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Holiday songs of Israel
101 nursey rhymes "As I have heard tell ..."
Chantons en français French songs for learning French
Villancicos Spanish Christmas songs for children
Songs and stories
Marching across the green grass, and other American children game songs
Children's activity songs
More songs to grow on
Play party dances and ice breakers for young folk
The laundry story and the bakery story
The downtown story
Learn as we play musical activities: rhythms, ring and singing games for exceptional children
More learning as we play songs, rhythms & beginning rhythm band activities
More animals
Going home new songs for children and parents
Candy Band sings Play me a song new folksongs for children
Camp songs
Twelve songs for all year long
You can sing it yourself
Square dance with soul
Turtles and snakes and snowstorms
Nursery rhymes, games, and folksongs
Songs of nature and the environment childrens songs
American play-parties
In this our land songs about America
Emperor's nightingale
Those once a year times
We all have a song activity and bed-time songs with Ginni Clemmens
A quite remarkable snowman activity songs for young children
Everyone has feelings and other songs
Music in the air a collection of original children's songs
Children's activities to music for kindergarten, 1-3
Activity rhythmic movements of zoo animals
More musical plays
Musical plays for special days
Sitting at home with our apple friends
Edgar Kendricks sings for the very young
Getting it together and other nursery songs
Songs of the holidays and other songs
American folk songs for Christmas
Animal folk songs for children
More good time music
I'll sing you a story folk ballads for the young
14 numbers, letters, and animal songs
Who built America
Ladybug, ladybug, and more children's songs
Sound, rhythm, rhyme and mime for children
Songs of animals and imagination
Innovative rhythmic and tonal textures for developing creative motor skill activities
More music time & stories
Activity songs for kids
Moving makes me magic
Can you fool your shadow game & concept songs for children
Songs of camp the music program of a children's camp, recorded at Camp Killooleet, Hancock, VT
Woody Guthrie's children's songs
Christmas carols
Woody Guthrie's songs to grow on
Come along children & sing with me
Man of many voices a children's record
New songs for kids
We've got to come full circle Chesapeake song and story for young hearts
Feelin' good
Follow the sunset
Interview with Margaret Mead
Interview with Al Capp, cartoonist
Interview with Margaret Chase Smith, U.S. Senator
Dr. Robert M. Hutchins educator, president of the fund for the Republic
William Douglas interview
Sounds of my city the stories, music, and sounds of the people of New York
Rhythms of the world
Music time with Charity Bailey a teaching record
German children's songs
Calypso for children
Yiddish folksongs for children
Chants de Noël du Canada français = Christmas carols of French Canada
Israeli children's songs
Jewish children's songs & games
Latin American folk songs
Children's game songs of French Canada
French folk songs for children
Afrikaans children folksongs
The Pueblo Indians in story, song, and dance
Ride with the sun folktales from the Philippines, China, Iceland, Egypt & Brazil
The story of the Klondike stampede for gold, the golden trail
Joseph and his brothers from In the beginning
In the beginning
Folk tales from West Africa
Folk tales from Indonesia from "Kantchil's lime pit"
Do you know how you grow? outside
Do you know how you grow? inside
The new house How Honey helped
Children's songs and games from the southern mountains
The Wagoners sing folk songs for camp
Gosh, what a wonderful world!
