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TEDTalks Tali Sharot - The Optimism Bias
TEDTalks Svante Paabo, DNA Clues to Our Inner Neanderthal
TEDTalks Susan Solomon - The Promise of Research with Stem Cells
TEDTalks Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, Apes that Write, Start Fires, and Play Pac-Man
TEDTalks Susan Cain - The Power of Introverts
TEDTalks Susan Blackmore, Memes and Temes
TEDTalks : Sunitha Krishnan - Fighting Sex Slavery
TEDTalks Sugata Mitra - The Child-Driven Education
TEDTalks Steven Pinker, Chalking It Up to the Blank Slate
TEDTalks : Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein - The long reach of reason
TEDTalks Steven Levitt, Why Do Crack Dealers Still Live with Their Moms?
TEDTalks Steven Berlin Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From
TEDTalks Steve Howard - Let's go all-in on selling sustainability
TEDTalks Stanley McChrystal - Listen, Learn..Then Lead
TEDTalks Spencer Wells, Building a Family Tree for All Humanity
TEDTalks Sir Ken Robinson, Do Schools Kill Creativity?
TEDTalks Sir Ken Robinson, Bring on the Learning Revolution!
TEDTalks : Simon Sinek - Why good leaders make you feel safe
TEDTalks Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action
TEDTalks Shyam Sankar - The Rise of HumanComputer Cooperation
TEDTalks Shlomo Benartzi - Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow
TEDTalks Sheryl WuDunn - Our Century's Greatest Injustice
TEDTalks Sheryl Sandberg - Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders
TEDTalks Sherwin Nuland, My History of Electroshock Therapy
TEDTalks Sherry Turkle - Connected, But Alone?
TEDTalks Sheena Iyengar - The Art of Choosing
TEDTalks Sheena Iyengar - How to Make Choosing Easier
TEDTalks Shawn Achor - The Happy Secret to Better Work
TEDTalks : Shashi Tharoor - Why Nations Should Pursue "Soft" Power
TEDTalks Seth Godin, Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Delights
TEDTalks Seth Godin - Seth Godin on the Tribes We Lead
TEDTalks Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Inside the Google Machine
TEDTalks Scott Fraser - Why Eyewitnesses Get It Wrong
TEDTalks Sarah-Jayne Blakemore - The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain
TEDTalks Sarah Kay - If I Should Have a Daughter
TEDTalks Sam Harris - Science Can Answer Moral Questions
TEDTalks Salman Khan - Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education
TEDTalks Russell Foster - Why do we sleep?
TEDTalks Ruby Wax - What's So Funny About Mental Illness?
TEDTalks : Roselinde Torres - What it takes to be a great leader
TEDTalks Rory Sutherland - Perspective Is Everything
TEDTalks : Rory Sutherland - Life Lessons from an Ad Man
TEDTalks Ron Eglash, African Fractals
TEDTalks Rogier van der Heide - Why Light Needs Darkness
TEDTalks : Robert Waldinger, What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness
TEDTalks Robert Gordon - The death of innovation, the end of growth
TEDTalks Rob Harmon - How the Market Can Keep Streams Flowing
TEDTalks Rita Pierson - Every kid needs a champion
TEDTalks Richard Wilkinson - How Economic Inequality Harms Societies
TEDTalks : Richard St. John - "Success Is a Continuous Journey"
TEDTalks : Richard Preston - Climbing the World's Biggest Trees
TEDTalks Richard Dawkins, The Universe Is Queerer than We Can Suppose
TEDTalks Richard Baraniuk, Goodbye, Textbooks; Hello, Open-Source Learning
TEDTalks Reviving New York's Rivers - with Oysters
TEDTalks Rebecca MacKinnon, Let's Take Back the Internet
TEDTalks Ray Anderson - The Business Logic of Sustainability
TEDTalks Philip Zimbardo, The Demise of Guys?
TEDTalks Philip Zimbardo - How Ordinary People Become Monsters...Or Heroes
TEDTalks Phil Borges, Documenting Our Endangered Cultures
TEDTalks Peter Saul - Let's Talk About Dying
TEDTalks Peter Doolittle - How your "working memory" makes sense of the world
TEDTalks Peter Donnelly, How Juries Are Fooled by Statistics
TEDTalks Pawan Sinha, How Brains Learn to See
TEDTalks Paul Root Wolpe - It's Time to Question Bioengineering
TEDTalks : Paul Piff - Does money make you mean?
