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Shreveport Officers Kill Cell Phone Wielder
Should Government Exist?
Should Banks Be Public Utilities?
Short Statured
Haircutting : short graduation
Shimon's return
Shifting Years with Laura Goodrich
Shifting Seasons Lead to Sour Year for Michigan Cherry Farmers
Sherpur, Bangladesh A Good Samaritan Among Allah's Poor
Sherlock Holmes--The First Great Detective
Sherlock Holmes
Sheep Eaters - Hunting and Fishing
Sharing Paradise
Sharing is the New Owning
Shape-shifting Bat Ears May Inspire Better Microphones, Navigation
Shame on you
Shakespeare's Theater and Stagecraft
Shakespeare's Sonnets
Shakespeare's First Folio
Shakespeare: A Mirror to Man
Sexual stereotypes
Sexual Abuse Disclosure
Severe Early Trauma II: Therapy for Adult Survivors
Several Countries Join European Free Trade Association ca. 1959
Setting Agendas and Taking Minutes
Set Over Nations
Service impact!
Sergio Vieira de Mello: En Route to Baghdad
Separation Techniques
Semi-permanent colour
Semana Santa in Seville
Selling Products Globally
Selim the Grim
Self-Giving Love According to John
Self-Feeding in the Child with Special Needs
Self-Driving Trucks : What Could Make Automation Safe for You
Selecting and Storing Fruits and Vegetables
Selected Sonnets
Segmenting, targeting, and positioning
Seeing Planets Like Never Before
Secure Smartcard Encryption
Secrets of the Dead - Vampire Legend
Secrets of Successful Golf: How to Break Par
Secrets of Successful Golf: How to Break 90
Secret Uprising
Second Siege of Vienna
Second Derivative Test Calculus-Applications of Derivatives: Optimization
Seamus Heaney's Poetry of Remembrance
Seafood-From Market to Plate
Screenwriting Anatomy of a Script with Writer-Director Don Roos
Scraphouse : San Francisco
Scraphouse San Francisco
Scott Summit
Scotland Rome's Final Frontier
Scotland Artisan Cheeses from the Highlands and Islands
Scoring Films : Bernard Herrmann
Science : anytime, anyplace
Schubert-Piano Sonata No. 21 in B-flat Major
Schizophrenia and delusional disorders
Scent of green papaya
Scarlet street
Scared Sacred
Scandal Makers
SC Trooper Shot
SC Officer Struck by Suspect in Vehicle
Saving The Lifekeepers The New Science of Sustainable Beekeeping
Saving Lives Stopping Anaphylaxis-An Allergic Emergency
Save My Lake
Saul Bellow's Seize the Day
Saul Bellow
Sauces-From Beurre Blanc to Bechamel
Satellites and Satellite Communications
Sartre Camus A Fractured Friendship
Saqqara: The Cult of the Dead
Santorini-Impact of Volcanic Eruptions
Sandra Day O'Connor Answers Questions During Senate Confirmation Hearings ca. 1981
Sandra Day O'Connor :Supreme Court's first female justice (Commonwealth Club)
Sanctuary: Quite A Conundrum
San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy previews 2013
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro :Democrats' rising star (Commonwealth Club)
Sampling distributions and large samples
Sampling Distributions
Samples and Surveys
Sam Shepard, Jerome Max, Herb Gardner, Justin Mamis, and Rosalyn Drexler Discuss Playwriting
Sam Schonzeit
Sam Ervin Leads Senate Hearings Investigating the Watergate Scandal ca. 1973
Salvador Dalí
Salads from the Cold Kitchen
Saladin: Chivalry and Conquest
Safety last!
Safe Havens, Part 2
Safavid Dynasty of Persia
Sacred space art, architecture, and the role of the state
Ryan's Well
Ryanair revolutionizing the airline industry
Russians Revolt in Petrograd ca. 1917
Russian Workers Revolt ca. 1905
Russian Revolutions Sex, Lies, and Nuclear Weapons
Russia: Napoleon Retreats in the Snow—1812
Russia Is a Marginal Power A Debate
Russia Betrayed?:Voices of the Opposition
Russia A Closer Look
Rupture Living with My Broken Brain
Running on Lithium A New Way to Travel
Royal Saltworks of Arc-Et-Senans
Rouch's Gang
Rotating Figures in Coordinate space Geometry-Introduction to Geometry
Ronald Reagan, the Man Great Communicator Series
Ronald Reagan on the Military and the Soviet Union
Ronald Reagan Nominates Sandra Day O'Connor to Serve as the First Female Member of the Supreme Court ca. 1981
Ronald Reagan Expresses His Hopes for Federal Judiciary ca. 1986
Ronald Reagan Delivers His First Inaugural Address ca. 1981. Part 4
Ronald Reagan Delivers "Star Wars" Speech ca. 1983. Part 2
Ronald Reagan Delivers "Star Wars" Speech ca. 1983. Part 1
Ronald Reagan Criticizes President Jimmy Carter's Foreign Policies During the 1980 Election ca. 1980
Ronald Reagan Criticizes Jimmy Carter in Campaign Ad ca. 1980
Ronald Reagan Address the Country after the Challenger Shuttle Explosion ca. 1986
