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Then this happened. How Norway changed prison
Five approaches to supervision : developmental
Clinical group supervision
Target zero. PrEP
Target zero. Elia
Target zero. Carmen
Fashion trend. White hot
Runway trends. Colors, white & pastel, SS 2012
Vivienne Tam spring 2018
Catwalk trends 2018
Thigh-high slits on the catwalks fall 2015
Taoray Wang spring 2018
Taoray Wang fall 2017
Tadashi Shoji spring 2018
Runway trends. springsummer 2013, swimsuits
Swimsuits trend 2008
Trend. Sweaters 2012
Style is eternal
Son Jung Wan fall 2017
Side x side. Swimsuits
Side x side. Hats
Runway trends. springsummer 2013, shorts
Fashion trend. Sheer
Sexy swimsuits : vintage to modern
Trends fall 2010. Red carpet
Fashion trend. Polka dots, deco
Plaid fashion trend
Runway trends. narrow & wide fallwinter 2012 Peplums
Pamella Roland : spring 2018
Runway trends. bold & neon SS 2012 Colors
Naeem Khan spring 2017
Naeem Khan fall 2017
Runway trends. springsummer 2013, metallics
Trends fall 2010. Leather
Joseph Abboud fallwinter 2017
Runway trend alert. Jewel-toned ... matte & shiny
Best trends. High waist + crop top
Runway trends. Hats, large & small, fallwinter 2012
Runway trend alert. Hats, mini & maxi
Runway trends. Gloves, long & short, fallwinter 2012
Trend. Furs 2015
Runway trends. Furs, fallwinter 2013
Runway trends. Furs, coats & trim, fallwinter 2012
Trends fall 2010. Furs, real & faux
Runway trend alert. Furs ... coats and jackets
Fashion trend. Fringe
Runway trends. Feathers
Digital & floral fashion trend
Dennis Basso spring 2018
Dennis Basso fall 2017
DELPOZO spring 2017
Fashion trend. Crop tops
Trends fall 2010. Cozy knits trend
Coats, jackets, capes trend 2013
Trends fall 2010. Coats
Runway trends. Style, casual to structured, SS 2012
Runway trends. Capes, fallwinter 2013
Runway trends. Beauty trend - bold lips, fallwinter 2013
Black & white fashion trend
Bibhu Mohapatra SS 2017
Bare midriff trend
Bright leaves
Toddlers outdoors : play, learning & development
The wonder year : first year development & shaping the brain
The two year old. At home Section 1,
[The two year old]. At nursery Section 2,
Target child technique
Pretend play
Learning through play : the 3 to 4 year old
Firm foundations for early literacy : from 0 to 5 years
Born to talk
Babies outdoors : play, learning & development
Attachment in practice
Attachment & holistic development : the first year
Saving the Great Swamp : battle to defeat the jetport
Target zero : preventing HIV transmission
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Victoria Keith
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Jeannette Paulson Hereniko
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Heather Haunani Giugni
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Connie M. Florez
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Ciara Leina`ala Lacy
Reel Wāhine of Hawaiʻi. Anne Misawa
PBS NewsHour. How off-the-grid Navajo residents are getting running water
PBS NewsHour. What asylum-seekers meet when they try to cross legally
PBS NewsHour. Migrants risk the dangerous trip to the U.S. because it's safer than staying home
PBS NewsHour. Should high schools worry about what students do after graduation? This city says yes
PBS NewsHour. Memphis midwives work to address racial disparities in care
PBS NewsHour. How faculty mentors can help first-generation students succeed
PBS NewsHour. The next generation of African-American doctors finds success and support at this university
PBS NewsHour. The science of using your expectations to relieve pain
PBS NewsHour. The race to develop coffee that can survive climate change
PBS NewsHour. Women leading Danish mosque challenge patriarchy and right-wing religious control
The 5 principles of memorization. The 5 foundation principles of memorization Episode 2,
The 5 principles of memorization. Intro to the 5 principles of memorization Episode 1,
The 3 essential techniques. Launch time for your amazing memory Episode 5,
The 3 essential techniques. Substitution (the missing piece of the puzzle) Episode 4,
