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Functional movement screens and integrated KB training activities
A winning pre-game warm-up and drill routine for pitchers
Heavy core weight program for pitchers
Post-game strength and conditioning routine for pitchers
Advanced educational seminar on concussions
Balance training for figure skaters
Gliding™ for figure skaters
Raising the bar in activity instruction
The body-swing connection : a simplified four-step approach to golf performance
H&P (history and physical exam) to MRI : clinical correlations of the shoulder
What every trainer should know before going solo
Assessment of physical activity and inactivity using wearable monitors : past, present, and future directions
50 secrets to being a top trainer
Hip arthroscopy
Heat or hydration : science and practical application of heat illness prevention
Ethiopian and Kenyan distance runners : what makes them so good?
Metabolic syndrome : what you need to know!
Differential diagnosis of the hip joint
Exercise-induced oxidative stress : cause and consequences
Functional strength training for injury prevention
Aging with attitude : the impact of exercise on quality of life
New insights into airway function during and after exercise in the asthmatic athlete
Plyometric training for the throwing athlete
Animal models of concussive brain injury
The transformational counseling story
Training (and retaining) beginners
Cutting-edge training and testing techniques for occupations with unique physical demands
Baseball catching in youth : injury predictors & prevention in youth
Navigating the revolution : new opportunities through technology
Advocacy and the sports medicine professional : lessons from the tobacco wars
Successful aging and sarcopenia : translating research into practice
The crisis of obesity : is it reversible?
Physical therapy in the health club setting
The role of redox–sensitive sirtuins in exercise and aging
The way of boys : sports, movement, and competition
A drug called exercise
Environmental research on physical activity : scientific progress leading to action
Our love/hate relationship with the off-season
Physical activity : the 21st century's solution to global medical concerns
Exercise and obesity : practical aspects
On- and off-campus options for outdoor education programming
Implications of genetic research for health/fitness professionals
Trends in interactive rehab and fitness : wii-hab to wii fit
Group training : strategies to implementing a successful program
The science of indoor cycling
You and me : a Peiking opera in five acts
Training the impingement client
Planning workouts for sprinters & hurdlers
Dance on. Bruce Wells
Dance on. Eddie Villella
Dance on. Eddie Verso
Dance on. Luis Torres
Dance on. Lynne Taylor-Corbett
Dance on. Jamal Story
Dance on. Dr. Robert Stephens Ph.D
Dance on. Victoria Simon
Dance on. Margo Sappington. Part 2
Dance on. Margo Sappington. Part 1
Dance on. Michael Pink
Dance on. Dance on archives.;Bebe Neuwirth
Dance on. Robert Moses
Dance on. Donald McKayle
Dance on. Donald Mahler
Dance on. Sabrina Madison-Cannon
Dance on. Russell Kaiser
Dance on. Mary Pat Henry. Part 2
Dance on. Mary Pat Henry. Part 1
Dance on. Gus Giordano
Dance on. Judith Fugate
Dance on. Eugene Louis Faccuito
Dance on. Kimberly Cowen
Dance on. Christine Colby-Jacques. Part 2
Dance on. Christine Colby-Jacques. Part 1
Dance on. Evelyn Cisneros
Dance on. Danny Carroll
Dance on. Devon Carney
Dance on. Elyse Borne
Dance on. 1983 archive Todd Bolender
Dance on. Sally Brayley Bliss
Dance on. Judith Chazin-Bennahum
Peacekeepers. Colonel Bob / explosives Season 1, Episode 15,
Peacekeepers. Orahova patrol Season 1, Episode 14,
Peacekeepers. I.R.T. (Immediate Response Team) Season 1, Episode 13,
Peacekeepers. Prijedor platoon Season 1, Episode 12,
Peacekeepers. The trench Season 1, Episode 11,
Peacekeepers. Operation blue light Season 1, Episode 10,
Peacekeepers. Harbinger Season 1, Episode 9,
Peacekeepers. C company Season 1, Episode 7,
Peacekeepers. Demining / engineers Season 1, Episode 4,
Peacekeepers. Fitness test Season 1, Episode 3,
Peacekeepers. Strong guardian Season 1, Episode 2,
Peacekeepers. Operation harvest Season 1, Episode 1,
The nia technique : the five sensations of feeling fitness
Viva step diva!
