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The Skeptical Essayist: Conflicting Views
Slaying the DragonSlaying the Dragon: Reloaded
The 100 Years Show
Subject Matters
Feeling with Our Eyes - Texture and Light
Art That Moves Us - Time and Motion
The Illusion - Getting the Right Perspective
Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square
Rational Expressions, Part 1
Operations and Polynomials
Quadratic Equations - The Quadratic Formula
Systems of Linear Equations, Part 1
Linear Equations for Real-World Data
Graphing Linear Equations, Part 2
Solving Linear Equations, Part 1
Variables and Algebraic Expressions
Percents, Decimals, and Fractions
Order of Operations
How Ancient Astronomy Ended
Star Catalogs from around the World
Achievements and Legacy of Ptolemy
Chinese and Other Non-Western Constellations
Meteorite Worship and Start of the Iron Age
The Real Stonehenge
The Raj on Its Knees (1945 - 1947)
Indian Muslim Politics between the Wars
Gandhi's Moral-Political Philosophy
The Great War and Its Impact on India
Princely States and Royalist Relationships
The Late-19th-Century British Raj
Economics and Society under the Raj
The Age of Reform (1830 - 1850)
Searching in Your Ancestors' Backyards
Dos and Don'ts of Writing History
Your Ancestors in the County Courthouse
The Genealogical Proof Standard
Tulum - Aztecs at the Ancient Maya Port City
Independent Tarascans - Desert Warriors
The Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan
Cacaxtla Murals and Xochicalco
Monte Alban and Zapotec Rule over Oaxaca
Preclassic Maya Lowlands - El Mirador
Early Highland Maya - Izapa to Kaminaljuyu
Thought Experiments against Materialism
Clues on Consciousness from Anesthesiology
Thinking Body and Extended Mind
A Guided Tour of the Brain
The Enigma of Free Will
Strange Cases of Consciousness
The Particle Zoo
Quantum Weirdness and Schrödinger's Cat
Wave or Particle?
Enter the Quantum
Black Holes
Curved Spacetime
A Problem of Gravity
Faster than Light? Past, Future, and Elsewhere
Escaping Contradiction - Simultaneity Is Relative
Muons and Time-Traveling Twins
Einstein to the Rescue
Earth and the Ether - A Crisis in Physics
Speed is Relative to What?
Let There Be Light!
Heaven and Earth, Place and Motion
Funnest Lecture Ever
A(n) Historical Issue
Camera Traps for Elusive Wildlife
Nighttime Wildlife Photography
Computer Editing: Development
Above- and Below-Surface Waterscapes
Landscape Photographer, Landscape Artist
Growing Up Isn't Easy--Facing Impermanence
Groundbreaking Mindfulness Programs
Connecting with Children and Adolescents
Visualizing Balance Points in Statistics
The Visuals of Graphs
Surprise! The Fractions Take Up No Space
Visualizing Mathematical Infinities
Pushing Long Division to Infinity
Visualizing Extraordinary Ways to Multiply
How Children Make Friends
How Kids Manage Anger - Positive Discipline
Lotus Kick and Laughing Buddha
Hips and Waist: The Center Is the Commander
Bending Space and Time
Enigmas of Everyday Objects
Voting Paradoxes
Gödel Proves the Unprovable
Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion
Cleopatra's Family
Animal Mummies
The Middle Ptolemies - The Decline
Alexander the Great
Dynasties XXVIII to XXXI - The Beginning of the End
Dynasty XXVII - The Persians
Dynasty XXVI - The Saite Period
Dynasty XXV - The Nubians Have Their Day
Dynasty XXII - Egypt United
Dynasty XX - The Decline Continues
Ramses the Great - The Early Years
Dynasty XIX Begins
What Mummies Tell Us
Mummification - How We Know What We Know
Medicine - The Necessary Art
The Murder of Tutankhamen - A Theory
The Discovery of Tutankhamen's Tomb
Akhenaten the Heretic Pharaoh
Queen Hatshepsut
The Beginning of the New Kingdom - The Fabulous XVIIIth Dynasty
The Middle Kingdom - Dynasty XI
The First Intermediate Period
The End of the Old Kingdom
The Great Pyramid of Giza
Sneferu, the Pyramid Builder
The Rise of the Old Kingdom
The First Nation in History
The Rosetta Stone, and Much More
Napoleon and the Beginnings of Egyptology
Apocalyptic Literature in the 21st Century
Suzanne Collins and Dystopian Games
Margaret Atwood and Environmental Dystopia
Octavia Butler and Utopian Hybridity
John Wyndham and Young Adult Dystopia
Aldous Huxley and Dystopian Pleasure
H.G. Wells and Utopian Science Fiction
Utopia: The Perfect Nowhere
Line-by-Line Refutation
Conditional Argumentation
"Even If" Arguments: The Essential Weapon
Open-Ended Questions: Setting Traps
The Crucible of Cross-Examination
Building Affirmative Cases
Paint Pictures in Words
Be Yourself
Practice Your Delivery
Power Yoga
Adapting the Multimedia Mystery
Poetic Justice
Female-Centered Mystery and Suspense
Spies, Thrillers, and Conspiracies
Historical Mysteries
Nordic Noir
Violence Waits in the Wings
The Private Eye Evolves
African American Mysteries
Can Brain Scans Read Your Mind?
