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Anna M. Kross
Alice K. Leopold
Craig Hosmer
George Meany
Thomas A. Burke
John F. Simmons
Richard Neuberger
John R. Dunning (1955)
Theodore F. Green (1952)
Frank Laubach
You Chan Yang
Gen. Carlos P. Romulo
August Heckscher
Edward L. Bartlett
Gerald M. Loeb
Leslie C. Arends
Carlos Davila
Michael J. Mansfield
James H. Duff
Jacob K. Javits
Arthur O. Dietz
Kenneth A. Roberts
Prescott Bush
J. Gordon Baethe
Henry M. Jackson
Francis Case
Sayed Amjad Ali
Paul Martin
Lowell B. Mason
Willis D. Crittenberger
Thor Thors
Donald L. Jackson
Harry J. Anslinger
Ivy Baker Priest
Price Daniel
James O. Eastland
Sir Roger Makins
Jacob K. Javits
Thomas E. Martin
Leslie Knox Munro
John S. Fine
Admiral Arthur D. Struble
General Sir Frank Simpson
Emil Schram
Victor Andres Belaunde
Robert F. Kennon
John Vorys
T. James Tumulty
Mundy I. Peale
Gordon Allott
John R. Dunning (1953)
Charles Allen
Major General C.A. Willoughby
H.L. Hunt
Leon H. Keyserling
America in the 20th century :the post-war years
World War I
Material readiness
There is a way (USMA prepatory school)
Young American leaders
The soldier patient
West Point :the Army Challenge
Your Army 15
Vietnam crucible
Your Army 14
The senior soldier
Your Army 13
When the chips are down (host narrator Bob Hope)
Your Army 12
The OCS story
Your Army 10
The Pershing
Shotgun rider
Stay alert, stay alive
Your Army 9
US Army Combat Developments Command
Your Army 8
Wildlife SOS.Series 1, Episode 3
The Army's floating workshop
Wildlife SOS.Series 1, Episode 2
Your Army 7
Your Army 6
Claws for the eagle
Your Army 5
Something to build on
US Army in the Andes
Not for conquest
Your Army 3
Your Army 2
The new first team
Why Vietnam
Your Army 1
Science moves the Army
The Army nurse :soldier of mercy
EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)
Assignment Taiwan
Berlin duty
Drill sergeant
Exercise Desert Strike
Operation Scoreboard
Teheran, Iran
Action Vietnam
Army in action - years of menace
America on the move
NATO :background to Berlin
American soldier
Medal of Honor
Third Army
Battalion commander
Point of the spear
Operation Montagnard
Seventh Army - checkmate to aggression
The U.S. Army unit advisor in Vietnam
Operation Amigo
Special forces advisor
AFN - the American Forces Network
Shape of the nation
Salute to MATS
The third challenges
Salute to the Navy
The Army's all-Americans
Alert - CONARC
Guerrilla, U.S.A.
Road to the wall
To keep and bear arms
The aggressor
Sky divers
This is how it is
Strike Command
Special forces
The famous fourth
This is our strength
Solid punch
Top of the world
The USAREUR story
Opportunity to learn
This is the Infantry
Operation Readiness
Military Assistance Advisory Group
Prelude to Taps
The chaplain and the commander
Exercise Swiftstrike
Military assistance program
Caribbean command
Army 9
OCS Fort Sill
U.S. Army and the Boy Scouts
Korea and you
Silent warriors
The Army nurse
Infantry operations
Army 8
Special digest
History of maneuvers
Operation Lead Dog
U.S. Army Language School
Decade of NATO
Army 5
Army 3
Arms for tomorrow
I am the guard
Project man
The Seventh Army story
Tularosa frontier
Ranger - mark of a man
The General Patton story
USO wherever they go
The Army's "first"
The Army - a deterrent to aggression
Operation Danville
Operation Discovery
Germany today
Washington soldier
Korea today
Airborne soldier
Phantom fighters
The Quartermaster story
The General Hap Arnold story
The Admiral Nimitz story
The Eisenhower story
Canine college
The common defense
People to people
Code of the fighting man
The patrol
The stilwell story
Usmaag Germany
Okinawa - bastion of the Pacific
Pentomic Seventh Army
Pictorial report number 33
The General Macarthur story
Story of a squad
Salute to the Canadian Army
Soldiers' heritage
Aerial mobility
Army 2
The General Marshall story
Religious Emphasis Day in Philadelphia
Missille on target
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Fire brigade
Far East MAAGS
Your defense
The General Bradley story
Atomic battlefield
Pentomic Army
Individual protection against atomic attack
Pictorial report number 32
Graduate - R.O.T.C.
Army 1
42nd Field Artillery Group
Ottumwa, U.S.A.
Missile man
Engineer supply mission
What makes a general
42nd Rainbow Division
Pictorial report number 31
Southern European Task Force (SETAF)
Pictorial report number 30
Alexandria - city of understanding
Provide for the common defense (JCOC)
Pictorial report number 29
Mister Army
Fifty years of aviation
Progress - U.S. Army
Pictorial report number 28
Research and development in the Arctic
Army divers' school
Operation Mercy
Weather, friend or foe
The aggressor
DEW line
Pictorial report number 27
Army Ballistic Missile Agency
King of battle
Soldier in Hawaii
Pentomic 101st
Pictorial report number 25
Historic Fort Monroe
Pictorial report number 24
Focus on the Middle East