Ronald Reagan 030776
Ronald Reagan 010966
Ronald Reagan - The Life and Legacy: Impact and Legacy
Rome's Invisible City
Romeo and Juliet-Words, Words, Words
Romeo and Juliet Interpretations
Romeo and Juliet : Minor Characters
Romeo and Juliet
Romanesque at Its Best
Roman Heroes and Traitors
Roman Emperors: Good, Bad, and Crazy
Roman de Gare
Roman Britain and the Origins of King Arthur
Opera Easy Roméo et Juliette
Roma Stories (Japigia Gagì)
Rolle's Theorem Calculus-Applications of Derivatives: Mean Value Theorem
Role Plays and Work Tests
Rojas la celestina
Rockets and avalanches moving bodies with variable mass
Rock of Gibraltar-Catastrophic Floods
Robot Tuatara
Robinson Crusoe--A Lone Survivor
Robin Hood--The Outlaw Hero
Robin Hood
Roberto Rossellini
Roberto Bolano
Roberto Bolano
Robert Pinsky : An Interviw
Robert Morgan
Robert Martin : The People's Advocate
Robert Hass : An Interview
Robert Frost New England in Autumn
Robert F. Kennedy Is Assassinated ca. 1968
Robert F. Kennedy Climbs Mount Kennedy ca. 1968
Robert Coles: an intimate biographical interview
Riots in Puerto Rico Fuel an Assassination Attempt on Harry S. Truman ca. 1950
Rio de Janeiro Urban Future
Opera Easy Rigoletto
Rightsizing Inventory
Right triangles and the Pythagorean theorem
Riemann Sums, Right Endpoints Calculus-Integrals: Approximating Area
Riemann Sums, Midpoints Calculus-Integrals: Approximating Area
Riemann Sums, left Endpoints Calculus-Integrals: Approximating Area
Rick Wakeman. Classical Wakeman-Live in Lugano Vol. 1
Richard Serra to see is to think
Richard Nixon's Visit to China, 1972
Richard Nixon, from The WPA Film Library Speeches Collection
Richard Nixon Nominates Warren Burger to the Supreme Court ca. 1969
Richard Nixon Delivers his First Inaugural Address ca. 1969
Richard Nixon Believes that a "Just Peace" Is Possible in Vietnam ca. 1970
Richard Nixon Announces Resignations of John Ehrlichman and H. R. Haldeman During the Watergate Scandal ca. 1973
Richard M. Nixon 091452
Richard M. Nixon 041088
Richard II with Derek Jacobi
Revolution in Crisis-Summer 1793
Revolution and New Beginnings
Review of Regular -μι Verbs
Review of biology design for living
Reveal moments : microaggressions and race
Reunion Dialog and Reconciliation in Kosovo
Return to Year Zero?
Return to Virunga
Restoring Alaska
Responding to Outbreaks
Resonance-Surprises in the Intricate Dance
Republicans Gain Seats in 1966 Elections ca. 1966
Reproduction designer babies
Reporters Inquire about Hugo Black's Membership in the Ku Klux Klan ca. 1937
Replacing the Suicide Economy David Korten
Repeated Quadratic Factors. Calculus-Integrals: Partial Fractions Example 2
Rennie Davis Discusses Protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention ca. 1968
Renewal: Enhanced Stories
Renewable Sources of Electricity
Removable Discontinuities Calculus-Limits & Continuity: Continuity
Remnants of the Past-Andean Culture Today
Remaking American Medicine "First Do No Harm"
Remains of a river : from source to sea down the Colorado
Religion in the New Age
Religion and Conflict
Relative, Interrogative & Indefinite Pronouns
Relational Logic
Regulation, Innovation, Excess
Regular -μι Verbs in the MiddlePassive
Regular -μι Verbs in the Active
Regular -er and -ir Verbs in the Preterite
Regular -er and -ir Verbs in the Present
Regular -ar Verbs in the Preterite
Regular -ar Verbs in the Present
Reflexive Verbs
Reflecting Figures in Coordinate space Geometry-Introduction to Geometry
Reel Injun
Reed Instruments
Redemption Impossible In the Midst of Humans
Red road
Recursion and Running Times
Rectilinear Motion Calculus-Applications of Integrals: Physics
Recruitment Interview Techniques (Interviewers)
Reconstructing the Greek Trireme
Recipe for Good Health
Recession and Recovery Dispatches from the IMF-Clip Collection
Receptionist Interviews
Recently Seen in Theaters
ReCall Florida
Rebounding from Job Loss
Real Life Teens Teen Depression
Real Life Teens Stress
Real Life Teens Staying Focused
Real Life Teens Self-Destruction
Real Life Teens Media Impact and Influences
Reading a ruler English and metric measurements
Ray Harryhausen: The Master Of Animation
Rating the Ratings Agencies
Ranger 9 Sends Pictures of the Moon to Earth ca. 1965
Ramona A Story of Passion and Protest
Ralph Rush
Ralph Nader on How Progressives and Libertarians Are Taking on Corrupt Democrats and Republicans
Ralph Ellison's Legacy
Ralph Bunche Discusses United Nations Policy to End Wars ca. 1951
Raging renovations home improvement trend