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Daughters of Ixchel :Maya thread of change
Dancing with the Incas
Dancing with Downs
Dancetime! social dance.Vol 1,15th-19th centuries :Research section of the video showing original sources for the dance steps
Dance with the Wodaabes
Dan Cruickshank's Warsaw :"Resurrecting history"
Dai's garden
Daft Punk unchained
Daai Journal.People in the Loess Plateau.Episode 2
Daai Journal.People in the Loess Plateau.Episode 1
Dólares de arena
The Ramirezes
The Kims
A Changing Population
Cultural Awareness in Healthcare.The CLAS standard 7
Cuando la Luna Blanca se Pierda
Cruz Reynoso :sowing the seeds of justice
Crónica del fin del mundo
Couples therapy in action :4 techniques for rapid and lasting change
Cosmonauts.Episode 2,How Russia won the Space Race
Cosmonauts.Episode 1,How Russia won the Space Race
Contrary warriors
Contemporary Persian ballet.Vol. 1
Different lives, different stories
A long journey home ... the story of the Gott children
And one day they were gone ... the story of the Gott children
Sign in, Public address
Rules Covering Conversations
Messages and reminders
Informational storage
Enhancing confidentiality
Computer security
Concert in the Rain Forest (French)
Concert in the Rain Forest
Concerto grosso for three cellos and orchestra
Concerning violence :nine scenes from the anti-imperialistic self-defense
Umbilical catheterization
Simple Removal of a Foreign Body
Reduction of Simple Dislocation
Giving Immunizations
Verifying tube placement
Securing tubes
Removing tube
Performing intubation
Nasogastric tube indications, nasogastric tubes
Intubation supplies
Documenting and recording intubation procedure
Before the intubation procedure
High school math
Elementary and middle school math
Coming Of Age
Comfort zone training for the neck and spine
Comfort zone training for improving posture and relaxing the shoulders
Come un uomo sulla terra =Like a man on Earth
Colours of Life
Colours of Earth
Beyond the rainbow
College-Level Placement Testing and the Common Core
Collection of speeches (edited)
Cold fear :gay life in Russia
Coaching Colburn :a memoir
Closing the circle :the people today
Requiem in D minor KV 626
Beethoven's music to Egmont
Classroom instruction that works.2,Middle school
Classroom instruction that works.1,Elementary
Classical Persian dance.Level II
Citizen Juling
Cities in China.Xian
Cities in China.Beijing
Circle of stories :Native American stories from the four directions
Cinema Pedregal
Ciao Brenda Ciao
Churchill :winning the war, losing the peace
Chronicle of an American suburb
Christology :understanding Jesus
Choqela :only interpretation
Choir Boy Lucky
Choctaw code talkers
China on four wheels.Episode 2
China on four wheels.Episode 1
Children of the Gaza war
Children of the Amazon
Child sexual abuse trauma training video
Censor must die
Celebrating Semana Santa :change, conflict, and continuity in rural Honduras
Caught in a magic place
Cashing in on culture :Indigenous communities and tourism
Carnival in Q'eros :where the mountains meet the jungle
The Digestive System
Kinds Of Stomas
Types & Causes of Hearing Loss
Treating patients with Alzheimer's disease
Giving Assistance
Caring for Patients with Special Needs.Providing Safe Hospital Care
.Legal Issues
First P.O. Day 9 a.m
Discharge Day 1:30 p.m
Day Two P.O. 7:30 a.m
Day Two P.O. 2:15 p.m
Day One P.O. 8:20 p.m
Caring for Patients with Special Needs.Implementing the care plan
Communicating with the Hearing Impaired
Causes & Symptoms of Visual Impairment
Day to day care giving
Comfort activities
Anatomy of the Ear
Adaptive devices for the visually impaired
Caribbean with Simon Reeve.Episode 3
Caribbean with Simon Reeve.Episode 2
La musique antillaise
Soca :soul to sale
The Electrocardiogram
The Conduction System
The Cardiac Cycle Introduction
The Cardiac Cycle
Aortic regurgitation
Pulmonary ejection
Diastolic opening snaps
Aortic ejection
Capoeira.Episode 5
Capoeira.Episode 4
Capoeira.Episode 3
Capoeira.Episode 2
Capoeira.Episode 1
The man of law's tale
The sea captain's tale
The knight's tale
The wife of Bath
200 nips and tucks and I want more
I'm a shopaholic and can't stop spending
Excessive and compulsive collectors
Caníbal =Cannibal
Can you see the color gray?
