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Treasure Hunter
Taking Core Samples : Module 4
Whale Food
Run For Your Life
Sea World #1
Water Density : Module 11, Part 1
Zero for Zep
Scripps Institution #3
What Is Asthma? Every Breath Counts
SummerWinter Tides with Al
Scripps Institution #1
What Is a Heart Attack?
Ocean Water Density : Module 7, Part 2
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 1
Swipe Left : Dating Apps Have Killed Romance
Sea World #2
The Function of the Baleen in Whales : Module 14
King In The Wilderness
Internal Waves : Module 12
Rip Currents
What Baby Hears
Research Vessel
Fridays Ghost
Weight Control and Heart Disease
Ocean Water Density : Module 7, Part 1
Knockout Joe
Measuring Salinity : Module 6, Part 1
The Priest and the Thief
What Is a Healthcare Power of Attorney?
Bullet on the Run
Using Oral Diabetes Medications Safely
Upondo No Nkinsela
Toprol XL
The Imams, the Taliban and the Condom
Johnny Dlamini
Thunder Valley
The Comedians
The Hobo
Humanitarian Intervention Does More Harm Than Good : A Debate
Mine Boy
Third Trimester : Preparing for a Healthy Delivery
A Ripple of Hope
The Challenge of Diabetes Self-Care
The Boxer
The Benefits of Pain Management
Testing for Pre-Diabetes
Bona Manzi
What Is an Implanted Access Port?
What Is a Pressure Ulcer?
What Is a Colostomy?
Taking Warfarin Safely
Rich Girl
Symptoms of a Heart Attack Common to Women
Joe Bullet
Faceless Man
Gone Crazy
Fishy Stones
Beware Tiger
What Is an Asthma Trigger?
What Is Colorectal Cancer?
What Is Asthma?
Understanding Your ICD
Understanding Pre-Diabetes
Understanding Gestational Diabetes
Using the Food Label When You Have Heart Failure
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 2—Measuring Energy
The Role of Glucagon in Managing Your Diabetes
Understanding Your Medications and Procedures
The Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 1—Forms of Energy
Impango II
Understanding Vascular Disease
The Importance of Support for Weight Loss
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 3—Energy Efficiency
What Is COPD?
Understanding Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
The Angiography Procedure : What to Expect
What Is an Ileostomy?
Treating Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose) When You Have Diabetes
Charlie Steel
What Is a Urinary Catheter?
Teens : Setting Your Weight Loss Goals
What Is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?
Surgical Drain : When to Call Your Doctor
Black Crusader
Understanding Pneumonia
What Is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter?
Supporting Your Child's Effort to Lose Weight
Understanding How Pacemakers Work
Understanding High Blood Cholesterol
What Is a Heart Stent?
Understanding Coronary Artery Disease
What Is a Central Venous Catheter for Hemodialysis?
What Is Coronary Angioplasty?
What Is Coronary Angiography?
What Is an Ischemic Stroke?
Warfarin and Food
Uncontrollable Risk Factors for Vascular Disease
Understanding Heart Failure Medications
Warfarin : Possible Side Effects
What Is an Arteriovenous Graft for HemodialysIs?
