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A deathly silence
A Brooklyn family tale
A bridge to mars
The Double Dutch Divas!
Harry Hopkins :at FDR's side
Harmonica breakdown
Halting the fires
Guardians of the flutes
Girls in white dresses
Get the fire! young mormon missionaries abroad
Gaddafi's gamble
Frontline :an eyewitness account of the Vietnam war
From Congo to Zaire
Freedom to hate
Freedom bags
Forbidden wedding
Flying on one engine :the slumdog surgeon
Flowers for Guadalupe
Flip flotsam
Flatly stacked
Exploring alternatives to prison and probation
Equatorial Guinea :drowning in oil?
Encounter in Ramallah
Emil and Fifi
El Salvador :portraits in a revolution
Egypt :the fear and the faith
The trainer's daughter, or, a race for love
The whole Dam family and the Dam dog
Life of an American fireman
Burlesque suicide no. 2
Gold rush scenes in the Klondike
A wringing good joke
Firemen rescuing men and women
The burgular on the roof
Shooting captured insurgents
U.S. troops landing at Daiquiri, Cuba
Troop ships for the Philippines
Fifth Avenue, New York
The first sleigh ride
American falls from above, American side
The burning stable
Feeding the doves
Inventor Edison sketched by world artist
Mess call
Fatima, muscle dancer
Shooting the chutes
The execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
Annabelle serpentine dance
Dickson violin
Fire rescue scene
Robetta and Doretto.No. 2,Chinese laundry scene
Imperial Japanese dance