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Henry Browne, farmer
The battle history of the U.S. Navy
Amateur :old West, cowboys and Indians, Arizona and New Mexico
Navajo canyon country
The Pueblo heritage
What to do in a gas attack
U.S. news review.Issue no. 5
U.S. news review.Issue no. 3
SPC-4 -- Challenger disaster
Apollo 16 :nothing so hidden
Apollo 15 :in the mountains of the moon
The Flight of Apollo 11 :Eagle has landed
Prelude to war
Thomas Jefferson
The plot to overthrow FDR
Not for ourselves alone :the story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
Timothy Leary's wedding :you're nobody til somebody loves you
The plow that broke the plains
Jimi plays Monterey
Universal newsreels.Release 927,November 12, 1940
Bomber offensive :air war in Europe
Universal newsreels.Release 33,April 18, 1963
The Civil War
Destination America
World War II :the greatest conflict
Empire of the air :the men who made radio
Statue of Liberty
The Congress
July '64
Better housing news flashes
Huey Long
Summer of love
The heavenly missiles
Herbert Hoover & Huey Long
Jungle warfare, New Guinea to Burma
The return to the Philippines ; Okinawa, the last battle
Air war in the Pacific ; The Bloody ridges of Peleliu
The Battle of the Bulge ; The Battle of Germany
Chesty Puller :the Marine's marine
World War II in color :total war
War chronicles.II
John J. Pershing :the iron general
Apollo 11
Investigating history :the JFK assassination
Lost colony of Roanoke
The good war and those who refused to fight it
Deadly mistakes? :a democracy dialogue
The long walk to freedom
After silence
Sir! No sir!
Home of the brave
Remember the Alamo
The color of war.vol. 5 :Homefront
The men who killed Kennedy.the patsy
The death lines
War crimes :the death camps
Einstein's letter :July 16, 1939
The men who killed Kennedy.The witnesses
The men who killed Kennedy.The cover-up
The Spanish American War
Murder at the fair :the assassination of President McKinley
Caught in the maelstrom :civilians in the war
The men who killed Kennedy, the final chapter :Vol. 1the smoking guns ; the love affair
The color of war,vol. 1 :Into the breach: Face to face
The color of war,vol. 4 :Why we fight: fueling the fire
Alexander Gardner :war photographer
The Battle of Fredericksburg
General Joshua L. Chamberlain
Empires of industry.The legacy of king coal
The color of war, The price of war: victory; aftermath. vol. 6
Pat Nixon :behind the smile
Civil War combat.Vol. 5,The battle of First Manassas
Civil war combat :Vol. 8Little round top at Gettysburg
Amelia Earhart :queen of the air
Charles Lindbergh :against the wind
First air cavalry in Vietnam
Dan Sickles :general who got away with murder
Viet Cong
Guns of the commandos
Texas Rangers
Aces high
General James Longstreet :Lee's prodigal son
Yank vs. Reb :foot soldier's life
Days of darkness :the Gettysburg civilians
Women at war
Battlefield medicine
Frassanito :battlefield photography then & now
The fall & rise of the dreadnought
Shadows of lightning :J.E.B. Stuart & the CSA Cavalry
The mighty Mississippi
Preserving the past :a Civil War journal special
Reporting the war
The secret war :Civil War spies
Foot soldier :the rebels
George Armstrong Custer :America's golden cavalier
Divided houses :families split by war
American soldiers of World War II
Abraham Lincoln :preserving the Union
General Howe, conqueror of New York
The Conquerors :Sherman's march to the sea
Battlefield detectives :Civil War : Antietam
General Omar Bradley
Helen Thomas :first lady of the press
Guns of the Civil War
J. Pierpont Morgan :emperor of Wall Street
Unsung heroes of the B-29's
Battlefield detectives :Civil War :Gettysburg
Admiral Chester Nimitz :thunder of the Pacific
Conquest of America
True story of Sacco and Vanzetti
Wilbur & Orville Wright :dreams of flying
Secrets of World War I
