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John Wilbanks Let's Pool Our Medical Data
John McWhorter Txtng is killing language JK!!!
John Hunter, The World Peace Game
John Green, The nerd's guide to learning everything online
John GrahamCumming The Greatest Machine That Never Was
John Gerzema The Postcrisis Consumer
John Delaney Wiring an Interactive Ocean
Johanna Blakley Social Media and the End of Gender
Johann Hari, Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong
Johan Rockstrom Let the Environment Guide Our Development
Joe Sabia, The Technology of Storytelling
Jody Williams A Realistic Vision for World Peace
Joan Halifax, Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy
Joachim de Posada Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet
Jimmy Wales, How a Ragtag Band Created Wikipedia
Jimmy Nelson, Gorgeous portraits of the world's vanishing people
Jimmy Carter, Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse
Jim Fallon, Exploring the Mind of a Killer
Jill Tarter Why the Search for Alien Intelligence Matters (TED Prize Winner!)
Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight
Jessica Green, Are We Filtering the Wrong Microbes?
Jessica Green We're covered in germs Let's design for that
Jessa Gamble Our Natural Sleep Cycle
Jeremy Heimans What new power looks like
Jennifer Doudna, We can now edit our DNA But let's do it wisely
Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols, This is what LGBT life is like around the world
Jeff Hancock The future of lying
Jeff Bezos, After the Gold Rush, There's Innovation Ahead
JeanBaptiste Michel The Mathematics of History
Jay Bradner, OpenSource Cancer Research
Jared Ficklin New Ways to See Music (With Color! And Fire!)
Jared Diamond Why Societies Collapse
Jared Diamond How societies can grow old better
Janine Shepherd A Broken Body Isn't a Broken Person
Janine Benyus, 12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature
Janine Benyus Biomimicry in Action
Jane Poynter Life in Biosphere 2
Jane McGonigal Gaming Can Make a Better World
Jane Fonda Life's Third Act
Jamie Oliver TED Prize Wish, Teach Every Child About Food
James Watson, The Double Helix and Today's DNA Mysteries
James Surowiecki, When Social Media Became News
James Hansen Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change
James Flynn Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents'
James Cameron Before Avatar, a Curious Boy
James Balog Timelapse Proof of Extreme Ice Loss
James B Glattfelder Who controls the world?
James A White Sr, The little problem I had renting a house
Jackson Katz Violence against women it's a men's issue
Jackie Tabick The Balancing Act of Compassion
Jack Horner, Building a Dinosaur from a Chicken
Jack Choi The Virtual Dissection Table
J J Abrams, The Mystery Box
Ivan Oransky Are We OverMedicalized?
Ivan Krastev Can Democracy Exist without Trust?
Itay Talgam, How to Lead Like the Great Conductors
Ismael Nazario, What I learned as a kid in jail
Isabel Behncke Evolution's Gift of Play, from Bonobo Apes to Humans
Ian Goldin Navigating Our Global Future
His Holiness the Karmapa The Technology of the Heart
Hetain Patel Who am I? Think again
Heribert Watzke, The Brain in Your Gut
Henry Markram, Building Brains in a Supercomputer
Helen Fisher, The Science of Love, and the Future of Women
Helen Fisher, The Brain in Love
Hector Ruiz The Power to Connect the World
Harvey Fineberg, Are We Ready for the Neoevolution?
Harsha Bhogle, The Rise of Cricket, the Rise of India
Harish Manwani Profit's not always the point
Hans Rosling, New Insights on Poverty and Life Around the World
Hans Rosling, Debunking ThirdWorld Myths with the Best Stats You've Ever Seen
Hans Rosling The Magic Washing Machine
Hans Rosling The How and When of Asia's Rise
Hans Rosling Stunning Data Visuals Tell a New Story about HIV
Hans Rosling Religions and Babies
Hans Rosling Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset
Hans Rosling Global Population Growth
Hanna Rosin New Data on the Rise of Women
Guy Winch, Why we all need to practice emotional first aid
Gregory Stock How Biotech Will Drive Our Evolution
Gregory Petsko, The Coming Neurological Epidemic
Greg Lynn How Calculus Is Changing Architecture
Glenn Greenwald Why privacy matters
Gero Miesenboeck Reengineering a Brain
Georgette Mulheir The Tragedy of Orphanages
George Takei Why I love a country that once betrayed me
George Dyson Stories from the Birth of the Computer
Geoffrey West The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations
Geoffrey Canada Our failing schools Enough is enough!
