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Fundamentals of core training
Specificity of training in the water
Lifestyle medicine :tools for promoting healthy change, a focus on coaching
S.O.S. (seniors on strength) ... the sequel
S.O.S. (seniors on strength)
Nursing tools to promote healthy change
Upper-body water exercise progressions
Active doctors, active patients -- building physical activity into your life and practice
Lower-body water exercise progressions
Using sports science as a coaching tool
From the classroom to clinical education :a clinician's approach to teaching evidence-based practice
Perspectives on correct approaches to conditioning athletes
Exercise prescription when there's no exercise test :the talk test
Exercise from the standpoint of evolutionary medicine
Active doctors, active patients
Efficiency :the next secret in sports training
California yoga groove
Fitness--just for the health of it
New models to study gene plasticity in skeletal muscle
Eating your way to health and weight loss :losing weight the right way
Injury prevention and performance enhancement :the science of warm-up
Top 10 tips to improve your diet
A comprehensive approach to student-athlete training and development
Clinical exercise physiology--understanding the basics
Recent advances in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease
If exercise has medicinal properties, is overdosing possible?
Cardiac rehabilitation in modern cardiology :the underutilization paradox?
Injury prediction and prevention :lessons learned in the U.S. Military
Corrective exercise design :eliminating the guesswork
What the hips lack ... hurts the back
Functional anatomy--myofascial slings
Marathon medicine :reducing adverse outcomes
The dose-response issue in exercise prescription
Explosive, challenging & resistant kids :over 101 quick, creative techniques for children & adolescents
The latest evidence-based approach in mental health therapy :unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders
End of life issues :best practices and applied ethics
EMDR & mindfulness :in-depth interventions for anxiety, depression, panic, trauma and other disorders
Effective treatment for PTSD with challenging cases
Difficult geriatric behaviors
Dialectical behavior therapy :advanced ideas, innovations, and interventions
Pre-exercise screening for health
Whole body vibration :shaking out the evidence
The role of dietary protein in the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Return to play dilemmas in sports medicine
Integrated systems determinants of exercise intolerance
Injury prevention in youth sports :sound science vs. sound judgment
Here today, gone tomorrow :the conundrum of sudden cardiac death
Helping a breast cancer survivor to be a thriver :interventions immediately after primary cancer treatment
Growth plates :What's for dinner? A case-based approach to pediatric fractures
Focus on focus :nutritional factors affecting cognition during physical stress
Approach to skin infections in athletes
Alternative activities to promote activity and improve fitness in children and youth
Weight training with non-traditional implements to improve athletic performance
Teaching Olympic-style exercises
Improving the effectiveness of your resistance training program
Fatigue mechanisms determining exercise performance
Clinical exercise physiology :a pharmacological update
ACSM featured science session - age and sex differences in cardiovascular responses to exercise
2008 ACSM annual meeting - Select symposium - Structural versus functional vascular adaptation to exercise in humans
Sports nutrition :lessons from the Beijing Olympic Games
Dumbbell training for improved athletic performance
Strategies for socializing the approved clinical instructor
Cumulative trauma disorders :an evidenced-based approach
Intervention strategies
The respiratory musculature and oral pharyngeal development
Sensory issues and NDT treatment for feeding disorders
Joint mobilization for the neurologically involved child
The neuroanatomy of the visual system
Improving eating behaviors in children with feeding aversion
Escape from depression :six innovative treatment strategies for relieving depression
The first five minutes :rapid alliance formation and the prevention of premature therapy dropout
The ACT model & approach
Use of clinical prediction rules in the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumber spine :a manual therapy approach
Advanced corrective exercise
Take it easy
Lessons from the night
Introduction to kettlebell training for fitness professionals
Management of the acute anterior shoulder dislocation :on and off the field
Developing linear speed and acceleration
Balance assessments for identifying ankle instability
Developing lateral speed and agility