Can I Call You?
Campaign of hate :Russia and gay propoganda
C.L.R. James Funeral Celebration of a Life.Tape 7
From Constantinople to Istanbul
Capital of a new empire
From Byzantium to Constantinople
Buscando a Gastón
Bula Mata (Eye Lashes)
Bukit orang salah
Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood
Building cars.Episode 3
Building cars.Episode 2
Building cars.Episode 1
Building background knowledge through wide reading :a five-step process
Building academic background knowledge
Bruise blood
Goodbye year 6
Learning to Love
The Trouble With Boys
In at the Deep End
Bright Simple
Bright lights, brilliant minds :a tale of three cities.New York 1951
Breathwork practices to regulate energy level and arousal in children & adolescents
Breathing easy :environmental hazards in public housing
Breaking through barriers to achievement
Breaking through
Breaking the chains
Breaking Boundaries :the art of Alex Masket
Breakaway :A Tale of Two Survivors
Bread Makers
Brave father
Brainstorming :teens take on mental health in school
In it to win it
Mind your body
Retrain your brain
What's going on
Stress test
Follow the leader
Battle of the ages
Focus pocus
Seeing is believing
Power of persuasion
Part III,Music director and contemporary music
Part II,Musicians and contemporary music
Boulez :a new season
Age appropriate considerations
Topical anesthesia
Standard precautions
Complications of venipuncture
Butterfly with tubing
Episode 4:The legacy of war
Black Panther Woman
Black Panther Bus Tour
Black Dju
Birthright :a story of the Negro and the South
Silver supernova
The superpower of salt
Beautiful Losers.Make Something!! with Money Mark
Beautiful Losers.Make Something!! with Jesse Spears
Beautiful Losers.Make Something!! with Ed Templeton
Beautiful Losers.Make Something!! with Aaron Rose
Be My Brother
Basic Oxygen Administration.High-Flow Oxygen Administration
Calculating parenteral dosages
Basic ballet movement skills.Lesson 3,The balancé :sideways, backward, forward, turning
Bartabas in Salzburg.Masonic funeral music K. 477
Violette Verdy and Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux coaching excerpts from Liebeslieder Walzer
Frederic Franklin coaching excerpts from The night shadow (later called La sonnambula)
Conrad Ludlow coaching two principal roles from Liebeslieder Walzer
Bake restudy 1984
Backbone of the world
Baby bumps
Australia at War 1914-18 :An Account of the Australian Force in the Great War
Auscultation basics : tips and techniques for performing an auscultation assessment
Assessing vesicular breath sounds
Assessing bronchovesicular breath sounds
Anterior landmarks for assessing tracheal breath sounds
Describing the qualities of breath sounds : pitch, intensity, duration and complexity
Characteristics of wheezing
Characteristics of stridor
Characteristics of pleural friction rub
Characteristics of fine crackles
Characteristics of coarse crackles
Characteristics of adventitious breath sounds : crackles, wheezes, stridor and pleural friction rubs
August the first
Atlantis found
Atlantic.Episode 1,Life Stream
At home in the world
Tetralogy of fallot
Cardiac anomalies
Atrial septal defect (ASD)
Assessment for 21st century learning.3,Transforming the 21st century learning organization
Assessment and treatment of the jaw :putting it all together: sensory, feeding and speech.Part 2
Assessment - with a Touch of Class
Sterile drapes
Preparing the Sterile Field
The surgical technician
The circulating nurse