Geoff Mulgan, A Short Intro to the Studio School
Geoff Mulgan Postcrash, Investing in a Better World
Genevieve von Petzinger, Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe?
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon Women Entrepreneurs, Example Not Exception
Gary Kovacs Tracking the Trackers
Freeman Hrabowski 4 pillars of college success in science
Fredy Peccerelli, A forensic anthropologist who brings closure for the "disappeared"
Frans Lanting, A Lyrical View of Life on Earth
Frans de Waal Moral Behavior in Animals
Franco Sacchi This Is Nollywood
Faith Jegede What I've Learned from My Autistic Brothers
Evelyn Glennie, How to Listen to Music with Your Whole Body
Eve Ensler Embrace Your Inner Girl
Evan Williams How Twitter's Spectacular Growth Is Being Driven by Unexpected Uses
Eva Zeisel The Playful Search for Beauty
Ethan Nadelmann Why we need to end the War on Drugs
Eric Topol The Wireless Future of Medicine
Eric Sanderson Picturing New York, before the City
Eric Liu Why ordinary people need to understand power
Eric Giler Demonstrating Wireless Electricity
Eric Dishman Health care should be a team sport
Erez Lieberman Aiden and JeanBaptiste Michel, What We Learned from 5 Million Books
Emily Pilloton Teaching Design for Change
Elyn Saks A Tale of Mental Illness…from the Inside
Elon Musk The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity
Elliot Krane, The Mystery of Chronic Pain
Ellen 't Hoen Pool Medical Patents, Save Lives
Ellen DunhamJones Retrofitting Suburbia
Elizabeth Pisani Sex, Drugs, and HIV (Let's Get Rational!)
Elizabeth Loftus The fiction of memory
Elizabeth Lesser Take "The Other" to Lunch
Elizabeth Gilbert A Different Way to Think About Creative Genius
Elif Shafak The Politics of Fiction
Eleanor Longden The voices in my head
Edward Snowden Here's how we take back the Internet
Eduardo Paes The 4 Commandments of Cities
Edith Widder, The Weird, Wonderful World of Bioluminescence
Ed Boyden, A Light Switch for Neurons
Eames Demetrios The Design Genius of Charles and Ray Eames
E O Wilson, TED Prize Wish, Help Build the Encyclopedia of Life
Drew Dudley Everyday Leadership
Doris Kearns Goodwin Learning from Past Presidents in Moments of Crisis
Don Tapscott Four Principles for the Open World
Dianna Cohen, Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution
Diane Benscoter, How Cults Rewire the Brain
Diana Laufenberg How to Learn? From Mistakes
Devdutt Pattanaik East vs West, The Myths That Mystify
Dennis Hong My Seven Species of Robot
Denis Dutton A Darwinian Theory of Beauty
Dee Boersma Pay Attention to Penguins
Deborah Rhodes, A Tool that Finds Three Times More Breast Tumors, and Why It's Not Available to You
Debate Does the World Need Nuclear Energy?
Deb Roy The Birth of a Word
Dean Ornish Your Genes Are Not Your Fate
Dean Ornish Healing and Other Natural Wonders
Dean Kamen, Rolling Along
David R Dow Lessons from Death Row Inmates
David Pogue, When It Comes to Tech, Simplicity Sells
David Perry Are Games Better Than Life?
David McKay A Reality Check on Renewables
David Logan On Tribal Leadership
David Holt The Stories and Song of Appalachia
David Gallo, Underwater Astonishments
David Gallo, The Deep Oceans, A Ribbon of Life
David Christian Big History
David Carson Design, Discovery, and Humor
David Cameron The Next Age of Government
David Brooks The Social Animal
David Bolinsky, Fantastic Voyage Inside a Cell
David Bismark Evoting Without Fraud
David Anderson Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals
David Agus A New Strategy in the War on Cancer
Dave Isay, Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear
Dave Eggers, TED Prize Wish, Once Upon a School
Dave deBronkart, Meet ePatient Dave
Daphne Koller What We're Learning from Online Education
Daphne Bavelier Your Brain on Video Games
Daniel Wolpert, The Real Reason for Brains
Daniel Tammet, Different Ways of Knowing
Daniel Reisel The neuroscience of restorative justice
Daniel Libeskind 17 Words of Architectural Inspiration
Daniel Kraft, Medicine's Future? There's an App for That
Daniel Kahneman The Riddle of Experience vs Memory
Daniel H Cohen For argumen's sake
Daniel Goleman, Why Aren't We All Good Samaritans?
