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The air war on Japan
Navy war games
March of time.Volume 3, episode 1,U.S. milky way
New schools for old
Business girls in the big city
Britain's food defenses
Amoskeag - success story
Britain's gambling fever
Newsfronts of war - 1940
America's new air power
World food problem
State of the union
Yale :new horizons for American education
Ballets de France.Night and day
Ford Educational Library.Meat again :by-products of meat
Invitation to Harvard
March of time.Battle for bread
Polygoon Hollands Nieuws.Rotterdam tentoonstelling voeding in deze tijd
18 million orphans
A chance to live
A chance to play
Adlai Stevenson Address the United Nations During the Cuban Missile Crisis ca. 1962
Adolf Hitler Speaks at a Nazi Rally ca. 1939
African-American Athletes Support Muhammad Ali ca. 1967
Airways to peace
Alaska's salmon war
Allied Armada Crosses the English Channel ca. 1944
Allied Troops Prepare for D-Day ca. 1944
Allies Liberate Paris During World War II ca. 1944
American beauty
America's youth
An Excerpt From Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" Speech ca. 1983
Anticommunist Protestors Parade in New York ca. 1950
Apollo 8 Films the Surface of the Moon ca. 1969
Arnold Palmer Wins Masters Tournament ca. 1960
Asia's new voice
Atomic Bombs Are Detonated at Nevada Test Site ca. 1952
Australia at war
Baseball Players Practice During Spring Training ca. 1934
Beauty at work
Benito Mussolini Visits Munich ca. 1937
Berlin :rift in the iron curtain
Big Four Meet in Berlin after the German Defeat ca. 1945
Bobby Jones Wins the U.S. Open ca. 1930
Bolsheviks Seize Petrograd (St. Petersburg) ca. 1917
Boston Strangler Escapes Mental Clinic ca. 1967
Brain trust island
British imperialism
British Propaganda Film Covers the Mau-Mau Uprising ca. 1954
Charles Lindbergh Lands in England ca. 1927
Christianity in the United States During the Abortion Debate ca. 1981
Church Committee Hears Testimony on Subway Tests ca. 1975
Conquering cancer
Crime and prisons
Curtis Smothers Details FBI Efforts to Discredit Martin Luther King, Jr. During Testimony before Church Committee ca. 1975
Dean Rusk Addresses Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) ca. 1961
Delegates Listen to Opening Remarks at the First United Nations Security Council Meeting ca. 1946
Delegates Sign the United Nations Charter ca. 1945
Elizabeth II Is Crowned Queen of Great Britain ca. 1953
Enemies of alcohol
England's tithe war
Extremists Assassinate Anwar Sadat ca. 1981
Fashion means business
Field trials
Flight plan for freedom
To a queen's taste.Part 1
To a queen's taste.Part 2
To a queen's taste.Part 3
To a queen's taste.Part 4
Franklin D. Roosevelt Announces His Court-Packing Plan ca. 1930s
Franklin D. Roosevelt Delivers His First Inaugural Speech ca. 1933
Franklin D. Roosevelt Wins the 1932 Presidential Election ca. 1932
Fulgencio Batista Overthrows the Cuban Government ca. 1952
Gary Powers Is Captured by the Soviet Union ca. 1960
Ghana Becomes an Independent Nation ca. 1957
Great Britain Under Siege in World War II ca. 1941
Harry S. Truman Discharges Douglas MacArthur ca. 1951
Henry Cabot Lodge Presents the United Nations (UN) Security Council with Evidence of Russian Espionage ca. 1960
Howard Carter Discovers Tut'ankhamun's Tomb ca. 1922
Idi Amin Expels Asians from Uganda ca. 1972
Idi Amin Speaks before the United Nations General Assembly ca. 1979
Ireland Secedes from Great Britain ca. 1949
Is everybody listening?
