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Promises of the storm
When we make it through
Thailand songs for life
Angola Forward, people's power!
Como el filo del machete Like the edge of the machete
Ireland the final struggle
--and ain't I a woman?
Songs of life from a dying British empire
Viva Puerto Rico libre songs of the independence movement
Ecuador the cry of freedom! : el grito de libertad!
The legacy of Ho Chi Minh speeches, writings and poems of Ho Chi Minh [and] (more)
Algo se quema alla afuera Something is burning out there
Haiti ki sa pou-n fe? = what is to be done?
Chile songs for the resistance
Bangon! Arise! songs of the Philippine National Democratic Struggle
Está llegando la hora The time is coming
Working people gonna rise
Palestine lives! songs from the struggle of the people of Palestine
Mexico days of struggle
Cuba va! songs of the new generation of revolutionary Cuba
This is free Belfast!
Tengo Puerto Rico en mi corazón I have Puerto Rico in my heart
African music from the sound track of The Naked Prey
Electronic music from razor blades to Moog
Electronic music
Come dance by the ocean
The women blues of Champion Jack Dupree
The unfortunate rake
Clambake on Bourbon St
The Castilianne
"Military" symphony (no. 100 in G)
Percussion and pedal. [Vol.2]
Nickelodeon and calliope
Cafe continental
Montoya flamenco, played by the master
Kilts on parade
The voice of Mexico
Music boxes, carousels & hand organ
The clock is stopping a discourse for our time
Radio Moscow and the Western Hemisphere
R. Buckminster Fuller speaks his mind
The blind troubadour of Oaxaca the romantic voice of Alonzo Cruz
Bamboo-tamboo, bongo & the belair
Calypso lore and legend an afternoon with Patrick Jones
Mexican firecrackers a prayer and a festival
Mariachi music of Mexico
Voice of the sea a collection of many sounds relating to the sea and those who travel upon it
Square dance
A dead-beat guitar and the Mississippi blues
Cook's tour of stereo
Italian moon Steve Merrick sings twelve famous love songs capriccioso
Songs from the garden of love Jefferson-Jones' orchestra & The Playboys sing of the contemporary British attitude toward romance
Caribbean limbo music
Calypso exposed
A night at the Tropicoro Hotel San Juan Intercontinental
Hot songs my mother taught me
Moans & blues
Dance calypso
Tchaikovsky serenade for strings
Steelband promenade
Sparrow in hi-fi 1959 calypsos & songs
Calypso atrocities
Hellish calypso
Folk songs of old Russia --a program of Russian-Ukrainian songs
Russian Easter midnight service
A Russian Christmas
Blowout at the Mardi Gras
Cook's tour of high fidelity
A double-barrel blast
Voice of the storm
Voices of the sky
Semana Santa, Malaga
Jump up carnival in Trinidad
Rail dynamics
Willis Page conducts the New Orchestral Society of Boston
First symphony
Reginald Foort in the Mosque in the Mosque, Richmond, Virginia. Vol. IV
The Morelia Cathedral organ
Beauty and the Brute Force
Music to awaken the ballroom beast
The enchanted steelband
The Champion Steelbands of Trinidad
The compleat in fidelytie
Three rituals
The steel bands of Antigua, B.W.I
Speed the parting guest The hot tempered clavichord
Steel band clash
The 32 variations in C minor (1806)
Un ti bo and other pleasures from Martinique
His and hers
Dancing calypso belly to belly
Calypso through the looking glass
King Sparrow's calypso carnival
Calypso cross section
Again! Lord Melody sings calypso
Lord Melody sings calypso
Grenada (BWI) stories and songs
The history of jazz
Counting games and rhythms for the little ones
Doc Paulin's marching band
Dulcimer songs and solos
Play your instruments and make a pretty sound
Travellin' with Ella Jenkins a bilingual journey
Rhythms of childhood
Adventures in rhythm
My street begins at my house and other songs and rhythms from "The me too show"
This-a-way, that-a-way
Abiyoyo and other story songs for children
American banjo three finger and Scruggs style
Don't mourn-- organize! songs of labor songwriter Joe Hill
Traditional Christmas carols
Big Bill Broonzy sings folk songs
The Doc Watson Family
Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry sing
Leadbelly sings folk songs
Freight train and other North Carolina folk songs and tunes
The Broadside tapes 1
Woody Guthrie sings folk songs
Cajun social music
Happy woman blues
Musics of the Soviet Union
Afro-American tales and games
Songs, tales, ditties and dances of Louisiana
Children's songs from Africa
Chantons en français
An Anthology of African American poetry for young people
The science of sound
Growing up with Ella Jenkins
Ella Jenkins, seasons for singing
Call and response
This is rhythm
Rhythm and game songs for the little ones
Little Johnny Brown
Folk songs for young people
Song and play time
