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Bentley on Biermann songs and poems of Wolf Biermann
People's music the struggles of the Greek people
England's Vietnam
The view from the end of the world live interviews of life in prison with James Carr
From the cold jaws of prison
Huey! Black Panther platform with Seale, Cleaver, Rap Brown. Listen, whitey! : Black communities' reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King
Angela Davis speaks
Music of the Shakers [performed in traditional style]
Sweet Nebraska land
Ray Reed sings frontier and cowboy songs
Songs of Texas
Missouri folk songs
Broadside ballads
Folksongs of Vermont
Folksongs of the Catskills
Everybody's got a right to live our King will never die
Teton tea party
The Original Talking union & other union songs
Songs of protest against American imperialism
Songs of the suffragettes
Election songs of the United States
American Revolutionary War songs to cultivate the sensations of freedom
The American Revolution in song and ballad
Colonial & Revolutionary War period sea songs & chanteys
Songs and ballads of Colonial & Revolutionary America
Tipple, loom & rail
Songs from the depression
American moonshine and prohibition
Brownwater and blood
Songs of the West
Sing oh, the city oh songs about early Pittsburgh
Fifty sail on Newburgh Bay Hudson River Valley songs
The days of '49 songs of the gold rush
American Negro songs from slavery times
God, guts, and guns
Songs of struggle and protest (1930-1950)
The Talking blues
Witches and war-whoops early New England ballads
Down Jersey songs and stories of Southern New Jersey
Heritage U.S.A
Firemen's centennial parade
Ballads of the Civil War, 1831-1861
Frontier ballads
Ballads of the War of 1812 1791- 1814
Ballads of the Revolution, 1767-1781
Black music of two worlds
The Kiowa peyote meeting
Anthology of Central and South American Indian music
An anthology of North American Indian and Eskimo music
Anthology of Portuguese music
Music of Indonesia
Folk music of the U.S.S.R
Traditional folk songs of Japan
Caribbean folk music. Vol. 1
Music from the villages of northeastern Nigeria
Folk music U.S.A. Vol. 1
Nootka Indian music of the Pacific north west coast
Indian music of the Pacific Northwest coast
Gambia's music, 1 La Musique de la Gambie, 1 = Gambias musik, 1
Folk music from Italy
The world's vocal arts
Music of the world's peoples
Africa south of the Sahara
African and Afro-American drums
Folk music of the Mediterranean
Junkanoo Band--Key West
The music of !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, Africa
Songs and music of Tibet
Music of the Ituri forest
Songs of French Canada
Arabic and druse music
Negro prison camp worksongs
Kurdish folk songs and dances
Modern Greek heroic oral poetry
Folk dances of Greece
Hanunóo music from the Philippines
Music of Thailand
Wolof music of Senegal and the Gambia
Jamaican cult music
Temiar dream songs from Malaya
Indian music of the Upper Amazon
The Pygmies of the Ituri forest
Traditional music of Peru
Bulu songs from the Cameroons
Folk music of the Amami Islands
Music from South Asia
Music from Mato Grosso
Songs and dances of the Flathead Indians
The Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska
Music of the Ukraine
Music of the Falashas
Religious songs and drums in the Bahamas Folkways cassette series / The Smithsonian Institution 04440
Cajun songs from Louisiana
Burmese folk and traditional music
The Black Caribs of Honduras
Religious music of India
Songs and pipes of the Hebrides
Folk music of Japan
Spanish and Mexican folk music of New Mexico
Folk music of Pakistan
Folk & classical music of Korea
Music of Southeast Asia
Music of India traditional & classical
Music of South Arabia
Music of the American Indians of the Southwest
Folk music of Rumania from the collection of Bela Bartok
Music of the Russian Middle East recorded in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia
Music of Peru
Folk music of France
Indian music of Mexico
Folk songs of Puerto Rico
Music of Spain
Cult music of Cuba
Folk music of Palestine
Music of Indonesia
Music of Haiti
Music of Equatorial Africa
Music of the Jívaro of Ecuador
Music of the Kpelle of Liberia
Songs of the Seminole Indians of Florida
Songs of Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and the Andamans
Modern Mayan the Indian music of Chiapas, Mexico
Lowland tribes of Ecuador
Music of the Cameroons
Traditional music of Botswana, Africa a journey with tape recorder along Southern Botswana from Mochudi to Kang
Music from south India Kerala
Music of Afghanistan
Sacred guitar and violin music of the modern Aztecs
Batak music Tobak Batak music
Ethiopia the Falasha and the Adjuran tribe
Folk music and ceremonies of Ethiopia
Music of Viet Nam
Music of Sulawesi [Sound recording] [Sa®dan Toradja Region] Celebes, Indonesia Recorded by Eric & Catherine Crystal
Folk music of Kashmir
Indian love rites Durga puja and Kali puja in Calcutta
Slave shout songs from the coast of Georgia
Algerian Berber music
