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The Classroom Experiment : Episode 2
The Classroom Experiment : Episode 1
Bleak House : Episode 8
Bleak House : Episode 7
Bleak House : Episode 6
Bleak House : Episode 5
Bleak House : Episode 4
Bleak House : Episode 3
BBC Proms 1997 : Verdi's Requiem
BBC Proms 1997 : Last Night—Episode 2
BBC Proms 1997 : Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers
BBC Proms 1986 : Harvey, Messiaen and Birtwistle
The Ethics of Fracking
Surviving Earth
Wonders of Water : Earth's Natural Wonders
Extreme Wonders : Earth's Natural Wonders
Too Much Tourism? Snowdonia
Gone to Pot : The Environmental Impact of Marijuana Farming—Dan Rather Reports
Pulling Rank : The Future of U.S. Military and the Concerns of Veterans—Dan Rather Reports
The Most Unconventional Conservative : Muslim-American Warns of Islamic Terrorists in the US
Honor Killing in the UK : Dan Rather Reports
Will the Tech Bubble Burst? : Dan Rather Reports
Christians Opt-Out of Healthcare : Dan Rather Reports
Gender Violence in South Africa : Dan Rather Reports
Not If, but When : Dan Rather Reports
Over and Out : Dismantling U.S. Military Operations in Iraq—Dan Rather Reports
Kidney Pirates : Dan Rather Reports
Private Prisons : What's Happening Inside Reeves?—Dan Rather Reports
Women and War : Dan Rather Reports
The Price of an Afghan Bride : Dan Rather Reports
Commander of U.S. Forces in Iraq : Dan Rather Reports
Sex Trade in Oregon : Dan Rather Reports on Sex Work
Truckers Struggling : Dan Rather Reports
China's Counterfeit Prescription Medications : Dan Rather Reports
Comparing Antibiotic Use in The US and Norway : Dan Rather Reports
West Bank Program Encourages Cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis : Dan Rather Reports
Taking It to the Street : Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring—Dan Rather Reports
An American Nightmare : Human Trafficking—Dan Rather Reports
Dan Rather Remembers Pearl Harbor
Case of the Century : Legal Challenges to the Affordable Care Act—Dan Rather Reports
The Strategic Strait of Hormuz : Dan Rather Reports
The California Air Resources Board : Dan Rather Reports
Panama's Role in the Drug Trade : Dan Rather Reports
Is Aid to Africa Helping—Dan Rather Reports
HIV in the U.S. South : Dan Rather Reports
Willie Nelson on the State of the Music Industry : Dan Rather Reports
As Ohio Goes : Ohio's Significance in Presidential Campaigns—Dan Rather Reports
The Promise of High Speed Trains : Dan Rather Reports
Gaddafi's Last Day : Dan Rather Reports
How Sweet It Was : Labor and Change in Hershey, PA—Dan Rather Reports
Sex Work in The Netherlands and Sweden : Dan Rather Reports
Synthetic Biology : The Cutting Edge—Dan Rather Reports
Just Hang Up : Senior Phone Scams—Dan Rather Reports
Life on the International Space Station : Dan Rather Reports
American Soles : Manufacturing in the US—Dan Rather Reports
The Working Poor, Part 2 : Dan Rather Reports on Wal-Mart's Gender Discrimination
Betty vs. Goliath, Part 1 : Dan Rather Reports on Wal-Mart's Gender Discrimination
All Is Not Forgiven, Part 2 : Dan Rather Reports on Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church
Bérénice by Racine
Turbidity Currents : Module 3, Part 1
Sea Anemone
Asthenosphere : Module 2, Part 1
Brittle Star
Calcite Compensation Depth : Module 5
Turbidity Currents : Module 3, Part 2
Asthenosphere : Module 2, Part 2
Density Stratification : Module 1, Part 1
Tidepools Introduction
What Is a Tracheostomy?
Sea Hare
Brown Sea Hare
The Ekman Spiral : Module 10
Wavy Turban Snail
Bat Star
The Coriolis Effect : Module 8
What Is a Surgical Drain?
Children's Pool
Density Stratification : Module 1, Part 2
Kelp Crab
Tips for Managing Your Weight
Ten Thousand Steps
What Is a TIA?
What Is a Living Will?
