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Franklin D. Roosevelt Accepts Democratic Nomination ca. 1932
World War I Begins ca. 1914
Emperor Franz Joseph and Archduke Franz Ferdinand Attend a Wedding ca. 1911
Ronald Reagan Addresses the Growing National Deficit ca. 1982
James Meredith Attends University of Mississippi ca. 1962
Cubans Line Up for Visas to the United States ca. 1996
Barry Goldwater Campaigns for President ca. 1964
Lyndon B. Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act of 1964 ca. 1964
Senators Discuss Civil Rights Bill ca. 1964
Teenagers Adopt Rebellious Fads and Fashions ca. 1967
Parisians Live in Shantytowns ca. 1933
Marian Anderson Performs at Lincoln Memorial ca. 1939
British Women's Land Army Parades through London ca. 1910s
Bonus Army Camps on the National Mall ca. 1932
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Members Work on Conservation Projects ca. 1930s
Prohibitionists Pour Alcohol into Sewers ca. 1920
African Americans Riot in Newark ca. 1967
Kwame Nkrumah Meets with Indira Gandhi ca. 1966
China Enters the Kashmir Dispute ca. 1965
Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Protests Alcohol a. 1937
Lab Technicians Test Drugs on Animals ca. 1956
Girl Learns How to Choose Nutritious Food ca. 1960s
Workers Build the Panama Canal ca. 1900s. Part 2
Workers Build the Panama Canal ca. 1900s. Part 1
Workers Manufacture Computers ca. 1983
Young People Model Mod Fashions ca. 1965
Farmers Use Modern Equipment ca. 1946
Taft-Hartley Act Is Passed ca. 1947
J. Edgar Hoover Discusses Juvenile Delinquency ca. 1950
Mexican Migrant Farm Laborers Immigrate to the United States ca. 1950
The WPA Film Library : Drought-Induced Fires Burn Fields ca. 1990s
Reza Shah Pahlavi Flees Iran ca. 1953
U.S. Air Corps Members Train ca. 1917
Soviet Farmers Meet ca. 1931
Warren Harding Meets with Supporters of Voting Rights for Women ca. 1919
Amy Johnson Lands Her Airplane after Her Solo Flight to Australia ca. 1929
Police Keep Order in a Depression-Era Unemployment Line ca. 1930
Construction Workers Build the George Washington Bridge in New York City ca. 1930
Air Traffic Controllers Manage Air Traffic in Washington, D.C. ca. 1986
Boeing Introduces its 747 Jumbo Jet ca. 1969
Jacqueline Kennedy Visits a Children's Hospital at Christmas ca. 1961
Women Model the Latest Swimwear ca. 1951
Mrs. America Contestants Iron, Sew, and Cook ca. 1955
Mini-skirted Girls Examine Long Dresses ca. 1970
Hippies Gather with Flowers Painted on Faces ca. 1970
Stuntmen Fly through the Air via Rockets and Cannons ca. 1950
U.S. Paratroopers Invade the Japanese-Occupied Philippines ca. 1945
New Zealand Forces Prepare for the Attack on the Solomon Islands ca. 1944
John Glenn Speaks upon Return from Space ca. 1962
Police Officers Respond to a Proposed Gun Control Bill ca. 1986
NASA Develops Space Shuttle Program ca. 1981
Joe DiMaggio Hits a World Series Home Run ca. 1951
Dwight D. Eisenhower Opens the First Atomic Energy Plant ca. 1957
Pedestrians and Doctors Give Opinions about Platform Shoes ca. 1973
Newsreel Shows the Wonders of Electricity in New York City ca. 1938
Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffe Prepare for Apollo 1 ca. 1967
Mariner IV Transmits Photos of Mars ca. 1965
John F. Kennedy Tours Space Centers ca. 1962
The WPA Film Library : ca. 1962 John Glenn Prepares for a Mercury Project Space Flight
Planning for the International Space Station ca. 1990s
John Glenn Rides into Space Aboard the Friendship 7 ca. 1962
Engineer Readies Sputnik Satellite for Space 1957
Film Offers Pointers to Marketers on How to Sell to Housewives in 1950s Film ca. 1955
Housewife Prepares a Family Breakfast During 1950s ca. 1955
Film Promotes "Video Phone of the Future" ca. 1970
The WPA Film Library : Astronauts and Cosmonauts Work Together on Space Station Mir ca. 1995
Space Shuttle Atlantis Orbits Earth While Docked to Space Station Mir ca. 1995
Space Shuttle Atlantis Docks with Space Station Mir ca. 1995
Space Shuttle Endeavor Repairs the Hubble Space Telescope ca. 1993
Astronaut Walks on the Moon 1970
Apollo 13 Returns to Earth ca. 1970
Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin Trains for First Manned Spaceflight ca. 1960
Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Walks to Van on Way to Launch ca. 1986
Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Eats Breakfast Together ca. 1986
The Space Shuttle Discovery Launches from Kennedy Space Center ca. 1990
John Foster Dulles Travels to Korea on the Eve of the Korean War ca. 1950
Harry S. Truman Declares that UN Troops in Korea Are Intended to Keep Peace ca. 1950
John F. Kennedy Addresses Reporters During the 1961 Berlin Crisis ca. 1961
IBM and U.S. Navy Officials Celebrate the Success of the Naval Ordinance Research Calculator (NORC) Military Computer ca. 1954
