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Counseling the multiracial population :couples, individuals, families
Counseling and therapy with Native American Indians
Counseling children :a microskills approach
Video resources on counseling older persons.Group procedures
Cultural identity theory :definition, present status and research findings
Counseling Latina
The diagnosis of schizophrenia
Breaking bad news
Promoting change :helping people with alcohol problems in primary care
Brief integrative Adlerian couples therapy
Brown vs. Board's jubilee anniversary :perspectives on race, culture, and academic achievement
Brief therapy in action :anxiety, arousal, or anger?
Emotional roadblocks to counseling the culturally diverse :a conversation with Mark Kiselica and Derald Wing Sue
White racial identity development
Racial microaggressions :impact and implications for counseling practice
Video resources on counseling older persons.Career & lifestyle
Video resources on counseling older persons.Helping relationships
Video resources on counseling older persons.Human growth & development
Multi-theoretical counseling and psychotherapy :key strategies and microskills
Family and community genograms in multicultural counseling :psychotherapy as liberation
Dream analysis and counseling :live demonstrations
Counseling survivors of violence :Nancy Baron
Group work :leading in the here and now
Guidelines for counseling Asian American clients
Healing of the soul wound :Native American psychology and its implications for multicultural theory and practice
Incorporating race and culture with other aspects of identity :choices, contexts and strategies
A discussion with Dr. Joe White
Reflecting on life experience :using Erikson's model in the interview : Jewish-American perspective
Counseling with Latino(a)s in a time of growth and change
Specifics of practice for counseling with Latinos
Neuroscience and the brain :implications for counseling and therapy
Brief counseling with children and adolescents
Reflecting on life experience :using Erikson's model in the interview : African-American perspective
Brief counseling solutions for life :living with physical challenge
Affirmative psychotherapy for American Jews
Disaster mental health & crisis stabilization for children
African-American counseling and psychotherapy
Introduction to assessment and treatment of oral-motor disorders.Part 3 & 4
Communication and oral-motor function in Rett syndrome
Agata and the storm
Upper extremity splinting in Rett syndrome
Introduction to assessment and treatment of oral-motor disorders.Part 1 & 2
The management of Rett Syndrome
Petits frères
The sweetest sound
Le quattro volte
The dreams within conflict demonstration
The behavior change request dialogue
Strategic therapy with a couple
Brief therapy :lasting impressions.2,Stage one of EFT for couples
Reinventing the body, resurrecting the soul
Reflections on family therapy
On the road again :riding the therapeutic arrow
Mindsight and integration in the cultivation of well-being
Brief therapy :lasting impressions.Increasing impact in experiential psychotherapy
Impact therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis
Unified protocol for transdiagnositic treatment of emotional disorders :the latest evidence-based approach in mental health therapy
The new science of love & bonding :transforming your couples therapy practice
Simple yoga techniques as clinical interventions for anxiety & trauma
The family album
Intimate stranger
The diagnosis of Rett syndrome
Warning shadows :a nocturnal hallucination
The red kimona
Broken blossoms or the yellow man and the girl
Unstuck :effective interventions for your most challenging & resistant clients
Trauma, PTSD & traumatic grief
Trauma, PTSD & grief
Dr. Edna Foa presents :trauma treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
Trauma & addiction :proven, evidence-based, therapeutic techniques
Trauma and addiction
Trained in EMDR-- now what?
