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Communication and oral-motor function in Rett syndrome Issues in Rett Syndrome 4
Agata and the storm
Upper extremity splinting in Rett syndrome Issues in Rett Syndrome 3
Introduction to assessment and treatment of oral-motor disorders. Part 1 & 2
The management of Rett Syndrome
Petits frères
The sweetest sound
Le quattro volte
The evolution of psychotherapy. The dreams within conflict demonstration 6, Evolution of psychotherapy 6
The evolution of psychotherapy. The behavior change request dialogue 5, Evolution of psychotherapy 5
The evolution of psychotherapy. Strategic therapy with a couple 4, Evolution of psychotherapy 4
Brief therapy : lasting impressions. Stage one of EFT for couples 2,
Reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul
The evolution of psychotherapy. Reflections on family therapy 3, Evolution of psychotherapy 3
The evolution of psychotherapy. riding the therapeutic arrow On the road again : 2, Evolution of psychotherapy 2
The evolution of psychotherapy. Mindsight and integration in the cultivation of well-being 1, Evolution of psychotherapy 1
Brief therapy : lasting impressions. Increasing impact in experiential psychotherapy
Impact therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis
Unified protocol for transdiagnositic treatment of emotional disorders : the latest evidence-based approach in mental health therapy
The new science of love & bonding : transforming your couples therapy practice
Simple yoga techniques as clinical interventions for anxiety & trauma
The family album
Intimate stranger
The diagnosis of Rett syndrome Issues in Rett Syndrome 1
Warning shadows a nocturnal hallucination
The red kimona
Broken blossoms or the yellow man and the girl
Unstuck : effective interventions for your most challenging & resistant clients
Trauma, PTSD & traumatic grief
Trauma, PTSD & grief
Dr. Edna Foa presents : trauma treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
Trauma & addiction : proven, evidence-based, therapeutic techniques
Trauma and addiction
Trained in EMDR-- now what?
Detoxifying anger
The ten best-ever anxiety treatment techniques
The power of vision
The new neuroscience in plain English
The neuroscience of trauma and effective trauma treatment
The mindful therapist : a new approach to cultivating your own neural integration from the inside out
The heart & soul of change : delivering what works in therapy
The complete guide to couples work : a multi-faceted, integrative approach
The best evidence-based techniques to treat anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD and phobias
The art of dying well
The 10 core competencies of trauma, PTSD, grief & loss
The 10 best-ever depression treatment techniques
Tailoring the relationship to the individual client : evidence-based responsiveness
Suicide, parasuicide and other out-of-control behaviors
Stuttering : helping your clients overcome the impossible
Smart but scattered : helping children & adolescents with executive dysfunction at home and at school
Smart but scattered : executive dysfuntion at home and school
Six practical and powerful steps for taking charge of anger
Kyatapira caterpillar
Almost peaceful
Feeding and swallowing treatment ABCs of Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing 4
The Pentagon
Sensory materials and techniques for any setting, age or budget
Self-regulation in children : keeping the body, mind and emotions on task in children with autism, ADHD or sensory disorders
The nuts & bolts of legal & ethical practice
Risk assessment & mental status exam
Risk assessment & mental status exam
Resolving trauma without drama : new, brief, respectful & effective approaches to treating post-traumatic stress disorder
Resolving chronic misbehavior : high impact strategies for oppositional, exploitative or potentially violet children, teens & young adults
Psychopharmacology : what you need to know about psychiatric medications
Psychopharmacology : moods, medication & mental health
Psychopharmacology for depression and the bipolar spectrum
Psychopharmacology : what you need to know about psychiatric medications
Psychiatric emergencies
Phonemic awareness & auditory processing : the keys to RT
Personality disorders : targeted therapeutic interventions from neuroscience
Personality disorders : the challenges of the hidden agenda
Personality disorders & trauma : the connection and the treatment
Feeding & swallowing issues in premature infants ABCs of Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing 5
Overcoming relationship anger & conflict : a couple is transformed
Overcoming emotional eating : practical methods to gain control
Over 75 quick, on-the-spot techniques for children with emotional and behavior problems
Oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder & conflict resolution with difficult children