TEDTalks Patrick Chappatte - The Power of Cartoons
TEDTalks Patricia Kuhl - The Linguistic Genius of Babies
TEDTalks Paolo Cardini - Forget Multitasking; Try Monotasking
TEDTalks Paola Antonelli - Why I brought Pac-Man to MoMA
TEDTalks Pankaj Ghemawat - Actually, the World Isn't Flat
TEDTalks Paddy Ashdown - The Global Power Shift
TEDTalks Olafur Eliasson - Playing with Space and Light
TEDTalks : Noy Thrupkaew, Human trafficking is all around you. This is how it works
TEDTalks Noel Bairey Merz - The Single Biggest Health Threat Women Face
TEDTalks Nirmalya Kumar - India's Invisible Innovation
TEDTalks : Nina Jablonski - Breaking the Illusion of Skin Color
TEDTalks Nicholas Negroponte - One Laptop per Child, 2 Years On
TEDTalks Nicholas Christakis - The Hidden Future of Social Networks
TEDTalks Nicholas Christakis - How Social Networks Predict Epidemics
TEDTalks Nic Marks, The Happy Planet Index
TEDTalks Niall Ferguson - The 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity
TEDTalks Neil MacGregor - 2,600 Years of History in One Object
TEDTalks Natalie Merchant - Singing Old Poems to Life
TEDTalks Nancy Lublin - Texting That Saves Lives
TEDTalks : Nancy Etcoff - On the Surprising Science of Happiness
TEDTalks : Nadine Burke Harris, How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime
TEDTalks Mustafa Akyol, Faith Versus Tradition in Islam
TEDTalks Morgan Spurlock, The Greatest TEDTalk Ever Sold
TEDTalks : Monica Lewinsky, The price of shame
TEDTalks Misha Glenny, Hire the Hackers!
TEDTalks Misha Glenny - Investigating Global Crime Networks
TEDTalks Mikko Hypponen, Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net
TEDTalks Mike Biddle, We Can Recycle Plastic
TEDTalks : Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Creativity, Fulfillment, and Flow
TEDTalks Michael Tilson Thomas - Music and Emotion Through Time
TEDTalks Michael Specter - The Danger of Science Denial
TEDTalks Michael Sandel - Why we shouldn't trust markets with our civic life
TEDTalks Michael Porter - Why business can be good at solving social problems
TEDTalks Michael Merzenich, Exploring the Rewiring of the Brain
TEDTalks : Mellody Hobson - Color blind or color brave?
TEDTalks Megan Kamerick - Women Should Represent Women in Media
TEDTalks Matthieu Ricard, Habits of Happiness
TEDTalks Matt Ridley - When Ideas Have Sex
TEDTalks Martin Seligman, What Positive Psychology Can Help You Become
TEDTalks Markham Nolan - How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online
TEDTalks Mark Pagel, How Language Transformed Humanity
TEDTalks : Margaret Heffernan, Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work
TEDTalks Margaret Heffernan - Dare to Disagree
TEDTalks Malcolm Gladwell, What We Can Learn from Spaghetti Sauce
TEDTalks Madeleine Albright, On Being a Woman and a Diplomat
TEDTalks Maajid Nawaz, A Global Culture to Fight Extremism
TEDTalks Louise Leakey, Digging for Humanity's Origins
TEDTalks Loretta Napoleoni - The Intricate Economics of Terrorism
TEDTalks Liz Coleman, A Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education
TEDTalks : Linda Hill, How to manage for collective creativity
TEDTalks Leymah Gbowee - Unlock the Intelligence, Passion, and Greatness of Girls
TEDTalks : Leyla Acaroglu - Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore
TEDTalks Leslie Morgan Steiner - Why domestic violence victims don't leave
TEDTalks Lee Cronin, Making Matter Come Alive
TEDTalks Lauren Zalaznick, The Conscience of Television
TEDTalks Laura Cartensen - Older People Are Happier
TEDTalks Larry Smith - Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career
TEDTalks Kevin Slavin, How Algorithms Shape Our World
TEDTalks Kevin Kelly, Predicting the Next 5,000 Days of the Web
TEDTalks Kevin Kelly Tells Techology's Epic Story
TEDTalks Kevin Kelly - How Does Technology Evolve? Like We Did
TEDTalks Kelly McGonigal - How to make stress your friend
TEDTalks Kelli Swazey - Life that doesn't end with death
TEDTalks Kathryn Schulz-Don't Regret Regret
TEDTalks Kate Hartman, The Art of Wearable Communication
TEDTalks Justin Hall-Tipping, Freeing Energy from the Grid
TEDTalks : Julie Taymor - Spider - Man, The Lion King and life on the creative edge
TEDTalks Julian Treasure, 5 Ways to Listen Better
TEDTalks : Julian Treasure - How to speak so that people want to listen
TEDTalks Joshua Walters, On Being Just Crazy Enough
TEDTalks Joshua Foer - Feats of Memory Anyone Can Do
TEDTalks Josette Sheeran, Ending Hunger Now
TEDTalks : Joseph Pine - What Do Consumers Really Want?
