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Beneath the Sea
Future Frontiers
Alfred Wegener and Continental Drift
Anti-Drinking Ad
England Swings Discontent in London Over the 2012 Olympics
The 5 communication secrets that swept Obama to the presidency
Ad infinitum many paths into advertising
The Clios 2002
Managing Crises and Brand Damage
The Clios 2007
The PR Function
Traditional Print and Online Advertising
The Climate Change Denial Industry James Hoggan
The Coke Commercial
The Cost of Free
Upstream battle case study in Native American fishing rights
Critical Theory : The Frankfurt School
The Draft
Secrets of the Tower of London—Episode 4
As Ohio Goes : Ohio's Significance in Presidential Campaigns—Dan Rather Reports
Divided States of America : Part 2
How a bill becomes a law
The Law
WikiSecrets Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and WikiLeaks
The Executive branch of government study of federal and state government
The Trayvon Martin Case Sparks New Debate Over Race, Guns, and Laws
Great Speeches, Volume 30 : Michelle Obama, Seth Rogen, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Mike Pence
The Law Reform Process
Dangerous Intent
Social and Interpersonal Implications of Psychiatric Illnesses
Psychotherapy Options
Exuberance and Happiness
Ounce of Prevention
Children and Violence (Part One)
Essential Counseling Skills
Breaking the Silence : The Generation After the Holocaust
The Psychiatrist in the Community
Helping Those In Need
Divorce made simple
Memory Contamination (Part One)
Onset of manic-depressive Illness
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part Four)
Progress in Neuroscience
Sectioned Inside Institutional Mental Health Care
Mad or bad? psychologically assessing criminal competence
Overcoming children's language problems speaking for ourselves
TEDTalks John Hunter, The World Peace Game
Risk-taking knowing when to say no
The In crowd and social cruelty
Abstract Cognition
Creative Beginnings
Cognitive Psychology
Train to Happiness
Genocide horror continues
What's Going On?
Swipe Left : Dating Apps Have Killed Romance
The Age of stress children under pressure
Protestantism The Evangelical Explosion
The Godly family Protestantism in the home
Reformation The Individual Before God
Faith and Form Exploring the Physical Aspects of Religion
Orthodoxy From Empire to Empire
God on Trial
Failure to protect? a national dialogue
Intimate partner violence
Neonates and Infants Age-Specific Care
Violence against women
Date violence young woman's guide
Education and social services
Juvenile sex offenders voices unheard
Breaking the cycle of abuse
Introduction Concepts, Values, and Decision Making-Ethical Issues in Nursing
Real Life Teens Broken Homes
The Age of consent sex and the American legal system
Unemployment understanding the grieving process
Products and Services in the Early 1900s
Mauritania : A Question of Rape
I'm Dangerous with Love
Ella Baker's Roots : Give People Light and They Will Find a Way
White Man's Burden
What Was SNCC? How Did It Evolve over the Years? Why Did It Cease to Exist?
A Girl and a Gun
A History of education
Closing Program : Bernice Johnson Reagon, "Solidarity of Past, Present, and Future"
Growing Up Different
Outside the Bubble
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Chasing Pluto
Hubble Telescope - Looking for Creation
Mars—Space Colonies
The Moon—Space Colonies
City In The Sky : Part 2 - Airborne
Gutierrez : Juan Moreira
Jorge Luis Borges : El hombre de la esquina rosada
Mario Benedetti A Fondo
Going on Vacation Espana Viva
Sergio Pitol
Gonzalo Torrente Ballester : A Fondo—In Their Own Words
Gabriela Mistral focused on love
Hernandez Martin Fierro
Jose de Larra articulos de costumbre
A Class Apart
Ser and Estar
The Literature of Spain 1975 to the Present
Donde Digo Diego Rivera
Spanish literature under dictatorship 1940 to 1975
Sergio Pitol
Homecoming. Doug Varone Part 8,
Claire Porter's Namely Muscles. Part 1
Opera Easy Turandot
Opera Easy Roméo et Juliette
Jamaican Storyteller & Thomas Osha Pinnock
Great Arias. Collection 2
Goldhuber & Latsky
American Experience : Ulysses S. Grant
Abraham Lincoln Preserving the Union
The Battle of Franklin
Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877
Death Runs Riot
Tattered Remains
The Civil War. The Better Angels of Our Nature (1865) Episode 9,
Flight to freedom underground railroad
Save Our History Fight for Honor: Great Civil War Battlefields
Civil War
Amendments 15 and 24 rights of citizens to votepoll tax
The Battle of Atlanta
TEDTalks Megan Kamerick - Women Should Represent Women in Media
Sexy Inc. A Critical Look at the Hypersexualization of Childhood
Over the Hill Media Impact on Women's Self-Image
Transgender and Gender Identity
Images in media
Venus and Mars : Gender Stratification
Sexual stereotypes in the media
A Transgender Teen's Transformative Journey Before Adulthood
Women and Media
Transgender Man Shares Struggle After Leaving North Carolina Home
Ain't Scared of Your Jails 1960-1961
Afraid of Dark
A More Perfect Union (1968-2013)
America's Black Eagles — Part 3 : Jim Crow's Graveyard
Decoding Our Past
Africans in america unfolding of ethnic identity
Racial Facial
A Conversation on Race Black, White, or Other?