Detoxifying anger
The ten best-ever anxiety treatment techniques
The power of vision
The new neuroscience in plain English
The neuroscience of trauma and effective trauma treatment
The mindful therapist :a new approach to cultivating your own neural integration from the inside out
The heart & soul of change :delivering what works in therapy
The complete guide to couples work :a multi-faceted, integrative approach
The best evidence-based techniques to treat anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD and phobias
The art of dying well
The 10 core competencies of trauma, PTSD, grief & loss
The 10 best-ever depression treatment techniques
Tailoring the relationship to the individual client :evidence-based responsiveness
Suicide, parasuicide and other out-of-control behaviors
Stuttering :helping your clients overcome the impossible
Smart but scattered :helping children & adolescents with executive dysfunction at home and at school
Smart but scattered :executive dysfuntion at home and school
Six practical and powerful steps for taking charge of anger
Kyatapira :caterpillar
Almost peaceful
Feeding and swallowing treatment
The Pentagon
Sensory materials and techniques for any setting, age or budget
Self-regulation in children :keeping the body, mind and emotions on task in children with autism, ADHD or sensory disorders
The nuts & bolts of legal & ethical practice
Risk assessment & mental status exam
Risk assessment & mental status exam
Resolving trauma without drama :new, brief, respectful & effective approaches to treating post-traumatic stress disorder
Resolving chronic misbehavior :high impact strategies for oppositional, exploitative or potentially violet children, teens & young adults
Psychopharmacology :what you need to know about psychiatric medications
Psychopharmacology :moods, medication & mental health
Psychopharmacology for depression and the bipolar spectrum
Psychopharmacology :what you need to know about psychiatric medications
Psychiatric emergencies
Phonemic awareness & auditory processing :the keys to RT
Personality disorders :targeted therapeutic interventions from neuroscience
Personality disorders :the challenges of the hidden agenda
Personality disorders & trauma :the connection and the treatment
Feeding & swallowing issues in premature infants
Overcoming relationship anger & conflict :a couple is transformed
Overcoming emotional eating :practical methods to gain control
Over 75 quick, on-the-spot techniques for children with emotional and behavior problems
Oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder & conflict resolution with difficult children
Nutritional & complementary treatment for mental health disorders
New trends in CBT :advanced techniques for treating your 5 most difficult clients
New developments in the treatment of PTSD, complex PTSD & comorbid disorders
Treatment approaches in pediatrics
Symphony no. 9 in E minor, op. 95 :from the New World
1-2-3 magic :effective discipline for difficult kids
The neuroanatomy of closed head and brain injury in children and adults
Symphony no. 9
Neurobehavioral, social emotional and sensory development in infants :what all rehabilitation clinicians need to know
Motivational interviewing :eliciting clients' own arguments for change
Motivational interviewing for mental health disorders
Mood disorders :comorbidities & treatments
Mindsight :a new approach to psychotherapy
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
Managing suicidal risk in clinical practice
Managing & treating selective mutism and social anxiety disorder
Making relationships work
Low vision essentials for rehab professionals
Life after loss :new models and treatments for typical & complicated grief
Journey from loss to renewal :clinical interventions for normal & complicated grief
Interventions for temper tantrums, meltdowns & out of control behaviors
Internal family systems :an introduction & live clinical demonstration
Integrating the developing mind in psychotherapy
Integrated treatment strategies for depression & suicide
Implementing a response to intervention model
How therapy changes the brain :the neuroscience of psychotherapy
How do you help him? :working with boys & men in therapeutic settings
Helping children with auditory processing disorders
Harnessing your clients energy and drive to promote change
Harnessing mindfulness :tailoring the practice to the problem
Grief :new, contemporary counseling strategies for typical & complicated grief
Getting a grip on the ADHD epidemic in kids & adults
Fundamentals of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
Ethics of evidencebased treatment
Developing your DBT program
DBT innovations and adaptations
Cutting-edge complementary & integrative treatments for mental health disorders
Couples in crisis :strategies for high conflict relationships
Couple therapy :the complete guide
Coping with grief :clinical interventions for normal and complicated grief
Co-occurring mental health & substance disorders
