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Impact of Illegal Immigration on the US Job Market, 1985
Image of the Reagan Administration, 1981
Illegal Immigration in the US, 1985
Illegal Drug Trade in Egypt, 1930
Hunger March, 1932
Hungarian Revolution, 1956
Hungarian Revolution - Graphic, 1956
Hungarian Leader Meets with Hitler, 1938
Hovercraft Crosses the English Channel, 1974
HMS Conqueror Launched, 1969
Hitler Welcomed in the Sudetenland, ca. 1938
Hitler Welcomed in Austria, 1938
Hitler Speaks at Nazi Rally, ca. 1938
Hiring Unemployed, 1931
Hillary and Hunt Arrive in Delhi, 1953
High School Civic Class, 1985
Health Care Paperwork, 1990
H-Bomb Test, 1952
Havana After the Revolution, 1963
Harold Wilson Declares Rhodesian Independence, 1965
Harold Washington Criticizes President Reagan's Civil Rights Record, 1982
Gypsum Miners, 1979
Grocery Shopping, ca. 1950
Great Depression, ca. 1930
Great Britain General Strike, ca. 1920
Gorgeous George, 1948
Gorbachev Press Conference, 1985
Gorbachev and Mitterrand Meet in France, ca. 1985
Glider Competitions, ca. 1910
Germany Joins the League of Nations, 1926
Germany Economic Problems, 1923
Germany Celebrates the end of the Occupation of the Rhineland, 1926
German Unity, 1933
German Nuclear Powered Ship, 1968
German Newsreel, 1947
German Annexation of Austria, 1938
George Marshall on UN Withdrawal from Korea, 1951
Geneticists at Work in the Soviet Union, ca. 1970
General Matthew Ridgeway, ca. 1951
Gas Rig Launched in the North Sea, 1967
Fur Coats, ca. 1920
French Wounded at Dien Bien Phu, 1954
French Troops in World War I, ca. 1915
French Troops in Mekong, 1951
French Raid at Annam Vietnam, 1950
French Nuclear Submarine Launched, 1969
French Coal Strike, 1963
French Automobiles, 1953
Freighter Launch, 1938
Founding of Pravda, 1912
Former Slave Ports in West Africa, 1986
Flight from England to France, ca. 1920
Fish Stick Factory, 1972
First Transatlantic Flight, 1919
First Nigerian Parliament Meeting, ca. 1960
First British Nuclear Submarine Launched, 1963
Fingerprinting, 1934
Feast of Corpus Christi, 1940
Farming in Russia, ca. 1970
Farm Equipment, ca. 1949
Farm Equipment, 1919
Famine in Nigeria, 1967
Evacuation of Seoul, 1951
European March Against Fascism, 1980
European Free Trade, 1958
Essex High School Produces Film for Class, 1962
Equator Crossing Initiation, ca. 1920
Enos the Chimp Orbits Earth, 1961
Empire Day, 1922
Eichmann Indicted in Israel, 1961
Effects of the Six Day War, 1967
Eagle Module Leaves the Moon, 1969
Dwight D. Eisenhower, ca. 1952
Dry-dock Construction, ca. 1920
Drug Raid in Hong Kong, 1967
Drought and Famine in Ethiopia, 1973
Double Bladed Aircraft, 1945
Donald Reagan on the Iran Contra Affair, 1986
Doing Laundry, ca. 1950
Dodge Automobile Designs, 1952
Dixiecrat Convention, ca. 1948
Display of New Medical Equipment, 1960
Discussions on the British Mandate in the Middle East, 1919
Discussion of Illegal Immigration, 1985
Dick Gephardt Speaks on Freedom and Security, 2001
Device for Handicapped, 1967
Development of New Runway Lights, 1967
DeGaulle Returns as President of France, 1958
DeGaulle Resigns as President, ca. 1940
DeGaulle Campaigns, 1948
Debate on Assistance for the Hungry, 1983
DDT Spraying, 1946
Damage from the Torrey Canyon Disaster, 1967
Cuban Revolution, 1933
Cuban Hospital, 1996
Crop Dusting Southern Plantation, ca. 1920
Crisis in Algeria and Morocco, 1955
CRAY Supercomputer, 1990
Coup In Guatemala, 1954
Copper Mining in Africa, 1986
Cooperative Ventures in Southern Africa, 1986
Contemporary Wedding in Egypt, 1995
Contact Lenses, 1958
Construction of the Vega Space Unit, ca. 1980
Congressional Debate on Military Aid to El Salvador, 1983
Congo Independence, 1966
Conference in Helsinki, ca. 1975
Communists Destroy Military Memorial in Saigon, ca. 1975
Comet II Test Flight, 1957
Coca-Cola Festival in India, 1952
Coal Miners Strike in France, 1948
Coal Miners on Strike in France, 1963
Clothes Drive for Germany, 1931
Clarence Long at Congressional Hearing on Military Aid to El Salvador, 1982
Civil War in Vietnam, 1961
Civil War in Mozambique, 1986
Civil Engineers at Work in London, 1967
Churchill Speech on Berlin, 1948
Church in Vietnam Used as Military Hospital, 1967
Church Committee - Lack of Accountability, ca. 1975
Church Committee - Domestic Surveillance is Acceptable, 1975
