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Your Joint Replacement Journey : An Overview
Your Heart Failure Management Plan
Your Heart Failure Healthcare Team Visits
Your Cholesterol Management Plan
Your Care at Home : Tracheotomy Care
Your Care at Home : Managing Heart Failure
Your Care at Home : After Surgery
Your Care at Home : After Cardiac Catheterization
Your Baby's Oral Health
Young and Overweight : Helping Yourself Change
Women and Heart Disease : Weight Management, Diabetes, and Exercise
Women and Heart Disease : Stress
Women and Heart Disease : Smoking
Women and Heart Disease : Medications
Women and Heart Disease : Depression
Women and Heart Disease : Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Women and Heart Disease, 3rd Edition
Treating Arthritis : Joint Replacement Surgery
Treating Arthritis : Emotions and Support
Treating Arthritis
Stroke : Hospital Discharge
Stroke : Emotions and Support
Stroke : Common Effects of Left Brain Injury
Stroke : Common Effects of Right Brain Injury
Stress and Relaxation Techniques for Pulmonary Patients
Premature Newborn Care : You Make Things Better
Premature Newborn Care : Not What I Expected
Premature Newborn Care : Signs of Well-Being
Premature Newborn Care : Reflexes
Premature Newborn Care : Brain Basics
Premature Newborn Care : Nurturing in the NICU
Pre-Diabetes : Getting Active
Pre-Diabetes : Managing Portion Sizes
Pre-Diabetes : Choosing Healthy Foods
Pre-Diabetes : Lifestyle Changes
Postpartum Nutrition
Postpartum Care : Your Follow-Up Appointment
Postpartum Care : Emotions
Postpartum Care : Changes in Your Body After Delivery
Pneumonia : Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Re-infection
Pneumonia : Regaining Lung Function
Pneumonia : Preventing Re-infection
Pneumonia : Diagnosis and Treatment for Special Populations
Pneumonia : The Importance of an Early Diagnosis
PAD Treatment : Recovering from Femoral Bypass Surgery
PAD Treatment : Recovering from Atherectomy
PAD Treatment : Recovering from Angioplasty and Stenting
PAD Treatment : Preparing for Femoral Bypass Surgery
PAD Treatment : Preparing for Atherectomy
PAD Treatment : Preparing for Angioplasty and Stenting
PAD Treatment : What Is Femoral Bypass Surgery?
PAD Treatment : What Is Atherectomy?
PAD Treatment : What Is Angioplasty and Stenting?
Your PAD Treatment Plan
Working Together as a Family
Newborn Immunizations
Newborn Care : Installing Your Car Seat
Newborn Care : Car Seat Safety
Newborn Care : How to Take Your Newborn's Temperature
Newborn Care : Sleeping
Newborn Care : Common Health Concerns
Newborn Care : Safety Tips
Newborn Care : Breastfeeding Overview
Managing Heart Failure : Handling Flare-Ups
Managing Heart Failure : Exercise Safety
Managing Heart Failure : Get Active
Managing Heart Failure : Dining Out
Managing Heart Failure : Fluid Guidelines
Managing Heart Failure : Beware of Fat and Cholesterol
Managing Heart Failure : Limiting Sodium
Managing Heart Failure : Quit Smoking
Managing Heart Failure : Energy Conservation
Managing Heart Failure : Finding Support
Managing Heart Failure : At Hospital Discharge
Managing Depression : Psychotherapy
Managing Depression : Medications
Managing Depression : Overcoming Barriers and Getting Help
Joint Replacement Recovery : Sample Hip Exercise Routine
Joint Replacement Recovery : Sample Knee Exercise Routine
Joint Replacement Recovery : Incision Care
Joint Replacement Recovery : Activity Guidelines
Joint Replacement : Pain Management
Joint Replacement : Preventing Blood Clots
Joint Replacement : Your Hospital Stay
Infant Milestones and Care : 8 to 12 Months
Infant Milestones and Care : 4 to 7 Months
Infant Milestones and Care : Birth to 3 Months
Hip Replacement Surgery : After Exercises
Hip Replacement Surgery : Hip Precautions
Hip Replacement Surgery : Before Exercises
Heart Surgery Recovery : Weeks Three Through Six
Heart Surgery Recovery : When to Call Your Care Team
Heart Surgery Recovery : Emotions and Relationships
Heart Surgery Recovery : Incision Care
