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Howard Zinn : A people's history of the United States
Rubble kings
The work
Heaven is a traffic jam on the 405
We live in public
Always at the Carlyle
Lorraine Hansberry : sighted eyes, feeling heart
The bystander moment transforming rape culture at its roots
Ex Libris
Flamenco, Flamenco
Santa & Andr©♭s
Meek's Cutoff
Brace up
Under the bombs
The way he looks = Hoje eu quero voltar sozinho
The transfiguration
Daughters of Anatolia : Portrait of a nomadic goat herding family
Mom and Me
Tom of Finland
Hello I must be going
A Teacher
The Silent Child
Forbidden voice : How to start a revolution with a laptop
Seoul Station
Digging for fire
They Call Us Monsters
Happy Hour
BPM (Beats Per Minute)
Everything beautiful is far away
Supersize Me
Night of the Living Dead
What is Cinema?
Dear Mr. Shakespeare
Versailles '73: American Runway Revolution
100 Years
Heartstone = Hjartasteinn
The Young Karl Marx
Lost In Paris
The Seagull
Who Is Arthur Chu?
Gemma Bovery
Basic Training
Juvenile Court
Company Town
The Departure
Catching Hell in the City of Angels
Royal Wedding
Beyond Food
Women's March
Always Shine
The Woodsman
Cartel Land
Embrace Of The Serpent
Hunter Gatherer
Bobbi Jene
American Socialist
The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen
After the Rape
Halving the Bones
I Was a Teenage Feminist
Between the Lines
A Crushing Love
A Boy Named Sue
Apache 8
Service: When Women Come Marching Home
Shinjuku Boys
Place of Rage
The Greatest Silence
Afghanistan Unveiled
The Righteous Babes
The Poetry Deal
The Fat Body (In) Visible
Rights and Wrongs
Panama Canal Stories
Virgin Tales
When Medicine Got it Wrong
Stash 87. Verizon Wireless Payload
Stash 87. Vestel F-16, Somalia
Naked Spaces - A Portrait of Rural West Africa
History and Memory: For Akiko and Takashige
Hempsters: Plant the Seed
Ethos : a time for change
Crossing the line
Bran nue dae : a film about the musical
Chewy & The KuceysLA & Nixon—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Olafur Eliasson – Notion Motion
DSLR Primer
Live Demo III - Interview Scene
Engaging Young Learners with Special Needs
Adult-Child Interaction : Communicating to Support Learning
Closing Program : Bernice Johnson Reagon, "Solidarity of Past, Present, and Future"
The Smiling Response : An Experimental Investigation into the Ontogenesis of Social Relations
United Arab Emirates
Pre-Production II
The History of Black Music : Part 2
Live Demo I - Narrative Master Shot
First Face of America
Global Estrangement
The Black Roots of Music : Part 1
Saudi Arabia – The West
All the World Is Human
The Ebonics Controversy
I Want All The Turns! Supporting Children in Resolving Problems and Conflicts
Red and Black, the First World : Going Home - Part 2
From The Library of Black History : The Longest Struggle
New Nomads
Men of God, Men of Greed : Episode 2
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party : A Real Democratic Process
Luncheon Keynote : Harry Belafonte, "Why Can't Our Children Find Us?"
Petra - Lost City of Stone
Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environment
The Challenge of Freedom
All about My Mother (Pedro Almodovar)
Nature : Yosemite
Patriot Generals
Order Out of Chaos : Our Solar System
Bill Nye : Science Guy
Little Odessa (James Grey)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Milos Forman)
Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life
Isleños : A Root of America
Braeburn & AnnabelleLynn & Zev—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Nelson Mandela : The Freedom Fighter
Dead Men's Tales
Colombia : Afro-Colombian Grooves
Dr. J B Rhine : Part 2
From Dawn till Dracula : The True History of the Vampire
Motherlove, The Baby's Greatest Need
The First Measured Century : 1960-2000
Post Production and Workflow
The Daily Routine
The Search for El Dorado
Erich Kästner - The Other Face
Career Advice
The Future of Blacks In Hollywood
The 14th and 15th Colonies : Episode 4
Live Demo IV - 4K Workflow and Glamour Lighting
Ralph Bunche : The Lost Hero
Setting Yourself Up for Success
Automatized Driving : Today and Tomorrow
Black Opinion : The Invisible Person on TV
Queen : Bohemian Champions Interviews
Lensing, Compression and Color Space
The Story of China with Michael Wood : Part 5
Killer Hurricanes
The Story of China with Michael Wood : Part 2
VA : The Human Cost of War
Lionel Hampton : A Grace Note
The Evolution of Filmmaking
The Nuclear Option
Music Legends
American Experience : Tesla
Nature's Great Race : Part 3
Plenary : Bob Moses, "We the People"
Liane & HarleyJason & Blaze—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Live Demo I - Custom Bokeh and Pixel Stick
Second Chance Kids
God and the Universe
Shaping the Personality : The Role of Mother-Child Relations in Infancy
Anxiety : Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life
Brooklyn & AbbeyButch & Spirit—Collar of Duty : Season 1
R. D. Laing's Discussion With Richard Evans : Reactions and Reflections
Seeds of Destruction
Plenary : In Remembrance of Ella Baker, Howard Zinn, and James Forman
From the Library of Black History : Booker T. Washington Freedom Trail – The Spirit of Black Higher Education
A Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick)
The Story of China with Michael Wood : Part 4
Black Power, Black Education, and Pan-Africanism
Tolkien & Lewis : Myth, Imagination & the Quest for Meaning
The Young People's Project : Come Let Us Build a New World
Great Tales in Asian Art
Actions for a New World
Dr. J B Rhine : Part 1
Saudi Arabia - The East
The Genius of Comedy
Slice of Americana
Civilization's First Born
President Trump
Luncheon Keynote : Congressman John Lewis, "Stand Up and Make Some Noise"
The Black Church and Black Struggle
T.C. Boyle – The Beauty of Addiction
The Trucks of the Future
Black and White Music : The Melting Pot Music
Motion Graphics
Pre-Production I
His-Story : Black History's Little Known Facts
Bill Moyers Journal : Farm Subsidies and America's Hungry
The Future of Communication
Trevor Noah : Part 1
The Black Roots of Music : Part 2
Liberty in the Air
Improve Your Audio Game
How Black Civilization Was Destroyed
Songs for the Spirit — Part 2
Live Demo II - Commercials
Workspace and Workflow
The Story of China with Michael Wood : Part 3
Le Mépris (Contempt) (Jean-Luc Godard)
Bulletproof Salesman
Women Leaders and Organizers : You Can Do This
African Versus European Culture
Behind the Scenes - The Making of "Big Pacific"
A Separation (Asghar Farhadi)
Cora & MaxFern & Bella—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Jackson & the Pygmy GoatsSam & Molly—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Experiments Upon a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant after 6 Months of Association in the Same Environment
Jade, Brooke & NettleSteve & Squirt—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Luncheon Keynote : U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, "The Nation's in Your Debt"
Stars on Hollywood
Some General Reactions of a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant after 6 Months in the Same Environment
Dr. Carl Rogers : Part 1
Somatic Consequences of Emotional Starvation in Infants
Comparative Tests on a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant of Approximately the Same Age
R. D. Laing's Discussion with Richard Evans : Dilemma of Mental Illness
SNCC Children Speak
Michelle & ThomsonRob & Thor—Collar of Duty : Season 1
Lost Cities of the Arab World : Carthage