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Deputy murdered transporting prisoner In the line of duty v. 6, no. 9
Officer shot, subject commandeers car In the line of duty v. 6, no. 6
Officer restraint, serving warrants In the line of duty v. 6, no. 5
Crowd control In the line of duty v. 5, no. 11
Road rage In the line of duty v. 5, no. 10
Meth labs In the line of duty v. 5, no. 8
Explosive recognition for street cops In the line of duty v. 5, no. 6
Less lethal force In the line of duty v. 5, no. 5
Texas hostage incident In the line of duty v. 5, no. 4
Gangs update In the line of duty v. 4, no. 12
Suicide by cop In the line of duty v. 4, no. 10
Fresno, CA-multi-ethnic community policing In the line of duty v. 4, no. 9
Large vehicle stop turns almost violent In the line of duty v. 4, no. 6
Trooper shot point blank In the line of duty v. 4, no. 1
Corpus Christi knife assault In the line of duty v. 3, no. 8
San Francisco firefight In the line of duty v. 3, no. 6
Hood River multi-speed chase In the line of duty v. 3, no. 5
Perpendicular shoot In the line of duty v. 3, no. 3
Full-scale riot response In the line of duty v. 2, no. 12
Trooper knife fight In the line of duty v. 2, no. 11
Pursuit nabs naked cowboy In the line of duty v. 2, no. 7
Police response, Halloween riot In the line of duty v. 2, no. 6
Convenience store robberies decline In the line of duty v. 2, no. 3
D.U.I. analysis In the line of duty v. 2, no. 2
Hit and run In the line of duty v. 2, no. 1
Jack-in-the-box In the line of duty v. 1, no. 9
Irate motorist In the line of duty vol. 1, no.5
Large vehicle hijacking, pursuit, lethal force In the line of duty v. 1, no. 2
St. Petersburg
The hidden China
The young Akbar Great Moghuls 2
The alpine newt
Getting closer
Paul Robeson
Hindi movies
The Ganges
The Kulu Valley
Kiplings India
Horatio's Hamlet
William Shakespeare
Sir Walter Scott
William Wordsworth
D.H. Lawrence
Day by day
Getting around
School days
Swords and hearts
The fugitive
In the border states
Festivals and rituals
Bhutan the cloud kingdom
The battle of Durban II Israel, Palestine & the United Nations
American grindhouse
The adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson
Elvis return to Tupelo
Sister Wendy's grand tour. Episode 1
I ll be your mirror
Vija Celmins :4 decades
The wedding designers. Elizabeth Emmanuel
Up for debate team Qatar
The wedding designers. Ian Stuart
Kent and the south east, garden of England Savoring the world pt. 8
Hanoi and the Red River plain (Vietnam) Savoring the world pt. 7
Languedoc, France, the cradle of my being Savoring the world pt. 4
Morocco, jewel of the Maghreb Savoring the world pt. 3
The crossroads of Lebanon Savoring the world pt. 2
New Orleans, the city on the bend of the river Savoring the world pt. 11
Eating out
Going out
Abraham's odyssey
Teen drinking why do they do it?
