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Adaptive parallel track skiing
Differences in motor development between normal and learning disabled children
The neurokinesthetic approach to teaching handwriting :getting started with teachers
The use of adaptive equipment for object manipulation and devices for medical management & assistive feeding for the adult
Treating a child who has plagiocephaly and asymmetrical head turning
Issues of the head and neck :improving oral-motor function, respiration, and motor control in children with neuromotor disorders
Yoga.Part 1 :child's play
Sports Injuries :off the sidelines & into the game
Shoulder pathology.Part 2 :a detailed approach to examination & treatment
Shoulder pathology.Part 1 :a detailed approach to examination & treatment
Neurodynamics of the upper extremity, education and treatment strategies.Part 2
Neurodynamics of the upper extremity, education and treatment strategies.Part 1
Mirror, mirror on the wall :motor imagery program
LASER.Part 3 :clinical light & laser therapy, a doctor's approach
LASER.Part 2 :clinical light & laser therapy, a doctor's approach
LASER.Part 1 :clinical light & laser therapy, a doctor's approach
Joint mobilization of the upper extremity
Slip, fall, broken wrist! :A fracture everyone treats
Clinical activities.Part 2 :clinic, bedside, home
Clinical activities.Part 1 :clinic, bedside, home
Cervical exam :the physicians approach to differential diagnosis
Carpal tunnel :you have control
Arthroplasties of the upper extremity.Part 2. :bring on the new joints
Arthroplasties of the upper extremity.Part 1 :bring on the new joints
The vision-motor connection.Part 9 :influences on rehabilitation in children & adults
Soft tissue mobilization treatment demonstrations :scar tissue mobilization, pediatric upper body, adult chronic pain, and pediatric lower body
Functional aspects of vision & vision screening
Treatment of the infant & child with congenital torticollis
Assessment of the infant and child with congenital torticollis :causes, palpation & relevant anatomy
Soft tissue mobilization
Introduction to soft tissue mobilization :basic concepts and techniques
Comparison of normal and atypical development
Treating oral-motor problems in children
Preparing the child to change positions
Neurokinesthetic approach to teaching handwriting :getting started with students
Kinesthetic fine motor activities
Developmental hand program
Assessment of cursive writing skills
Assessment of hand skills in the primary child
Facilitation techniques for improving motor control in children with neuromotor disorders
Making dressing more independent for children with physical challenges
Therapeutic dressing for the child with significant neuromotor challenges
Personal home care issues :mastectomy, circulation, and incontinence
Adaptive dressing techniques for the adult patient
Getting started with the severely involved baby
Treating a 1 year old who presents with processing challenges
Treatment tools for changing tone and movement patterns
George London :between gods and demons
Michael Nyman :composer in progress
Parsifal :the search for the grail
Barockstar :George Frideric Handel
Die liebe der Danae, joyful mythology in 3 acts, op. 83
Cello Concerto in B minor, Opus 104
Piano Concerto in G minor, Opus 33
Biblical Songs Opus 99
Dvořák Festival :Symphony No. 7 in D Minor, Opus 70
Sacred stage :the Mariinsky Theater
An American in Paris
Masterclass with Julia Varady
Sheherazade :An Oriental Night with the Berliner Philharmoniker
A brief history of noise :John Luther Adams and Allen Otte in conversation
Fish out of water
Sex positive
