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The Green Lecture
The Caste Wars of Yucatán
Conquest of the Maya and Landa's Legacy
Paquime - Northernmost Mesoamerican City?
Enigmatic West Mexico and Shaft Tombs
Calakmul - The Mighty Snake Kingdom
Sacred Geometry in Art and Architecture
Palenque - Jewel in the West
The Dresden Codex
Tikal - Aspiring Capital of the Maya World
How the Maya Mastered Mathematics
Consciousness and the Explanatory Gap
Of Mind, Materialism, and Zombies
Could a Machine Be Conscious?
Emotions: Where Mind and Body Meet
Self-Consciousness and the Self
Memory, Mind, and Brain
Eastern Perspectives on Mind and Body
Mind and Body in Greek Philosophy
Cosmic Connections
Particle or Wave?
Quantum Uncertainty - Farewell to Determinism
Into the Heart of Matter
What about E=mc² and Is Everything Relative?
Uncommon Sense - Stretching Time
The Clockwork Universe
Squirrels and Prepositions
Prescriptivism: Grammar Shoulds and Shouldn'ts
Birds of Paradise: Ultimate Photo Challenge
Photographing Life in the Sea
Documenting Biodiversity
Photographing Winter Wildlife
Five Ideas for Successful Landscape Photos
Computer Editing: Review and Cataloging
Drive-By Photography: Travel Photos
Nighttime and Daytime Skyscapes
Toward a Science of Wisdom
The Neurobiology of Self-Preoccupation
Placebos, Illness, and the Power of Belief
Solitude--An Antidote to Loneliness
The Science of Compassion and Self-Compassion
Who Am I - The Perils of Self
Informal, Formal, and Intensive Practices
Our Troublesome Brains
Symmetry: Revitalizing Quadratics Graphing
Visualizing Orderly Movement, Random Effect
Visualizing Random Movement, Orderly Effect
Pushing the Picture of Fractions
Visualizing Area Formulas
Teaching Kids to Care - The Roots of Empathy
Anxiety - The Way Out Is Through
Five Stages of Mastery
Legs to Arms: Connecting Upper and Lower
Bring Out Your Flow
Chest, Posture, and the Natural Curve
Shoulders: Finding Reasons to Let Go
Feet: Separate Empty from Full
Taming the Monkey Mind
Crazy Kinds of Connectedness
Strangeness in Statistics
Probability Paradoxes
The Grand Finale
Cleopatra - The Last Ptolemy
The First Ptolemies
Dynasty XXI - Egypt Divided
Ancient Egyptian Magic
The Decline of Dynasty XIX
The Exodus - Did It Happen?
Ramses the Great - The Later Years
Making a Modern Mummy
The Fabulous XVIIIth Dynasty Rolls On
Tuthmosis III - King At Last
Joseph in Egypt
The Second Intermediate Period
The Middle Kingdom - Dynasty XII
Ancient Egyptian Thought
Prehistoric Egypt
Cyberpunk Dystopia: Doctorow and Anderson
Octavia Butler and the Utopian Alien
Ursula K. Le Guin and the Ambiguous Utopia
Philip K. Dick's Dystopian Crime Prevention
George Orwell and Totalitarian Dystopia
Yevgeny Zamyatin and Dystopian Uniformity
Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Gendered Utopia
Edward Bellamy and Utopian Activism
Swift, Voltaire, and Utopian Satire
Judging Debates: The Art of the Decision
The City of God as a Single Book
Augustine's Scriptural History (Books 15-17)
Fall of the Rebel Angels (Book 12)
Augustine's Critique of Rome (Books 1-10)
Splendid Vices and Happiness in Hope (Book 5)
The Problem of Suffering (Book 1)
Build a Logical Case
Make It a Story
Find Your Humorous Voice
Iyengar Yoga
Courtroom Drama
True Crime in the 20th Century
Is Your Brain Unprejudiced?
Do Special Neurons Enable Social Life?
Are Dreams Meaningful?
Are You Always Conscious while Awake?
Can Certain Foods Make You Smarter?
Is Your Brain Objective?
How Different Are Male and Female Brains?