Nutritional & complementary treatment for mental health disorders
New trends in CBT : advanced techniques for treating your 5 most difficult clients
New developments in the treatment of PTSD, complex PTSD & comorbid disorders
Treatment approaches in pediatrics
Symphony no. 9 in E minor, op. 95 from the New World
1-2-3 magic : effective discipline for difficult kids
The neuroanatomy of closed head and brain injury in children and adults
Symphony no. 9 [in D minor, op. 125]
Neurobehavioral, social emotional and sensory development in infants : what all rehabilitation clinicians need to know
Motivational interviewing : eliciting clients' own arguments for change
Motivational interviewing for mental health disorders
Mood disorders : comorbidities & treatments
Mindsight : a new approach to psychotherapy
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
Managing suicidal risk in clinical practice
Managing & treating selective mutism and social anxiety disorder
Making relationships work
Low vision essentials for rehab professionals
Life after loss : new models and treatments for typical & complicated grief
Journey from loss to renewal : clinical interventions for normal & complicated grief
Interventions for temper tantrums, meltdowns & out of control behaviors
Internal family systems : an introduction & live clinical demonstration
Integrating the developing mind in psychotherapy
Integrated treatment strategies for depression & suicide
Implementing a response to intervention model
How therapy changes the brain : the neuroscience of psychotherapy
How do you help him? : working with boys & men in therapeutic settings
Helping children with auditory processing disorders
Harnessing your clients energy and drive to promote change
Harnessing mindfulness : tailoring the practice to the problem
Grief : new, contemporary counseling strategies for typical & complicated grief
Getting a grip on the ADHD epidemic in kids & adults
DBT series. Fundamentals of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
DBT series. Ethics of evidence-based treatment
DBT series. Developing your DBT program
DBT series. DBT innovations and adaptations
Cutting-edge complementary & integrative treatments for mental health disorders
Couples in crisis : strategies for high conflict relationships
Couple therapy : the complete guide
Coping with grief : clinical interventions for normal and complicated grief
Co-occurring mental health & substance disorders
Compassion fatigue : recapture your sense of purpose, hope, and joy
Compassion fatigue : enhancing resiliency
Compassion fatigue
Cognitive therapy for challenging problems
Cognitive behavioral therapy & mindfulness
Clinical risk management & malpractice lawsuits : collision of law and ethics
Clinical applications of the stages of change : tailoring treatment to the individual client
Clinical applications of polyvagal theory
Change your brain, change your life
Cognitive behavior therapy : 21 evidence-based strategies for success
Caring for the Alzheimer's patient : plain talk and practical tools
Brief strategic treatment of the anxiety disorders
Brain-based therapy
Brain change therapy for attachment & emotion regulation
Brain based treatment strategies for children and adolescents
Brain based therapy : practical neuroscience and the healing relationship
Foundations of brain based therapy : evidence-based mental health treatment from neuroscience & attachment theory
Bipolar spectrum : bringing evidence into practice
Bessel van der Kolk's 22nd Annual Trauma Conference : psychological trauma : neuroscience, attachment and therapeutic interventions
Attachment & trauma in children & families
Assessment of ADHD in children and teens
Anxiety : treatment techniques that really work
Anxiety disorders : break through the four C's of treatment failure
Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents : recognizing & treating the emerging epidemic
Advanced mindfulness techniques for clients : eliminating mental distress
Advanced mindfulness
Advanced DSM-IV-TR & DSM-5 preview
Advanced dialectical behavior therapy : "Beyond the basics"
Advanced dialectical behavior therapy : "Beyond the basics"
ADHD : executive functioning, life course outcomes & management
ADHD, OCD & bipolar : clinical, educational & home interventions for children & adolescents
ADHD in adults : diagnosis, impairments & management
A new look at ADHD : treatment for multiple mental health disorders & emotional regulation
A common-sense approach to trauma & PTSD : practical and tactical strategies for the clinician
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Nancy Mann recreating 'Valse chromatique' from Reminiscence (1935)
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Suzanne Farrell coaching principal roles from Monumentum pro Gesualdo & Movements for piano and orchestra