Transgender revolution
Anti-gay hate crime
Paris was a woman
Chris and Don :a love story
The plague
True Caribbean pirates
The unholy battle for Rome
Mexico.Battle for North America
The kings :from Babylon to Baghdad
Shoah by bullet
Mexico.From Independence to the Alamo
The men around Eisenhower
The rape of Nanking
La nueve, the forgotten men of the 9th company
India, turmoils of the century
Dien Bien Phu :the secret report
Apartheid.Part 2
Alexander the Great and the devastating catapult
Rasputin :the mad monk
Ho Thanh Dam
H Bot Adrong
Madame Duong Van Khang
Duong Thi My Trung
Duong Long Sang
Huynh Van Tieng
Hoang Thi Thu
Hoang Thi Dan
Hoang Quoc Viet
Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong
Hoang Loc
Hoang Anh Tuan
Interview with Ho Minh Sac
Dao Vien Trung
Dang Xuan Teo
Dang Van Son
Cao Xuan Nghia
Y True Nie
Y Luong Bya
Y Bloc
Woman in street
Vu Quoc Uy
Vo Van Nhung
Van Tien Dung
Nguyen Bay
Ngo Minh Khoi
Ngo Minh Kha
Ngo Dinh Luyen
Le Van Phuc
Le Lam
Tuu Ky
Tran Vi Truong
Tran Van Nhut
Tran Van Ngo
Tran Van Lai
Tran Thi Tuyet
Tran Thi Truyen
Tran Thi My
Tran Thi Giai
Tran Nhat Bang
Tran Ngoc Luong
Tran Ngoc Lieng
Tran Duy Hung
Tran Do
Tran Ding Thong
Ton-That Tung
Thuong Thi Mai
Thu Van
Thruong Yem
Tho Hang, part 2
Tho Hang, part 1
Thich Tu Hanh
Thich Tri Thu
Sok Sarren
Sisouk na Champassak
Phuong Nam
Phung Thi Tiem
Phung The Tai
Phan Phung Tien
Pham Van Thu
Pham Van Dong
Pham Thi Xuan Que
Pham Thanh Gion
Nham Cam
Nguyen Van Nghi
Nguyen Van Binh
Nguyen Van
Nguyen Thi Tuyet
Nguyen Thi Trong
Nguyen Thi Thiep
Nguyen Thi Te
Nguyen Thi Sinh
Nguyen Thi Nguyet Anh
Nguyen Thi Ngo
Nguyen Thi Hoa
Nguyen Thi Mai
Nguyen Thi Duc
Nguyen Thi Dinh
Nguyen Thi Chiem
Nguyen Thi Cao
Nguyen Thi Binh
Nguyen Thanh Xuan
Nguyen Si Que
Nguyen Phan Phuc
Nguyen Manh Ai
Nguyen Luan
Nguyen Ky
Nguyen Khac Ham
Nguyen Huu Tho
Nguyen Huu Nhan
Nguyen Huu Hanh
Nguyen Huu
Nguyen Cong Thanh
Cong Minh Nguyen
Cong Danh Nguyen
Museum guide
Le Van Ba
Le Thi Ton
Le Thi Ma
Le Minh Dao
Le Dinh Hy
Le Cong Chinh
Lam Son Nao
Basic English, a teaching picture
World food problem
The hidden city of Petra
The French Revolution
Bloody hills of Peleliu
The Bataan death march
Duel :Hamilton vs. Burr
The crusades :behind the scenes
Knights and armor
Incredible monuments of Rome
Art of war
Mexico.God, gold, and glory
Ramesses the Great
Ottoman Empire :the war machine
White slaves, Muslim pirates
The age of performance
1945 :the year that changed the world
Montserrat volcano
London terrorist attacks
Bhopal disaster
Tokyo sarin gas attacks
Death of the people's princess
D-Day landings
Hillary at Mt. Everest
VLCC Amoco Cadiz
Hurricane Katrina
Where were you.Asian tsunami
ANZAC :in the face of war
Where were you? :events that changed the world.2,Concorde
America's new air power
Newsfronts of war - 1940
Britain's gambling fever
Amoskeag - success story
Britain's food defenses
Business girls in the big city
New schools for old
The football business
March of time.Volume 3, episode 1,U.S. milky way
Navy war games
The march of time forum film :grasslands farming
The air age
Anti-freeze :a story of scientific research
And a voice shall be heard
The air war on Japan
The war in the China - Burma - India theater
Battle for the Marianas
The war at sea
Attack in the Central Pacific :Makin and Tarawa
America goes to war in the Pacific
Show business at war
March of time.Volume 9, episode 8,America's food crisis
One day of war - Russia 1943
Men of the fleet (the ocean fronts)
When air raids strike
Arms and the men - U.S.A
Making history.Episode 12
Vietnam :a rising dragon
The Warwick history videos :18-part series
The road to Jenin