Songs to grow on
French folk songs for children
Ring games from Alabama Line games and play party songs of Alabama
Yaqui dances the Pascola music of the Yaqui Indians of Northern Mexico
Songs and dances of Brazil
German Christmas songs
Cantorials for the High Holidays (Roshashona and Yom Kippur)
Israel dances
Scottish songs and ballands [sic]
Folk songs of French Canada
Hebrew folk songs
Great Scottish ballads
Arabic songs of Lebanon and Egypt
Folk songs of Acadia
German favorite songs
Flamenco guitar solos
Duet songs of French Canada
English folk songs
Songs and dances of the S. S. R. Middle East
Songs and dances of Italy
Mexican corridos
Bantu choral folk songs
Folk songs of four continents
Man of the whole wide world
Steel band
Finnish tunes and songs
Songs of Mexico
Polish folk songs and dances
Songs of Israel
Jamaican folk songs
Christmas songs of Portugal
Swedish folk songs and ballads
German folk songs
Songs from the Bible
Shepherd and other folk songs of Israel
Caribbean dances
Robin Hood ballads
Dutch folk songs
Christmas songs of Spain
Songs and dances of Honduras
Creole songs of Haiti
Folk songs of Newfoundland
Songs and dances of the Basque (Euzkadi)
Ukrainian Christmas songs
Jewish folksongs
Gospel songs
English folk songs
Haitian dances
Folk songs of the Canadian north woods
Irish jigs, reels & hornpipes
Irish popular dances
Spanish guitar solos
Sones of Mexico
Songs and dances of Greece
Chinese classic music
Haitian folk songs
Argentine folk songs
Jewish freilach songs
Calypso [and] Meringues
Songs and dances of Switzerland
Songs and dances of Armenia
Songs and dances of Yugoslavia
Music of Colombia
Folk songs of Hungary
Old grey goose Maine country dance music & song
Border bash Tex-Mex dance music vol. 2
Saturday night San Antonio Tex-Mex dance music
Dancing bow and singing strings
Dances of the North American Indians
Folk dances of the world's peoples
Introductory human biology no. 1 of a basic course
Highlights of Vortex
Futuribile the life to come
Science fiction sound effects record
The seasons, Vermont for magnetic tape collage & instrumental ensemble
Travelon gamelon music for bicycles
End the cigarette habit through self hypnosis
Man in space the story of the journey
Sleep Relaxation
Music therapy with the developmentally handicapped
Sound effects
Here at the water's edge, a voyage in sound
Sounds of steam locomotives
Sounds of a South African homestead
The sounds of the junk yard
Sounds of the annual international sports car grand prix of Watkins Glen, N. Y
Sound patterns
Sounds of medicine operation and stethoscope sounds
Sounds of carnival
Sounds of sea animals
Sounds of animals
Vox humana Alfred Wolfsohn's experiments in extension of human vocal range
Sounds of the American Southwest
Sounds of the sea sonic fish sounds, underwater sounds of biological origin. Vol. 1
Sounds of a tropical rain forest in America
The lyrebird a documentary study of its song
Handwriting analysis
The sounds of camp a documentary study of a children's camp
Enhancing psychic energy
Science in our lives
Sounds of frequency
The sounds of London
Emile de Antonio's Millhouse a white comedy; voice material from the film
Hail to the chief an inquiry into power of the president
Berkeley teach-in Vietnam
Underground sound track of the film
Toward world understanding with song Folkways cassette series 05720
Songs of the Civil War [record 1]
The Patriot plan
The Oswald case Mark Lane's testimony to the Warren Commission
Puerto Rico an historical and cultural approach
Songs of the Selma-Montgomery march
Freedom songs: Selma, Alabama a documentary recording
The story of Greenwood, Mississippi
We shall overcome; songs of the Freedom Riders and the Sit -Ins
Nashville sit-in story songs & scenes of Nashville lunch counter desegregation
Street and gangland rhythms beats and improvisations by six boys in trouble
This land is mine South African freedom songs
Music in the streets music and musicians recorded on the streets of New York City
An actual story in sound of a dog's life
Blacks in the American Revolutionary War Conceived,
Eugene V. Debs trade unionist, socialist, revolutionary, 1855-1926
Original folk music
Millions of musicians Conceived,
Nueva York a tape documentary of Puerto Rican New Yorkers
New York 19 Conceived, recorded,
"... but the women rose ..."
The Oswald case Mrs. Marguerite Oswald reads Lee Harvey Oswald's letters from Russia
Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities House of Representatives, 80th Congress, 1st Session, Oct. 20-30, 1947, an historical encounter
The House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings in San Francisco, May 1960
Speeches by Frederick Douglass
The meaning of July 4th for the Negro
Born to live Hiroshima
Human rights a documentary on the United Nations Declaration of human rights
The Negro woman
Booker T's child and Portia
Serious Bizness for your immediate attention!
How many more?
Socialism and the American negro Speech before audience in Great Hall, Madison Wisconsin Memorial Union, April 9, 1960
The White House or bust, seven steps to the Presidency a documentary
The un-typical politition
Senator Joseph R. McCarthy a documentary of the McCarthy hearings
Mexico, imágenes cotidianas contemporary Mexican folksongs
Boricua roots Raices boricuas : Sandra Roldán, Puerto Rican from Brooklyn "Los sures", sings Puerto Rican songs
Good morning Viet-Nam a documentary
Ding dong dollar anti-Polaris and Scottish republican songs
The Freedom songs of the Somali Republic
Angolan freedom songs
Songs of the F. L. N., freedom fighters of Algeria
Songs of the Spanish Civil War
Al tocar diana "at the break of dawn", songs from a Franco prison
Bentley on Brecht