 27 Days Old : Kc#17; Film #2
Geo. Wash. Univ. Dr. Walk 9
R.D. Walk :Visual Cliff Shots : Rat, Kitten, Monkey
R. D. Walk - GWU :Rabbits 13 Days Old
60 minutes.Manhunt
60 minutes.McCullough.Part 2
60 minutes.Return of the humpbacks
60 minutes.Gladwell
60 minutes.Breakthrough
60 minutes.Attack in Algeria
60 minutes.8 days in Tehran
60 minutes.The director.Part 1
60 minutes.The secretary of state [John Kerry]
60 minutes.400%
60 minutes.Amazon treasure
60 minutes.Rooney :Andy goes to Super Bowl 42
60 minutes.Bud Shuster
60 minutes.Chasing the flu
60 minutes.The debate
60 minutes.Rooney :Andy on newspaper headlines
60 minutes.Rooney :Andy on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
60 minutes.Rooney :Andy's favorite place
60 minutes.Rooney :cell phones
60 minutes.Rooney :doctors
60 minutes.Rooney :fleeting expletives
60 minutes.Rooney :foreign news
60 minutes.Rooney :mannequin
60 minutes.Rooney :Mike Wallace's 90th birthday
60 minutes.Rooney :please choose
60 minutes.Rooney :this political season
60 minutes.You've got mail
60 minutes.The reckoning
60 minutes.The winner is
60 minutes.Rooney :the Pope
60 minutes.Rooney :V-E Day
60 minutes.The aviator and the president
60 minutes.The marvelous Stan Lee
60 minutes.Jessica Lynch's hero
60 minutes.Classic :Judge Judith Scheindlin
60 minutes.Katrina
Magic camp
60 minutes.Gimme shelter
60 minutes.This old school house
60 minutes.The millennials are coming
60 minutes.Mr. and Mrs. Jack Welch.Part 1
60 minutes.The second most wanted man
60 minutes.Tsunami
60 minutes.The bypass effect
60 minutes.Belle Harbor
Sunday morning.Buffalo wings
60 minutes.Groupon
60 minutes.Betting on a fall
60 minutes.Bin Laden's bodyguard
60 minutes.39 years, 6 months, 4 days
60 minutes :classic.Grand Central
60 minutes.A different kind of grocery store
60 minutes.Behind enemy lines
Apipé, la isla
60 minutes.The bailout [Hank Paulson]
Switch on.Service
60 minutes.Rooney :1986 prediction results
60 minutes.H1N1 [vaccine]
60 minutes.Hezbollah
60 minutes.Ready, willing & able
60 minutes.Rebuilding Iraq
60 minutes.What now? [John McCain]
60 minutes.McCain
60 minutes.Qaddafi
60 minutes.Kissinger
60 minutes.Leading the charge
60 minutes.Lethal and leaking
60 minutes.Picking up the pieces [D. C. mayor]
60 minutes.Republican National Convention 2000 live [McCain]
60 minutes.Netflix
60 minutes.On the waterfront
60 minutes.One year later [New Orleans]
60 minutes.Monster hunter
60 minutes.City of David
Zek :the gulag international
Managing problem people :behavioural skills for leaders.Wimpy Wendy
Managing problem people :behavioural skills for leaders.Moaning Minnie
Essential skills for managing conflict.Dealing with "difficult" people
The most dangerous game
Huntingdon's hero
The great toe mystery
Recreation [2014]
The cure
Gussle's day of rest
Saturday afternoon
The Mack Sennett Studio [footage]
The crossroads of New York [trailer]
Meet the stars.Stars :past and present : Mabel Normand
The making of "Once every day".Scene two,Balcony
The making of "Once every day".Scene three,Classroom
The making of "Once every day".Scene four,Cabinet
The making of "Once every day".Scene five,Winding
The making of "Once every day".Scene six,Bar
The making of "Once every day".Scene seven,Bench
The making of "Once every day".Scene eight,Guru
The making of "Once every day".Scene nine,Rainer Thompson I
The making of "Once every day".Scene ten,Theater
The making of "Once every day".Scene eleven,Ladies' room
Chest X-Ray Interpretation.Part 8,Review Areas and Image Comparison
The making of "Once every day".Scene twelve,Reiner Thompson II
