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Germany Invades Poland ca. 1939
Great Britain Grants Egypt Independence ca. 1922
Great Britain Rations Chicken Feed ca. 1942
Grenadians Talk to U.S. Soldiers ca. 1983
Haile Selassie Pleads for Assistance from the League of Nations ca. 1936
Haile Selassie Returns to Ethiopia ca. 1941
Harlem Globetrotters Play a Game at Madison Square Garden ca. 1958
Harry S. Truman Announces His Fair Deal Program ca. 1949
Harry S. Truman Announces the Truman Doctrine to Congress ca. 1947
Harry S. Truman Calls for "Campaign of Truth" Against Communist Propaganda ca. 1950
Harry S. Truman Dedicates Preservation of Constitution and the Declaration of Independence ca. 1951
Harry S. Truman Defeats Thomas Dewey ca. 1948
Harry S. Truman Hints at the Possibility of Using Atomic Weapons in the Korean War ca. 1950
Harry S. Truman Takes the Oath of Office ca. 1945
Hawaiians Celebrate Statehood ca. 1959
Helen Keller Meets with John F. Kennedy ca. 1961
Helicopter Crews Rescue Injured Soldiers in Vietnam ca. 1967
Helicopters Transport Vietnam War Casualties ca. 1960
Hippies Descend on Piccadilly Circus in London ca. 1969
Housewives Care for Children ca. 1953
Housewives Cook in the Kitchen ca. 1950
Huey Long Describes his "Share Our Wealth" Program ca. 1935
Idi Amin Takes Power in Uganda ca. 1971
Immigrants Arrive in New York Harbor ca. 1900s
Independence Leads to the Congo Crisis ca. 1960
Indian Refugees Flee Violence Following the Division of India and Pakistan ca. 1947
Indian Workers Prepare to Plant Tea ca. 1921
International Protestors Demonstrate against President Reagan's "Star Wars" Program ca. 1980s
Iraqi Pipeline Is Opened ca. 1952
Israel Joins the United Nations ca. 1949
Israeli Planes Bomb Damascus During the Yom Kippur War ca. 1973
Italian Fascist Youth March ca. 1938
Jack and Myra Sobel and Jacob Alban Are Arrested for Espionage ca. 1957
Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers Play Baseball During the 1947 World Series ca. 1947
James McCord Demonstrates a Wiretap ca. 1973
James Meredith Is Shot on the Second Day of a Civil Rights March ca. 1966
James W. Rouse Discusses Suburban Planning ca. 1987
Japanese Americans Arrive at the Crystal City Internment Camp ca. 1940s
Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor ca. 1941
Japanese Fighter Planes Attack a U.S. Aircraft Carrier ca. 1944
Japanese Suicide Bombers Attack American Ships ca. 1945
Jewish Refugees Flee Germany aboard the SS St. Louis ca. 1939
Jews and Arabs Riot in Palestine ca. 1947
Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev Sign SALT II ca. 1979
Jimmy Carter Warns of the Danger of Nuclear War ca. 1981
Jimmy Hoffa Begins Prison Sentence ca. 1967
John Dean Answers Questions at the Watergate Hearings ca. 1973
John Dean Testifies before the Watergate Committee ca. 1973
John Dillinger Is Killed by FBI Agents ca. 1934
John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon Campaign for President ca. 1960
John F. Kennedy Approves the Sale of American Wheat to the Soviet Union ca. 1963
John F. Kennedy Argues for More Stringent Government Control over Pharmaceuticals ca. 1962
John F. Kennedy Celebrates the Birth of John F. Kennedy, Jr. ca. 1960
John F. Kennedy Declares that United States Will Not Allow Soviet Military Forces in Cuba ca. 1961
John F. Kennedy Delivers His "Ich bin ein Berliner" Speech ca. 1963
John F. Kennedy Delivers His Civil Rights Speech ca. 1963
John F. Kennedy Delivers State of the Union Address in 1961 ca. 1961
John F. Kennedy Discusses Vietnam at a Press Conference ca. 1962
John F. Kennedy Gives His "We Choose to Go to the Moon" Speech ca. 1962
John F. Kennedy Meets with Nikita Khrushchev for the First Time ca. 1961