Thoracic mobility :the missing link in your trunk stability program
Transparent black
Resist-a-ball® boot camp
The way I spent the end of the world
Trainer's toolbox :exercise complexity
Casey at the bat or the fate of a rotten umpire
Japanese fantasy
Calino's baptism
Monsieur clown among the Lilliputians
Modern education
Bébé's masterpiece
Nothing is impossible for man
The pitching athlete :assessment of mechanics, injury prevention, and rehabilitation
Understanding, assessing & treating the impulsive child & adolescent
Treating co-morbid anxiety and depression :strategic methods of active intervention
The spectrum of trauma
Evidence-based steps to the effective treatment of difficult clients
ACE's practical guide to functional anatomy
The neo-impressionist painter
The mind of a café waiter
The enchanted spectacles
Delicate porcelains
The next door neighbors
How the office boy saw the ball game
Mr. Crack
Sandbag drills :understanding the basics
Plyometrics for the strength-power athlete
Water exercise progressions
Billy Edwards and the unknown
Lower-extremity rehabilitation :training around the injury
A history of hats
The mysterious fine arts
The four little tailors
Petit chantecler
En route
Injury care at your fingertips :upper-extremity techniques
The smile-o-scope
Floral frameworks
Affairs of the heart
Matrimonial shoes
Comic mutations
Let's be sporty
The magic hoop
A holiday pageant at home
Casey at the bat
Cut to the core
Clinical and biomechanical assessment of walking gait
Movements, not muscles :a multi-planar approach to training
The twelve labors of Hercules
Childish dreams
Felix saves the day
Petit Faust
Master of a fashionable game
An evidence-based approach to the athlete with hip pain
A winter straw ride
Edgar Allen Poe
Art's infancy
Metabolic training
Spanish Clair de Lune
Casting & splinting common sports injuries
The little soldier who became a god
Drills and exercises to improve coordination
The happy microbes
Integrating fitness components into a high school physical education curriculum
The night before Christmas
A Christmas carol
The sealed room
His trust fulfilled
The ball player and the bandit
Trauma, attachment & neuroscience
His last game
Child's play
The adventures of Dollie
Back in action :contributing factors and corrective exercises for low-back pain
Advanced remediation and treatment for SLPs helping children with auditory processing disorders
Drama at the puppets' house
The black imp
Body-weight boot camp
The pavements of Paris
A factory drama
Burning heart :an Indian tale
Yoga & the traumatized body :a workshop for clinicians and other heath care providers
Onésime, trainer of men and horses
Veterans and their families :treating challenging mental health issues
Very best treatment for ADHD and the processing disorders
Revolutionizing diagnosis & treatment using the DSM-5
The unchanging sea
Happy days
Treating substance abuse in a mental health setting :evidence-based principles applied to addiction treatment
The adventure of the wrong Santa Claus :an adventure of Octavius, amateur detective
Trauma, PTSD and grief
Corner in wheat
His trust
Biscot on the wrong floor
Core integrity :relative to what
Assessing movement :what do you see? What do you do about it?
A Christmas accident
Death's marathon
One is business, the other is crime
The sunbeam
An unseen enemy
Dynamic flexibility training for athletes
Butter fingers
Santa Claus vs. Cupid
A trap for santa
The miser's heart
The New York hat
Swords and hearts
A drama of the air
Fantastic functional mat
Medicine ball training
Core control :one side at a time
Examination of the knee
The battle
Examination and injection of the knee
The usurer
Should sailors marry?
The master mystery
The love nest
The boat
Isn't life terrible
The sawmill
The mothering heart
Hearts and diamonds
Enoch Arden
Heads ... and women who use them
The battle at Elderbush Gulch
The navigator
The man from beyond
Battleship Potemkin
The massacre
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
The general
Haldane of the secret service
Proper technique in administering a stress test
Authentic cardio-boxing
Conducting the YMCA fitness testing & assessment protocol
Variable resistance
The avenging conscience
Sherlock Holmes
Identifying and screening upper-quadrant muscle imbalances
Muscle-TECH :elastic resistance
The penalty
Examination of the foot and ankle
The mark of Zorro
Advances in spine rehabilitation :integrating biomechanical and motor control approaches
Knee, leg, ankle, and foot
Alexandra's project
Lumbar spine, hip and pelvis
Elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand
Cervical spine, thoracic spine, and shoulder
Assessing and correcting deviations of the feet
The boxing cats (Prof. Welton's)
Excerpts of the grim game
City of life and death
Troubled water
Days and clouds