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Wanted - more homes
Tomorrow's Mexico
Problem drinkers
The new France
Atomic power
Is everybody happy?
Soviet's neighbor - Czechoslovakia
Germany - handle with care!
Storm over Britain
Your doctors - 1947
New trains for old
Turkey's 100 million
T-Men in action
Public relations - this means you
The presidential year
California heritage
Children in trouble
Freedom is indivisible
Hands that made America
Ships, strikes & seamen
Finland's 20th birthday
Bloody Iwo
The Middle East
The Philippines :1898-1946
The Pacific coast
The White House
How's Your News? :Ohio & Florida
How's Your News? :On the Campaign Trail
John F. Kennedy Wins the 1960 Presidential Election ca. 1960
Grace Kelly Marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco ca. 1956
Lynda Bird Johnson Holds Fundraising Barbeque ca. 1964
Yitzhak Rabin Speaks at Signing of the Oslo Accords (1993) ca.1993
Joe Louis Knocks Down Jack Sharkey During a Fight ca. 1936
Joe Frazier Trains for His Fight with Muhammad Ali ca. 1971
Golda Meir in the Knesset on Her First Day as Israeli Prime Minister ca. 1969
Theodore Roosevelt Is Elected President ca. 1904
Theodore Roosevelt Addresses a Crowd ca. 1900s
Universal Newsreels] :Hughes Plane Crash (07
Universal Newsreels] :U.N. and Big 4 Adjourn (12
Universal Newsreels] :New York City (09
Universal Newsreels] :LBJ Hears Graham (08
Prelinger Archives.Tragedy or Hope]
Predicting Earthquakes]
Rocky Marciano, champion vs. Jersey Joe Walcott, challenger
Kino-pravda no. 21 : Leninskaia Kino-pravda : kinopoema o Lenine