Heart Surgery Recovery : Medication Guidelines
Heart Surgery Recovery : Creating a Daily Routine
Heart Surgery : At Hospital Discharge
Heart Surgery : Breathing Exercises
Heart Surgery : Pain Management
Heart Surgery : Moving Along Your Recovery Path
Heart Surgery : Intensive Care
Heart Surgery : The Day of Your Surgery
Heart Surgery : Preparing for Your Surgery
Heart Failure Medications : Diuretics
Heart Failure Medications : Digitalis
Heart Failure Medications : Beta-Blockers
Heart Failure Medications : Aldosterone Antagonists
Heart Failure Medications : ACE Inhibitors and ARBs
Heart Failure : Monitoring for Signs and Symptoms
Heart Failure : Making Lifestyle Changes
Managing Depression While You Recover
Heart Attack Recovery : Nutrition Tips
Heart Attack Recovery : Goal Setting
Managing Gestational Diabetes with Mixed-Dose Insulin Injections
Managing Gestational Diabetes with Single-Dose Insulin Injections
Gestational Diabetes : Monitoring Your Blood Glucose, Ketones, and Health
Gestational Diabetes : Managing Hypoglycemia
Gestational Diabetes : Injecting Insulin with a Syringe
Gestational Diabetes : Injecting Insulin with a Pen
Gestational Diabetes : After Your Baby Is Born
Exercising Safely When You Have Gestational Diabetes
Exercise : Take an Energy Break
Exercise : Resistance Training
Exercise : Flexibility Training
Exercise : Strengthening Your Core
Exercise : Staying Motivated
Exercising for Results : SMART Goal Setting
Key Components of Exercise
Exercise : Your Return on Investment
Diabetes Self-Care : Protecting Your Feet
Diabetes Self-Care : Protecting Your Skin
Diabetes Self-Care : Examining Your Skin and Feet
Diabetes Medications : Insulin, Hypoglycemia, and Sick Days
Diabetes Medications : Preparing and Injecting Insulin Using a Pen
Diabetes Medications : Preparing and Injecting Mixed-Dose Insulin
Diabetes Medications : Preparing and Injecting Single-Dose Insulin
Diabetes Medications : Using Insulin Safely
Diabetes Medications : Types of Insulin
Diabetes Medications : Understanding Insulin
Diabetes Medications : What Is Amylin?
Diabetes Medications : More about Byetta, Bydureon, and Victoza
Diabetes Medications : Injecting Byetta or Victoza
Diabetes Medications : Exenatide (Byetta, Bydureon), Liraglutide (Victoza)
Diabetes Medications : Bromocriptine, Juvisync, Colesevelam
Diabetes Medications : Sitagliptin Phosphate, Saxagliptin, Linagliptin
Diabetes Medications : Nateglinide
Diabetes Medications : Repaglinide
Diabetes Medications : Rosiglitazone, Pioglitazone
Diabetes Medications : Acarbose, Miglitol
Diabetes Medications : Metformin
Diabetes Medications : Glipizide, Glyburide, Glimepiride, Chlorpropamide
Diabetes Management : Dealing with an Emergency
Diabetes Management : Your Emergency Supply Kit
Diabetes Management : Creating a Sick Day Plan
Diabetes Management : Preparing for Sick Days
Diabetes Management : Exercise and Hypoglycemia
Diabetes Management : Include All Types of Exercise
Diabetes Management : Strategies for Healthy Eating at Social Events
Diabetes Management : Making Healthy Choices at Fast Food Restaurants
Diabetes Management : Tools to Help You Manage Food Choices When Dining Out
Diabetes Management : Fill Your Shopping Cart with Fruits and Vegetables
Diabetes Management : Controlling Fats When Shopping and Cooking
Diabetes Management : Portion Size Tips for Shopping and Cooking
Diabetes Management : Long-Term Complications and A1C Value
Diabetes Management : Keeping Records for Tracking Your Progress
Diabetes Management : How to Check Your Blood Glucose
Diabetes Management : Choosing and Caring for Your Blood Glucose Meter
Diabetes Management : The Need for Blood Glucose Monitoring and Record Keeping
Diabetes Management : Understanding Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose)
Diabetes Management : Understanding Hyperglycemia (High Blood Glucose)
Diabetes Complications : Monitoring Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol
Diabetes Complications : Nerve Disease
Diabetes Complications : Small Blood Vessel Disease