John F. Kennedy Reacts to Supreme Court Decision Outlawing School Prayer ca. 1962
John L. Lewis Signs a New Contract for the United Mine Workers (UMW) ca. 1950
John Poindexter Appears before Hearing on the Iran-Contra Affair ca. 1986
Johnson Welcomes Wounded Soldiers Home from Vietnam ca. 1966
Jordanians Celebrate Independence in Amman ca. 1946
Joseph McCarthy Appears at Army-McCarthy Hearings ca. 1954
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Are Convicted of Espionage ca. 1953
Jury Hears Arguments in the Scopes Trial ca. 1925
Kefauver Committee Investigates Organized Crime ca. 1951
Ku Klux Klan Members Hold Demonstration in Washington ca. 1925
Laika Launches into Orbit aboard Sputnik 2 ca. 1958
Latino Youths Play Stickball in South Bronx ca. 1965
Lawrence Hogan Condemns Nixon Administration ca. 1974
Lech Walesa Meets with Solidarity Members ca. 1981
Les Aspin Recommends Quotas for Women in the Military ca. 1984
Life in the San Quentin Penitentiary ca. 1971
Lincoln Center Opens in New York City ca. 1966
Lincoln White Speaks on the Necessity of Surveillance ca. 1951
Lou Gehrig Announces His Retirement to Fans at Yankee Stadium ca. 1939
Lyndon B. Johnson Addresses Congress on his Great Society Programs ca. 1965
Lyndon B. Johnson and Harry S. Truman Announce Medicare Program ca. 1966
Lyndon B. Johnson Announces the Gulf of Tonkin Incident ca. 1964
Lyndon B. Johnson Appoints Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court ca. 1967
Lyndon B. Johnson Argues for Voting Rights Act During the 1965 State of the Union Address ca. 1965
Lyndon B. Johnson Proposes Tax a Increase to Fund the Vietnam War ca. 1967
Lyndon B. Johnson Receives Mexican President Lopez Mateos at His Ranch in Texas ca. 1959
Lyndon B. Johnson Signs the Medicare Act ca. 1965
Lyndon B. Johnson Signs the Voting Rights Act of 1965 ca. 1965
Man Visits the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall ca. 1988
Manfred von Richthofen (the "Red Baron") Takes Off in a Triplane ca. 1917
Marie Curie Conducts Research in Laboratory ca. 1910s
Marines Invade Iwo Jima ca. 1945
Mark Twain Drinks Tea with Two Women ca. 1909
Martin Luther King Jr. Delivers his " I Have Been to the Mountain Top" Speech ca. 1968
Martin Luther King Jr. Is Announced the Winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize ca. 1964
Martin Luther King Jr. Leads March in Montgomery, Alabama ca. 1965
Martin Luther King Jr. Receives the Nobel Peace Prize ca. 1964
McGeorge Bundy Discusses the Challenges of Guerilla Combat in Vietnam ca. 1965
Members of Congress Question Reagan Administration Officials on Civil Defense Plans ca. 1982.Part 1
Members of Congress Question Reagan Administration Officials on Civil Defense Plans ca. 1982.Part 2
Members of Parliament Tour Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen at the end of World War II ca. 1945
Mercenaries Invade Bay of Pigs ca. 1961
Mercury Program Astronauts Experience Weightlessness ca. 1959
Miners Sift for Diamonds in South Africa ca. 1959
Miners Strike in Johannesburg, South Africa ca. 1922
Models Showing Off Shoes ca. 1970
Mohandas Gandhi Speaks Before a Crowd ca. 1922
Montage Celebrating the Life of Babe Ruth ca. 1948
Mount Everest Expedition Operates a Base Camp ca. 1924
Mourners Attend the Funeral of Jawaharlal Nehru ca. 1964
Muhammad Ali Is Sentenced to Five Years for Draft Evasion ca. 1967
Muhammad Ali Trains for His Fight with Joe Frazier ca. 1971
In Time of Need
Families Enjoy a California Beach ca. 1940
Families Listen to President Franklin D. Roosevelt Deliver a "Fireside Chat" ca. 1930s
Families of American Soldiers Arrive in Berlin ca. 1946
