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Songs of War: Music as a Weapon
Songs of the Homeland: History of Tejano Music
Something, Anything
Solidarity in Poland: Walesa's Union
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling
Social Robots
so right so smart - The Business Case for Sustainability
Sniper: The Unseen Warrior
Sniffing Planetary Atmospheres
Smokestack Nation: The Industrial Titans
Smoke from His Fire - The Kwakwaka'wakw of the Pacific Northwest Coast
Smartphone Photography
Six Decades of Infectious Disease Challenges
Six Complex Drawing Projects
Site Design and Storm Runoff
Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte Darthur
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Simple Symptoms, Serious Illness
Simple Machines around the House
Signals and Bandwidth
Show Me Rio!
Shout Gladi Gladi - Transforming Maternal Care in Africa
Should You Vaccinate?
Shotokan Man
Shooting an Elephant
Shine On: Richard Trice and the Bull City Blues
Shifting to a Sustainable Worldview
Sherlock Holmes
Shenandoah: The Collision of Old Continents
Shark Loves The Amazon
Setting Therapeutic Goals
Sermons and Sacred Pictures - Reverend L.O. Taylor, Baptist Minister
Send in the Clowns – Humor As a Weapon
Send in the Clowns - Clowns Without Borders Visit Haiti
Selling Australia: Tourist Town
Selling Australia: The Red Heart
Selling Australia: The Brand
Selling Australia Series
Self-Driving Vehicles
Seeking an Evolutionary Theory of Music
Secrets of the Pawns and Knights
Secret Fleets
Searching for Nepal
Search For The Everlasting Coconut Tree
Screening Room Series
Science Fiction's Urban Landscapes
Science Fiction's New Wave
Science Fiction Treatments of History
Science Fiction in the 21st Century
Science Fiction in the 19th Century
Scathed - Crystal Meth
Saved by Deportation: An Unknown Odyssey of Polish Jews
Save The Farm - The Largest Urban Farm in the U.S
Satellites and Satellite Communications
Santigo Manuin Valera
Sanctuary: Quite A Conundrum
Sanctuaries and Sacred Places
Saint Nicholas - The Real Story
Sailing a Sinking Sea: Exploring the Culture of the Moken People
Sacred Music in the Late 19th Century
Sacred Music in a Secular World
Sacred Mountains and Law Giving in Judaism
Russia: Napoleon Retreats in the Snow—1812
Russia Betrayed?:Voices of the Opposition
Running with Bulls - The Bull Run in Spain
Rough Riders and the Imperial Dream
Rough Beginning
Room to Breathe: Mindfulness in the Classroom
Rockin' the Wall
Rock the Boat
Robotics Series
Robot Sensors and Simple Communication
Robot Controllers and Programming
Robot Bodies and Trade-Offs
Robot Arms in the Factory
Robot Actuators and Movement
Road to Thunder - A Million Biker Meeting
River of Renewal
Rita Dove - An American Poet
Rightsizing Inventory
Riding With Madonna - A Canadian Police Woman
RFK in the Land of Apartheid: A Ripple of Hope
Rezoning Harlem - A Community Fights Against Gentrification
Revolving Door
Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War
Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands
Rethinking Your Business Processes
Respiratory and Brain Infections
Researching Writers' Markets
Researching and Planning Your Book Proposal
Reproduction in the Red Algae
Renewal: Enhanced Stories
Renewable Sources of Electricity
Renaissance Italy
Remembering the Mamoncillo Tree (Recordando el Mamoncillo)
Remarkable Plants: The Volvocales and Chlorococcales
Remarkable Plants: The Oedogoniales
Religion, Miracles, and Prayers
Religion in Science Fiction
Regulation, Innovation, Excess
Regular -er and -ir Verbs in the Preterite
Regular -er and -ir Verbs in the Present
Regular -ar Verbs in the Preterite
Regular -ar Verbs in the Present
Reflexive Verbs
Reflections: A Warrior Spirit Art Experience
Refining Service Operations
Reefs: Virgin Islands, Florida, Texas
Reef Reborn
Redwoods, Sequoias, and the Sierra Nevada
Reducing Risk, Building Resilience
Redefining Reality: The Intellectual Implications of Modern Science Series
Red Wolf Revival
Red Cliffs: Cao Cao's Bad Day—208 A.D
Real Men Juicing
Reading, Writing, and Religion
Raquel - A Marked Woman
Rangle River
Rainforests: Proving their Worth
Rain of Ruin
Raiders Of The Lost Art
Rachel Parent
Rabbinic Judaism's Traditions about Jesus
Quiet Elegance: The Architecture of Hugh M. Kaptur
Qubits and Quantum Information
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Cryptography via Entanglement
Quantum Consciousness
Quantified Self-Assessment for Therapy
Proportion: Accurate Proportion and Measure
Probability: Frequency or Belief?
