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Prejudice and the Human Brain (Part One)
Psychology of Gender, The (Part Two)
Psychology of Gender, The (Part One)
Psychology of Prejudice, The (Part Two)
Abraham Lincoln and the Truth About Prejudice
Market Experiments
Mental Accounting
Probability and Stereotypes
Psychology of Single Questions, The
Psychology of Prediction, The
Shades of Gray
Ethical Dilemmas and Research Studies
Proving That Mind, The is Malleable
Ramona Family Case, The
Understanding Depression
Children and Violence
Helping Families Cope
HIVAIDS : Doctors Who Care
HIVAIDS : As Awareness Grew
HIVAIDS in Developing Countries
HIVAIDS : In the Beginning
Speaking for the Voiceless
Family Violence
Elder Abuse
Forensics and Violence
Children and Violence (Part One)
Violence : Emotional and Physical
AIDS and the Reagan Administration
Language and Thought Through Time
Prejudice and the Human Brain (Part Three)
Psychology of Prejudice, The (Part Three)
Counterfactual Thinking
Adversarial Collaboration
Entitlement and Fairness
Decisions and Uncertainty
Heuristic Model : Availability, The
Heuristic Model : Representativeness, The
Intuition and Perception
When A Study Ends
Advising Therapists
False Memories (Part Two)
False Memories (Part One)
Post-Event Suggestion
Age and Susceptibility to Memory Distortion
Prestige Enhancing Memory Distortions
Pros and Cons of Recalling Repressed Memories
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part Four)
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part Three)
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part Two)
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part One)
Memory Contamination (Part Two)
Memory Contamination (Part One)
Memory Distortion
Remembering Significant Events
Good Health
Stigma of Mental Illness, The
Alzheimer's Disease : Prevention and Protection (Part Two)
Schizophrenia and the Brain
Rehabilitating the Schizophrenic
Psychotherapy Options
Depression or Anxiety?
Progress in Treating Mental Illnesses
Recognizing Depression
Depression and Medication (Part Two)
Depression and the Brain
Depression and Medication (Part One)
Depression : Available Treatments
Obesity and Genetics
Harm Avoidance (Part Two)
Violent Behavior and Gender
Nature vs. Nurture (Part Two)
Violence and Genetics
Serotonin and Violence
Novelty Seekers
Nature vs. Nurture (Part One)
DNA Similarities
Prenatal Care and Postnatal Activities
Causes of Mental Retardation
Fighting HIVAIDS in the Future
HIVAIDS : Blood Supply Safety
Violence as a Health Risk
Hegel and the Goals of Life
Sexual Orientation : Growing Up Different
Gender Equality
Women Who Act Tough
War Between the Sexes, The
Opposition to Gay Marriage
Exuberance and Happiness
What Is Social Psychology?
Suggestive Techniques
Traumatic Amnesia and Massive Repression (Part Five)
Schizophrenia and Medication
Harm Avoidance (Part One)
Novelty Seekers : Negative Consequences
Genetics of Personality, The
Role of DNA, The
The Future : America's Surveillance State—Part 6
Insider Threats : America's Surveillance State—Part 5
The Surveillance Industrial Complex : America's Surveillance State—Part 4
Rise of The Press : America's Surveillance State—Part 3
Inside The NSA, How Do They Spy : America's Surveillance State—Part 2
The Persians
The Maya: Death Empire
The Aztecs
Palau : Take a Long Line
Japan : Return of the Samurai
East Timor : The Clinic
Gross National Happiness Conference : Ron Colman
Promising Breast Cancer Treatment Averts 'Collateral Damage' to Healthy Cells
Rising Seas Threaten Native American Land in Louisiana
The Rolling Stones : Under Review—1962–1966
The Big Picture : Army Divers' School
United News, Release 206 (1946) : Air Freight by Parachute
Bill Moyers Journal : Obama's First Year America's Energy Challenge
Bill Moyers Journal : Critical Condition
Bill Moyers Journal : Media Analysis Jeremy Scahill on the Costs of War
Bill Moyers Journal : Philippe Sands on Torture Nurses on Healthcare
Bill Moyers Journal : Mission Accomplished in Iraq? Contexts and Subtexts of the ObamaClinton Race
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Eugene Delacroix
Across the River : Saving America's Inner Cities
America : What Went Wrong?