Family Celebrates a Child's Birthday at Home ca. 1937
Family Rides in a Studebaker Station Wagon ca. 1954
Fans Participate in a Swing Marathon ca. 1938
Farm Families Flee the Dust Bowl ca. 1937
Farmers Demonstrate on Capital Hill in Support of Farm Credit Bill ca. 1985
Farmers Sweep following a Dust Storm ca. 1935
FBI Official Explains Investigations of New Left During 1960s ca. 1975
Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) Unveils a Model Fallout Shelter ca. 1955
Female Sandinistas Work following the Revolution ca. 1985
Fidel Castro Plays Baseball in a Cuban Charity Game ca. 1959
Film Offers Pointers on Selling Tupperware ca. 1970
First Peace Corps Volunteers Begin their Training ca. 1961
Flight Lands at Los Angeles International Airport ca. 1965
Mussolini Bust Is Destroyed ca. 1945
Mustafa Kemal Leads Turkish Nationalists ca. 1920s
NASA Launches the Space Shuttle Columbia for the First Time ca. 1981
Nations at Play
Navy Awards the "U. S. Navy Wife of the Year" ca. 1956
Nazis Burn Books at a Rally ca. 1933
Nazis Parade Down Champs-elysees in Paris ca. 1940
Nelson Mandela Delivers a Speech from his Jail Cell
Neville Chamberlain Announces the Munich Agreement ca. 1938
New Fashions are Presented in Paris ca. 1950
New Homes Built with Fallout Shelters During Cold War Era ca. 1959
New York City Stages Nuclear Attack Drill ca. 1952
News Reporter Discusses Challenges to Gas Station Owners During 1970s Energy Crisis ca. 1974
Newsreel Explaining Gasoline Rationing ca. 1942
Newsreel Highlighting the History of Pancho Villa ca. 1916
Ngo Dinh Diem Becomes President of South Vietnam ca. 1954
Nikita Khrushchev Visits the United States ca. 1959
Nixon and Khrushchev Spar in the "Kitchen Debate" ca. 1959
Nurses Tend to Infants During the Baby Boom ca. 1947
Nurses Tend to Victims of Atomic Bombs in Japan ca. 1946
Observers Reminisce about the First Kennedy-Nixon Debate ca. 1960
Officials Dedicate Zapata Offshore Oil Company Rigs ca. 1957
Oliver North Pleads the Fifth Amendment During the Iran-Contra Hearings ca. 1986
Paris Peace Conferences Stall ca. 1969
Parisians Celebrate Armistice Day ca. 1918
Passengers Ride Newly-Built New York City Subway ca. 1905
Paul Robeson Visits Moscow ca. 1958
Paul von Hindenburg Assumes the German Presidency ca. 1925
People Celebrate Independence in Pakistan and India ca. 1947
People Conduct Automobile Crash Test ca. 1970
People Drive Cars on a Congested Los Angeles Highway ca. 1969
People Drive Cars on Busy Highways ca. 1950s
People Drive Cars on Mountain Roads ca. 1950s
People Eat at a Soup Kitchen ca. 1983
People Give Their Opinion on Abortion ca. 1985
People Parade in Support of the Vietnam War ca. 1967
People Riot in Communist Hungary ca. 1956
People Travel in Streetcars in New York and San Francisco ca. 1905
People Visit New Houses in the Suburbs ca. 1950s
Pharmaceutical Industry Workers Produce and Package Penicillin ca. 1944
Philippe Petain Meets with the Vichy Government ca. 1940
Phosphorescent Grenades are Used During World War I ca. 1918
Pioneers of Aviation
Police Clash with Protestors at the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Chicago ca. 1968
Police Clash with Union Strikers ca. 1920s
Police Escort African-American Students ca. 1961
Police Patrol Streets after Watts Riot ca. 1965
Polio Vaccine Arrives in Britain ca. 1957
Post-War Safety Film Depicts Responsibilities of the "Man of the House" ca. 1948
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Tuesday in November
Wheels of Progress
President John F. Kennedy Orders Naval Quarantine of Cuba During the Cuban Missile Crisis ca. 1962
President Nixon Discusses E. Howard Hunt's Attempt at Blackmail ca. 1974