The 3 essential techniques. Memory Palace method (Journey or Loci method) Episode 3,
The 3 essential techniques. Your most powerful type of memory & how to use it Episode 2,
The 3 essential techniques. Intro to the 3 essential techniques Episode 1,
Memorize the presidents. Bush to Trump Episode 6,
Memorize the presidents. Hoover to Reagan Episode 5,
Memorize the presidents. Arthur to Coolidge Episode 4,
Memorize the presidents. Polk to Garfield Episode 3,
Memorize the presidents. How to memorize the presidents Episode 2,
Memorize the presidents. Memorize the presidents in under 1 hour!? Episode 1,
Memorize the periodic table. 11 to 20 Sodium to calcium
Memorize the periodic table. 1 to 10 Hydrogen to neon
Memorize the periodic table. How to use these videos
Memorize the periodic table. Introduction
Memorize the periodic table. Intro to memorize the first 20 elements of the periodic table
How to study. Learning styles Episode 3,
How to study. Study super effectively with the ANSWER method Episode 2,
How to study. The 6 steps for strategic exam preparation Episode 1,
Slavery and the making of America. The challenge of freedom [Episode 4],
Slavery and the making of America. Seeds of destruction [Episode 3],
Slavery and the making of America. Liberty in the air [Episode 2],
Slavery and the making of America. The downward spiral [Episode 1],
The patient's playbook
Frontline. Out of Gitmo
Frontline. Divided States of America. Part two
Frontline. Divided States of America. Part one
Frontline. Terror in Europe
Frontline. Confronting ISIS Season 35, Episode 2,
Frontline. Iraq uncovered Season 24, Episode 16,
Frontline. The fish on my plate
Frontline. Exodus
Frontline. A subprime education
Frontline. Last days of solitary
Forces of nature. Motion [Episode 4],
Forces of nature. Shape [Episode 1],
Forces of nature. Color [Episode 3],
Forces of nature. Elements [Episode 2],
Black America since MLK. Touch the sky Part four,
Black America since MLK. Keep your head up Part three,
Black America since MLK. Move on up Part two,
Black America since MLK. Out of the shadows Part one,
American experience. The Great War. Part three
American experience. The Great War. Part two
American experience. The Great War. Part one
America by the numbers. The new deciders
Mitchell & Kenyon. 805
Mitchell & Kenyon. Lord Roberts presenting medals to Boer War volunteers in Liverpool (1901) 774,
The pact
Red lines
NED : no evidence of disease
Design interviews. Stefano Giovannoni
Design interviews. Achille Castiglioni
Under the lino : the life and art of Bruce Goold
The emotion of design
First aid. Part 1, Volume 1
Urban legends. Patrik Schumacher - partner, Zaha Hadid Architects Architecture : [Episode 12],
Wendy Sharpe paints Annette Kellerman
A secret history
Janet Laurence : the life world
The dolphin story
Salvatore Zofrea : master of light
Brushes with fame
Trauma, PTSD and trauma-informed care
Social work and poverty
Social work practice in palliative care
Helping clients in crisis
Microaggressions in therapeutic practice
Grey matters
The arts in every classroom. Leadership team [K-5, part 14],
The arts in every classroom. Three leaders at arts-based schools [K-5, part 13],
The arts in every classroom. Borrowing from the arts to enhance learning [K-5, part 12],
The arts in every classroom. Students create a multi-arts performance [K-5, part 11],
The arts in every classroom. Bringing artists to your community [K-5, part 10],
The arts in every classroom. Collaborating with a cultural resource [K-5, part 9],
The arts in every classroom. Working with local artists [K-5, part 8],
The arts in every classroom. Developing an arts-based unit [K-5, part 7],
The arts in every classroom. Teaching visual art [K-5, part 6],
The arts in every classroom. Teaching theatre [K-5, part 5],
The arts in every classroom. Teaching music [K-5, part 4],
The arts in every classroom. Teaching dance [K-5, part 3],
The arts in every classroom. Expanding the role of the arts specialist [K-5, part 2],
The arts in every classroom. Introducing arts education [K-5, part 1],
The arts in every classroom. Classroom demonstration materials Workshop program [9],