Emergency X-Ray Interpretation.Part 1,Basic Principles and Terminology
The making of "Once every day".Scene thirteen,Rainer Thompson III
The making of "Once every day".Scene fourteen,Windows
The making of "Once every day".Scene fifteen,Pool table
The making of "Once every day".Scene sixteen,Scissors
The making of "Once every day".Scene seventeen,Group
The making of "Once every day".Scene eighteen,Lecture
Emergency X-Ray Interpretation.Part 5,Lower Limb
Emergency X-Ray Interpretation.Part 6,Upper Limb
Nursing X-Ray Interpretation.Part 1,Basic Principles and Terminology
Energy compilation.Biofuels
Introduction to Modalities.Introduction to CT
Introduction to Modalities.Introduction to X-Ray
Advanced Ultrasound-Guided Procedures.Part 2,Baker's Cyst, Abcess, Orbit Evaluation
Ultrasound-Guided Emergency and Critical Care Procedures
Advanced Ultrasound-Guided Procedures.Part 1
English composition I :the writer's circle.Lesson 3,Observing details
English composition I :the writer's circle.Lesson 5,Analyzing images
English composition I :the writer's circle.Lesson 10,Searching for causes
English composition I :the writer's circle.Lesson 11,Imagining solutions
English composition I :the writer's circle.Lesson 13,Thinking radically
English composition II :the writer's odyssey.Lesson 3,Refining a thesis
English composition II :the writer's odyssey.Lesson 10,Arguing with complexity
English composition II :the writer's odyssey.Lesson 11,Arguing with intensity
Pressmennan Woods in Scotland
Homes by Design.608,Renovations
Foundation Failure and Repair
60 minutes.Andy Rooney :White House staff
60 minutes.Smart gun
60 minutes.The spy game
60 minutes.Stuxnet
60 minutes.Ted Kennedy
60 minutes.The 10th wife
60 minutes.The 44th president
60 minutes.The country next door
60 minutes.The fen-phen files
60 minutes.The hermit kingdom
60 minutes.The hidden clue
60 minutes.The other Russia
60 minutes.The scuffed halls of ivy :Emory University
60 minutes.Under the microscope
60 minutes.Catherine Reynolds
60 minutes.Your doctor's bonus
Marry me!Series 1.Episode 2
[Daisy Bates] :[excerpt from March on Washington]
Julian Bond :address at Weber State University
Myrlie Evers-Williams :2013 inaugural invocation
Jesse Jackson :1988 DNC address
Barbara Jordan :1992 DNC address
Jesse Jackson :1992 DNC address
Barbara Jordan :statement on impeachment of Richard Nixon
Barbara Jordan :1976 DNC keynote address
Barbara Jordan :1988 DNC nominating Lloyd Bentsen
Yellowstone Park.Part 3
History of World Criminal Justice
Money, Power, and Wall Street.Part 1
Classic Presidential Campaigns - Unusual Election Campaigns :Jefferson
Defining life
Film Examines History of Rubber Industry in Liberia ca. 1926
Africa :war is business
Africa.Part One :The Uncovered Continent
Bill Moyers Journal :Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Classic Presidential Campaigns - Firsts in Election History :Jackson Adams, Harrison
Europe and Islam :America and race
In The Shadow of Ebola :A Liberian Family's Story
Liberia :An Uncivil War
Martin Adler :The War Reporter
Democrats Bow Down to Wall Street
Finding Environmental Solutions Can Be "Messy :Tzeporah Berman
Solving for X :A Quantitative Approach to Human Rights Data
Staying Alive :Canada's Controversial Safe Injection Site
Leymah Gbowee Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, and Greatness of Girls
The Klondike Gold Rush
The Vice Guide to Liberia (2010)
Torture Rehabilitation
Vienna Conference on Human Rights
ICT special :Primary Geography 1
A West African story
Rosevelt's America - a refugee's inspiring journey to build a new life for his family
Civil War journal