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Meeting Discusses Townsend Plan ca. 1935
China : Lanzhou
Frame By Frame
So Violent a nation
Minds on the edge facing mental illness
Advanced lighting. Table top lighting
The WPA Film Library Editing Equipment, 1962
Circumscribed and Inscribed Circles of a Triangle Geometry-Introduction to Geometry
Phnom Penh, Cambodia Rehabilitating Land Mine Victims
This Day In History : June 21, 1919 - Scuttled!
Sir John Houghton
Our Real and Virtual Water Footprint : Stephen Leahy
Miguel Hernandez
A Time-Lapse of the Night Sky
Nature Dazzles
Kataragama A God for All Seasons
Managing Heart Failure : Quit Smoking
The WPA Film Library. Riots at the DNC, ca. 1968 Part I
Ben Franklin's Balloons
The Origin of the Species
TEDTalks Leymah Gbowee - Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, and Greatness of Girls
Kabuki Techniques
Maratus : One Photo Can Change Your Life
Senegal : The Tattoo Doctors
Taking Your Medications Safely
Taking the Jump
V-E Day : War and Peace
McGeorge Bundy Discusses the Challenges of Guerilla Combat in Vietnam ca. 1965
Causes of Mental Retardation
CBT for Anxiety in Adolescents, Part 2
The WPA Film Library ATS Recruitment, 1944
A&E Classroom. FDR - The Price of Peace
This Day In History : October 3, 1935 - Italy Invades Ethiopia
The WPA Film Library UN Troops in the Congo, ca. 1960
Loss of a Daughter
Coptalk dos and don'ts of a car stop
Comparing and Contrasting : English at Work
Nathaniel Hawthorne Young Goodman Brown
The WPA Film Library Snakeskin Products, 1931
Taos Pueblo, United States : Native American Culture on the Rio Grande
The World According to Anish Kapoor
The WPA Film Library Autogyro Demonstration, 1934
The Battle of Atlanta
Introductions and definitions
Press Secretary Jobs
Tropic of Cancer. Bangladesh to Burma Episode 5,
The Balance of Power
Forme et Sante Health and Fitness
The Attempt on Hitler
Leon Trotsky Denounces Stalin While in Exile in Mexico ca. 1937
Basic care procedures showering and bed bathing
No-Nonsense Renaissance
Rennie Harris Puremovement. Part 1
The WPA Film Library Development of New Runway Lights, 1967
The Stone Thermal Baths
Modern Marvels. Prisons
The Importance of Healthy Eating When You Have Diabetes
Expanding pictures. Warren Beatty's coat
Moving stills. women at war. Photographs by Jenny Matthews War effort
Wall of light
Vita Futurista : Italian Futurism 1909-44
The vision of William Blake
The vanishing Rembrandts
Utterance : the music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Ursulena's box
Two men walking
Two melons and a stinking fish
Two autumns. The work of artist Andy Goldsworthy in Scotland and Japan
Tus ojos negros = Your dark eyes
Turner. Paintings from the Turner Bequest in the Tate Gallery and National Gallery, London
Tony Cragg
Tom Phillips
To a woman's heart
Tibetan arts in exile
Three songs on pain light and time
Threads of time
A thousand borrowed eyes
The third front : political theatre : Erwin Piscator
Texturing the word : 40 years of Caribbean writing in Britain
Ten years in an open necked shirt
Sound on film. Temp'est Episode 1,
Dance for the camera. T-dance
Dance for the camera. Tattoo
Tao : the way and its power
Talking the talk
Surviving Sabu
Synchro. Strong culture 3,
Dance for the camera. The storm
Stones and flies : Richard Long in the Sahara
Steve Reich : a new musical language
Steel 'n' skin
Stanley Spencer
The stained glass at Fairford
St Adolf II
The spiral cage. Animal, vegetable [crossed out], human!, or mineral, (Al Davison – a life ... )
Soul survivor
The soul of Stax
Somewhere in Hackney
Something to make you sing
Soft target
The snowball effect
Silver shine
Silent in the crowd
A sign is a fine investment
Sickert's London
Putting art in its place. Showcase city Part 1,
Should accidentally fall
Dance for the camera. Shepherd's calendar
Shadows from light : the photography of Bill Brandt
A sense of gravity
Seeing for ourselves : women working with film
The secret world of Odilon Redon 1840-1916
Schiele in prison
Scenes & songs from Boyd Webb
Synchro. Sampling London 1,
Arena. genuine England Sam Smith : Season 2, Episode 19,
Sam Sherry : stepdancer
Sailing through
The Rumanian Brancusi
Rubens and England : a commentary by Gregory Martin
Rolanda Polonsky : sculptor
The rime of the ancient mariner
Richard Hamilton
The reunion
Return journey
Dance for the camera. Resistor
Reservoir of gods
Rembrandt's The Three Crosses
Refuse to dance : the theatre of Howard Barker
Reflection : a film about time and relatedness
Reclining figure : Henry's Moore's sculpture for the UNESCO building in Paris
Ragga gyal d'bout!
