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Setting the Stage for Physical Assessment
Sensory Assessment in Pediatric Physicals
School-Age Children :5 to 11 Years
Respirations in Physicals for Pediatrics
Reflex Assessment in Pediatric Physicals
Preschoolers :3 to 5 Years
Performing the Physical Assessment
Length and Height in Pediatrics for Physical
Infants :One Month Through One Year
Heart Rate in Physicals for Pediatrics
Head Circumference in Pediatrics for Physical
Getting the History
Developmental Issues To Consider
Cranial Nerve Function in Pediatric Physicals
Cerebral Function in Pediatric Physicals
Cerebellar Function in Pediatric Physicals
Blood Pressure in Pediatrics in Physicals
Assessment of Vital Signs in Pediatrics for Physical
Assessment of the Thorax, Chest, and Lungs in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Skin in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Nose in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Neurologic System in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Neck
Assessment of the Musculoskeletal System in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Mouth in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Heart in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Head in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Eyes in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Ears in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of the Abdomen in Pediatric Physicals
Assessment of Growth Measurements
Assessment of General Appearance
Adolescents :12 to 18 years
Types of pain
Pediatric pain overview
Informing parents
How children understand pain
Defining pain
WHO Analgesic Ladder
Routes of Administration
Patient Controlled Analgesia
Non-Pharmacological Therapies for Pain
Non-Pharmacological Pain Management
Managing Types of Pain
Self report assessment
Nonverbal pain scales
Behavioral observation scales
Assessing pediatric pain overview
Assessing pediatric pain
Pavarotti :a voice for the ages
Paul Robeson :performs "Ole Man River" for construction workers at Sydney Opera House
Patterns of landscape :through the eyes of Fred Williams, 1927-1982
Patient Rights.Right To Quality Care And Dignity
Pat Rocco dares
Passive stretching techniques
Passion & Commitment
We are diverse and connected
Rise and fly
Lean on me
Building a friendship
Wave of gratitude
Take a stand
Establish trust
I've got your back
Teen interview.stress
Teen interview.partnership
Teen interview.empowerment
Teen interview.compassion
Teen interview.bullying
Rejuvenate together
Strengthen the core of friendship
Shanti Generation partner yoga introduction
Parrhesia :a stand against oppression
Panorama.The Tranquilliser Trap
Panorama.Season 63.Episode 39,Tough justice :Texas style
Panorama.Inside the Taliban
Panorama.GM food :cultivating fear
Panorama.Fighting terror with torture
Panorama.Dying for a bargain
Panorama.Domestic abuse :caught on camera
Panorama.Could a robot do my job?
Panorama.Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis?
Panorama.Antibiotic Apocalypse
Panorama.Amazon :the truth behind the click
Panel With David Hilliard, Elaine Brown, Ericka Huggins, And Fredrika Newton At University Of Mexico
Panel With David Hilliard And Native American Activists At The University Of New Mexico
With Elaine Brown, Ericka Huggins, And Fredrika Newton
With Ericka Huggins, Elaine Brown, And Fredrika Newton :
Q&A With Hip Hop Group Black Panther The Fugitives At The University Of New Mexico
Pane Amaro (Bitter Bread)
Pan Blanco :Indigenas Despues de Colon
Palm Wine Guitar
The Personal Experience of Pain
When and where to apply hot and cold therapies
Vibration therapy
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
Therapeutic exercise
Non-invasive therapies
Mobilization and manipulation therapies
Massage therapy
Invasive and non-invasive therapy
Heat therapy
Complimentary pain treatment
Cold therapy
Cognitive-behavioral approaches
Pathology of Pain
Patients who deny or underreport pain
Patients who are unconscious
Patients who are elderly
Patients who are cognitively impaired
Patients who are children
Outcomes of Successful Pain Management
Opioid analgesics
Non-opioid analgesics
Neuropathic Pain
Classification of pain
Chronic non-malignant pain
Chronic malignant pain
Guidelines for Successful Pain Management
Effects of Pain
Components of the Nociceptive Process
Assessment of Pain
Adjuvant Medications
Overfed & undernourished
Overcoming the imposter phenomenon :working with clients of color
Overcoming personal biases in social work
Overburden :Aboriginal voices on life in the sands
The gallery
Out they go
One weft double cloth
Out of Our Minds
Out in the open
Out in the dark
War Machine
The First Day
Our House
Our brother James
Thailand.Temple of twenty pagodas
Thailand.Harvest at Nong Lub
Thailand.Floating rice
Thailand.Chiang Mai : northern capital
Indonesia.The Bupati of Subang : A Government Official
Indonesia.Marvel : a Jakarta boy
Indonesia.Balinese Gong Orchestra
Indonesia.Azhari Ali : An Acehnese University Student
Indonesia.An Angklung Orchestra
India.Village family : a village in Tanjore
India.Teacher in the sky
India.Swami Shyam
India.Padma : South Indian dancer
India.Bombay movies
Indonesia.The Hasans :a Buginese trading family
Indonesia.Taram :a Minangkabau village
Indonesia.Sinaga's family :a Batak village
India.Pak Menggung :a Javanese aristocrat
Children of Bangkok
OT :Our Town
Ostrov =Island
The libation bearers
Orchestral manoeuvres in the North
One voice
One River Many Relations :Cree
One question
One Life.episode 2,Dying to Live
One Dollar a Day
One Caribbean music video English
One Caribbean :the first assembly of Caribbean peoples.Day 3, tape 2
One Caribbean :the first assembly of Caribbean peoples.Day 1, tape 2
One Caribbean :Polito's version
One Caribbean :Ophelia's version
One bag too many :self employed taxi boys of Mt. Hagen
One adventure
Another World
Remembrance Day
Keeping the Faith
Taking a Gamble
Moving House
On her own
Oliver Twist.Episode 2
Oliver Twist.Episode 1
Offset :Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury
Offense Taken :A Community Responds to the "R" Word
Off the rails
OCD :The War Inside
OC87 :The Obsessive Compulsive Major Depression Bipolar Asperger's Movie
Pharmacologic Pain Control
Pain Control
Non-Pharmacologic Pain Control
The Onset Of Labor
Labor :Stages Three And Four
Labor :Stage Two
Labor :Stage One
Systemic Fetal Assessment
Monitoring The Fetus
Intrauterine Pressure Catheter
External Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Hypertension In Pregnancy
Preterm Labor
Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Taking The Patient's Medical History
Prenatal Care
Physiologic Changes During Pregnancy
Medical Tests
Introduction To The Antepartum Patient
Forceps Delivery
Transition from fetus to newborn
Receiving the healthy newborn
Receiving the compromised newborn
Psychological and emotional assessment
Physiologic changes
Physical assessment
Assessing the C-section patient
Vacuum extraction
Shoulder dystocia
Cesarean section
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a family's perspective
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a clinical intervention
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a client's perspective
Object relations and group psychotherapy treatment
Nursing Negligence.What you can do
Nursing Negligence.Scene 4
Nursing Negligence.Scene 3
Nursing Negligence.Scene 2
Nursing Negligence.Scene 1
Nursing Negligence.Delegation
Nursing Negligence.Common forms of negligence
Nursing Negligence.4,Harm
Nursing Negligence.3,Cause
Nursing Negligence.2,Breach
Nursing Negligence.1,Duty
What you should know about elopement
Searching for someone or something from the past
Restlessness or boredom
Overview of wandering
Discomfort or pain
Dementia and wandering