Understanding Angina Pectoris
Treating Atrial Fibrillation
Treating Coronary Artery Disease
Welcome to the NICU
Vascular Disease : Working with Your Healthcare Provider
Top 10 Things to Get Baby Off to Sleep
The Upper GI Endoscopy Procedure
Understanding Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery
The Support of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Using Insulin to Manage Gestational Diabetes
Understanding Heart Valve Surgery
Think It's a Heart Attack? Get Help Immediately
The Workplace and Pregnancy
Trimesters of Pregnancy
The World of Parenting
Urinary Catheter Safety
The Colonoscopy Procedure
The Risks and Management of Gestational Diabetes
The Risk of Infection in the NICU
The Risks of Being Overweight
Understanding Atrial Fibrillation
The Importance of Annual Medical Exams When You Have Diabetes
The Need for a Pacemaker
Tylenol with Codeine
Teens : Finding Support for Your Weight Loss Goals
Staying Quit : The Need for Support
Treating Angina
Stages of Labor
Tracheostomy : How to Avoid Mucus Build-Up
Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack
Selecting Healthy Foods from Different Cuisines When You Have Diabetes
Setting Goals for Healthy Lifestyle Changes
Teens : Choosing Healthy Portion Sizes
Removing Your Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
Taking Your Heart Failure Medications
Reversing Your Ostomy
Strategies for Traveling When You Have Diabetes
Reading the Food Label
Soothe Your Baby
Stress and Blood Pressure
Quitting Smoking : Understanding Slips and Slides
The Value of Exercise When You Have Diabetes
The Mediterranean Diet
The Female Risk Factor for Developing Heart Disease
Signs and Symptoms of Depression
The Need to Quit Smoking When You Have Diabetes
The Importance of Healthy Eating When You Have Diabetes
The Challenges of Healthy Eating
Taking Cholesterol Medications
Symptoms and Triggers of Childhood Asthma
Quitting Tobacco
Symptoms and Triggers of Asthma
The Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Supporting Your Loved One Through Heart Surgery Recovery
Supermarket Tour
Short-Term Goals Lead to Long-Term Diabetes Management
Setting Your Quit Smoking Date
Sepsis Prevention
Rooming In with Your Baby
Removing Your Implanted Access Port
Recovery from an Upper GI Endoscopy
Quitting Smoking : Benefits to Staying Quit
Quitting Smoking : Using Nicotine Gum
Quitting Smoking : Using a Nicotine Patch
Quitting Smoking and Blood Cholesterol Management
Q&A : Will My Baby Have Vision Issues?
Q&A : Why Can't My Baby Get Milk feedings?
The Home We Build Together : Jewish Participation in American Society
Continue to Water Them With the Dews of Heaven : Jewish Life Under President Washington
America's Passover : Franklin, Jefferson, and the Seal of the United States – How the Story of the Exodus Influenced America's Founders
Quitting Smoking : Using Nicotine Lozenges
Teens : Reading the Food Label for Calories and Serving Sizes
Taking Your Heart Medications
Sweet Dreams
Safe Infant Sleep for Grandparents and Other Trusted Caregivers
Restaurants : Making Healthy Food Choices
Relieving Depression Through Lifestyle Changes
Reading the Food Label When You Have Diabetes
Quitting Smoking : Using Nicotine Spray
Q&A : When Would a Baby Need a Blood Transfusion?
The Executive Branch (Revised)
The Founding Fathers and the Chuppah – The Influence of Jewish Marriage Contracts on the Structure of the American Republic
Q&A : What Is Hypoglycemia, or Low Blood Sugar?
Special Care for Your Preemie
Setting Long-Term Diabetes Self-Management Goals
Reducing Heart Disease by Lowering Your Cholesterol
Recovery from a Colonoscopy
Q&A : What Is Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD?
Reducing Your Heart Disease Risk Factors After Heart Surgery
Recognizing and Treating DVT
Pay College Athletes : A Debate
Removal of Your Central Venous Catheter for Hemodialysis
Quitting Smoking : Coping with Habitual Triggers
Quitting Smoking : Using a Nicotine Inhaler
Quitting Smoking : Products That Can Help with Withdrawal
Quitting Smoking : Preparing for Nicotine Withdrawal
The Spider's Web : Britain's Second Empire
Jonas Phillips : The First Truly American Jew – Revolutionary War Veteran and Religious Rights Activist
Georgia : AlbanyColumbus
Colorado : Pueblo
Trust Me...I'm a Doctor, Summer Special 2016
Using Sound
Western Democracy Is Threatening Suicide : A Debate
Quitting Smoking for a Healthier Heart
Q&A : When Should a Baby Get Immunizations?
Quitting Smoking : Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal
Q&A : Why Do Babies Get Jaundiced, and How Is It Treated?
Q&A : When Can My Friends and Family Visit My Baby in the NICU?
Q&A : What Is RSV, and What Kinds of Babies Are at Risk?
Q&A : What Is IVH, or Bleeding of the Brain?
Bahamas : Eleuthera
Quitting Smoking : Coping with Emotional Triggers
Liberals Hold the Moral High Ground : A Debate
Finding the Way
Q&A : What Is BPD, or Chronic Lung Disease?
Adams, Jefferson, and the Jews
Atlanta Special
Tennessee : Music City
Love and Hate