Rage & desire
Trilogy on Tibet. Radiating the fruit of truth Part 2,
Asian music, British society : raag, glitter & chips
Dance for the camera. R.I.P
R. B. Kitaj
Punch and Judy : tragical comedy or comical tragedy
Pull : a sculptural dance
P.S. we've got a new dog ... !
Trilogy on Tibet. Prophecy Part 1,
The Pre-Raphaelite revolt
Pottery ladies. Susie Cooper Part 4,
Pottery ladies. Clarice Cliff Part 3,
Pottery ladies. Charlotte Rhead Part 1,
Pottery ladies. Bizarre girls Part 2,
A portrait of Mr. Pink
Picture house. Portrait of Arshile
Oil on canvas. Portrait
Polishing black diamonds
Poets against the bomb
Playing the environment game
Moving stills. 1966-1974 Czechoslovakia. Photographs by Markéta Luskačová Pilgrims
Picturing Derry
Pictures on the piano
Picasso the sculptor
Photomontage today : Peter Kennard
Phillip King : sculptor
The phantom captain appears
Date with an artist. Peter Randall-Page meets Evelyn Glennie Catherine Yass meets Charles Archer and Lily French
Oil on canvas. Perspective
Performance art
Patrick Heron, interviewed by John Read
Part of the struggle : art and politics in the Weimar Republic
The pantomime dame
Painting Chicago
Dance for the camera. Pace
Over here : Irish music and dance in England
Dance for the camera. Outside in
Outside in
Our business is fun
One foot in Eden : a film about Orkney and the music of Peter Maxwell Davies
Putting art in its place. On common ground
Moving stills. The office. Photographs by Anna Fox
Odeon cavalcade
Normal vision : Malcolm Le Grice
No waiting on an angel
No problem : the theatre of Ken Campbell
Moving stills. the Nationalist community of Northern Ireland. Photographs by Mike Abrahams and Laurie Sparham No explanation is necessary
Date with an artist. Nina Saunders meets Sallie Leslie, Hadrian Pigott meets John Butcher
Sound on film. Night work 3
News from nowhere
Picture house. New blue
Moving stills. The never-ending poem, children of the black triangle, Africa, the Americas, Europe. Photographs by Armet Francis
Dance for the camera. Never say die
Never again
The music practice
Music in progress : Mike Westbrook : jazz composer
A Mulatto song
Mud and water man
Dance for the camera. Motion control
Morgan's wall
The monument
Monet in London
Mirrors of paradise
The mind of Nicolas Poussin : a study of his paintings
Messages from Bhupen Khakhar
Men of good fortune
Memory pictures
Memories in mind
Matisse : a sort of paradise
Marketing the arts : foundation for success
Sound on film. Market of the dead 3,
Moving stills. two London markets one mile apart. Photographs by Paul Trevor Market forces
The mark of the hand : Aubrey Williams
Mark Gertler : fragments of a biography
Margaret Tait : film maker
Mantegna, the Triumph of Caesar
Man act
Malevitch suprematism
Make me think : Bruce Nauman
Magritte : the false mirror
Dance for the camera. Magnetic North
Machines for the suppression of time
Expanding pictures. LSD TV
"Love is like a violin"
Love in a cold climate : a story of urban living and rituals of survival
Dance for the camera. The lost dances of Egon Schiele
Moving stills. Looking out to sea, Liverpool. Photographs by Peter Marlow
London underground : 36 hours in the life of the London underground scene
Little sister what colour flower are you wearing in your hair?
Expanding pictures. The link
Dance for the camera. The linesman
A portrait of three artists : linear rhythm
Like as the lute
Oil on canvas. Light
The lift
Lichtenstein in London