Can You Multitask Effectively?
Can Brain Games Make You Smarter?
Is Your Brain Too Smart for Magic Tricks?
Do You Only Use 10% of Your Brain?
How Accurate is Your Memory?
Are Bigger Brains Smarter?
Assortments, Variety, and Choice
An Evolutionary View of Decision Making
Social Influences on Decision Making
How Consistency Drives Decisions
Emotional Influences on Decision Making
Self-Regulation and Choice
The Role of Heuristics in Decisions
The Two-System Model of Decision Making
The Divided Christ of the Separationists
The Backward Movement of Christology
The Disciples' Visions of Jesus
The Churches of Georgia
Career Decisions: Physical Therapy
The Transformative 20th and 21st Centuries
The Industrial Revolution and Modernity
The Advent of Global Commerce
Islamic Expansion and Rule
Chaos and Consolidation in Eurasia
New Ideas along the Silk Road
Triumphs and Flaws of Imperial Rome
Oxus Civilization and Powerful Persia
The Importance of the Nomads
China: Born in Isolation
Mysteries of the Indus Valley
Egypt: Divine Rule in the Black Land
The Era of Agrarian Civilizations
Power, Cities, and States
A Tale of Two Ancient Cities
Eradicating Emotional Blind Spots in Technology Projects
Recent War Veterans
Suicide Attempt Survivors
Mur 19
Tools for Enhanced Brainstorming
Combining Opposites
Motorcycles, Gold, and Global Commodities
Distressed-Asset Investors: Tepper, Klarman
Paul Tudor Jones, Futures Market Seer
The Big Shorts: Livermore, Chanos
The First Hedge Fund: A. W. Jones
The Bond Kings: Bill Gross, Jeffrey Gundlach
David Dreman, Contrarian Money Manager
John Templeton, Global Treasure Hunter
Warren Buffett: Investing Forever
The Nazca Lines, Sipán, and Machu Picchu
Pyramids, Mummies, and Hieroglyphics
How Do Archaeologists Know Where to Dig?
Writing Inch by Inch: From Draft to Polish
When an Essayist's Feelings Face Facts
The Empathetic Essayist: Evoking Emotion
Indigenous Australia
Multicultural Australia
Your Face
The World of Emily Dickinson
Robert Frost: New England in Autumn
Postmodernism - Focus on the Viewer
18th-Century Reality and Decorative Rococo
Development of Painting - Tempera and Oils
Modern Printmaking - Planographic
The Colours of My Father
Global Change Strategies: The Car Industry
Representations of Quadratic Functions
Solving Linear Equations, Part 2
Revealing the Antikythera Mechanism
Ancient Navigation: Polynesian to Viking
The Lunar Crescent and the Islamic Calendar
The Star of Bethlehem
EFilmclipses, Comets, and Omens
Ancient Cosmologies and Worldviews
Astronomy of Egypt's Great Pyramid
Alignments at Maes Howe and Newgrange
Caste and Tribal Identity under Colonialism
British Expansion in India (1757 - 1820)
Your Ancestors in State Records
Maya Survival and Revival
Echoes of the Past in Mexico
The Fall of the Last Maya Kingdom - The Itza
How the Aztecs Expanded Their Empire
The Mixtec Rise - Gold and Epic Stories
The Mesoamerican Ball Game
Illuminating Works of Maya Art
Mistakes about Our Own Consciousness
Object Lessons
Which Hunting
Directions for the Future
Overcoming Addiction
Drugs in the Brain
Drugs of Abuse
The Human Brain
Pushing Long Division to New Heights
Visualizing Ratio Word Problems
Visualizing Negative Numbers
The Inspiration Series: Comedy in Advertising
Belonging, Status, Popularity, and Rejection