General Douglas MacArthur :the return of a legend
Digging for the truth.Mystery of the Anasazi
The Rockefellers
The hidden history of Boston
Godspeed to Jamestown
The Hatfields & McCoys :an American feud
Unsung heroes :The battle of Khe Sanh
Frontier doctors
The "Traitor" president, Jefferson Davis
Lincoln and Gettysburg
The Wright brothers controversy
Civil War journal
General George C. Marshall :soldier and statesman
D-Day :the secret massacre
John Dillinger :public enemy #1
The tragedy at Cold Harbor
Save our history :Defining documents
Road west
Massacres II
The adventures of Daniel Boone
Execution tech
Train tech
Native American tech
Revenge tech
The Yankees
Tales of the gun.Guns of Remington
Guns of the revolution
Benedict Arnold :triumph and treason
Buried secrets of the Revolutionary War
Battlefield detectives :the Revolutionary War: the Battle of Oriskany
Battlefield detectives :American Revolution : Battle of Cowpens
Battlefield detectives :American Revolution : Battle of Monmouth
Thomas Jefferson :philosopher of freedom
Patrick Henry :voice of liberty
The Korean War
Andrew Carnegie :prince of steel
Hell's battlefield
FDR :the war years
Doc Holliday
J. F. K :a personal story
Navajo code talkers
Digging for the truth.Roanoke, the lost colony
Theodore Roosevelt :Roughrider to Rushmore
The Memphis Belle :a story of a flying fortress
Shootout.Tet offensive
Civil War journal :the commanders
Brigham Young :architect of faith
Grim reaper
General George Patton :a genius for war
Paul Revere, the midnight rider
The big fix
Soul & science :the power of the mind
Google baby
Where birds never sang
The gods of rice
Where we live :Iraqi exiles in America
Child marriage :a tradition continues in Africa
The electric mind
The Minutemen :vigilantes at the border
When Castro seized the Hilton
Women and Islam.Part II
God gave her a Mercedes Benz
Mom's home
In my parents' basement
Stealing the fire
Chinatown :an attempt at globalization in Sweden
Finding Kalman :a life reclaimed
Modus operandi :the German occupation of Belgium
Stieg Larsson's millennium :as viewed by Eva Gabrielsson, his partner
West Africa today :the Lebanese and Chinese entrepreneurs
The healing years :women survivors of child sexual abuse
Lens and pens :art in an unexpected place
In the end :a medical dilemma
Body corporate :who owns your genes?
Where did I put my memory?
Mothers' way, daughters' choice
The war of growing up
Cairo :garbage
Shanghai :space
Bogota :improving civic behavior
Mumbai :traffic
Transcending :the Wat Misaka story
Strike dice! betting on my father
Blood in the mobile :mining in the Congo
Sigmund Freud :his offices and home, Vienna 1938
Searching for Wallenberg
Reefer Madness 2
The debt crisis :new perspectives
Ralph Bunche :an American odyssey
A time of love and war
The stakes of Islam
The end of the line, orphan trains
Behind forgotten eyes
Freedom's call
Freak street to Goa :immigrants of the Rajpath
New gulag
Call to witness
Yellow ox mountain
With us or against us :Afghans in America
When the day comes :women as caregivers
We are family
Vision man :an Eskimo hunter
Virtual objectivity :media and the critics with Noam Chomsky
Vieques :worth every bit of struggle
Victims of cheap coffee
Traders' dreams
Tibor Jankay :the art of survival
This is dedicated :grieving when a partner dies
The WAPRA report
The Venetian dilemma
The trail of the mummy
The toxin that will not die
The tipping point
The test :a death row drama
The rebuilding of Mascot flats
The people v. Leo Frank
The Ochoa affair :a cuban military idol toppled
The new South Africa :a personal journey
A new Cuban crisis
The mystery of sleep
The last dance :next steps
The Gospel of Thomas
The battle for peace - Shimon Peres
Storms over China
Star wars dreams
Speaking of peace
Silence and complicity - violence against women in Peruvian public health facilities
Ships of shame