Dan Pink, The Surprising Science of Motivation
Dan Meyer, Math Class Needs a Makeover
Dan Gilbert, Why Are We Happy? Why Aren't We Happy?
Dan Gilbert, How We Are Deceived by Our Own Miscalculations of the Future
Dan Gilbert The psychology of your future self
Dan Dennett, Cute, Sexy, Sweet, and Funny, An Evolutionary Riddle
Dan Dennett, Can We Know Our Own Minds?
Dan Dennett, A Secular, Scientific Rebuttal to Rick Warren
Dan Cobley What Physics Taught Me About Marketing
Dan Buettner How to Live to Be 100+
Dan Ariely, How equal do we want the world to be? You'd be surprised
Damon Horowitz, Philosophy in Prison
Damon Horowitz, A "Moral Operating System"
Damian Palin Mining Minerals from Seawater
Dalia Mogahed The Attitudes That Sparked Arab Spring
Dale Dougherty We Are Makers
Cynthia Breazeal The Rise of Personal Robots
Craig Venter, A Voyage of DNA, Genes, and the Sea
Conrad Wolfram Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers
Colin Stokes How movies teach manhood
Clay Shirky How the Internet Will (One Day) Transform Government
Clay Shirky How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World
Chrystia Freeland The rise of the new global superrich
Christopher Soghoian Government surveillance this is just the beginning
Christopher Emdin Teach teachers how to create magic
Christopher deCharms, Looking Inside the Brain in Real Time
Christina Warinner Tracking Ancient Disease Using…Plaque
Chris McKnett The investment logic for sustainability
Chris Jordan Picturing Excess
Chris Anderson, Technology's Long Tail
Chip Kidd Designing Books Is No Laughing Matter (OK, It Is)
Chimamanda Adichie The Danger of a Single Story
Cheryl Hayashi The Magnificence of Spider Silk
Charles Limb, Building the Musical Muscle
Charles Limb Your Brain on Improv
Charles Leadbeater, The Rise of the Amateur Professional
Charles Leadbeater Education Innovation in the Slums
Catherine Mohr Surgery's Past, Present, and Robotic Future
Cary Fowler One Seed at a Time, Protecting the Future of Food
Carolyn Steel How Food Shapes Our Cities
Carl Schoonover How to Look Inside the Brain
Cameron Herold Let's Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs
Bunker Roy, Learning from a Barefoot Movement
Bryan Stevenson We Need to Talk About an Injustice
Bruce Aylward, How We'll Stop Polio for Good
Brian Greene The Universe on a String
Brian Greene Is Our Universe the Only Universe?
Brian Cox Why We Need the Explorers
Brian Cox An Inside Tour of the World's Biggest Supercollider
Bobby Ghosh Why Global Jihad Is Losing
Bjorn Lomborg, Our Priorities for Saving the World
Bjarke Ingels 3 Warpspeed Architecture Tales
BJ Miller, What really matters at the end of life
Birke Baehr What's Wrong with Our Food System
Billy Graham Technology, Faith, and Human Shortcomings
Billie Jean King, This tennis icon paved the way for women in sports
Bill Gross Great Ideas for Finding New Energy
Bill Gates, The next outbreak? We're not ready
Bill Gates Teachers need real feedback
Bill Gates Mosquitos, Malaria, and Education
Bill Gates How State Budgets Are Breaking US Schools
Bill Davenhall Your Health Depends on Where You Live
Bill Clinton, TED Prize Wish, Let's Build a Health Care System in Rwanda
Benoit Mandelbrot Fractals and the Art of Roughness
Benjamin Zander Classical Music with Shining Eyes
Ben Ambridge, 10 myths about psychology, debunked
Bel Pesce, 5 ways to kill your dreams
Becky Blanton The Year I Was Homeless
Beau Lotto, Optical Illusions Show How We See
Barry Schwartz, The Real Crisis? We Stopped Being Wise
Bandi Mbubi Demand a Fair Trade Cell Phone
AwardWinning Teenage Science in Action
Avi Rubin All Your Devices Can Be Hacked
Auret van Heerden, Making Global Labor Fair
Aubrey de Grey, Why We Age and How We Can Avoid It
Atul Gawande How Do We Heal Medicine?