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the new year
merry christmas from the president & first lady
national security over politics on START
protecting the middle class & the economy
tax cuts & unemployment insurance
giving thanks for those who serve
exports & earmarks
priorities on taxes
gop rewarding corporations that create jobs overseas
strengthening education, not cutting it
solar power & a clean energy economy
no corporate takeover of our democracy
Medicare officially safer after health reform
good news on autos, obstruction on small business
moving forward on the economy vs. moving backward
filibustering recovery & obstructing progress
help for vets with PTSD
fair pay for doctors
speaking from Louisiana on the oil spill
giving government back to the American people
relief for the middle class at tax time
two major reforms on health care & higher ed
the immediate benefits of health reform
the Olympic spirit, the spirit of bipartisanship and health reform
premiums, profits, and the need for health reform
opening doors for small business
reining in budget deficits
getting our money back from Wall Street
health reforms benefits in 2010
the patient's bill of rights and health reform
learning from history to reform Wall Street
President Obama delivers Thanksgiving greeting
Veterans Day and Fort Hood
working with small business to drive recovery
new momentum for health reform
health reform urgent for the economy
losing insurance can happen to anybody
labor day and fair rewards for hard work
myths and morality in health insurance reform
real conversation about health insurance reform
necessary reform, absurd attacks
health insurance reform, small business and your questions
health care reform cannot wait
on the 4th of July, overcoming Americas challenges
opening the door to a clean energy economy
financial reform to protect consumers
President Obama calls for real health care reform
health care reform, the key to our fiscal future
President Obama on Judge Sotomayor's experience
Your weekly address, Saturday, May 23, 2009
Your weekly address, Saturday, May 16, 2009
Your weekly address, Saturday, May 09, 2009
Your weekly address, Saturday, April 18, 2009
Your weekly address, Saturday, April 04, 2009
The 2011 State of the Union address :enhanced version - sd
President Obama makes a personnel announcement
President Obama speaks to the United Nations general assembly
President Obama speaks at ceremony for Benghazi victims
President Obama speaks at the air force academy commencement ceremony
President Obama speaks on ending the war in Afghanistan
President Obama on ending war in Iraq
President Obama addresses the UN general assembly
President Obama delivers a statement on debt compromise
President Obama on the status of debt ceiling negotiations
U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement
President Obama on death of Osama bin Laden
President Obama delivers commencement address at Miami Dade College
President Obama's statement on the budget agreement
Update on budget negotiations
President Obama's statement on budget negotiations
President Obama's speech on Libya
President Obama authorizes limited military action in Libya
President Obama on the situation in Libya
President Obama unveils his budget to win the future
President Obama's oval office address on BP oil spill & energy
President Obama gives commencement address at Kalamazoo Central High School
President Obama delivers commencement at West Point
President Obama on the passage of health reform
It is time to pass health care reform
The time for health reform is now
Moving forward on health care reform
President Obama on senate passage of health reform
Job creation and economic growth
President Obama addresses the UN general assembly
President Obama address to Congress on health insurance reform
President Obama on race to the top
President Obama nominates Dr. Benjamin for Surgeon General
White house press briefing :President Obama on budget negotiations
Presidential press conference on the 2012 budget
President Obama's primetime press conference on health reform
President Barack Obama's inaugural address :January 20, 2009
Jerry Lee talks about the Stockholm prize in criminology
Homeland security careers
E-Verify :how to respond to a tentative nonconfirmation (TNC) result
E-Verify :how to create a case (USCIS)
E-Verify :employer responsibilities and worker rights
E-Verify :employee rights and responsibilities
Economic recovery act
Critical infrastructure protection
Let me die
Hope builders
COPS 2011 Conference :Sheriff Susan L. Rahr, King County (WA) Sheriff's Office
24 days in Brooks
Bearing witness :Robert Coley-Donohue
COPS 2011 Conference :Father Gregory J. Boyle, S.J., founder and chief executive officer, Homeboy Industries
Encounter with Saul Alinsky :part 2 Rama Indian reserve
COPS 2011 Conference :Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice
River patrol
Encounter with Saul Alinsky :part 1 CYC Toronto
COPS 2011 Conference :Bernard K. Melekian, Director, COPS Office, U.S. Department of Justice
Huey in a helicopter war
The quest
Between Mars and Svalbard
Spiral galaxy :the Milky Way unraveled
Session 2,Wednesday, January 13 2010 :from Titan's chemistry and exobiology to Titan's astrobiology
Session 2,Wednesday, January 13 2010 :Titan's upper atmosphere : chemistry, composition, and structure
Automated critical asset management system (ACAMS)
The powerbroker :Whitney Young's fight for civil rights
Between two rivers
Of two minds
Richard Artschwager :shut up and look
99% woman
Coast Guard Air Station Houston :becoming AUF compliant
What killed Kevin?