Church Committee - CIA Takes Shellfish Toxins, ca. 1975
Church Committee - Chemical and Biological Weapons, 1975
Church Committee - FBI Poses as Member of the Press, ca. 1975
Chinook Salmon, 1979
Chimp in Space, 1961
Child with a Toy Gun in Belfast, 1973
Child Street Performer, 1898
Changes to Mosques in Jerusalem, 1967
Changes in Jerusalem After the Six Day War, 1967
Cecil Rhodes Gravesite, 1964
Castro in Havana, 1959
Castro Attends Rally in Havana, 1959
Caspar Weinberger on the Soviet Union, 1981
Car Show, 1947
Canadian Ship Building, 1942
Bush Speaks on Nuclear Weapons in Iran, 2003
Bush Speaks on North Korea and WMD, 2002
Bush Speaks on Enron Scandal, 2002
Bush Rhetoric following 9
Bush Reaction to Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Bush Addresses Congress After 9
Buddhist Monastery Opens in India, 1964
Buddhism in the Soviet Union, 1984
Bruno Hauptmann Cross-Examination, 1936
British Troops Withdraw from the Rhineland, ca. 1925
British Suffragettes Protest, ca. 1910
British Royal Family, ca. 1936
British Pound Devalues, 1967
British Postal Strike, 1969
British Military Equipment, 1962
British Machine Plant, 1958
British Infantry Advance, ca. 1918
British Commander Involved with Atomic Bomb Interviewed, ca. 1964
British Coal Mines Nationalized, 1946
British Coal Miners on Strike, 1926
British Auto Workers on Strike, ca. 1972
British and Spanish Anti-War Protests, 1967
Britain's H-Bomb Test, 1957
Britain and France Take the Suez Canal, 1956
Bowling Alley, 1973
Bombing of Pohang South Korea, 1950
Bombing of North Korea, 1951
Boer War, 1900
Body Fat Content Measured, 1967
Bob Dornan on Balanced Budget Debate, 1982
Blackwell Island, 1903
Blackface Racism, ca. 1910
Barnet Ventilator, 1959
Barbara Hepworth Interview, 1972
Baptism Ceremony, 1973
B58 Hustler Jet, 1958
Automobile Manufacturing in Soviet Union, ca. 1970
Automobile Factory Transmissions, ca. 1950
Automobile Designs, ca. 1950
Automation of Agriculture, 1966
Autogyro Demonstration, 1934
Auto Safety, 1948
Australian Aborigines, 1932
Atlas Missile Test, 1961
Atlantis Links with MIR, 1995
Astronaut on the Space Shuttle Endeavor, 1993
Astronaut in Orbit, 1995
Assembly Line in an Automobile Factory, ca. 1950
Artificial Silk Factory ca. 1930
Arab National Committee Head Quarters Bombed, 1948
Apollo Program Test Flight, 1966
Apartheid in South Africa, 1955
Anti-War Protests in London, 1968
Anti-War Protests in Europe, ca. 1960
Anti-War Protests in Danang, 1967
Anti-Apartheid Protests in South Africa, 1986
Animated Weather Patterns, ca. 1988
Angela Davis Speaks in Moscow, 1971
American Suburbia, 1987
AMA Lobbying Activities, 1982
Alvin Toffer on the Information Age, 1986
Algerian Independence, 1962
Alger Hiss Interview, ca. 1970
Alexander Graham Bell, ca. 1940
Al Jonson's Funeral, 1950
Air Combat Over Korea, 1953
Aftermath of the Six Day Way, 1967
Adolf Eichmann Convicted, 1962
A Generator at Westinghouse Foundry, 1904
4-Wheel Drive Training, ca. 1988
3-Stage Rocket, 1956
The world's only stand-up economist talks jobs
The World's Oldest Myth: Gilgamesh
The World's Greatest Geological Wonders: 36 Spectacular Sites Collection
The storm explodes
The rising tide
The price of glory
The world of Alwin Nikolais. Program 5
The world of Alwin Nikolais. Program 4
The world of Alwin Nikolais. Program 3
The world of Alwin Nikolais. Program 2
The world of Alwin Nikolais. Program 1
The World bank :great experiment
The workshop
The work horse of the western front
The word
The wooden flat tops
The wonders of magnetism
The wonderful living fan
The woman with the eggs
The Wolf That Changed America
The Wizard of Oz
The 'winners curse' of the Olympics
The Wild West
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
The Wife of Bath--An Independent Woman
The Whites: Riesling to Chardonnay
The white kingdom of fear
The White Angel
The Whale Rossellini
The wedding designers :Sassi Holford
The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler (Dramatization)
The Way Home :Stories of Forgiveness
The wave-particle duality
The Warrior Pharaohs
The war.Episode 1,A necessary war
The Walkman TPS-L22 :Design-Milestones of 20th-Century Industrial Design
The wagon tongue
The Voice of the Blood
The voice of change :FDR
The vision thing
The Vision of Teams
The village under the forest
The Village of the Craftsmen