Israel Celebrates Its Victory in the Six-Day War ca. 1967
James McCord Testifies about Pressure to Lie During Watergate ca. 1973
Jeanne Kirkpatrick Discusses Reagan Administration's Policies toward Africa ca.1981
John Dean Testifies at the Watergate Hearings ca. 1973
John F. Kennedy Delivers His Inaugural Address ca. 1961
John F. Kennedy Is Assassinated ca. 1963
John F. Kennedy Is Buried ca. 196
John F. Kennedy Pins a Medal on Alan Shepard ca. 1961
Johnson Increases Monthly Draft During the Vietnam War ca. 1965
Juan Peron Is Inaugurated in Argentina ca. 1946
Junk and war
King Abdullah of Jordan Is Assassinated ca. 1951
King Cotton's slaves
Labor versus labor
Londoners Adjust to Blitz Destruction ca. 1940
Machine Gun Kelly Goes on Trial ca. 1933
Marines Recruit on a College Campus ca. 1972
Marriage and divorce
Mediterranean - background for war
Meeting Discusses Townsend Plan ca. 1935
Men of medicine
Metropolitan opera
Mexico-good neighbor's dilemma
Midwinter vacations
Mike Webb Defends His Political Ad Campaign ca. 1982
Mohandas Gandhi Leads the Indian Independence Movement ca. 1930s
Mourners Attend Franklin D. Roosevelt's Funeral ca. 1945
Mourners Attend William McKinley's Funeral ca. 1901
Muammar al-Qaddafi Seizes Power in Libya ca. 1969
Muhammad Mosaddeq Reiterates a Plan to Nationalize Iranian Oil ca. 1951
NASA Builds New Headquarters in Houston, Texas ca. 1963
Newt Gingrich Discusses the Soviet Union ca. 1984
Nigerians Volunteer for Military Service During Nigerian Civil War ca. 1967
Nobody's children
Our America at war
Pacific islands
Patrice Lumumba Becomes the First President of the Congo ca. 1960
Paul von Hindenburg Defeats Adolf Hitler ca. 1932
People in the news.Keystone Cops reunion
Pittsburgh Pirates Win the 1925 World Series ca. 1925
Poland and war
Polygoon Hollands Nieuws.Op bezoek bij de grootste zuurkoolfabriek van Europa
Post-war farms
Babies and Breadwinners [1961 Polio Vaccine Campaign]
Moving Along
RFD Greenwich Village
Sinclair at the World's Fair
Valley Town
President Carter Returns the Panama Canal to Panama ca. 1977
President Nixon Resigns ca. 1974.Part 2
Princess Elizabeth Marries Philip Mountbatten ca. 1947
Pushing the Boundaries
Racketeers vs housewives
Ralph Bunche Discusses United Nations Policy to End Wars ca. 1951
Ranger 9 Sends Pictures of the Moon to Earth ca. 1965
Rehearsal for war
Rennie Davis Discusses Protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention ca. 1968
Reporters Inquire about Hugo Black's Membership in the Ku Klux Klan ca. 1937
Republicans Gain Seats in 1966 Elections ca. 1966
Richard Nixon Announces Resignations of John Ehrlichman and H. R. Haldeman During the Watergate Scandal ca. 1973
Richard Nixon Believes that a "Just Peace" Is Possible in Vietnam ca. 1970
Richard Nixon Delivers his First Inaugural Address ca. 1969
Richard Nixon Nominates Warren Burger to the Supreme Court ca. 1969
Riots in Puerto Rico Fuel an Assassination Attempt on Harry S. Truman ca. 1950
Robert F. Kennedy Climbs Mount Kennedy ca. 1968
Robert F. Kennedy Is Assassinated ca. 1968
Ronald Reagan Address the Country after the Challenger Shuttle Explosion ca. 1986
Ronald Reagan Criticizes Jimmy Carter in Campaign Ad ca. 1980
Ronald Reagan Criticizes President Jimmy Carter's Foreign Policies During the 1980 Election ca. 1980
Ronald Reagan Delivers "Star Wars" Speech ca. 1983.Part 1
Ronald Reagan Delivers "Star Wars" Speech ca. 1983.Part 2
Ronald Reagan Delivers His First Inaugural Address ca. 1981.Part 4
Ronald Reagan Expresses His Hopes for Federal Judiciary ca. 1986
Ronald Reagan Nominates Sandra Day O'Connor to Serve as the First Female Member of the Supreme Court ca. 1981
Russian Workers Revolt ca. 1905
Russians in exile
Russians Revolt in Petrograd ca. 1917
Safety ("sudden death")
Sam Ervin Leads Senate Hearings Investigating the Watergate Scandal ca. 1973
Sandra Day O'Connor Answers Questions During Senate Confirmation Hearings ca. 1981
Several Countries Join European Free Trade Association ca. 1959
Shifting tides in the Orient
Sinn Fein Takes Action in Ireland ca. 1922
Soldiers Fight Through Destroyed Towns During the Spanish Civil War ca. 1938
Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes Shortly after Launch ca. 1986
Space Shuttle Discovery Launches from Kennedy Space Center ca. 1995
