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Memory hackers : the science behind memories
The crush
The addictive brain. Junk food, porn, video games - addictions? Episode 12,
Young Lakota
Perfect 36 : when women won the vote
The addictive brain. The gambler's brain. Episode 11,
The released
The big history of civilizations. Greece in Its Golden Age. Episode 18,
The other side
Rocks in my pockets
Bon voyage
Living on one dollar
Bikini : a real story = una historia real
Guard dog
I capture the castle
UN : last station before hell
Higher education : the new global economic war
Incident by a bank
Normal is over
File under miscellaneous
The creative thinker's toolkit. The creative person - practice and passion. Episode 1,
The uncomfortable truth
Spillover : Zika, ebola & beyond
Adam resurrected
The whistleblower
Breathin' : the Eddy Zheng story
American conscience : The Reinhold Niebuhr story
Accidental courtesy
We shall remain. After the Mayflower
Cuban missile crisis : Three men go to war
Ave Maria
Goya's ghosts
Donnie Darko
Louise by the shore = Louise en hiver
The prison in twelve landscapes
Beloved sisters
Full moon in Paris = Les nuits de la pleine lune
Tales of the night = Les contes de la nuit
His girl Friday
The kingdom of dreams and madness
Breathe = Respire
Chasing beauty
The tempest
The notebooks of memory
Where I grow old = A cidade onde envelheço
The witness
Mirrors to windows : the artist as woman
Priceless = Hors de prix
The inspiration series : The dynamics of couples
Stefan Zweig : farewell to Europe
Father and daughter
I dream in another language
Don't swallow my heart, alligator girl!
Hunt for the wilderpeople
The Reagan show
The F Word
Makers Episode 2 : Changing the World
A Self-Made Man
Stress and Burnout Taking a Toll on Many Still in the U.S. Workforce (9310)
Neil Henry : Pearl's Secret (52201)
Dot-Gone (5401)
George Kennan : At a Century's Ending (41896)
The Sleeper Cell That Wasn't
The Great Debate : Style or Substance?
The Day the Lights Went Out
Stephen Gilligan : Self-Relations Therapy
Gene Combs and Jill Freedman : Partners in Strength
Weird Wonders of the World (Series 2) : Episode 3
Shakespeare in Perspective : Coriolanus
Shakespeare in Perspective : The Winter's Tale
Two Raging Grannies
Jane Austen's Works
Antarctic Aftermath
Grand Canyon
The Green Bird
The Best of Big Blue Live
Great Expectations- Part 3
Organizational Structures : Introduction and Case Study
Motivation in Action : Case Study Examples
Cola Conquest : How Coke Took Over the World
Becoming a Planetary Presence
Kierkegaard and the Infinite
Aristotle on Knowledge
Correspondence Theory of Truth, The
Informal Networks and Lateral Relationships
How Presidential Campaigns Have Changed
Succeeding in Washington
First Hundred Days, The
Reagan Triumvirate, The
White House Chief of Staff : Challenges (Part One)
Significant Others
Soul, The
Philosophy : An Overview
Setting Priorities
Building Consensus
Realism vs. Anti-Realism Debate, The (Part Two)
Career Focused on the Environment, A
Wegener's Mistakes
Using Tidal Power
Individual Programming Languages- Grace Hopper
Binary Concept, The - Grace Hopper
User Interface, The (Grace Hopper)
Seafloor Spreading : Harry Hess
Georges Seurat
Goya : Smart Secrets of Great Paintings
Rembrandt : Smart Secrets of Great Paintings
Degas : Smart Secrets of Great Paintings
Bellotto : Smart Secrets of Great Paintings
Vermeer : Smart Secrets of Great Paintings
Clínica de Migrantes
Einstein Papers Project
Superconductors -- Powering Our Future
Cancer Check During Surgery
Training Essentials
Thought for Food
The Client, the Counselor, and the Unsuitable Friend
Talking about Counselling
Personal First Aid Kits
Online Therapy
Making the Most of Supervision
Making Memories
Holding the Line
Good PracticeBad Practice
Creative Group Supervision
Counseling, Confidentiality, and the Law
CBT Skills in Practice
CBT for Depression, Behavioral Activation and Cognitive Change
Are you in Zennor?
An Introduction to CBT (Frank Wills with Jan Gray)
A Confidential Space
Tim Bond in Conversation
Michael Jacobs in Conversation
Gerard Egan in Conversation
Francesca Inskipp and Brigid Proctor in Conversation
Dorothy Rowe in Conversation
Dave Mearns in Conversation
Not Criminally Responsible : Wedding Secrets
Shedding Light on Motion : Episode 7—Newton's Second Law
Shedding Light on Motion : Episode 6—Newton's First Law
Albi's Mappa Mundi – the World of Yesterday
Acts of Courage and Healing
The Space Shuttle : Flying for Me
All of the Above : Single, Clergy, Mother
Every Word Has Power : The Poetry of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
The Incas Remembered
The Louvre
China and the Forbidden City
Impact Therapy : Group Counseling -- Essential Skills That Make Groups More Productive
Impact Therapy : Putting Theories Into Practice
Borderland : Episode 4
Borderland : Episode 3
Borderland : Episode 2
Borderland : Episode 1
Student from Struggling Philadelphia HS Beats Odds, Graduates College
Special Edition : Global Warning
Climate for Conflict : Fighting to Survive in Somalia Plagued by Drought
Digital Addiction?