Prisoners of War
Principles of Self-Publishing Success
Prince Of The City
Presenting Lisa: A Journey to Authenticity
Power Paths - Native Americans Fight For Green Power
Power of the Powerless: Revolts and Unrest
Power Generation from Coal
Postwar Flight and Expulsion
Positive Psychology
Positioning Your Offering
Positional Weaknesses and Targets in Chess
Portraits of Emotion: The Story of an Autistic Savant
Porto of Little Africa
Populist Revolt: The Grangers and Coxey
Popular Culture: Jazz, Modern Art, Movies
Pontius Pilate: A Roman Prefect
Platform-Framed Housing Construction
Plastic Tides: The Canal
Planets Circling Two Stars
Pitching Your Book
Pioneers of Planet Searching
Pinnacles to Joshua Tree: The San Andreas
Picking a Chess Hero
Physicist - Raul Baragiola
Photographing Shadows and Backlighting
Photographing Reflections and Reflectivity
Phone Skill Series
Phobia - A Case Study
Petroapocalypse Now?
Petrified Forest and Other Fossil Parks
Petersburg: Union Digs Its Own Grave—1864
Peter Voulkos Working
Pete McCloskey
Perceiving and Moving to a Rhythmic Beat
Peace in Our Pockets: Kenyans Using Technology to Promote Peace
Pawns: The Positional Soul of Chess
Patton and World War II
Passive Solar and Net-Zero-Energy Homes
Passion for Justice - A Civil Rights Leader
Passing - Profiling the Lives of Young Transmen of Color
Passages - Unlocking Family Myths and Secrets
Pass The Mic! - Latin Hip-Hop Culture
Parsifal - Search for the Grail
Paraiso for Sale - The Growing Migration to Panama
Paradigm Mastery Series
Pansy! - Artist Paul Harfleet
Panda Nursery
Panama Papers - The Hold-Up of the Century
Pablo Solon
Oyler: One School, One Year
Overcoming Obstacles to Writing
Over There: A World Safe for Democracy
Outbreak! Contagion! The Next Pandemic!
Out of the Rubble
Out from the Shadows: The Story of Irene Joliot-Curie and Frederic Joliot Curie
Out At Work
Our Nearest Exoplanetary Neighbors
Our Fascinating Universe
Other Disorders
Oscar Niemeyer - Life is a Breath of Air
Operation Small Axe: Police Terrorism and Resistance in Oakland, CA
Operation Market Garden: A Bridge Too Far—1944
Open Windows - Lesbian Women Speak Out
Open Files and the Positional Rook
One Shot. One Life - Japanese Archery
One Last Chance - A Nazi War Criminal in Australia
One Day in April - Collegiate Cycling Competition
One Birth at a Time - Towards Normal Birth
Once Were Monks: Taking a Gamble
Once Were Monks: Remembrance Day
Once Were Monks: Moving House
Once Were Monks: Keeping the Faith
Once Were Monks: Another World
Once Were Monks Series
Once and Future—The 20th-Century Arthur
On Top of the World
On the Brink: Preserving Endangered Species
Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Power
Oil On Ice
O Prologo
Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now
Nuclear Savage
Nourish: Food + Community
Norman Kloker - Remembering the Rotary Club
Noise and Channel Capacity
No Secret Anymore - Founders of the Modern Lesbian Civil Rights Movement
No Sanctuary: Big Business and Family Detention
No Otter Zone
No More Corsets: The New Woman
No Limits to Growth
No Dumb Questions - Uncle Bill Becomes Aunt Barbara
Nine To Ninety - The Love Story of Phyllis and Joe Sabati
Night Photography
Next Steps in Improving Your Spanish
New Technology: Cars, Electricity, Records
Neurological Effects of Making Music
Neurological Effects of Hearing Music
Neural Codes in the Brain
Networking: From Writers' Conferences to Courses
Nerd Prom: Inside Washington's Wildest Week
Near-Term Future Planet-Finding Projects
Nature's Orchestra: Sounds of Our Changing Planet
Nature, Nurture, and Musical Brains
National Seashores and Lakeshores
National Rivers: Gorges, Falls, and Meanders
National Marine Sanctuaries and Monuments
Nagashino: Taking Swords to a Gunfight—1575
Nagasaki Journey
My Life in China