TEDTalks : Jonathan Zittrain - The Web as Random Acts of Kindness
TEDTalks Jonathan Haidt - Religion, Evolution, and the Ecstasy of Self-Transcendence
TEDTalks Jonathan Foley - The Other Inconvenient Truth
TEDTalks Jonathan Drori, The Beautiful Tricks of Flowers
TEDTalks : Jon Ronson, When online shaming spirals out of control
TEDTalks John Wooden, Coaching for People, Not Points
TEDTalks John Wilbanks - Let's Pool Our Medical Data
TEDTalks John McWhorter - Txtng is killing language. JK!!!
TEDTalks John Hunter, The World Peace Game
TEDTalks John Graham-Cumming - The Greatest Machine That Never Was
TEDTalks John Gerzema - The Post-crisis Consumer
TEDTalks Johanna Blakley - Social Media and the End of Gender
TEDTalks Joe Sabia, The Technology of Storytelling
TEDTalks Joan Halifax, Compassion and the True Meaning of Empathy
TEDTalks : Joachim de Posada - Don't Eat the Marshmallow Yet
TEDTalks Jim Fallon, Exploring the Mind of a Killer
TEDTalks Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight
TEDTalks Jessa Gamble - Our Natural Sleep Cycle
TEDTalks : Jared Diamond - Why Societies Collapse
TEDTalks Janine Benyus, 12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature
TEDTalks Jane Fonda - Life's Third Act
TEDTalks Jamie Oliver - TED Prize Wish, Teach Every Child About Food
TEDTalks James Watson, The Double Helix and Today's DNA Mysteries
TEDTalks James Surowiecki, When Social Media Became News
TEDTalks James Hansen - Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change
TEDTalks James Flynn - Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents'
TEDTalks Jackson Katz - Violence against women it's a men's issue
TEDTalks Jack Horner, Building a Dinosaur from a Chicken
TEDTalks J. J. Abrams, The Mystery Box
TEDTalks Itay Talgam, How to Lead Like the Great Conductors
TEDTalks Ian Goldin - Navigating Our Global Future
TEDTalks His Holiness the Karmapa - The Technology of the Heart
TEDTalks Hetain Patel - Who am I? Think again
TEDTalks Helen Fisher, The Science of Love, and the Future of Women
TEDTalks Helen Fisher, The Brain in Love
TEDTalks Harvey Fineberg, Are We Ready for the Neo-evolution?
TEDTalks : Harish Manwani - Profit's not always the point
TEDTalks Hans Rosling, New Insights on Poverty and Life Around the World
TEDTalks Hans Rosling, Debunking Third-World Myths with the Best Stats You've Ever Seen
TEDTalks Hans Rosling - The Magic Washing Machine
TEDTalks Hans Rosling - The How and When of Asia's Rise
TEDTalks Hans Rosling - Religions and Babies
TEDTalks Hans Rosling - Global Population Growth
TEDTalks Hanna Rosin - New Data on the Rise of Women
TEDTalks : Guy Winch, Why we all need to practice emotional first aid
TEDTalks : Glenn Greenwald - Why privacy matters
TEDTalks Gero Miesenboeck - Reengineering a Brain
TEDTalks Georgette Mulheir - The Tragedy of Orphanages
TEDTalks Geoffrey West - The Surprising Math of Cities and Corporations
TEDTalks Geoffrey Canada - Our failing schools. Enough is enough!