What Is a Discharge Plan?
Walking Safely in the Hospital
Traveling with Medication
Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
What Is an Advance Directive?
Storing and Updating Your Advance Directive
Warfarin : Your INR Goal
Well-Baby Visits
What Is an Anticoagulant?
Tips to Achieving Your Healthy Lifestyle Changes
The Importance of Physical Activity for Teens
The Pacemaker Implant Procedure
The Benefits of Having an Advance Directive
Taking Your Medications Safely
Staying Quit : Keeping Motivated
Teens : Avoiding Calorie Traps
Recovering from a Tracheostomy : Before You Leave the Hospital
Q&A : When Can My Baby Come Home?
Small Steps to Healthy Eating Habits
Taking Your Anticoagulant Safely
The Angioplasty Procedure : What to Expect
Technology in the NICU
Q&A : What Is TPN, and How Does It Help My Baby Grow?
Swaddling Your Baby
Q&A : What Is Apnea, and How Do You Treat It?
Q&A : What Is Newborn Screening?
Q&A : What Is CPAP, and How Is It Used?
Q&A : Why Is Kangaroo Care so Important?
Q&A : Why Does My Baby Cry?
Q&A : What is PDA, and How Do You Treat It?
Goodbye Gutenberg
Heat Capacity
Water Density : Module 11, Part 2
Whale Barnacles
SummerWinter Tides
Scripps Institution #2
Ocean Waves
From Space. Syria Is Here
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 2
Under Cover
Centripetal Force and Ocean Tides : Module 13, Part 2
Centripetal Force and Ocean Tides : Module 13, Part 1
The More We Evolve, the Less We Need God : A Debate
Pressure : Module 9
Measuring Salinity : Module 6, Part 2
Treasure Hunter
Taking Core Samples : Module 4
Whale Food
Run For Your Life
Sea World #1
Water Density : Module 11, Part 1
Zero for Zep
Scripps Institution #3
What Is Asthma? Every Breath Counts
SummerWinter Tides with Al
Scripps Institution #1
What Is a Heart Attack?
Ocean Water Density : Module 7, Part 2
The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling—Part 1
Swipe Left : Dating Apps Have Killed Romance
Sea World #2
The Function of the Baleen in Whales : Module 14
King In The Wilderness
Internal Waves : Module 12
Rip Currents
What Baby Hears
Research Vessel
Fridays Ghost
Weight Control and Heart Disease
Ocean Water Density : Module 7, Part 1
Knockout Joe
Measuring Salinity : Module 6, Part 1
The Priest and the Thief
What Is a Healthcare Power of Attorney?
Bullet on the Run
Using Oral Diabetes Medications Safely
Upondo No Nkinsela
Toprol XL
The Imams, the Taliban and the Condom
Johnny Dlamini
Thunder Valley
The Comedians
The Hobo
Humanitarian Intervention Does More Harm Than Good : A Debate
Mine Boy
Third Trimester : Preparing for a Healthy Delivery
A Ripple of Hope
The Challenge of Diabetes Self-Care
The Boxer
The Benefits of Pain Management
Testing for Pre-Diabetes
Bona Manzi
What Is an Implanted Access Port?
What Is a Pressure Ulcer?
What Is a Colostomy?
Taking Warfarin Safely
Rich Girl
Symptoms of a Heart Attack Common to Women
Joe Bullet
Faceless Man
Gone Crazy
Fishy Stones
Beware Tiger
What Is an Asthma Trigger?
What Is Colorectal Cancer?
What Is Asthma?
Understanding Your ICD
Understanding Pre-Diabetes
Understanding Gestational Diabetes
Using the Food Label When You Have Heart Failure
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 2—Measuring Energy
The Role of Glucagon in Managing Your Diabetes
Understanding Your Medications and Procedures
The Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 1—Forms of Energy
Impango II
Understanding Vascular Disease
The Importance of Support for Weight Loss
Shedding Light on Energy : Episode 3—Energy Efficiency
What Is COPD?
Understanding Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
The Angiography Procedure : What to Expect
What Is an Ileostomy?
Treating Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose) When You Have Diabetes
Charlie Steel
What Is a Urinary Catheter?
Teens : Setting Your Weight Loss Goals
What Is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?
Surgical Drain : When to Call Your Doctor