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ATF :The Enforcers
Breaking Point :Heroin in America
Chasing Heroin
Drug Forensics
Black Metal Veins
Chasing Heroin
Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt
Every Child is Born A Poet
Fighting The Dragon With Luck
Hairkutt :breaking the heroin death grip
Heroin :Cape Cod, USA
Heroin :new high school high
Heroines :walk on the wild side through the lens of Lincoln Clarkes
Hooked On Painkillers
Inside Afghan heroin
Kids and Heroin :A Wake-Up Call to Parents
Living with Dying
From the badlands to redemption
Life Inside Jail, Hell on Earth.Episode 1
Media ethics
Fall to Grace
Myanmar :Poppyland
One life :detox or die?
Opiate Addiction :Understanding Replacement Therapy
Our Hopes Have Been Shattered
Painkillers :numbing the mind
Streets of Plenty :Inside the World of the Homeless
The all-American drug :heroin in suburbia and the heartland
The Doctor and the reverend
The Next generation
The Other China Boom.Part 1
The Substance in Question
Sound of Redemption
The Italian connection
The Sun Never Sets
The golden triangle :forbidden land of opium
My friend Jenny :portrait of an addict
Agonia :Agony
Britain's secret war on drugs
George Kirby presents King Heroin
Jailbirds.Episode 2
Jailbirds.Episode 4
No hope for parole
Where have all the addicts gone?
Hooked.Opium & heroin
Relapse and recovery :the screening, assessment & treatment of substance use disorders.Part 1
Relapse and recovery :the screening, assessment & treatment of substance use disorders.Part 2
Addicted to heroin
Afghanistan's opium trail
Fighting a New Heroin War
Harm reduction therapy for addictions
Heroin :What Am I Going to Do?
Heroin Hits Home
Intervention.10,Kelly F. and Mark
Junkie next door :women and heroin
Missouri Police Task Force Battles Heroin Epidemic
Substance misuse
The morphine murderer
The Severe Dangers of Opioid Painkiller Fentanyl
Drug Raid in Hong Kong, 1967
The Boxer Rebellion