Diabetes Complications : Large Blood Vessel Disease
Diabetes and Emotions : Recognizing Stress
Diabetes and Emotions : Managing Stress
Diabetes and Emotions : Turning Negatives into Positives
COPD : Tips for Staying Healthy
COPD : Quit Smoking
COPD : Breathing Training
Combination Diabetes Medications : Prandimet
Combination Diabetes Medications : Janumet (XR), Kombiglyze XR, Jentadueto
Combination Diabetes Medications : Glucovance, Metaglip
Combination Diabetes Medications : Avandaryl, Duetact
Combination Diabetes Medications : Avandamet, Actoplus Met (XR)
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Heart-Healthy Dining Out Tips
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Heart-Healthy Supermarket Tour
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Reading the Food Label
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Exercise Safety
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Your Exercise Prescription
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Goal Setting
Cardiac Rehabilitation : Lifestyle Changes and Risk Factor Reduction
Breastfeeding : Overcoming the Challenges of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding : Latching On and Removing Baby from the Breast
Breastfeeding : Breast Milk Production and Benefits
Breastfeeding Your Newborn
Diabetes Management : Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates When Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Pattern Management and Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Combination Foods and Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Carbohydrate Counting When Dining Out
Diabetes Management : Portion Sizes Are Key When Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Fiber and Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Is Your Carbohydrate Counting Meal Plan Working?
Diabetes Management : Using the Food Label for Carbohydrate Counting
Diabetes Management : Counting Carbohydrate Grams
Diabetes Management : Counting Carbohydrate Choices
Diabetes Management : Creating Your Carbohydrate Counting Meal Plan
Diabetes Management : Recognizing Carbohydrates
Diabetes Management : What Is Carbohydrate Counting?
Baby's Almost Here : Enjoying the Final Weeks of Pregnancy
Baby's Almost Here : Managing Risks as You Approach Delivery
Baby's Almost Here : Advantages of Going Full Term
Asthma Management : Respimat
Asthma Management : HandiHaler
Asthma Management : Twisthaler
Asthma Management : Flexhaler
Asthma Management : Exercise Safety
Asthma Management : Managing Sick Days
Asthma Management : What Is a Flare-Up?
Asthma Management : Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Trigger
Asthma Management : Emotional and Stress Triggers
Asthma Management : Weather Triggers
Asthma Management : Smoke, Pollutants, and Chemical Triggers
Asthma Management : The Pollen Allergen
Asthma Management : The Animal Allergen
Asthma Management : The Mold and Cockroach Allergens
Asthma Management : The Dust Allergen
Asthma Management : Possible Side Effects of Your Medications
Asthma Management : Taking Your Medications Regularly
Asthma Management : Using a Nebulizer
Asthma Management : Diskus
Asthma Management : Metered Dose Inhalers and Spacers
Asthma Management : Anti-Inflammatory, Bronchodilator, and Combination Medications
Asthma Management : Quick-Relief and Controller Medications
Asthma Management : Finding Your Personal Best Peak Flow
Asthma Management : Monitoring with a Peak Flow Meter
Asthma Management : Keeping an Asthma Diary
Asthma Management : Becoming a Self-Manager
Asthma Management : Finding Support
Anticoagulants : The Danger of Blood Clots
Anticoagulants : How a Blood Clot Forms
After Angioplasty : Understanding Short-Term Complications
After Angioplasty : Your Home Recovery
After a Heart Attack : Taking Nitroglycerin
After a Heart Attack : At Discharge
Advanced Carbohydrate Counting Review and Practice
Common Advanced Carbohydrate Scenarios
Hypoglycemia and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting