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Nelio's story = Comedia infantil
Masai : the rain warriors
Kirikou and the sorceress
Glorious exit
100 days
An uncommon woman
Thomas Sankara
Tasuma, the fighter
Sia, the dream of the python
Seasons of a life
Nothing but the truth
No time to die
Kukurantumi : the road to Accra
Faraw! mother of dunes
Fallen angels paradise
The desert ark
Colobane express
The cathedral
Cape Verde my love
The big banana
Amilcar Cabral
The life of mammals : Insect Hunters
Inside the National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
The life of mammals : Social Climbers
Inside the Pergamon and Neues Museums, Berlin
The life of mammals : Life in the Trees
The life of mammals : A Winning Design
Inside the Imperial War Museum
The life of mammals : Chisellers
Inside the Kunshistorisches Museum, Vienna
The life of mammals : Return to the Water
The life of mammals : Opportunists
Inside the American Museum of Natural History
Inside the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul
The life of mammals : Meat Eaters
The life of mammals : Food for Thought
Virtualization : an introduction
Virtual teams : strategies for success
Virtual appliances : an introduction
The five big bang theory of the internet
Technology economics : a driving force behind business today
Success patterns for distributed agile development
Social networking : does it work at work?
Social media : what you don't know can hurt you
Social media for business : what you need to know
Semantic technologies : enabling next-generation web advertising
Rootkits : a growing security threat
Red teams : securing the enterprise
Principles of cloud computing : perspectives on business, technology & cost
Perspectives on secure software development
Optimizing IT to meet business objectives
Negotiating agreements for software development and ERP projects
Modern information systems - IT infrastructure
Mobile payments : trends and insights
Mobile application management : an introduction
Managing virtual teams : techniques and best practices
Managing supply chain risk
Labor automation : the next wave of innovation
Introduction To IT controls for technologists
Insider threats and attacks : detection and prevention
Guerrilla business intelligence
Global connectivity : revolutionizing the way we do business
Extensible business reporting language
Enterprise security landscape
Enterprise automation : what you need to know
Effective global program management for IT
Effective data management
Designing and implementing enterprise mobile strategies
Cyber terror and cyber risk : what you need to know
Cyber attacks : the best defense is a good offense
Cyber attacks and security breaches : coping with external threats
Cloud computing : trends, strategies and best practices
Business intelligence : best practices for successful project management
Big data in the enterprise : an introduction
Best practices for improving data quality
Agile software development : an introduction
The case for HIPAA risk assessments
No place like home : management of the client's home
Building bridges : how to nurture relationships
Breast cancer-- a woman's dilemma
Alzheimer's disease for assisted living facilities. Level II
Alzheimer's disease for assisted living facilities. Level I
Professional career tools : a survival guide
Safety in the workplace
Respiratory care : assessing the adult respiratory system
Nutrition for the older adult
Legal issues : confidentiality, liability and ethics
Improving your rehabilitative nursing skills
Improving your observation and documentation skills
Blood born pathogens : HIV/AIDS/Osha
Fire safety
Domestic violence and elder abuse
Current trends in pain management
Clients rights in home health
Choosing and planning meals for the person with diabetes
Basic first aid
Assisting the patient with self administration of medications : assisted living
Assisting the patient with self administration of medications : home health
Making every minute count
Advanced directives
Osteoporosis : what every woman needs to know
Living through the heart attack : cardiovascular series
Time to shape up : cardiovascular series
Disaster preparedness in long-term care
Gentle yoga for Parkinson's
End of life
Panic disorder and agoraphobia
Tai Chi for Parkinson's
Keep the blood flowing : cardiovascular series
Diabetes : what is diabetes?