President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev Meet in Geneva ca. 1985
Prince Edward Becomes King following the Death of Queen Victoria ca. 1901
Protestors Demonstrate against Hunger in Washington, D.C. ca. 1932
Protestors in New York, San Francisco, and Rome March Against the Vietnam War ca. 1967
Protestors Interrupt United Nations (UN) Session after Assassination of Lumumba in the Congo ca.1961
Protestors Riot in Tehran against the Shah ca. 1953
Quakers March on the Pentagon to Protest the Vietnam War ca. 1963
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Signs the Decree Granting Indonesian Independence ca. 1949
Radio Announcer Reads into a Microphone ca. 1950s
Ralph Nader Explains Consumer Position on Alaska Pipeline ca. 1981
Rebel Forces Take a Village During a Coup in Guatemala ca. 1954
Refugees Flee East Germany before the Berlin Wall Is Built ca. 1961
Regime of Ngo Dinh Diem Collapses in South Vietnam ca. 1963
Religious Right Activists Protest Abortion ca. 1981
Reporter Interviews Howard Hughes Jr. after He Sets Coast-to-Coast Flight Record ca. 1937
Representative Jack Brooks Speaks During Impeachment Proceedings Against Richard Nixon ca. 1974
Representatives Sign the Limited Test Ban Treaty ca. 1963
Reverend Billy Graham Preaches in London ca. 1954
Richard and Pat Nixon Visit China ca. 1972
Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett Fly over the North Pole ca. 1926
Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev Sign the SALT I Treaty ca. 1972
Richard Nixon Speaks at the 1968 Republican National Convention ca. 1968
Robert F. Kennedy Delivers a Speech on the Death of Martin Luther King Jr. ca. 1968.Part 2
Robert F. Kennedy Is Assassinated in Los Angeles ca. 1968
Robert F. Kennedy Questions Jimmy Hoffa During McClellan Committee Hearings ca. 1957
Robert Falcon Scott's Expedition Party Leaves for the South Pole ca. 1910
Robert Goddard Launches Rocket ca. 1926
Roger Bannister Breaks the Four Minute Mile ca. 1954
Ronald Reagan Advocates Teaching Patriotism in his "Farewell Address to the Nation" ca. 1989
Ronald Reagan Calls the United States a "Shining City Upon a Hill" ca. 1989
Ronald Reagan Discusses "Star Wars" Program in Press Conference Before Soviet Summit ca. 1985
Ronald Reagan Discusses Military Buildup on Grenada ca. 1983
Ronald Reagan Is Shot by Would-Be Assassin ca. 1981
Ronald Reagan Solicits Donations for Radio Free Europe ca. 1951
Ronald Reagan Testifies before the House Un-American Activities Committee ca. 1947
Ross Perot Discusses American POWs in Vietnam ca. 1970
Russian Women Train in the Woman's Battalion of Death ca. 1916
Russians Respond to the Siege of Leningrad ca. 1941
Sales Representative Demonstrates Products at a Tupperware Party ca. 1970
Sally Ride Becomes First American Woman in Space ca. 1983
Salvador Dali Paints a Rhinoceros ca. 1955
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Is Opened ca. 1937
Scientist Readies Rat for Space Flight Test ca. 1961
Second Vatican Council Opens in Rome ca. 1962
Security Consultant Points Out Vulnerabilities in Washington, D.C. ca. 1995
Senator John East Describes the Human Life Bill ca. 1982
Senators Attend Hearings on Censure Charges Against Senator Joseph McCarthy ca. 1954
Sharecroppers Harvest Cotton ca. 1920s
Six European Countries Establish the European Common Market ca. 1958
Skaters Participate in a Roller Derby ca. 1946
Smyrna Burns After Capture by the Turkish Army ca. 1922
Social Security Act Becomes Law ca. 1935
Soldiers Fight at the Battle of Verdun ca. 1916
Soldiers Fight in Algerian War of Independence ca. 1954
Soldiers Take Fire During Tet Offensive ca. 1968
Sonja Henie Skates ca. 1930s
Soviet Forces Invade Afghanistan ca. 1980