TEDTalks Gary Kovacs - Tracking the Trackers
TEDTalks Frans de Waal - Moral Behavior in Animals
TEDTalks : Franco Sacchi - This Is Nollywood
TEDTalks Elyn Saks - A Tale of Mental Illness…from the Inside
TEDTalks Elon Musk - The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity ..
TEDTalks Elliot Krane, The Mystery of Chronic Pain
TEDTalks Elizabeth Loftus - The fiction of memory
TEDTalks : Elizabeth Gilbert - A Different Way to Think About Creative Genius
TEDTalks Elif Shafak - The Politics of Fiction
TEDTalks Eleanor Longden - The voices in my head
TEDTalks Edith Widder, The Weird, Wonderful World of Bioluminescence
TEDTalks Ed Boyden, A Light Switch for Neurons
TEDTalks Eames Demetrios - The Design Genius of Charles and Ray Eames
TEDTalks Drew Dudley - Everyday Leadership
TEDTalks Don Tapscott - Four Principles for the Open World
TEDTalks Dianna Cohen, Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution
TEDTalks Diane Benscoter, How Cults Rewire the Brain
TEDTalks Diana Laufenberg - How to Learn? From Mistakes
TEDTalks Denis Dutton - A Darwinian Theory of Beauty
TEDTalks Debate - Does the World Need Nuclear Energy?
TEDTalks Deb Roy - The Birth of a Word
TEDTalks Dean Ornish - Your Genes Are Not Your Fate
TEDTalks : Dean Ornish - Healing and Other Natural Wonders
TEDTalks David R. Dow - Lessons from Death Row Inmates
TEDTalks David McKay - A Reality Check on Renewables
TEDTalks David Logan - On Tribal Leadership
TEDTalks : David Holt - The Stories and Song of Appalachia
TEDTalks David Christian - Big History
TEDTalks : David Carson - Design, Discovery, and Humor
TEDTalks David Cameron - The Next Age of Government
TEDTalks David Bolinsky, Fantastic Voyage Inside a Cell
TEDTalks : Dave Isay, Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear
TEDTalks Dave deBronkart, Meet e-Patient Dave
TEDTalks Daphne Koller - What We're Learning from Online Education
TEDTalks Daphne Bavelier - Your Brain on Video Games
TEDTalks Daniel Wolpert, The Real Reason for Brains
TEDTalks Daniel Tammet, Different Ways of Knowing
TEDTalks : Daniel Reisel - The neuroscience of restorative justice
TEDTalks : Daniel Libeskind - 17 Words of Architectural Inspiration
TEDTalks Daniel Kraft, Medicine's Future? There's an App for That
TEDTalks Daniel H. Cohen - For argumen's sake
TEDTalks Daniel Goleman, Why Aren't We All Good Samaritans?
TEDTalks Dan Pink, The Surprising Science of Motivation
TEDTalks Dan Meyer, Math Class Needs a Makeover
TEDTalks Dan Gilbert, Why Are We Happy? Why Aren't We Happy?
TEDTalks Dan Gilbert, How We Are Deceived by Our Own Miscalculations of the Future
TEDTalks Dan Cobley - What Physics Taught Me About Marketing
TEDTalks Dan Buettner - How to Live to Be 100+
TEDTalks Damon Horowitz, Philosophy in Prison
TEDTalks Damon Horowitz, A "Moral Operating System"
TEDTalks Dalia Mogahed - The Attitudes That Sparked Arab Spring
TEDTalks Conrad Wolfram - Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers
TEDTalks Colin Stokes - How movies teach manhood
TEDTalks Chris Anderson, Technology's Long Tail
TEDTalks Chip Kidd - Designing Books Is No Laughing Matter (OK, It Is)
TEDTalks Chimamanda Adichie - The Danger of a Single Story
TEDTalks Charles Limb - Your Brain on Improv
TEDTalks Charles Leadbeater - Education Innovation in the Slums
TEDTalks Carl Schoonover - How to Look Inside the Brain
TEDTalks Bunker Roy, Learning from a Barefoot Movement
TEDTalks Bryan Stevenson - We Need to Talk About an Injustice
TEDTalks Bobby Ghosh - Why Global Jihad Is Losing