ACE's guide to youth fitness
F.I.B.R.O. : fighting illness brings restored optimism
Scope of practice : where fitness ends and nutrition begins
A woman's well-being in her prime time
Exercise program design for the "new" fitness participant
Code name : butterflies
Dance on. Selma Jeanne Cohen
Carlos Acosta's Don Quixote
Concussions in sports : understanding the basics
In the line of duty. the lessons learned Ferguson : Program 1,
Happy days
King Lear
Secret Service
The widowing of Mrs. Holroyd
The school of scandal
Cyrano de Bergerac
Romeo and Juliet
She loves me
Strength training for seniors
Strength training for sedentary adults
The aging of America : implications for exercise programming
Shifting the focus from sickness to health
Introduction to yoga sutras
Turning negative stress into positive habits
Addicted to step!
Drumming and wellness for children
Drumming and wellness for adults
Squat progressions and overhead lift
Developing exercise programs for the sedentary market
Strategic program planning
La muerte de Pinochet
Zona sur = Southern district
Viajo porque preciso, volto porque te amo
7 cajas
Elle brûle
Les damnés de la terre
P'tite souillure
Avé Césaire
Blanche-neige = Schneewittchen
Cendrillon = Aschenputtel
Alice in China
Le petit prince
Un certain songe, une nuit d'été
Men and puppets. Ravenna : 200 years beneath the stage Teatro del Drago
Men and puppets. the tightrope acrobats : Czech Republic Karromato
Le lac des cygnes
Tactum : żywioły tańca
L'altro Fellini
Approches somatiques et applications chorégraphiques
Gavin Bryars
The eternal day of Michel de Ghelderode 1898-1962 : synthesis, mask, spectacle
The world turned upside down
Two men walking
Tus ojos negros = Your dark eyes
To a woman's heart
A thousand borrowed eyes
The third front : political theatre : Erwin Piscator
Sound on film. Temp'est Episode 1,
Dance for the camera. T-dance
Dance for the camera. Tattoo
Dance for the camera. The storm
Steve Reich : a new musical language
Steel 'n' skin
The snowball effect
Should accidentally fall
Dance for the camera. Shepherd's calendar
A sense of gravity
Sam Sherry : stepdancer
The rime of the ancient mariner
The reunion
Dance for the camera. Resistor
Refuse to dance : the theatre of Howard Barker
Dance for the camera. R.I.P
Pull : a sculptural dance
Polishing black diamonds
The phantom captain appears
The pantomime dame
Dance for the camera. Pace
Dance for the camera. Outside in
One foot in Eden : a film about Orkney and the music of Peter Maxwell Davies
No waiting on an angel
No problem : the theatre of Ken Campbell
Dance for the camera. Never say die
Dance for the camera. Motion control
Men of good fortune
Marketing the arts : foundation for success
Man act
Dance for the camera. Magnetic North
"Love is like a violin"
Dance for the camera. The lost dances of Egon Schiele
Little sister what colour flower are you wearing in your hair?
Dance for the camera. The linesman
Like as the lute
The lift
Jessye Norman : singer
In the making
In between : 3 dance pieces
I want you, not the money
Dance for the camera. Horseplay
Dance for the camera. Horizone
Harmonica breakdown : speaking about the dance
Dance for the camera. Hands
Dance for the camera. Greenman
Bow Gamelan Ensemble : great noises that fill the air
Dance for the camera. Fountain
Far end of the Garden : a profile of choreographer Jonathan Burrows
The fall
Exit no exit
Dance for the camera. Exit
Dance for the camera. Echo
Dance for the camera. Dwell time
Dance for the camera. Duets with automobiles
Drip : a narcissistic love story
Dance house. Go 9,
Dance house. 8
Dance house. 7
Dance house. Mosaic 6,
Dance house. 5
Dance house. 4
Dance house. 3
Dance house. Four 2,
Dance house. 12
Dance house. 11
Dance house. Cinderella 10,
Dance house. 1
Cover up
Cornelius Cardew : 1936-1981
Dance for the camera. Boy
Dance for the camera. Bloody mess
Dance for the camera. Birds
Billy boys
Ballet black
Another space for Shakespeare
Alistair Fish
Alan Bush : a life
Downtown dance, New York. Volume 1
The island inside