America's Black Eagles — Part 4 : Red Tails and Black Aces
Black Lives Matter
African Versus European Culture
A Raisin in the sun character studies conversations
African Americans Register to Vote in Mississippi ca. 1965
Racial Disparities in Cardiac Care
Alyaa The Naked Revolutionary
The Pay gap sexism or something else?
Great Speeches, Today's Women. Elizabeth Edwards, Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, Mary McAleese, Mary Yates, Lilly Ledbetter, and Carly Fiorina Volume 7,
Vietnam Nurses, with Dana Delany
Amendment 19 women's right to vote
Stories of women in Kabul
A Balloon for Allah
Baseball Girls
Margaret Sanger
Generations American Women Win the Vote
A&E Classroom. Helen Keller - The World I See
Keeper of the Beat : A Woman's Journey into the Heart of Drumming
Rape as a Weapon of War
Field Hockey
Joe Bullet
Inside the Bardo Museum, Tunisia
The Louvre
Inside the National Maritime Museum, London
Cairo Museum
Inside the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Inside the State Hermitage Museum
The Met
Inside the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC
Inside the State Historical Museum, Moscow
The Natural History Museum
Inside the Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Inside the Chateau of Versailles
Inside the Palacio Real, Madrid
Inside the National Archeological Museum of Athens
Zombie Haiti's Longstanding Tradition
Haiti Year Zero
Bridge the Gap Haiti
Battle for Haiti Rebuilding in the Face of Gang Violence and Corruption
The Haiti Earthquake Impacts and responses
Haiti Rebuilding a Nation
George Stroumboulopoulos in Haiti
The Sugar Babies Growing Up in the Cane Fields
Haiti land of tragedy, land of hope
Unfinished country Haiti's struggle for democracy
Haiti : Where Did the Money Go?
Puerto Rico St James the Apostle
Puerto Rico el paraíso invadido
Families of Puerto Rico
Riots in Puerto Rico Fuel an Assassination Attempt on Harry S. Truman ca. 1950
Puerto Rico paradise invaded
Insider's Guide to Puerto Rico
Coming Out of the Nkuta
Senegal : The Tattoo Doctors
Niger The Slaves
Arlit Deuxieme Paris
Cameroon : The Pain Killing Tree
To Be a Woman in Burkina Faso
Embedded in Afghanistan
The Hole in the Wall An Experiment in Learning and Technology
Islam five pillars of faith
Tropic of Cancer. Bangladesh to Burma Episode 5,
Tropic of Cancer. India Episode 4,
Beyond Bollywood
George Stroumboulopoulos in Pakistan
Bogged Down
Blood Relative
Child Labor. Part 2
A New Muslim World?
Afghanistan Girl Power!
Venezuela Drums of San Juan
Hugo Chavez
The WPA Film Library Venezuela's Oil Dividend, 1958
Growing Change A Journey Inside Venezuela's Food Revolution
Venezuela del siglo 21 a la prehistoria
Consequences of Conflict
Dying to be free Zimbabwe's struggle for change
Mugabe and the White African
Great Zimbabwe
The WPA Film Library Zimbabwe Leader on Government of Rhodesia, ca. 1980
Private prisons
Probability Models
Probability and Stereotypes
Roberto Rossellini
The Movie Industry
Incorporating Research, Visual Aids, and Multimedia
Planning a Speech
Summarizing Data : Lecture 1, Part 2
First Civilizations : Part 3
Indus unvoiced civilization
First Civilizations : Part 4