Regulatory Focus and Human Motivation
Nonconscious Influences on Decision Making
The Role of Mindsets in Decision Making
Mental Accounting as a Factor in Decisions
How Goals Guide Our Decisions
Rest, Restore, Recover Your Resilience
Emergency Stress Management
Change Your Mind to Change Your Stress
Plutarch, Suetonius, and Tacitus
Brutus and the Opposition to Caesar
Cato the Younger
Pompey the Great
Caesar and Vercingetorix
Gaius Julius Caesar
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
Scipio Africanus the Elder
Quintus Fabius Maximus
Gaius Flaminius
The Arian Controversy
John's View - The Word Made Human
Jesus's Exaltation - Earliest Christian Views
Jesus's Death - What Historians Can't Know
The Death of Jesus - Historical Certainties
Gods Who Were Human in Ancient Judaism
Last Day of Freedom
Iceland's Hallgrímskirkja
Four Great American Churches
La Compañía and Las Lajas Sanctuary
The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
The Churches of Armenia
Great Churches of Russia
The Cave Churches of Cappadocia
Fruits Masquerading as Vegetables
Early Mediterranean Civilizations
Society and Culture of Egypt
The Downfall of Sumer
Innovations of Mesopotamia
Origins of Agriculture
Foraging in the Old Stone Age
The Science of Marijuana
The Moth of Moonbi
Creative Leadership
Tools for Bringing It All Together
Systemic Tools to Generate New Ideas
Classic Brainstorming and Brainwriting
Stages of the Creative Process - and You
Four Women Who Moved Financial Markets
Private Equity Innovators: KKR, Blackstone
George Soros's $10 Billion Currency Play
Activist Investors: Icahn, Loeb, Ackman
Benjamin Graham and Value Investing
Megiddo: Excavating Armageddon
The Uluburun Shipwreck
Santorini, Akrotiri, and the Atlantis Myth
Humor Essays
Polemical Essays: One-Sided Arguments
The Epistolary Essay: Letters to the World
The Memoir Essay
Short Forms: Microessays and Prose Poems
The Visual Essay: Words + Pictures
Essayists as Poets: Tapping into Imagery
Unabashedly Me: The First-Person Essay
The Unreasonable Essayist: Strategic Irony
The Reasonable Essayist: Artistic Proofs
The Skeptical Essayist: Conflicting Views
Slaying the DragonSlaying the Dragon: Reloaded
The 100 Years Show
Subject Matters
Feeling with Our Eyes - Texture and Light
Art That Moves Us - Time and Motion
The Illusion - Getting the Right Perspective
Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square
Rational Expressions, Part 1
Operations and Polynomials
Quadratic Equations - The Quadratic Formula
Systems of Linear Equations, Part 1
Linear Equations for Real-World Data
Graphing Linear Equations, Part 2
Solving Linear Equations, Part 1
Variables and Algebraic Expressions
Percents, Decimals, and Fractions
Order of Operations
How Ancient Astronomy Ended
Star Catalogs from around the World
Chinese and Other Non-Western Constellations
Meteorite Worship and Start of the Iron Age
The Real Stonehenge
The Raj on Its Knees (1945 - 1947)
Indian Muslim Politics between the Wars
Gandhi's Moral-Political Philosophy
The Great War and Its Impact on India
Princely States and Royalist Relationships
The Late-19th-Century British Raj
Economics and Society under the Raj
The Age of Reform (1830 - 1850)
Searching in Your Ancestors' Backyards
Dos and Don'ts of Writing History
Your Ancestors in the County Courthouse
The Genealogical Proof Standard
Tulum - Aztecs at the Ancient Maya Port City
Independent Tarascans - Desert Warriors
The Aztec Capital of Tenochtitlan
Cacaxtla Murals and Xochicalco
Monte Alban and Zapotec Rule over Oaxaca
Preclassic Maya Lowlands - El Mirador
Early Highland Maya - Izapa to Kaminaljuyu
Thought Experiments against Materialism
Clues on Consciousness from Anesthesiology
Thinking Body and Extended Mind
A Guided Tour of the Brain
The Enigma of Free Will
Strange Cases of Consciousness
The Particle Zoo
Quantum Weirdness and Schrödinger's Cat
Wave or Particle?
Enter the Quantum
Black Holes
Curved Spacetime
A Problem of Gravity
Faster than Light? Past, Future, and Elsewhere
Muons and Time-Traveling Twins
Einstein to the Rescue
Earth and the Ether - A Crisis in Physics
Speed is Relative to What?
Let There Be Light!
Heaven and Earth, Place and Motion
Funnest Lecture Ever
A(n) Historical Issue
Camera Traps for Elusive Wildlife
Nighttime Wildlife Photography
Computer Editing: Development
Above- and Below-Surface Waterscapes
Landscape Photographer, Landscape Artist
Growing Up Isn't Easy--Facing Impermanence
Groundbreaking Mindfulness Programs
Connecting with Children and Adolescents