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Interview with Leslie H. Gelb, 1982
Interview with Henry H. Fowler, 1981
Interview with John James Flynt, Jr., 1982
Interview with Frederick G. Dutton, 1981
Stephen Kovacevich at the Verbier Festival Academy :Chopin, Fantasy in F minor op 49
Symphony no. 41 :"Jupiter" ; Piano concerto no. 20 ; Divertimento K. 113
Interview with Douglas Kinnard, 1982
Interview with Jack Keegan, 1981
Interview with Paul M. Kattenburg, 1981
Interview with U. Alexis (Ural Alexis) Johnson, 1982
Interview with Richard C. Holbrooke [2], 1982
Interview with Roger Hilsman, 1981
Interview with Jack Hill, 1982
Interview with W. Averell (William Averell) Harriman, 1979
Interview with Everett Bumgardner
Interview with Everett Alvarez, 1981
Interview with Edward J. Banks, 1982
Interview with David T. Dellinger, 1982
Interview with Clark M. Clifford, 1981
Interview with Chhang-Song
Interview with Carl F. Bernard, 1981
Interview with Bui Diem
Interview with Ama Hoa, 1981
Water cops
Danny McNamee
Jamil Chowdhary
George McPhee
Eddie Gilfoyle
Thomas Campbell, Joseph Steele
Raymond Gilmour
Sheila Bowler
Jason Warr
Brian Parsons
Peter Fell
Mark Cleary
Mary Druhan
The Peasenhall mystery
The lady in the lake
Doctor Death
Murder in suburbia
Born to kill?
Mad or bad?
You do not have to say anything
To catch a killer
Talk to me
Crossing the line
Going under
The jawbone mystery
Interview with Frank M. White, 1981
Interview with William C. (William Childs) Westmoreland, 1981
Interview with Paul C. Warnke, 1982
Interview with Nguyen Cao Ky, 1981
Interview with Mrs. Ngo Ba Thanh, 1981
Interview with John D. Negroponte, 1981
Interview with Bill D. Moyers, 1981
Interview with Richard M. Moose, 1981
Interview with Thomas H. Moorer, 1981
Interview with Kenneth Moorefield, 1981
Interview with Abbott Low Moffat, 1982
Interview with Paul N. McCloskey, 1981
Interview with Peter Paul Mahoney
Interview with Douglas MacArthur, 1982
Interview with Henry Cabot Lodge, 1979
Interview with William E. Le Gro, 1981
Interview with Le Tran Nhan, 1981
Interview with J. Vinton (Vint) Lawrence, 1981
Interview with Edward Geary Lansdale, 1979
Interview with Phillip Key, 1981
Interview with John Kerry, 1982
Jail, the American way
Stephen Kovacevich at the Verbier Festival Academy :Ludwig van Beethoven, Piano sonatas no. 21 & 31
Maxim Vengerov :Britten Violin concerto, Op. 15
Maxim Vengerov :Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 4
Jackie Kennedy Spanish campaign ad for Kennedy
Music on 2 :profile in Music - Placido Domingo
Omnibus at the Proms :madonna of Winter and Spring
Deep meanings
The hypochondriac
Nymphs of Versailles
Flashmob :The Opera
Interview with Jack Valenti, 1981
Interview with Ton-That Thien, 1981
Interview with James Claude Thomson, 1981
Interview with Ralph C. Thomas III, 1981
Interview with Thich Minh Chau, 1981
Interview with Maxwell D. (Maxwell Davenport) Taylor, 1979
Interview with Doidge Estcourt Taunton, 1982
Interview with Carleton Swift
Interview with William H. (William Healy) Sullivan, 1981
Interview with Ray Snyder, 1981
Interview with Archimedes L. A. Patti, 1981
Interview with Frank Snepp, 1981
Interview with Charles Sabatier, 1982
Interview with Bayard Rustin, 1982
Interview with Dean Rusk
Interview with W. W. (Walt Whitman) Rostow, 1981
Interview with Lloyd M. (Mike) Rives, 1982
Interview with Robinson Risner, 1981
Interview with Raymond K. (Raymond Kissam) Price, 1982
Interview with Francois Ponchaud, 1982
Interview with Pham Duy, 1982
Interview with Frederick Nolting, 1981
Interview with Nguyen Khanh, 1981
Interview with Harry McPherson, 1981
Interview with Tom Lyons
Interview with Jonathan F. (Jonathan Fredric) Ladd, 1982
Interview with R. W. Komer, 1982
Interview with Henry Kissinger, 1982
The dream of empire
The people
The land
The American customer
Behind the winning punch
The girl and the minstrel
The wedding
The Russians nobody knows
The American cop
Report on Greece
The Hindenburg
Where did it come from?
Austerlitz :Napoleon's march to victory
Bernard Haitink :Brahms Symphony No. 3, Op. 90
Dame Evelyn Glennie at the Royal Northern College of Music
Report on the atom
The Cold War
Inside China today
The Irish question
South American front - 1944
The Lesley Garrett Show.Programme 4 :notes from the Heart
It takes a village
The London underground map
The VW Beetle
The aga
The Oslo Opera House
Shanghai a go go
The Eiffel Tower
The Delorean car
Profiles :John L. Lewis
John Hancock Center
Ancient China :the personal weapon
Blood on the staircase
John Caudwell
The man who banned Harry Potter
Helen and Richard
Tom and Laura
Stelios goes to Hollywood
Betting on a certainty
The oil tycoon
Italy's uncrowned king
Pillow talk
Crawling about
Drop In rank
Working holiday
Mexico's new crisis
Father Divine's deal
Old Dixie's new boom
U.S. Dust Bowl
An American dictator
Father Divine
Townsend plan
Heinz :the ketchup kings
Salina and Troy
Conrad Hilton :innkeeper to the world
John L. Lewis :King Coal
The Bohemians
Dance madness
The beehive
Report on our atomic development
The search for vengeance
And away we go
Watch o'er the ramparts
The masquerade
The holiday
Dr. Heidegger's experiment
The Chinese Reds attack in Korea
Palau :the fight for Bloody Nose Ridge
The rise of the Japanese empire
Mid-Century - half way to where?
The Argentine question
Bitter harvest
Operation Desert Storm
Weapons of mass destruction
Investigative reports.Perfecting baby :controlling DNA
Urban ops
The Cleveland Orchestra at Carnegie Hall
Die Katze lässt das Mausen nicht' from Coffee Cantata, BWV 211
Brandenburg concerto No. 4 in G Major, BWV 1049
Alaska teen rescue
Telling people what you think of them
The balancing act
Solving problems and thinking creatively
Dealing with difficult people
Managing projects
Letting go
Motivating people
Picking the right people
Communicating clearly
The city killer-gangs
Unions and the mob
The showdown
Peter and Renee
Mike and James
Michael and Brooks
Laurie and Jessie
Kelly F. and Mark
Antwahn and Billy
Annie and Amy
Andrea and Ricky
Alissa and Brian
Adam & Michael
R.H. Macy :merchant prince
Norman Rockwell :an American portrait
The Kennedys and the mob
Secrets unveiled
Spanish revival
Shotgun cottage
Prescription addiction