Ella Jenkins' nursery rhymes rhyming & remembering for young children & for older girls & boys with special language needs
Jambo and other call-and-response songs and chants
And one and two and other songs for pre-school and primary children
African songs and rhythms for children
You'll sing a song and I'll sing a song
We are America's children
Songs, rhythms & chants for the dance
African American folk rhythms
Sing for freedom the story of the civil rights movement through its songs
Been in the storm so long a collection of spirituals, folk tales and children's games from Johns Island, South Carolina
Mountain music of Peru
Tuva voices from the center of Asia
Hawaiian drum dance chants sounds of power in time
Puerto Rican music in Hawai'i Kachi-kachi
Musics of Hawaii anthology of Hawaiian music
Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson at Folk City
A cry from the earth music of the North American Indians
Songs of freedom from Turkey behind prison bars
Silent highways
Two melodramas for synclavier
Otashgah Place of fire
Computer music from the outside in featuring music by Barton McLean, Karl Korte, & Reed Holmes
Seven flute solos
A different view
Border crossings new directions in Tex-Mex music
Born of another time songs of the sailors, songs of the sea
Sadly whisper the leaves of the willow Polish partisan and folk songs
Favorite sea songs
By land or by sea music in the tradition of the British Isles
Sea songs Seattle Sea festival series no. 1
Salt Atlantic chanties
Winners and losers campaign songs from the critical elections in American history
The promised land American Indian songs of lament and protest
Solidarity! Postulat 22 Songs from the new Polish labour movement = Nowe poliskie piesni robothicze
God bless the grass
Nativity Sholem Asch's story of the birth of Jesus
Hand-me-down music old songs, old friends : traditional music of Union County, North Carolina
Calabria bella dove t'hai lasciate; Italian folk music collected in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island
Southeast Alaska folk tradition Custom compact disc series FES 34031:, FES 34032:, FES 34033
Whale-wail, in peace, en paix for voice and tape structures of whale and other animal sounds
To kill a sunrise a "requiem for those shot in the back" ; La Ruche : an elegy for electromagnetic tape
Israeli electroacoustic music
The Neptune collection
Navajo dedications modern music based on Navajo ceremonies
At the helm
Ron Turner
Music for synclavier and other digital systems
For Jon Fragments of a time to come
Outer space music
The world music theatre of Jon Appleton
Triptyque and other electronic musical compositions
Into morning
The outrage grows
No more nukes
Life's railway to heaven
Berkeley farms; oldtime and country style music of Berkeley
Meeting in the air
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand sacred songs of America
Are you ready for Christmas? [a sermon]
Heart of oak
X-Seamens Institute sing at South Street Seaport
The Bergerfolk
Chesapeake born the songs of Tom Wisner and Mark
Nineteenth century American sacred music from fuging tune to oratorio
Music for the colonial orchestra 18th century American orchestra music
Music for the Colonial Band
The New England harmony a collection of early American choral music
Folk songs of New York city
The parlour piano American popular songs of the 1800's
Yankee notions traditional songs of New England
A Peddler's pack a collection of early colonial songs
Body, boots, and britches folksongs of New York State
Get on board Negro folksongs by the Folkmaster [sic], accompanying themselves
Folk songs in concert form
Gamelan in the new world
Varsity cheer or, A history of the Western World at half -time
Mr. Gavitt calypso of Costa Rica
Travel with me my dove and listen to me songs of the Middle East
The Nuru taa African musical idiom played on the mama-likembi
Mountain so fair folk songs of Israel
Folk songs of Vietnam
Ragas from South India
The legend of Tom Dula and, Other tragic love ballads
Been riding with old Mosby traditional songs of Surry County, North Carolina
Hello city limits
The Georgia pals Joe Miller & Lawrence Humphries at the old country church
Blue grass hill
Don't wait for me and songs of the first decade
Clawhammer banjo & fingerstyle guitar solos
The Red Allen tradition
China Grove, my hometown
Way out on the mountain
Early American folk music and songs
Down yonder old-time string band music from Georgia
Family and friends
Dulcimer man
Half & Half
Tracy's family band rode the mule around the world
Everhart alive at Avoca
The living and the breathing wind songs and tunes for the dulcimer
Girls we met at the medicine show
Now & then
World's most unusual songs
Across the Blueridge Mountains
Are you feeling it too?
Red Allen sings "In memory of the man"
Tom Morgan
Everhart. Waiting' for a train No. 2,
New wind