Nutritional issues
Conrad Shawcross
Tracey Emin
Gillian Ayres
Working the crowd and room arrangement Tools for teaching: video toolbox 1
Contemplating black holes
Bob Hope Flashbacks 51
Earthquakes Flashbacks 50
Joseph Stalin Flashbacks 48
Jimi Hendrix Flashbacks 44
Karl Donitz Flashbacks 43
Berlin Wall Flashbacks 42
Le mans Flashbacks 34
Boeing Company Flashbacks 33
Vietnam War Flashbacks 32
Queen Elizabeth II Flashbacks 31
Atomic bomb Flashbacks 29
Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster Flashbacks 28
Indira Gandhi Flashbacks 26
Pope John Paul II Flashbacks 25
Billie Jean King Flashbacks 23
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Flashbacks 22
Lord of Asia In the footsteps of Alexander 2
Son of God In the footsteps of Alexander 1
1981 Main event 36
1979 Main event 34
1978 Main event 33
2002 Momentous happenings 24
1994 Momentous happenings 16
1992 Momentous events 14
1991 Momentous happenings 13
1989 Momentous happenings 11
1987 Momentous happenings 9
1986 Momentous happenings 8
1984 Momentous happenings 6
1977 Momentous happenings 3
1976 Momentous happenings 2
Grand Hotel, Brighton, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 49
The Thames River, London, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 48
King's Cross Station, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 40
Iranian Embassy, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 39
Fender Stratocaster Flashbacks 18
Princess Diana Flashbacks 16
Albert Einstein Flashbacks 15
Winston Churchill Flashbacks 7
Rolls Royce Flashbacks 4
U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran Infamous places 38
Chuck Davis, dancing through West Africa
Doctor Faustus
1974 Main event 32
1973 Main event 31
1971 Main event 29
1970 Main event 28
1969 Main event 27
1968 Main event 26
1967 Main event 25
1966 Main event 24
1965 Main event 23
1964 Main event 22
1963 Main event 21
1962 Main event 20
1961 Main event 19
1960 Main event 18
1959 Main event 17
1950 Main event 8
1949 Main event 7
1948 Main event 6
1947 Main event 148
1945 Main event 3
1944 Main event 2
1943 Main event 1
Eschede Railway Station, Eschede, Germany Infamous places 47
Saddleworth Moor, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 45
Mt Vesuvius, East of Naples, Italy Infamous places 44
Bay of Pigs, Cuba Infamous places 37
Torrey Canyon Seven Stones Reef off Cornwall, U.K. Infamous places 34
Aberfan, Wales, United Kingdom Infamous places 30
Hither Green Station, Lewisham, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 28
Zeebrugge, Belgium Infamous places 27
The Congo, Central Africa Infamous places 25
Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium Infamous places 24
Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 23
TSMS Lakonia, Atlantic Ocean, 289 klm north of Madeira Infamous places 22
Near Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Infamous places 21
Buck's Row, Whitechapel District, London, England Infamous places 19
Peenemünde, Baltic coast, Germany Infamous places 17
Tomb of Tutankhamun Valley of the Kings Egypt Infamous places 15
Submarine Kursk off Kola Peninsula, Russia Infamous places 12
Hiroshima, Japan Infamous places 5
Apollo 13 Flashbacks 3
James Bond Flashbacks 2
Beatles Flashbacks 5
The Queen Mum Flashbacks 13
Titanic Flashbacks 14
1975 Momentous happenings 1
1980 Main event 35
Lakehurst Hindenburg Infamous places 3
Berlin Wall Infamous places 2
Hedda Gabler
Philadelphia, here I come
Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris
The maids
A delicate balance
Some spirit in me
Most wanted
Finis Jhung talking with Saige Miller
The thinking dancer working at the barre
The school for scandal
Measure for measure
The iceman cometh
Amazon with Bruce Parry
Inside Afghanistan
The black tulip
Christopher Wheeldon on Morphoses
Christopher Wheeldon becoming a choreographer
William Wingfield combining the concert and commercial career
Andrea Schermoly transitioning from classical to contemporary
Rubinald Pronk from classical company to contemporary freelancer
Jill Johnson finding Forsythe
Swan lake
Encountering Eloyi
Shade seekers & the mixer
Masks of Arcadia
Dances with llamas
Gun for sale
The witching tree
Limits of fidelity Lovelaw episode 5
Expedition Borneo
The hunt for the first Americans
Decoding Danebury
Dreams from the forest
Spending the kids' inheritance
Ray Mears goes walkabout. Desert
Spirits of defiance the Mangbetu people of Zaire
The forgotten island
The shaman and his apprentice
What is policy?
The cunning little vixen
Sold down the river
Memo from Machiavelli
Jerash Pompeii of the east
A 19th century romance
The hunt for Dr. Death
'Judgment of Paris' excerpt
Spanish flu the forgotten fallen
Reluctant comrade
Les noces
Dead end kids a story of nuclear power
The bald soprano