The arts in every classroom. Building on new ideas Workshop program 8,
The arts in every classroom. Three schools, three approaches Workshop program 7,
The arts in every classroom. The role of assessment in curriculum design Workshop program 6,
The arts in every classroom. Designing a multi-arts curriculum unit Workshop program 5,
The arts in every classroom. Creating a multi-arts performance piece Workshop program 4,
The arts in every classroom. Historical references in the arts Workshop program 3,
The arts in every classroom. Responding to the arts Workshop program 2,
The arts in every classroom. What is art? Workshop program 1,
The habitable planet. our global experiment Looking forward : Unit 13,
The habitable planet. Earth's changing climate Unit 12,
The habitable planet. Atmospheric pollution Unit 11,
The habitable planet. Energy challenges Unit 10,
The habitable planet. Biodiversity decline Unit 9,
The habitable planet. Water resources Unit 8,
The habitable planet. Agriculture Unit 7,
The habitable planet. Risk, exposure, and health Unit 6,
The habitable planet. Human population dynamics Unit 5,
The habitable planet. Ecosystems Unit 4,
The habitable planet. Oceans Unit 3,
The habitable planet. Atmosphere Unit 2,
The habitable planet. Many planets, one Earth Unit 1,
Voices & visions. Walt Whitman 12,
Voices & visions. man made out of words Wallace Stevens : 11,
Voices & visions. American odyssey Ezra Pound : 10,
Voices & visions. Sylvia Plath 9,
Voices & visions. in her own image Marianne Moore : 8,
Voices & visions. a mania for phrases Robert Lowell : 7,
Voices & visions. the dream keeper Langston Hughes : 6,
Voices & visions. Robert Frost 5,
Voices & visions. T. S. Eliot 4,
Voices & visions. Emily Dickinson 3,
Voices & visions. Hart Crane 2,
Voices & visions. one art Elizabeth Bishop : 1,
The world of abnormal psychology. An ounce of prevention [Unit 13],
The world of abnormal psychology. Psychotherapies [Unit 12],
The world of abnormal psychology. Behavior disorders of childhood [Unit 11],
The world of abnormal psychology. Organic mental disorders [Unit 10],
The world of abnormal psychology. The schizophrenias [Unit 9],
The world of abnormal psychology. Mood disorders [Unit 8],
The world of abnormal psychology. Sexual disorders [Unit 7],
The world of abnormal psychology. Substance abuse disorders [Unit 6],
The world of abnormal psychology. Personality disorders [Unit 5],
The world of abnormal psychology. Psychological factors and physical illness [Unit 4],
The world of abnormal psychology. The anxiety disorders [Unit 3],
The world of abnormal psychology. The nature of stress [Unit 2],
The world of abnormal psychology. Looking at abnormal behavior [Unit 1],
Ethics in America II. ethics in business Risk, reward, responsibility : 6,
Ethics in America II. the ethics of neuro-enhancement A better brain : 5,
Ethics in America II. elections & judicial independence Choosing justice : 4,
Ethics in America II. My brother's keeper 3,
Ethics in America II. national security & the news War stories : 2,
Ethics in America II. medicine & the end of life Three farewells : 1,
Ethics in America. Politics, privacy, and the press 10,
Ethics in America. The human experiment 9,
Ethics in America. Truth on trial 8,
Ethics in America. Under orders, under fire. 7,
Ethics in America. Under orders, under fire. 6,
Ethics in America. Anatomy of a hostile takeover 5,
Ethics in America. Public trust, private interests 3,
Ethics in America. To defend a killer 2,
Ethics in America. Do unto others 1,
Economics U$A. what in the world is a dollar worth? Exchange rates : 28,
Economics U$A. for whose benefit? International trade : 27,
Economics U$A. are we still in control? Stabilization policy : 26,
Economics U$A. how well does it work? Monetary policy : 25,
Economics U$A. can we live with them? Federal deficits : 24,
Economics U$A. can we get more for less? Productivity : 23,
Economics U$A. why couldn't we beat it? Stagflation : 22,
Economics U$A. does money matter? The Federal Reserve : 21,
Economics U$A. why must it be protected? The banking system : 20,
Economics U$A. how did the spiral begin? Inflation : 19,