Music of Morocco
The music of capoeira
Music of Sierra Leone Kono Mende farmers' songs
Korea vocal and instrumental music
Music of the Dagomba from Ghana
Music of the Mende of Sierra Leone
Music of the Jos Plateau and other regions of Nigeria
Healing dance music of the Kalahari San
Instrumental music of the Kalahari San
Anthology of Brazilian Indian music
Music from Mozambique
Music of the Sudan the role of song and dance in Dinka society. Vols. 1-3
Otu music for mental healing for dance therapy and parties
Yoruba bata drums elewe music and dance
Polynesian dances of Bellona (Mungiki) Solomon Islands
Hawaiian chants, hula, and love dance songs
Music from Western Samoa From conch shell to disco
The living, dead, and dying music of the New Guinea Wape
Italian folk music
Songs of war and death from the Slave Coast
Traditional women's music from Ghana [Ewe, Fanti, Ashanti, Dagarti, and Dagomba]
Teahouse music of Afghanistan
Music of the Algonkians woodland Indians
Healing songs of the American Indians
Music of Zaire
Music of the Ashanti of Ghana
Music of the coastal Amerindians of Guyana
Traditional African ritual music of Guyana SA Queh Queh, Cumfa and Come Tru
Music of the Miskito Indians of Honduras & Nicaragua
The Palicour Indians of the Arucua River in Brazil
The Creole music of Surinam (Dutch Guiana)
African flutes recorded in the Gambia by Samuel Charters
John Crow say Jamaican folk music
Music of the Maya -Quiches of Guatamala the Rabinal achi and Baile de la canastas
Music from Saramaka
Music of Lesotho
Music of the Idoma of Nigeria
Music from North and South Vietnam sung poetry of the Norththeatre Music of the South
Music of the Tarascan Indians of Mexico music of Michoaca and nearby Mestizo country
Music from South New Guinea
Music of Guatemala
The Bora of the Pascoe River, Cape York Peninsula, Northeast Australia
Hassidic tunes for dancing and rejoicing
Ballads, wedding songs, and piyyutim of the Sephardic Jews of Tetuan and Tangier, Morocco
Greek-Jewish musical traditions
Beduin music of Southern Sinai
Music from Petauke, of Northern Rhodesia
Pre-Columbian instruments Folkways cassette series 04177
Selk'nam chants of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Fasola fifty-three shape note folk hymns
The four Vedas
Kwakiutl Indian music of the Pacific Northwest
Music of the Venezuelan Yekuana Indians
Kurdish folk music from western Iran
Songs of aboriginal Australia and Torres Strait
Songs and dances of Nepal
Music of the Waswahili of Lamu, Kenya
Vocal music of contemporary China
Cambodia traditional music
Songs from the out-ports of Newfoundland
The Cuban danzón its ancestors and descendents
Music of Cuba
Facundo Gonzales, New Mexican violinista
The Diaphonic music of the Island of Krk, Yugoslavia
Sacred and profane music of the Ika
Amerindian music of Chile the Aymara ; the Qaqashqar ; the Mapuche
Lumbering songs from the Ontario shanties [Collected and edited by Edith Fowke]
Irish and British songs from the Ottawa Valley
Folk songs and music from Malta
Funeral laments of Lebanon
Traditional Music of the Garifuna (Black Carib) of Belize
Italian folk songs
Lithuanian folk songs in the United States
Folk music of Hungary
Let me fall old time bluegrass from the Virginia-North Carolina border
Kilby Snow country songs and tunes
Anthems anthems of all nations. Vol. I & II
Rawhide radio programme
The "Veep" the story of Alben William Barkley as interviewed by Sidney Shalett
Gregorian chant Mildred Kayden presents Musically speaking no. 1
Radio programme Courlander's almanac : familiar music in strange places. III
Radio programme Rawhide No. two
Radio programme no. 1 Henry Jacobs' Music and folklore
Song and dance man, popular American song hits of 1913-1928
Play me a movie
Dahomey suite for oboe and piano Dahomey suite documentary recordings
All the homespun days a narrative poem with documentary recordings
The Cannonsville story from the film Kinfolks
Musical score from the film Whaler out of New Bedford based on the original Panorama of a whaling voyage round the world, and other songs of the whaling era
Joseph Spence, John Roberts & Frederick McQueen
Music of the Bahamas
Joseph Spence the complete Folkways recordings, 1958
F.D. Kirkpatrick hosts the Louisiana folk fest
Moving Star Hall Singers & Alan Lomax
John's Island, South Carolina its people and songs
Virginia Mountain Boys. Old time bluegrass from Grayson and Carroll Counties, Va. Vol. 3,
Someday we'll meet again
The Bamboushay Steel Band
Kim Loy Wong and his Wiltwyck Steel Band
Ballads and songs of the Blue Ridge Mountains persistence and change
Glen Neaves and The Virginia Mountain Boys country bluegrass from southwest Virginia
Cullen Galyean, Bobby Harrison, and the Virginia Mountain Boys
Banjo tunes and songs
Arbee's blues
Ballads, blues and a spiritual
The blues in St. Louis Blues in St. Louis v. 3
Music from the Ozarks
Traditional music from Grayson and Carroll Counties songs, tunes, with fiddle, banjo and band
Buell Kazee sings and plays