Compassion fatigue :recapture your sense of purpose, hope, and joy
Compassion fatigue :enhancing resiliency
Compassion fatigue
Cognitive therapy for challenging problems
Cognitive behavioral therapy & mindfulness
Clinical risk management & malpractice lawsuits :collision of law and ethics
Clinical applications of the stages of change :tailoring treatment to the individual client
Clinical applications of polyvagal theory
Change your brain, change your life
Cognitive behavior therapy :21 evidence-based strategies for success
Caring for the Alzheimer's patient :plain talk and practical tools
Brief strategic treatment of the anxiety disorders
Brain-based therapy
Brain change therapy for attachment & emotion regulation
Brain based treatment strategies for children and adolescents
Brain based therapy :practical neuroscience and the healing relationship
Foundations of brain based therapy :evidence-based mental health treatment from neuroscience & attachment theory
Bipolar spectrum :bringing evidence into practice
Bessel van der Kolk's 22nd Annual Trauma Conference :psychological trauma : neuroscience, attachment and therapeutic interventions
Attachment & trauma in children & families
Assessment of ADHD in children and teens
Anxiety :treatment techniques that really work
Anxiety disorders :break through the four C's of treatment failure
Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents :recognizing & treating the emerging epidemic
Advanced mindfulness techniques for clients :eliminating mental distress
Advanced mindfulness
Advanced DSM-IV-TR & DSM-5 preview
Advanced dialectical behavior therapy :"Beyond the basics"
Advanced dialectical behavior therapy :"Beyond the basics"
ADHD :executive functioning, life course outcomes & management
ADHD, OCD & bipolar :clinical, educational & home interventions for children & adolescents
ADHD in adults :diagnosis, impairments & management
A new look at ADHD :treatment for multiple mental health disorders & emotional regulation
A common-sense approach to trauma & PTSD :practical and tactical strategies for the clinician
Balanchine Foundation video archives.Nancy Mann recreating 'Valse chromatique' from Reminiscence (1935)
Balanchine Foundation video archives.Suzanne Farrell coaching principal roles from Monumentum pro Gesualdo & Movements for piano and orchestra
Tempus fugit
Balanchine Foundation video archives.Todd Bolender recreating Renard (1947) with James Jordan
Heather Lang :The life of a commercial dancer in New York City
Annabelle Lopez Ochoa :the business of being a freelance choreographer
The art of pointework.Level 1
The Finis Jhung ballet technique.Level 4 :intermediate barrework
The Finis Jhung ballet technique.Level 3 :barrework
The Finis Jhung ballet technique.Level 2
The Finis Jhung ballet technique.Level 1 :barrework for beginners
The art of pointework.Level 5 :pirouettes
The art of pointework.Level 3
Maria Kowroski :the evolution of an artist
The art of pointework.Level 2
A new dance for America :the choreography, teachings and legacy of Doris Humphrey
The ten-minute ballet break :all levels
Dances of India
Mozart & Beethoven quintets for piano and wind instruments
The art of Chopin
Beethoven symphonies 7, 8, & 9
John Cage Works for piano 6 :chess pieces
Toscanini :In his own words
Beethoven symphonies 2 & 5
Beethoven symphonies 1, 6, & 8
Daniel Barenboim :50 years on stage
Roger Reynolds :watershed
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart :Berühmte Streichquartette = Famous string quartets
Slavonic dance in C major, Op. 72, No. 7
Europa-Konzert from Palermo
Gil Roman and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne :of heart and courage
Bach for brass
The Beethoven symphonies :nos. 3 & 9
Great piano concertos.Vol. II,Nos. 1, 4, 23 & 24
Great piano concertos.Vol. I
Great piano concertos.Vol. III :nos. 6, 19 & 20
Attrazione d'amore :Gustav Mahler ; Voyage to Cythera : Luciano Berio
Great piano concertos.Vol. IV
Water concerto for water percussion & orchestra
Choral ikons
Gidon Kremer :Back to Bach
Paper concerto
The Lindsays play Haydn :String quartet in C major, op. 54, 2
Wonderful town
Frans Helmerson at the Verbier Festival Academy :Franz Schubert, Arpeggione Sonata, D821
Gábor Takács-Nagy at the Verbier Festival Academy :Piano quartet no. 3 in C minor
Zakhar Bron at the Verbier Festival Academy :Johann Sebastian Bach, Chaconne from Partita no. 2 for solo violin : violin masterclass
Makrokosmos I & II :24 fantasy pieces after the zodiac : for amplified piano
Sorceress of the new piano :the artistry of Margaret Leng Tan ; The maverick piano
Pnima :ins innere
Giacinto Scelsi :5the piano works, 3
André Previn's music night, 1977.Programme 3
André Previn's music night, 1977.Programme 4
Katya Kabanova
Steven Kovacevich :Beethoven piano concerto no. 2, op. 19
Joanna MacGregor at The Royal Academy of Music :Olivier Messiaen, Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus : piano masterclass
András Schiff at the Royal Academy of Music, London :the last three piano sonatas, opp. 109, 110, 111