Stocks Are Traded before the 1929 Crash ca. 1929
The human heart
The laugh industry
The nation's mental health
The refugee -today and tomorrow
The road back :New Guinea
The teachers' crisis
The Titanic Leaves on Its Maiden Voyage ca. 1912
The WPA Film Library; Calvin Coolidge Wins the 1924 Presidential Election ca. 1925
Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders Parade on Horseback ca. 1900s
Theodore Roosevelt Hunts in Africa ca. 1909
Theodore Roosevelt Ushers Russian and Japanese Signatories Aboard His Yacht ca. 1905
April 10, 1959 - Prince Akihito Marries a Commoner
April 12, 1961 - Yuri Gagarin Is the First Man in Space
April 13, 1970 - Apollo 13 Oxygen Tank Explodes
April 14, 1931 - Spanish Republic Established
April 16, 1947 - Explosion in Texas City
April 20, 1972 - Apollo 16 Lands on the Moon
April 24, 1963 - Wedding of Princess Alexandra
April 29, 1916 - Easter Rising in Dublin Ends
April 30, 1975 - Fall of Saigon
August 15, 1947 - Indian Independence
August 19, 1953 - Shah Returns to Iran
August 21, 1959 - Hawaii Becomes 50th State
August 25, 1944 - Paris Liberated from Nazis
August 27, 1928 - Kellogg-Briand Pact Signed in Paris
August 31, 1980 - Solidarity Founded - Gdansk Workers' Strike Ends
December 10, 1964 - Martin Luther King Jr. Receives Nobel Peace Prize
December 11, 1936 - King Edward VIII's Abdication Speech
December 12, 1963 - Kenya Gains Independence
December 14, 1962 - Mariner 2 Passes Venus
December 19, 1959 - Western Summit in France
December 23, 1933 - Emperor Akihito Is Born
December 24, 1968 - Apollo 8 Orbits the Moon
December 25, 1950 - Stone of Scone Stolen
December 28, 1947 - King Victor Emmanuel III Dies
December 31, 1983 - AT&T Broken up, Last Day of Ma Bell
December 4, 1918 - President Wilson Sails for France
December 5, 1964 - First Medal of Honor Awarded for Vietnam War
February 1, 1977 - President Carter Makes a Speech about the Panama Canal Treaty
February 19, 1945 - US Marines Land at Iwo Jima to Begin the Battle with Japanese Forces
February 20, 1962 - Astronaut John Glenn Orbits the Earth
February 27, 1933 - Reichstag is Burned Down
February 28, 1972 - President Nixon Concludes His Historic Visit to China
February 9, 1943 - Battle of Guadalcanal Ends
January 1, 1959 - Castro Overthrows Batista in Cuba
January 12, 1966 - LBJ Announces Intent to Stay in Vietnam until the North Gives up Aggression
January 13, 1935 - The Saarland Votes to Rejoin Germany
January 15, 1966 - Military Coup in Nigeria
January 16, 1967 - Fire Erupts at McCormick Place in Chicago
January 19, 1966 - Indira Gandhi is Elected as Prime Minister of India
January 21, 1961 - The Santa Maria Is Hijacked by Portugese Rebels
January 22, 1901 - Death of Queen Victoria
January 23, 1958 - Revolt Ousts Venezuelan Leader
January 24, 1965 - Death of Winston Churchill
January 26, 1950 - India Proclaims Itself a Republic
January 3, 1962 - Construction Begins on the Houston Astrodome
January 30, 1933 - Adolph Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany
January 31, 1971 - Apollo 14 Moon Landing Mission Is Launched
January 5, 1948 - First Color Newsreel
January 7, 1939 - Union Leader Tom Mooney Is Freed after 22 Years in Prison
July 1, 1962 - Algeria Votes for Independence
July 14, 1958 - Revolution in Iraq
July 15, 1959 - Steel Strike in U.S
July 16, 1951 - New King in Belgium
July 23, 1952 - Coup in Egypt
July 28, 1945 - Plane Crashes Into Empire State Building
July 29, 1967 - USS Forrestal Catches Fire
July 3, 1986 - Reagan at Relighting of Statue of Liberty
July 30, 1966 - England Wins World Cup at Wembley Stadium
July 4, 1939 - Lou Gehrig's Farewell to Baseball
June 15, 1919 - John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown Complete the First Nonstop Transatlantic Flight
June 20, 1967 - Muhammad Ali Is Convicted of Draft Evasion
June 23, 1956 - Nasser Elected President of Egypt
June 26, 1963 - JFK's "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" Speech
June 30, 1930 - French Evacuate the Rhineland
June 4, 1944 - The Allies Liberate Rome during World War II
March 15, 1961 - South Africa Withdraws from British Commonwealth
March 2, 1969 - Concorde Test Flight
March 22, 1933 - Roosevelt Ends Prohibition
March 24, 1958 - Elvis Presley Inducted into Army