My wonderful life as a vegetable
Julian Bond
Nanking :the 1937 massacre
Wojtek - the bear that went to war
Hope for hard work and looking for a better life
Back to Nadia :becoming a "boy" for survival in Afghanistan
The silent truth :crimes against women in the military
Can :mental illness and recovery in the Asian-American community
Mao's great famine
Code 10 hair conditioner
Martial arts :the real story
The things I cannot change
Red squad
Canadian landscape
In God's command
Madwoman of God
Professor Norman Cornett :since when do we divorce the right answer from an honest answer?
Like Andrew Qappik
Like Kai Chan
like Ron Noganosh
From Baghdad to peace country
Artist in Montreal
The living stone
Lost and sound
Beyond iconic
Coming in from the cold
Song of life
Connect.Episode 26
Connect.Episode 25
Connect.Episode 22
Connect.Episode 21
Connect.Episode 20
Yang and beyond :the tao of psychological transformation
What makes counselling work
Re-conceptualising transpersonal counselling
Interweaving narrative and cognitive approaches to therapy
From behaviour to brain to genes and back again
Counselling the elderly within a multi-cultural environment using psychosynthetic-Buddhist technique
Connect.Episode 19
Counselling children using the interaction of all five senses
Connect.Episode 18
Connect.Episode 17
Counseling traumatized children using EMDR and play therapy
Coaching and microcounseling
Connect.Episode 16
Connect.Episode 15
Connect.Episode 14
Connect.Episode 13
Connect.Episode 12
Connect.Episode 11
Connect.Episode 10
Connect.Episode 9
Connect.Episode 8
Connect.Episode 7
Connect.Episode 6
Connect.Episode 4
Connect.Episode 3
Connect.Episode 2
Connect.Episode 1
Horizon.Too close to the sun
Horizon.Tibet :the ice mother
Revolting dogs
Pride and prejudice
Playing at Noah
Where we and our world came from
Q.E.D.Move over Babe!
Indelible Evidence.Hate Campaign
Quest for truth and the quest for power
From the beginning to the end of time
The truth behind Angels and Demons
Virgin and the abbey
The fallen
The indulgers
The resisters
The tempters
Me or the music
We need money
The new man
Everyman.Solway Harvester : lost at sea
Saint Paul
Latin America
The Indian subcontinent
United States of America
The Middle East
The Far East
Australasia and the Pacific ring of fire
Horizon.Noah's flood
Living Islam.The last crusade
Among the nonbelievers
Living Islam.Struggling with modernity
Living Islam.The challenge of the past
Living Islam.Foundations
The Part 2
The real family of Jesus.Part 1
Everyman.Is there anybody there?
Hajj :the journey of a lifetime
God's candidates
Dying alone
Desperately seeking Madonna?
Death in Brighton
The dangerous adventures of Baroness Cox
The bishop of the Arctic
The week they elected the Pope
Monks of Caldey Island
The Devil inside
Secret Family of Jesus
Gandhi :God's eunuch
Digging for Jesus :twelve archaeological discoveries in the Holy Land
Old school ties
Christmas Day
The eve of Christmas
German Expressionism :five women in the street, 1913
A tribute to Maya Plisetskaya
The Parsons Dance Company
Igor Stravinsky :Pulcinella & Firebird
American swan in Paris
Peter and the wolf
Coppelia :A Ballet in two parts after Arthur Saint-Léon
Three ballets by Wayne McGregor :Chroma, Infra, Limen
Flamenco school