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IV therapy overview : A review of the purposes and benefits of IV therapy and IV administration methods
IV therapy : Types of venous access devices and following proper guidelines when selecting one
IV site selection in the arms and hands : Considerations to ensure patient safety and comfort
How to properly document a venipuncture procedure
How to label the venipuncture dressing and administration set and ensure patient comfort
Into the shadows
Into the sea
Into the field
Intimate partner violence :understanding factors that impact survivors
Intimate partner violence :creating opportunities to have conversations about it
Interview with Pat Castagne
Interview With David Hilliard
Interview with C.L.R. James by Lancelot Layne
Interview of Nyameka Goniwe by Diana Russell, South Africa, 1987
Instructional strategies for the differentiated classroom.Part 1,Learning contracts
Inside the Obama White House :Brian Williams reports
Inside Alcatraz :legends of the rock
Innovators.3,STEM Your School
Innovators.2,Project based learning and the 21st century
Innovators.1,Integrating Literacy into Curriculum
Inner images
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Universal precautions
Protective environments
Full barrier precautions
Droplet precautions
Contact precautions.Indirect contact
Contact precautions
Airborne precautions
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Transmission-based precautions
Safe injection practices
Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Standard precautions
Other prevention strategies
Other strategies, including immunizations and cough etiquette
Guidelines to clean contaminated spills
Guidelines for safe handling and disposal of linen and trash
Bloodborne pathogens standard
Surveillance requirements
OSHA overview and guidelines
CDC infection control guidelines and NIOSH guidelines
The Joint Commission overview and guidelines
Joint Commission Core Measures and prevention of surgical care infection
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) overview and guidelines
Administrative support
Overview of the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard
Overview of CDC Standard Precautions for Infection Control :A review of all guidelines and practices
Sharps and needlestick prevention guidelines and standards
Proper handling of lab materials and proper lab practices
Proper cleaning of contaminated spills
Practices for proper handling of linen and trash
Full barrier precautions and protective environments for patients
Droplet precautions for use with infected patients
Contact precautions for use with infected patients
Airborne precautions for use with infected patients
VRE risk factors, causes and treatments
Strategies to prevent the spread of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs)
Pseudomonas risk factors, causes treatments and prevention
Overview of multi-drug resistant organisms and the overuse of antibiotics
Multi drug resistant TB causes, risk factors and treatment options
MRSA causes, risk factors and treatments
Germ mutation and multi-drug resistant organisms
CRE causes, risk factors and treatments
Clostridium difficile causes, risk factors and treatment
Understanding the chain of infection
The chain of infection.Reservoirs including humans, animals, contaminated objects
Causative agents including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and multi-drug resistant organisms
Susceptible hosts and their risk factors
History of Healthcare-associated Infections
When and how to perform proper hand hygiene
Proper hand hygiene with soap and water
Other considerations for infection control including stethoscopes, clothing and jewelry
Infection control in healthcare : Overview of safe work practices
Hand hygiene with an alcohol based handrub
the portal of exit
susceptible hosts and their risk factors
portals of entry including respiratory tract, GI tract, GU tract and skin
mode of transmission including contact droplet and airborne routes
TB infection control
Overview of tuberculosis (TB)
Overview of TB patient populations
Multidrug resistant TB
Active TB disease
Work practice controls
Using personal protective equipment (PPE)
Exposure response
An overview of major pathogens including HIV
An infection control overview
Universal precautions
The chain of infection
Overview of bloodborne pathogens and infection control
OSHA and CDC guidelines
Identifying and controlling reservoirs of infection
Barriers in infection control
Infancia clandestina
Compare :spiritual health
Basket making
Compare :identity
Compare :modern vs. traditional Dance
Queen Elizabeth II
Muhammad Ali
Jim Henson
In search of the great composers.In search of Haydn
In search of home
In other words
In memoriam Claudio Abbado
In beauty I walk :the Navajo way to harmony
In and out of Africa
Improving instruction through observation and feedback
3,Implementing interventions and building resources
1-2,Diagnostic assessments and the three-tiered approach
Substance Use
Social Emotional Problems in Children Birth to 5
Self-Harm and Suicide
Inattention and Impulsivity
Disruptive Behavior and Aggression
Impact of the Frolic
Immigration battleground
Ilo Ilo
Illness in the family :children confronting uncertainty
Il sangue verde =The green blood
Il comandante e la cicogna =Garibaldi's lovers
Il capitale umano =Human capital
Iceland Foods :life in the freezer cabinet.Episode 3
Iceland Foods :life in the freezer cabinet.Episode 1
I think you are totally wrong :a quarrel
I see your (dis)ability :inclusion in the classroom
I Don't Care
I am from Chile
Humans in hypoxia :a conspiracy of maladaptation
What is our future?
