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Lumumba : la morte du prophete
Cultural Diversity in Health Care
Of Men and Gods (des hommes et dieux)
Bill Moyers Journal: Obama's First Year / America's Energy Challenge
The Black Atlantic :(1500-1800)
Who poisoned the children?
Walter Rosenblum: In Search of Pitt Street
Caribbean with Simon Reeve.Episode 3
Haiti :Two Years Later
Haiti :Year Zero
Haitian Song
Honor roll
Out of the Rubble
Caribbean with Simon Reeve.Part 1
In Haiti, mental health still a concern for many quake survivors
Dr Farmer's remedy
Clinton Bush Haiti fund PSA
Hard to teach.3,Developing self assessment skills with Year 9
Culture Clash
Selva morale e spirituale
Jacques Roumain :La Passion d'un Pays
To Serve the Gods
Dreams of Haiti
The Revolution and the Colonies
Haiti :Where Did the Money Go?
Calls in the Caribbean :introduction to Haiti
Florida : Miami - The Magic City
The March of Time Theatrical Newsreels Volume 3: 1936-1937. Volume 3 Episode 8
A path appears. Episode 2, breaking the cycle of poverty
Slave Revolt and the Abolition of Slavery
Children of shadows
Battle for Haiti
What In the World—Venezuela: The Pull of the City
Life on the Line - Coping with Natural Disasters, Disability and Illness- Season 2
Haiti earthquake :impacts and responses
Legacy of the Spirits
Public Voudon Ceremonies in Haiti
Black in Latin America - Haiti & Dominican Republic: An Island Divided
Chercher la vie
Trauma, PTSD & traumatic grief
Extinction in Progress
Buying the spirit
Birds Of Hispaniola
Tectonics :Processes and Landforms
Sarajevo Diaries
Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti, 1996
Ready, steady, trade
Sun and shadows :the downside of tourism in Central America
Battle for Haiti :Rebuilding in the Face of Gang Violence and Corruption
Society in the '60s
A closer walk
World Challenge : Episode 3
What's the Next Big Thing?
Interview with C.L.R. James by Lancelot Layne
Zombie :Haiti's Longstanding Tradition
The miracle of agriculture : growing a sustainable future
Voodoo Blessing in Haiti, 1996
Dear Mandela
Extinction in Progress
Minustah steal goats
Voices of Human Rights
Meditation on violence
Primary writing starters :The railway children
Africans in America. Brotherly love.;Interview with Douglas Egerton, professor of history, Le Moyne College Part 3,
Frontiers :Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Voodoo Sorceress's Home in Haiti, 1996
Breaking leaves
A path appears series
Following Antigone :forensic anthropology and human rights investigations
Napoleon's Ambitions in the New World
Psychological first aid
The Haiti Earthquake :Impacts and responses
Black in Latin America.Haiti & Dominican Republic, an island divided
Jacques Roumain :Passion for a Country
Deadliest earthquakes
Love Hate Love
Unfinished country :Haiti's struggle for democracy
Failing Haiti
Bound by Haiti
The lost children in Haiti
Sacred Choreographies of Cuba and Haiti
The islands.Part 2
Poto mitan : Haitian women, pillars of the global economy
Fighting syphilis
Life on the Line - Coping with Natural Disasters, Disability and Illness- Season 1
Kosovo :The Next Bosnia?
Mental Health Still a Concern for Quake Survivors in Haiti
Secondary modern foreign languages using ICT
Edwidge Danticat :An Interview
Protective services
Africans in America. Brotherly love.;Interview with Julius Scott, professor of history, New York University Part 3,
Tough, low-cost wheelchairs needed in Haiti, February 18, 2010
Bridge the Gap :Haiti
Haiti :5 years & a billion dollars later
When the Drum Is Beating
Voodoo and the church in Haiti
Undiscovered Haiti
Unseen Cinema 6: The Amateur as Auteur
Architects of change.Restoring communities through art
Caribbean with Simon Reeve.Episode 2
Mary Mcleod Bethune :champion for education
The Sugar Babies :Growing Up in the Cane Fields
Presidents Obama, Bush, & Clinton :help for Haiti
VooDoo Damballah Ceremony in Haiti, 1996
Cuba and Haiti :Globe Trekker
Undiscovered Haiti with Jose Andres
Human rights in Haiti
Tectonics :processes and landforms
Chesty Puller :The Marine's Marine
In Haiti, a Mission of Religion and Medicine for Father Rick (12/24/12)
Birds of Hispaniola
Tomorrow, today.Series 1, Episode 41
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Nature Inc. Natural prevention Episode 2,
Haiti :land of tragedy, land of hope
Lumumba, la mort du prophète
Haiti :Rebuilding a Nation
Dancers in VooDoo Ceremony in Haiti, 1996
Deadliest Earthquakes
George Stroumboulopoulos in Haiti
Haitian voodoo
UN: Impunity for All
Send in the Clowns - Clowns Without Borders Visit Haiti
The year in fashion collection : Volume 2010