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TEDTalks : Lera Boroditsky—How Language Shapes The Way We Think
Garuda Airlines
Lehman Brothers
Kingfisher Airlines
Barings Bank
Sight : The Story of Vision
The Science Behind Slurry
Going For A Gold Medal Weather Forecast
Catching Lightning With Photography
It's Lightning Safety Awareness Week
Shooing Birds Away With Sound
Case Study 10 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 9 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 8 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 7 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 6 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 5 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 4 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 3 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 2 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Case Study 1 : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Pre-appearance Discussions : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Ethics and Compliance : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Role of the Expert : Expert Evidence Series—Interview Videos
Switch on Staff : Switch On Series
Switch on Managers : Switch On Series
Language and Discrimination : Beyond Political Correctness
Equality and Diversity - Dr. Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis
Creative Problem Solving
Beautifully Scary : Contemporary Music in America
Why They Kill
Conducting Light : Part 2
Conducting Light : Part 1
Pattern Development
Painting Highlights
Fundamentals of Scenic Painting
Firearm Safety Onstage
Conducting Light on a Shoestring
The Stage Fight Director
Blocking a Scene : Basic Staging With Actors
Speak for Yourself : A Dynamic Vocal Workout
Advanced Voice Workout
Voice Workout for the Actor
Playing Period
Performing Shakespeare : Techniques to Personalize and Energize the Scene
What's the Score : Text Analysis for the Actor
Lessons from Joan
Nature Dazzles
Animal Therapy During Cancer Treatment
Human-Animal Interaction and the Role of Oxytocin
Animal Therapy Case Study - Carol
Institutional Animal Therapy Case Study - VCU Health
Agriculture Breakthroughs
Underage Drinking
Adverse Effects of Marijuana Use
Fort McHenry
Valor in the Pacific (Pearl Harbor)
Utah Beach (D-Day)
Approaches to King Lear
King Lear Basics
The Characters of Macbeth
Macbeth Basics
Othello as a Tragedy
Othello Basics
Hamlet Basics
Romeo and Juliet
Titus Andronicus
What Is Tragedy?
Intro to Shakespeare
Possessive Adjectives
Tener and Querer
Present Indicative
Demonstrative Adjectives
Descriptive Adjectives
Time and Date
Ser and Estar
Articles and Pronouns
Greetings and Small Talk
Numbers and Counting
Capitalization and Accents
Alphabet Pronunciation
Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium
Acids and Bases
States of Matter
Bonds and Molecular Structure
Atomic Theory and Structure
Eating in Context
Preventing Nutritional Disorders
Micronutrients—Vitamins, Minerals, and Water
The Food Spectrum
What Your Body Does with Food
Intro—Cells and Macronutrients
Human Physiology and Immune Response
Organisms and Populations
Evolutionary Biology
Molecular Genetics
Heredity and Inheritance
Molecules and Cells
Grammar Follies
Agreeing with Grammar
Examining the Sentence
Adverbs, Prepositions, and Conjunctions
All about the Verb
Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives
The Past—Irregular Past
The Past—Regular Past
The Past—Was and Were
Verb + Infinitive
Days and Time
Question and Pointer Words
The Present Tense
Scientific Revolution : Part 2
Scientific Revolution : Part 1
The Age of Discovery
The Reformation
The Depression
The Roaring Twenties
The Progressive Era
The Gilded Age
From First Line to Last Draft
Researching and Rough Draft
Enter the Writer
The Declaration of Independence
The Judicial Branch of Government
The Executive Branch of Government
The Legislative Branch of Government
The United States Bill of Rights
The United States Constitution
Unsung Heroes : The Story of America's Female Patriots - Part 2
Unsung Heroes : The Story of America's Female Patriots - Part 1
The Bahamas
Great Barrier Reef
Cook Islands
Indian Ocean
The Himalaya Connection
Perfect 36 : When Women Won the Vote
Is America in Retreat?
Defeating Cancer : Precision Medicine and Personalized Care
Techno Sapiens
Oil-Power Vs E-Power
Nano Research and Energy
Smart Cities
Hormones in Cosmetics
Free Flight
Shanghai Deco
Discovering Bunuel
Discovering Zeffirelli
Looking for Truffaut
Jean-luc Cinema Godard
Discovering Huston
Music Videos That Defined the 90s
The Adventures of Pericles
The Taming of the Shrew
This Treatment Could Make Your Next Trip To The Dentist More Bearable
The Art Of Guantanamo Bay Detainees
Anti-Bias Lessons Help Preschoolers Hold Up A Mirror To Diversity
"The Hate U Give" Tackles Police Violence
Personalized Learning' Can Put College In Reach For Non-Traditional Students
Drought And Famine Threaten Life For Nomadic Somali Herders
What Happened When Struggling City Opened Its Arms To Refugees
At Mt. Vernon, Remembering The Enslaved People Who Built America
Fighting For Fresh Water Amid Climate Change In The Marshall Islands
Kenya Races Toward Goal Of Electrifying Every Household
Standard Deviants School Public Speaking : Conquering Stage Fright
Just the Facts, Documents of Destiny, Creating a New Nation
Earth Systems
Cell Structure
Bacteria and Archaea
The Importance of Soil
Units of Mass
Genetically Modified Organisms
Why Do Scientists Classify Organisms?
Satellite Mapping and GPS
Current GMO Research
Multiple Alleles : Blood Groups
Parent Genes and Offspring
DNA Sequencing Technologies
Biogeochemical Cycles and the Ocean
Incomplete Dominance
Modern Biological Classification
Human Genome Project : The Future
Human Genome Project : Accomplishments
Human Genome Project : Overview
The Promise of Group Therapy : The Beginning Phases
Group Dynamics and the New Heroism : The Ethical Alternative to the Stanford Prison Experiment
Lost in the Mall
When Someone You Love Can't Live at Home
The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
The Mosque Next Door, Episode 3
The Mosque Next Door, Episode 2
It's Making Sense
Size Matters
Replaceable Me
Fixing Pain
My Robot, My Friend
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Episode 8
Shenzhen, China, Episode 7
Barcelona, Spain, Episode 6
Ahmedabad, India, Episode 5
Singapore, Episode 4
Bandung, Indonesia, Episode 3
Higashimatsushima, Japan, Episode 2
Songdo, South Korea, Episode 1
The Saffron Revolution, Episode 5
Tolerance on Trial, Episode 4
Myanmar's Hardline Buddhists, Episode 3
The Hellfire Nation, Episode 2
The Road to Jihad, Episode 1
Meet the Makers
Mechanical Monsters
China on Film, Episode 2
China on Film, Episode 1
Accidental Anarchist
Images that Shook the World, Episode 6
We Say "NO" : The Young Rebel, Episode 5
An Age of Deception and Stealth, Episode 4
Who Let the Dictators Out? Episode 3
The New Rule of America's Powerful Families, Episode 2
One Hundred Years of Tragedy Begins, Episode 1
A Thin Wall : Stories from the Partition of India
The Dark Side of the Universe
Growing Up Different
The Spy Factory
Pocahontas Revealed
Craft in America : Music
Craft in America : Celebration
Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers : Voyage to the Galapagos
Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers : Life's Little Questions II
The Pilgrims