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Presidents of the United States
Prepless veneers :smile design and seat
Preparing for weight bearing on an arm
Preparing for stepping & walking
Preparing for standing
Preparing an on-the-field emergency plan
Premenstrual syndrome
Prelude in la mineur
Predictable results in adhesive esthetic dentistry
Precious stones
Precious Lord
Solving single step equations
Multiplying fractions
Multiplying expressions
Dividing fractions
Dividing expressions
Adding and subtracting expressions
Prayer for Beslan
Practical Rx options for difficult muscular and tendon injuries :stretching to surgery
Practical applications of the ACSM metabolic calculations
Powerful teaching.Step choreography
Powerful teaching.Group strength foundations
Power yoga for fitness professionals
Power tower
Power to Abuse
Power of gold.Episode 3
Power of gold.Episode 2
Power of gold.Episode 1
Power of expectations :the Pygmalion effect.Educator's cut
Power of body awareness
Power eating
Pouches rule OK
Potential energy and energy conservation
Posture analysis--from head to toe
Post trauma vision syndrome
Positive women
Portrait painter to the birds
Por allí pasó un cavallero :séfarade (Turquia)
Popaganda :the art and crimes of Ron English
Pompiers a Lyon
Polonaise-Fantaisie en la bémol majeur opus 61
Polio :a day in the death of a disease
Police powers.Volume 2
Police powers.Volume 1
Police Dog Academy.Series 1, Episode 3
Police Dog Academy.Series 1, Episode 2
Police Dog Academy.Series 1, Episode 1
The power of performance
The power of poetics
Spoken word and the art of self-expression
Plorer gemir et larmoyer my fault
Playwrights :works in progress
Playwrights :significant others
Playwrights :lights up
Playwrights :get it on
Playing God
Platypus - the world's strangest animal
Plastic surgery after weight loss
Plants and wildlife of Europe
Planning and delegating.Clip no. 6c
Planning and delegating.Clip no. 6b
Planning and delegating.Clip no. 6a
Planning and delegating.Clip no. 1
Plain old greed
Pirouette class #3
Pirates of the Whydah
Pilot whales
Pilates, biomechanics, and reality
Pikovaia dama =The queen of spades : opera in three acts
Pig ignorant
Pietro Germi :the good, the beautiful, and the bad
Pierrot in Montreal
Pieces of me
Picture this.No ordinary people
Piano concerto no. 2 in F minor, op 21
Piano concerto no. 1 in E minor, op. 11
Pièces célèbres
Physiological testing of the athlete :applications and limitations
Physics on the street - weightlessness
Physics engine
Physical examination of the lumbar spine
Phi-phi :ah! cher monsieur
Phillipp Otto Runge :Hülsenbeck's children
Philippine new wave
Philippine bliss
Philanthropy and capitalism
Phantoms of the night
Phantom river
Phantom :invitation to Phantom
Petronas Towers
Peter Johann Brandl :the healing of the blind Tobias
Pet subjects - wet doggy wiggle
Pet subjects - dog eyebrows
Pet subjects - cat lap
Pet or pest?