Daily exercise for Parkinson's
Taking care : presenting a professional appearance
Emotional needs of residents
Caring for the cognitively impaired client
Mouth care of the resident
Fluid and hydration status : continuing education
Central venous catheters
Obsessive compulsive disorder
What is COPD? : patient education
Specific and social phobias
Assisting residents with meals : healthcare assistance
The confused client : health care assistants
Foot assessment and care
Hand, foot and nail care
Interviewing an individual to gain a family perspective with chronic illness : a clinical demonstration
Tips and microskills for interviewing families of the elderly
Common errors in family interviewing : how to avoid and correct
How to use questions in family interviewing
How to intervene with families with health concerns
Family nursing interviewing skills : how to engage, assess, intervene, and terminate with families
How to do a 15 minute family interview
Calgary family assessment model : how to apply in clinical practice
Cardiovascular care for assistants
Cardiovascular nursing
Diabetes : a comprehensive update
Improving communication with the visually and hearing impaired
Cultural diversity in health care
Acute and post-traumatic stress disorder
Self-care of the resident-- improving your resident's self-esteem
Stroke patient : shaping clinical outcomes
Oral assessment and dental diseases in the elderly
Bowel and bladder retraining
Prevention of pressure ulcers
Restraint free environments
Optimizing mobility in older adult
Risk management for the health care assistant and the client
Communication skills in interpersonal relations
Fall prevention
Wound management and staging pressure area
Infection control : shaping client outcome
Head to toe assessment
Infection control in the long term care facility
Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. III
Generalised anxiety disorder
Spirituality in health care
Spiritual assessment in health care
Spirituality in addictions
Spirituality in children and adolescents : implications for clinicians
Spirituality in Parkinson's
Spirituality in arthritis
Spirituality in HIV/AIDS
Emergency management in public health : the H1N1 example
Family intervention in community health nursing
Family assessment in community health nursing
Home visiting in community health nursing
Primary health care in community health nursing
Community and aggregate assessment
Programming in community health nursing
Community development in community health nursing
Community health nursing : a practical view
Enhancing communication and counselling skills in today's nursing practice
Resilience in health crises
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spiritual care in gerontological nursing
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spiritual care & chronic health problems
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spirituality in mental health care
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spirituality in palliative care
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spiritual assessment
Spirituality in health and nursing care : spirituality
The 1905 Act (Original and Revised Version)
The 1905 Act and Personal Experiences
Disaster Series : Kansas City - Death by Design
Textiles carbon fibers, flexible & tough
Chemistry periodic table of elements potassium (K) and magnesium (Mg)
Astronomy-- probing the first stars & galaxies
Medicine-- revolutionary brain surgery
Audiology & otology-- cochlear implants
Transportation-- automotive safety innovations
Engineering-- solving problems through science
Electronics-- fiber-optic communications
Chemistry-- periodic table of elements
Energy-- biofuels use on the rise
Physics-- the science of athletics
Aeronautics-- 21st century flight
Radio astronomy-- the Alma telescope
Electronics-- environmental applications
Environment : wildebeest migration patterns
The amazing red crabs of Christmas Island
Nature's chemical wonder-- acid caves explored
Energy-- understanding hydroelectric power
Space science-- everyday astronauts
Energy : transforming renewable resources-- biomass & solar energy
Energy : transforming renewable resources-- photovoltaics
Environment-- science for a healthy planet
Electronics-- science of circuit boards
Ecology-- bats creatures of the night
Engineering-- bridges by design
Ecology : understanding biodiversity
Biotechnology : cleaning up with microbes
Biology : putting algae to work
Environmental science : reclamation-- restoring the land
Engineering : tiny nano world
Solar power-- an alternative energy source
Fuel technology-- transportation innovations
Gas turbines-- energy powerhouses
Robotics-- advances in engineering
Propulsion-- technological advances
Agriculture-- feeding a hungry planet
Wind power-- a renewable energy source
Aquaculture-- advances in fish farming
Jean Fouquet
Fra Angelico
Debt & Consumerism Collection : from the Media Education Foundation
Gender Studies Collection : from the Media Education Foundation
Debt & Consumerism Collection : from the Media Education Foundation
Race Studies Collection : from the Media Education Foundation
Do the Math : Bill McKibben and the Fight Over Climate Change
Stuart Hall Collection : from the Media Education Foundation
Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection
Protection : masculinity & condom use in Sub-Saharan Africa
Occupation 101 : voices of the silenced majority
The war around us
Feeding frenzy : the food Industry, obesity & the creation of a health crisis
Race, power & American sports : featuring Dave Zirin
The new economics 101 : featuring Juliet Schor
How racism harms white Americans
The race for what's left
The next American revolution
Soul food junkies : a film about family, food & tradition
Personally speaking : a long conversation with Stuart Hall
Writing about media with Peter Elbow