Chinese Prison Labor : Inside China?s Gulag
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
Visual History Testimonies
The Culture of Poverty
The visual language of Herbert Matter
The Periwig maker
Hunting and gathering = Ensemble, c'est tout
The addictive brain. The psychology and neuroscience of reward. Episode 2,
The addictive brain. How addiction hijacks the brain. Episode 3,
The addictive brain. Why we crave coffee and cigarettes. Episode 6,
Do I have to take care of everything? : Pitääkö mun kaikki hoitaa?
Prison state
The lover = L'amant
Tickling giants
The big history of civilizations. African kingdoms and trade. Episode 30,
3801 Lancaster : American tragedy
Call of cuteness
A single life
2 days in Paris
A letter to Momo = Momo e no tegami
The cow who wanted to be a hamburger
American Jesus
Been rich all my life
Patema inverted = Sakasama no Patema
Symphony of the soil
Where soldiers come from
Ishi's return
Summertime = La belle saison
The Search for Ulysses
The Saudis
McCarthy Reconsidered
Oklahoma City Bombing
Little Dorrit Episode 4
Bleak House Episode 7
Bleak House Episode 2
Bleak House Episode 1
The Early Mughal Empire
The Meaning of Personal Space
Files and Strings
CBT for Self-Depreciation
Dido's Problem
A Return to Parallelism
Free Enterprise
Empires of Oil
Dirty Gertie
The Exile
The Subjunctive Mood
The Perfect System in the MiddlePassive
Forming and Using Infinitives
Perfect & Pluperfect Active
The Root Aorist
Verbs in the Future & Aorist Tenses
Adjective Forms & Second-Declension Nouns
Under Observation
Ottomans Seize Constantinople
What Do Minds Do, If Anything?
National Geographic Filmmaker: Producer Kathleen Jones
Drive-In Horrorshow
The First Silent Night
Frontline: My Brother's Bomber Part III
Brewster's millions
Hester Street
Passing the AIA Structural Exam
FRONTLINE - Kind Hearted Woman Part 2
FRONTLINE - Kind Hearted Woman Part 1
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Florida Information Protection Act of 2014
Enfermedad de Alzheimer's y Desordenes Relacionados
Derechos de Los Clientes en Hogar de Salud
Alzheimer's Disease: Is It Delirium or Dementia
How Writers Handle Rejection
Writing Your Novel or Memoir Synopsis
What to Expect from a Literary Agent
Jesus's Prophecy: Jerusalem's Destruction
Chess Openings: The Right and Wrong Way
Triangulation and Two Critical Rook Endgames
Kings and Pawns in Next-Level Endgames
Secrets of the Pawns and Knights
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies Part 3
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies Part 2
Chaplin's Essanay Comedies Part 1
Films by Alice Anne Parker
Films by Constance Beeson - Volume 2
Films by Constance Beeson - Volume 1
Science Key Concepts: Physics
Frank Lloyd Wright
Relapse Dynamics: It's a Thought Process
Enriching the Legend—Tristan and Isolde
Titrating Acids and Bases
Weak Acids and Bases
Strong Acids and Bases-General Properties
Advanced Stoichiometry
The Anxieties of Corradin
No Way Out
The Whims of Fate
The Human Bridge
The Implacable Verdict
The Secret of the Pond
Sworn to the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella
Videofashion Collections Volume 8 AutumnWinter 2015-16 Episode 23: Paris
Videofashion Collections Volume 8 AutumnWinter 2015-16 Episode 22: Paris
Videofashion Collections Volume 8 AutumnWinter 2015-16 Episode 21: Paris
Managing People Problems Series
Recruiting & Developing High Achievers Series
The Norman Conquest
Golden Venture
Winston Smith--The Hero We Never Want to Be
Making Great Pictures
French Regions: Rh?ne, Languedoc, Provence
French Regions: Burgundy and Alsace
Simple to Elegant - Custards
Mixing It Up - Methods for Cakes
Handle with Care - Basic Doughs
Mediterranean Spices--Exotic Blends
Mexico--Chiles for Every Palate
India--Heart of the Spice World