Peru's treasure tomb
Perspective.Back into the sun
Periodontal treatment :treating the cause and not just the symptoms
Perils of plectropomus
Performance nutrition for teen athletes
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 9
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 6b
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 6a
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 4b
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 4a
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 3b
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 3a
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 2
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 1b
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 1a
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 10b
Performance appraisals.Clip no. 10a
Perfect runner
Percy Smith with herons
People's Choice Awards 2011
People smugglers
Pendulums and resonance
Peas and cues
Pearl :an underground railroad
Peak performance and well-being :positive psychology in action
Wealth and democracy, July 17, 2002
Vietnamese-American entrepreneurs seek opportunity in homeland, April 27, 2010
Tough, low-cost wheelchairs needed in Haiti, February 18, 2010
Rooting out waste in health care by taking cue from Toyota assembly lines, October 24, 2012
Pennsylvania hospitals test 'warranty' on patient care, March 30, 2009
Officials investigate CEOs in stock options scandals, September 27, 2006
New voice at the Kennedy Center, Jason Moran 'promotes the abstract' in jazz, February 28, 2012
Musician Salama blends jazz, traditional Arab style, March 6, 2009
Math wiz adds web tools to take education to new limits, February 22, 2010
Manufacturer goes small in era of 'too big to fail', April 28, 2010
Legislating ethics, July 25, 2002
Iowa farmers squeezed by belt tightening, December 9, 2009
Inspired by soldier son, father develops military robots, May 14, 2009
India's massive school lunch program aims to curb widespread malnutrition, October 3, 2011
In Cairo's trash city, school teaches reading, recycling, February 16, 2010
Goldman Sachs.Part 1,Unraveling the profit puzzle at Goldman Sachs, February 11, 2010
From Samantha Crain, a sound the size of Oklahoma, October 18, 2012
For Patty Griffin, 'downtown church' opens a door to gospel, July, 7 2010
Fighting poverty in Kenya by selling water pumps to poor farmers, July 13, 2010
Executive pay, market forces, December 3, 2002
Ethiopia's abundant farm investments leave many hungry, April 22, 2010
Ethics in corporate America, June 28, 2002
Ethics in corporate America, June 27, 2002
Ethics in corporate America, June 26, 2002
Detroit program aims to provide job training, hope in tough times, February 11, 2009
Dealing with the state budget deficit in Arizona, July 16, 2002
David Hallberg interview
Colorado project teaches job, life skills to help women combat poverty, December 17, 2008
CEOs' view of corporate ethics, July 12, 2002
Bridging the technical divide in Johannesburg, July 5, 2010
Boston group helps homeowners 'stand up, fight back' against foreclosure, October 19, 2010
Amid hopes of economic recovery, small businesses battle credit crunch, June 21, 2010
Paula Rego :manifesto for a lost cause
Paul Tomkowicz :street-railway switchman
Paul Robeson :20th century renaissance man, entertainer & activist
Paul Nash :landscape from a dream
Paul Gauguin :sweet dreams
Patriot voices
Patriot aviators
Passing the bug
Passacalio a 3 i a 4
Pasand apni apni
Partner tubing
Partner play :game on!
Partie d'ecarte
Parkinsons - stopping the tremors
Paris Virtuoso
Paris during the war
Parasites :eating us alive
Parallel politics :an unauthorized story on the Clintons
Paradise lost
Paradise Island
Paper shaper
Panorama. Cannabis :What teenagers need to know
Panorama :Dogfighting Undercover
Pamberi Steel Orchestra
Packed with DNA
Pacificanada.Pen-Hi grad
Ozone - cancer of the sky
Owl eyes
Outside the space shuttle
Outdoor recreation.Understanding quality programming
Outdoor recreation.Creating quality programs
Outcomes from the 2010 team physician consensus conference--selected issues for nutrition and the athlete :a team physician consensus statement
Out to lunch--eating in restaurants
Out there :Motala : an elephant's story
Out of print
Ousmane Sow
Ours polaires :avec ou sans glace?
Our time
Our shared responsibility :building a ready and resilient nation
Our big decision
Our animal motherhood
Otto Frank, father of Anne
Otter chaos
Oscillations and simple harmonic motion,Part 3
Oscillations and simple harmonic motion,Part 2
Oscillations and simple harmonic motion,Part 1
Orpheus' blood
Orphans of the forest
Original fauna
Order out of chaos
Optimal performance bodywork and flexibility :secrets to improved performance
Operation Landslide :Crash Of An Internet Porn King
Online evaluation schemas for athletic training clinical education
One-on-one partner training
One small step :an unauthorized tribute to Neil Armstrong
One small step :an unauthorized tribute to Neil Armstrong
One life.A new life for Delise
One click from danger
Once upon Australia
On the road
On the line
On the down low in the black church
Omar Perry & Homegrown Band
Olympic lifting for the female athlete
Olmec heads
Oliver Nelson :a Billy Taylor salute
Oldest mummies in the world
Oldest drivers in Britain
Officium Defunctorum
Off the grid :life on the mesa
Of snails and slugs and slimy things
Of gold and caribou
Oedipus. Music for a while