Tempus fugit
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Todd Bolender recreating Renard (1947) with James Jordan
Heather Lang The life of a commercial dancer in New York City Dancepulp season 2, episode 10
Annabelle Lopez Ochoa the business of being a freelance choreographer Dancepulp season 2, episode 6
The art of pointework. Level 1
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. intermediate barrework Level 4
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. barrework Level 3
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. Level 2
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. barrework for beginners Level 1
The art of pointework. pirouettes Level 5
The art of pointework. Level 3
Maria Kowroski the evolution of an artist Dancepulp season 2, episode 2
The art of pointework. Level 2
A new dance for America the choreography, teachings and legacy of Doris Humphrey
The ten-minute ballet break all levels
Dances of India
Mozart & Beethoven quintets for piano and wind instruments
The art of Chopin
Beethoven symphonies 7, 8, & 9
John Cage Works for piano 6 chess pieces
Toscanini In his own words
Beethoven symphonies 2 & 5
Beethoven symphonies 1, 6, & 8
Daniel Barenboim 50 years on stage
Roger Reynolds watershed
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Berühmte Streichquartette = Famous string quartets
Slavonic dance in C major, Op. 72, No. 7
Europa-Konzert from Palermo
Gil Roman and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne of heart and courage
Bach for brass
The Beethoven symphonies nos. 3 & 9
Great piano concertos. Nos. 1, 4, 23 & 24 Vol. II,
Great piano concertos. Vol. I
Great piano concertos. nos. 6, 19 & 20 Vol. III
Attrazione d'amore Gustav Mahler ; Voyage to Cythera : Luciano Berio Juxtapositions 1
Great piano concertos. Vol. IV
Water concerto for water percussion & orchestra
Choral ikons
Gidon Kremer Back to Bach
Paper concerto
The Lindsays play Haydn String quartet in C major, op. 54, 2
Wonderful town
Frans Helmerson at the Verbier Festival Academy Franz Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata, D821
Gábor Takács-Nagy at the Verbier Festival Academy Piano quartet no. 3 in C minor
Zakhar Bron at the Verbier Festival Academy Johann Sebastian Bach, Chaconne from Partita no. 2 for solo violin : violin masterclass
Makrokosmos I & II 24 fantasy pieces after the zodiac : for amplified piano
Sorceress of the new piano the artistry of Margaret Leng Tan ; The maverick piano
Pnima ins innere
Giacinto Scelsi the piano works, 3. 5
André Previn's music night, 1977. Programme 3
André Previn's music night, 1977. Programme 4
Katya Kabanova
Steven Kovacevich Beethoven piano concerto no. 2, op. 19
Joanna MacGregor at The Royal Academy of Music Olivier Messiaen, Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus : piano masterclass
András Schiff at the Royal Academy of Music, London the last three piano sonatas, opp. 109, 110, 111
Kurt Masur at The Verbier Festival Academy Felix Mendelssohn, Symphony no. 4 in A major, op. 90, "Italian"
Ana Chumachenko at the Verbier Festival Academy violin masterclass
Håkan Hardenberger at the Royal Northern College of Music
Joan Rodgers with singers from British Youth Opera opera arias : singing masterclass
Yuri Bashmet at the Verbier Festival Academy Sonata for viola and piano in C major op. 147
Steven Isserlis at the International Musicians' Seminar, Prussia Cove Sergei Rachmaninov, Sonata for cello and piano in G minor op. 19 : cello masterclass
Njinga, the queen king the return of a warrior
She herself alone the art of the toy piano 2
Charisma X Iannis Xenakis Xenakis edition v. 12
String quartets
Elektra tragic opera in one act
Samba on your feet
Discovering masterpieces of classical music Schumann piano concerto (1845) Performance
Discovering masterpieces of classical music Schumann piano concerto (1845) Documentary
Dance on. Marcia McFee
Rudy Perez countdown reflections on a life in dance
15 days of dance the making of 'Ghost light'
Vietnam mission [fifty years among the Montagnards]
They carry their families
The unholy Tarahumara
The sultan's burden
The spirit of Kuna Yala
The ocre people nomads of Namibia
The musical steppes of Mongolia
The long tears an Ndebele story
The Lacandon Maya
The King does not lie the initiation of a priest of Shango
The emperor's birthday
The eleven powers (Bali)
The journey back Earth is our mother 2
Two Indian tribes in South America Earth is our mother 1
The cross and the bodhi tree two christian encounters with buddhism
Taigana the last reindeer people in Mongolia
Spite an African prophet-healer
Spirit doctors
Songs for Ralph
Singing between two worlds - learning traditional music in the heart of modern India
Siberian dream
Shahira nomads of the Sahara