Femicide - Honduras, One of the Most Dangerous Places to Be a Woman
A Desperate Plea for Help as Four African Nations Near a Famine Crisis
Nightline : Doctors Use Drones to Drop Medical Supplies in Madagascar
A Boy Named Lucas
Skilling Sentence Marks Latest Crackdown on Corporate Crimes (102406)
Foster Families Find and Share Support with Elders at Oregon Housing Community (41514)
How Does Outside Money Flow into Campaigns? (11210)
Olives and Omens : Did Greek Cuisine Portend Economic Problems? (81110)
Graduates Still Aspire to Wall Street Despite Financial Crisis (6410)
Poet Sherman Alexie Talks Faces and War Dances (102209)
A Conversation with Playwright Lynn Nottage (61509)
Study Finds that Half of U.S. Adults at Risk for Health Problems Related to Elevated Blood Sugar (91514)
John Banville Adopts a Pen Name and a Famous Protagonist to Reboot Raymond Chandler's Iconic Crime Series (32114)
James McBride's The Good Lord Bird Offers "Room to Laugh" at Difficult History (12213)
12 Years a Slave Restores Historic Firsthand Account to Cultural Consciousness (111813)
Japanese Town Hit Hard by Natural and Nuclear Disaster Imagines Renewable Future (31113)
New Scan May Enable Better Diagnosis and Treatment for Athletes' Brain Damage (12313)
To Combat Rights Abuses, California Firm Uses Computer Code (32511)
So You Have a Liberal Arts Degree and Expect a Job? (1311)
Stand-Up Economist Finds the Light Side of a "Dismal Science" (2410)
Remembering Dr. Hamilton Holmes (11195)
Will Labeling Calorie Counts on Menus Bring Down America's Obesity Rates? (112514)
The New "Sharing Economy" Can Enrich Micro-entrepreneurs but at What Cost? (101014)
Giving Coal Country a Healthy Makeover (101014)
Can Online Courses Replace a Campus Education? (82714)
Online University Skips Class to Be More Accessible (82514)
Why Doctor Zhivago Was Dangerous (7814)
Should Parents Let Their Kids Take More Risks? (5914)
In Golden Years, Single Baby Boomers Build a Future Together (41614)
Researchers Track New Hampshire Moose in Hopes of Pinpointing Cause of Population Decline (4714)
New Generation of Tech Innovations Aims to Help Elders Stay Healthy and Connected (32014)
Why Are Younger Children Alone in Reducing Obesity Rates? (22614)
Many Rivers to Cross Brings African-American history Up to Date (112613)
Tempers May Flare and Conflicts Rise as Climate Change Heats Up, Study Finds (8713)
While White Americans Feel "Ceiling Effect," Blacks and Latinos Find Aspiration (8213)
Governor Jack Markell : Hiring More People with Disabilities Is Good for the Bottom Line (8213)
Teens Lose Out on Important Summer Jobs as Older Workers Fill Their Spots (72913)
Left Behind by the Recovery, Inner City Teens Struggle to Find Jobs (7513)
Endangered Coral Reefs Die as Ocean Temperatures Rise and Water Turns Acidic (12512)
Medicare Patients Aren't Getting Sicker or Older, But Doctors Are Charging More (91712)
Utah Makes Deal for Private Gas Drilling on Pristine Public Land (8912)
How Abraham Lincoln Shaped American Politics and Popular Culture (22012)
What's Causing a Shortage of Pediatric Cancer Drugs? (21512)
California University Introduces First U.S. Multi-faith School of Theology (102511)
India's Massive School Lunch Program Aims to Curb Widespread Malnutrition (10311)
Cate Blanchett on Reviving Theater Classic Uncle Vanya for Modern Stage (81511)
Five Years Later, Scientists Still Puzzled by Honeybee Decline (72811)
Mississippi River Floodwater Could Create Long-Term Toxic Impact (51811)
In New Orleans, a Clinic Caring for the Underinsured Once Again (91610)
Author Robert McCrum Explains How English Has Taken Root Worldwide (72310)
Fighting Poverty in Kenya by Selling Water Pumps to Poor Farmers (71310)
Investors Help Bring Sanitation to Kenya's Poor (41410)
Math Wiz Adds Web Tools to Take Education to New Limits (22210)
FDIC's Sheila Bair : Bank Bailouts Were "Not a Good Idea" (111309)
Tony Award-Winning Virginia Theater Sprouted from a Garage (6509)
Kuwaiti Theater Director Finds Modern Inspiration in Shakespeare (22409)
Pittsburgh Museum Reinvents Model of Dinosaur Exhibit (22108)
Organization Helps Preserve African-American Family Land (91707)
History of Supreme Court Vacancies (7505)
A Dancer's New Step : Suzanne Farrell (122701)
Grad Rates Double after Reinvention of Chicago City Colleges (62814)
Wisconsin Group Wants to Turn Student Borrowers into Activists (62614)
Small Businesses Increasingly Turn to Online Lenders When Banks Bail (62214)
Why More Seniors Are Retiring on College Campuses (51414)
Debating Piketty's Theory on How Wealth Begets Wealth and Widens the Economic Gap (51314)
How Much Does It Really Cost to Live in a City Like Seattle? (42214)
Can Garment Factories Pay a Living Wage and Still Compete in the Global Economy? (21814)
Can the U.S. Compel Global Collaboration on Climate Change? (21714)
Climate Scientists Warn that the Opportunity to Prevent Dangerous Warming Is Dwindling (92713)
Report Reveals Where You Live and Work Affects Your Economic Mobility (72413)
Performing Artists Compete, Move, and Adapt in a Tough Economy (62713)
Could Agriculture Bloom in the Desert? Qatar Works to Invent an Innovative Oasis (61113)
"Economics Is Not a Morality Play" : Paul Krugman on Managing Financial Crisis (6613)
Demographic Shifts and Biblical Ideals Contribute to Evangelical Immigration Stance (51613)