A place in space and time
Are we alone?
Why are we here?
Apeman - spaceman
The Marshall Islands :Living with the Bomb
New Caledonia :a land in search of itself
Fiji :legacies of empire
Atoll life in Kiribati
Samoa :I Can Get Another Wife But I Can't Get Any Parents
A Place of Power in French Polynesia
Master of the shadows :a Balinese puppeteer
Journey to a new life :a story of transmigration
Running from the ghost
Better rich than red
Son of the ocean
Something for everyone
One hundred entertainments
Mind, body, and spirit
It is always so in the world
How to Teach Study Skills
How to spiral questions to provoke student thinking
How to scaffold instruction for student success
How to Prepare Students for Standardized Tests
How to informally assess student learning
How to use students' diverse cultural backgrounds to enhance academic achievement #32
How to use interactive notebooks
Rob Ford smokes crack
Mitt Romney's bad bet
Marco Rubio sips water
Jan Brewer brain freeze
How to involve all parents in your diverse community
How to improve content understanding using reading strategies
Raising arms
Stealing a march
Staying alive
How to get started with English language learners
How to conduct home visits
How to conduct effective high school walkthroughs
Integumentary System
How the Body Ages Intro
Hair Aging
Touch and Pain
Central Nervous System
Respiratory Body Changes
Musculoskeletal Body Changes
Cardiovascular Body Changes
How Jacques Jaujard saved the Louvre
How is motivational interviewing applied
How I ended this summer
How hard times can open the heart :deepening your brain's natural powers for healing
How gay is Pakistan?
How Does It Feel
How democracy works now.Story 7,Ain't the AFL for nothin'
Series 2, Episode 6,Ambition
Series 2, Episode 5,Jealousy
Series 2, Episode 4,Moving out
Series 2, Episode 3,Surprise
Series 2, Episode 2,Chaos
Series 2, Episode 1,Kissing
Series 1, Episode 6,Sex
Series 1, Episode 1,Don't call me stupid
Horse tribe
Swallowed by a black hole
The truth about meat
Man on Mars :mission to the red planet
Comet of the century
What's wrong with our weather?
Where is Flight MH370?
What's killing our bees?
Secrets of the solar system
Horizon.Is binge drinking really that bad?
Horizon.How to be an astronaut
Hope Despair Laughter :A circus project in Palestine
Hope against hopeless
Hooked.Opium & heroin
Homeland (Iraq year zero).Part II,After the battle
Homeland (Iraq year zero).Part I,Before the fall
Home is you
Hollywood Gay Pride :parades and festivals from 1970 to 1978
Hold Me Down
Hmong musicians in America
Hitler, Stalin :the roots of evil
History's mysteries.Season 9.Episode 2,Ship of gold
History of sex.Eastern world
History of sex.20th century
History made now :wheels of fortune
The security rule and electronic data safeguards
Technical safeguards
Physical safeguards
Administrative safeguards
Rules for disclosure of patient information
Privacy rule overview
Privacy rule notices, patient rights and provider violations
Investigations of privacy violations
How facilities handle privacy rules and confidentiality issues
Following state laws and regulations that require stricter privacy
The HIPAA unique identifiers rule overview and goals
The HIPAA security rule overview and goals
The HIPAA privacy rule and transactions and code sets rule
The HIPAA enforcement rules
History and overview of HIPAA and health insurance portability