President Harry S. Truman Declares that America's Civil Liberties Will Help Win the War Against Communism ca. 1950
Douglas MacArthur Delivers a Speech to Congress Following His Dismissal ca. 1951
UN soldiers Fight the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge During the Korean War ca. 1951
U.S. Soldiers Return to San Francisco while on Leave During the Korean War ca. 1951
U.S. Government Officers Interview "Tokyo Rose" Iva Toguri ca. 1945
Allied Troops Enter China after Retaking a Portion of Burma Road ca. 1945
African-American soldiers Undertake Combat Drills During World War II ca. 1945
General George S. Patton Presents soldiers with Medals During World War II ca. 1944
Telephone Operators Make the First Telephone Contact between the United States and Britain ca. 1924
Guglielmo Marconi Demonstrates the Radio ca. 1920
Los Angeles Restaurant Demonstrates New Drive-In Technology ca. 1949
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Wins the National Open Tournament in New Jersey ca. 1948
Worker Demonstrates an Early IBM Computer ca. 1950s
Americans Line Up for Gas During the Oil Crisis ca. 1974
Workers Connect Washington, D.C., to Moscow Via a New "Hot Line" ca. 1963
Radio Free Europe Sends Broadcasts to Czechoslovakia ca. 1941
Workers Contribute to the Early Construction Stages of the Hoover Dam ca. 1933
Japanese Americans Walk through a Processing Center on Way to Internment Camps ca. 1941
Japanese Troops Fight During the Sino-Japanese War ca. 1930s
Film Explains Early Television Technology ca. 1940
Early Television Is Demonstrated by John Logie Baird ca. 1929
German and French Students Demonstrate for European Confederacy ca. 1950
U.S. Army Nurses Train for Combat Duty During World War II ca. 1943
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall Vacation in Venice ca. 1951
U.S. Government Film Promotes War Bonds ca. 1944
Atomic Bomb Explodes on Hiroshima ca. 1945
German and Japanese Foreign Ministers Sign the Anti-Comintern Pact ca. 1936
Kuomintang Soldiers Expel Communist Party Members ca. 1926
Meteorologists Use Computers to Predict the Weather ca. 1959
Montgomery Ward Employees Use Early Computers ca. 1965
Bill Clinton Speaks at the Signing of the Oslo Agreement at the White House ca. 1993
Mamie Eisenhower Launches Nautilus ca. 1954
Prisoners Riot for Better Conditions ca. 1952
Tojo Hideki and Other Japanese War Criminals ca. 1948
Jewish Immigrants Arrive in Palestine and Members of the Stern Gang are Arrested ca. 1946
Members of the French Resistance Train ca. 1944
WWII Bomber plane Memphis Belle Completes 25 Missions ca. 1943
Marilyn Monroe Is Remembered ca. 1962
Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner Arrive for Performance ca. 1951
Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Disembark from a Ship ca. 1920
Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, and Other Stars Attend the Academy Awards ca. 1954
Movie Stars Attend Golden Globe Awards Ceremony ca. 1959
Jane Fonda Talks about Her Visit to Vietnam ca. 1972
Crowds Surround Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding after Their Wedding ca. 1952
Alfred Hitchcock Interviews Ingrid Bergman ca. 1948
Carmen Miranda Talks about Her Elaborate Costumes ca. 1948
Hollywood Stars Attend the Academy Awards Annual Dinner ca. 1942
Lana Turner Models a New Hair Style ca. 1942
Ginger Rogers Leaves Her Mark at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood ca. 1939
Clark Gable Teaches Gunnery in the U.S. Air Force ca. 1943
Women in the Armed Forces and War Industry During World War II ca. 1943
American Women Work in the War Industry During World War II ca. 1943
U.S. Marines Train for Island Invasions During World War II ca. 1942
Factory Workers in the U.S. War Industry ca.1942
Celebrities Enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces and Sell War Bonds During World War II ca. 1942
Scenes from the Great Depression and the New Deal ca. 1930s
U.S. Marines Remove Vietnamese Refugees from a Burning Town ca. 1965
Pro-Vietnam War Demonstrators ca. 1965
People Gather for the Funeral of Black Panther Party Member George Jackson ca. 1971
Vladimir Lenin Talks With Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich after his Attempted Assassination ca. 1918
Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev Meet in Geneva to Discuss Arms Control ca. 1985
Delegates Sign the Treaty of Versailles at the Hall of Mirrors in France ca. 1919
Afrikaans Mounted Riflemen Ride through South African Hinterlands During the Boer War ca. 1900
The Russian Communist Revolution Begins ca. 1917
Ronald and Nancy Reagan Display General Electric Lightning at Home ca. 1954
Campaign Ad of Little Girl with Flower and Nuclear Bomb ca. 1964