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Love on the run
Love in the afternoon
Lacombe, Lucien
La Collectionneuse
L'enfance nue
Confidentially yours
Claire's knee
Black moon
Belle de Jour
Bed and board
A nos amours
Vivre sa vie
The soft skin
The fire within
The bakery girl of Monceau
The 400 blows
Suzanne's career
Shoot the piano player
Les cousins
Le Bonheur
Le beau serge
Jules and Jim
Cleo from 5 to 7
Chronicle of a summer
Under the volcano
Three colors. White
Three colors. Red
Three colors. Blue
The double life of Veronique
My life as a dog
My dinner with Andre
Mishima : a life in four chapters
Breaking the waves
Before the rain
Au revoir les enfants
An angel at my table
Woman in the dunes
The insect woman
The human condition. Parts 5 & 6
The human condition. Parts 3 & 4
The human condition. Parts 1 & 2
The end of summer
The bad sleep well
Stray dog
Pigs and battleships
No regrets for our youth
Intentions of murder
In the realm of the senses
I live in fear
Equinox flower
Drunken angel
Wild geese
The hidden fortress
Street of shame
Sansho the bailiff
Samurai rebellion
Samurai. III
Samurai. II
Samurai. I
Late spring
Late Autumn
High and low
When a woman ascends the stairs
Tokyo story
Throne of blood
The Makioka sisters
The 47 Ronin. Part 2
The 47 Ronin. Part 1
Red Beard
Floating weeds
Fires on the plain
Double suicide
WR : mysteries of the organism
The cremator
Marketa Lazarova
Love affair, or, The case of the missing switchboard operator
Knife in the water
Ivan's childhood
Closely watched trains
Ashes and diamonds
A generation
The spy in black
The ruling class
The rise of Catherine the Great
The private life of Henry VIII
The lord of the flies
The league of gentlemen
The horse's mouth
That Hamilton woman
Seance on a wet afternoon
Major Barbara
Hobson's choice
The Browning version
The kid brother
The kid
The gold rush
The gold rush
The freshman
The circus
Safety last!
Modern times
High and dizzy
Get out and get under
City lights
To be or not to be
The steel helmet
The plough and the stars
The naked kiss
The naked city
The devil and Daniel Webster
Shock corridor
Mr. Arkadin
I shot Jesse James
Foreign correspondent
Emperor Jones
Brute force
Baron of Arizona
Wise blood
The killing of a Chinese bookie
The honeymoon killers
Stranger than paradise
Paris, Texas
Opening night
Mystery train
Mala Noche
George Washington
Down by law
Clean, shaven
Border radio
A woman under the influence
Winter light
Wild strawberries
Through a glass darkly
The virgin spring
The silence
The seventh seal
The magician
Summer with Monika
Summer interlude
Smiles of a summer night
Sawdust and tinsel
Devil's eye
All these women
A lesson in love
The war room
The times of Harvey Milk
Maestro : king of the cowboy artists
Louie Bluie
Grey gardens
God's country
Garlic is as good as ten mothers
Blues accordin' to Lightnin' Hopkins
Always for pleasure
Poto and Cabengo
Night and fog
Humain, trop humain
Hearts and minds
General Idi Amin Dada
F for fake
Dying at grace
Burden of dreams
Bergman Island
A married couple
And the pursuit of happiness
Tokyo chorus
The testament of Dr. Mabuse
The king of kings
Street without end
Phantom carriage
Passion of Joan of Arc
Passing fancy
Pandora's box
Master of the house
Japanese girls at the harbor
I was born, but ..
Every night dreams
A story of floating weeds
Umberto D
The flowers of St. Francis
Rome open city
Mamma Roma
La strada
La Notte
La Commare Secca
Juliet of the spirits
Il posto
Fists in the pocket
Divorce Italian style
Dillinger is dead
Walden : a short legacy film
French fries to go
For the price of a cup of coffee
Deep green animations
Mama earth : eco econ 101
Ahmed and the return of the Arab phoenix
Powell to Powell : portraits of the upper Colorado
The last stand : heroes at Ballona Wetlands
South central farm : oasis in a concrete desert
Perfect compost : a master class with Peter Proctor
A changing delta : restoring the Colorado River Delta in Mexico
Dying green : natural burial and land conservation
Discover Hetch Hetchy with Harrison Ford
Stunning hummingbirds
Watershed revolution
Sharks : stewards of the reef
Dream people of the Amazon
The next best west
South American mammals
The ethics of fracking
Eco rap : voices from the hood
Paradise with side effects
Orange witness
The cost of oil
Sled dogs to St. Paul : the race for clean water
Houses of straw
Scraphouse : San Francisco
Chasing the light-- a film
Remains of a river : from source to sea down the Colorado
What would Darwin think : man vs nature in the Galapagos
The bilby brothers