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Community Organization
The assassination of Martin Luther King
Hoxie :the first stand
Why is cancer killing so many blacks?
Encounter at Kwacha House - Halifax
Patriot generals
A rap with Colin L. Powell
The longest struggle.Part 1,Reign of terror
A question of patriotism
Adam Abdul Hakeem :one who survived
Trouble in paradise, 1981
Road to freedom :chronicles of the struggle of slaves in pre-civil war America (Underground railroad) (February 23, 2005)
Oliver Nelson :a Billy Taylor salute
How to be a Muslim in America
Martin Luther King's torment
James Baldwin :the price of the ticket
White Riot
Tony Brown's journal :an outrageous program to cure all diseases
Conversation :Dorothy Height : 'Open wide the freedom gates' (July 17, 2003)
South Central Los Angeles :inside voices
Tulia, Texas
Brother outsider :the life of Bayard Rustin
Has crime pointed a gun at black America?
Furious flower II
Black solidarity day
Coreen Simpson :Photographing Style
Thank God :an Aframerican docu-opera.Part 4
Malcolm X :speech excerpt "Ballot or the bullet"
When the eagle flies
George Kirby presents King Heroin
My God
Volume 5,The Raleigh civil rights movement
A case for justice.Part 2
Purple rage
Straight up on the down low
Goin' to Chicago
Music legends
The year 2002
Martin Luther King Press Conference
Can you dig it? :Black history quiz.Show 5
Has the medical establishment failed us?
Bobby Seale :interview from jail
Patriot aviators
Walter White
The devil's advice.Part 2
The music of Harry Belafonte
Moko Jumbie :traditional stilt walkers
Revolution '67
Volume 16,Political impact of SNCC 1964 to 1984
Mashpee quest
The black valentino
Frantz Fanon :black skin, white mask
What killed rhythm and blues?
Volume 36,Freedom concert
Blacks and Jews, 1980
Bobby Seale speaking at Black Panthers rally on Boston Common
Freedom from within
Can you dig it? :Black history quiz.Show 2
Black soldier blues
The lost hero
Black Hollywood.Part 4,Fading out
The life of Fannie Lou Hamer :never turn back
Volume 1,Opening plenary
Bill Moyers Journal :Economic Justice for All?
Will blacks save Mondale in November?
Great speeches video series.Volume 6
Paul Robeson :20th century renaissance man, entertainer & activist
Elijah Muhammad :interview excerpts
A slow fade to white
Tuskegee Airmen :still flying high
Malcolm X and Judas
200 years of God
AIDS :everybody's problem
Black and white music
A Star controversy
Elaine Brown :speech on feminism
The struggle within the struggle
Fannie Lou Hamer :short clip telling story
Civil rights activist, historian discusses new autobiography (John Hope Franklin) (June 15, 2006)
Julian Bond interview, black unemployment in the 80's
Is unconscious racism a killer?
Tony Brown's journal :the MLK dream you can see
Thank God :an Aframerican docu-opera.Part 2
Why don't blacks do well in science?
Is there a conspiracy to keep blacks out of the Republican Party?
Raw interview with Cleveland Sellers
Did the dream survive?
Health care
The black church :friend or foe?
Are you black or white?
Rappin' with the blue notes
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
Paul Robeson
The down low :no longer a secret /by Wally Ashby
Stevie Wonder plays his own keys of life
Children of the struggle
Great speeches video series.Volume 1
The city of brothers and sisters
Roy Innis, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) addresses the NAACP, Q & A with Roy Wilkins
Banned in St. Louis
Tony Brown's journal.Politics :new black power?Part 1
Modification of phase two - what does it really mean?
Oh freedom after while
Dancing alone
Volume 26,Plenary :Joyce Ladner
Ebonics controversy
From the library of black history :the longest struggle
Volume 11,Alabama :"turning to ourselves"
Negroes with guns :Rob Williams and Black power
From the library of black history :Booker T. Washington freedom trail : the spirit of black higher education
Gloria Naylor :a conversation with Gloria Naylor
A look at the United States from Brazil
The black leaders summit of 1972 and the 1998 follow up.Part I
National Urban League Convention preview
The black west
Baggy pants
The road to Brown
The Sister Souljah controversy :q&a with Tony
Martha Reeves in a new galaxy
Herpes :is there hope?Part 2
Button up your overcoat.Part 1
Author examines the black migration from the Jim Crow south (Sept. 23, 2010)
Kellie Jones :On Harry Shepherd
Volume 13,Arkansas, Cambridge, Md, Danville, Va :"everybody say freedom"
Raw interview with Hakim Jamal
The Psychology Of AIDS
One woman's solution to HIV
The house we live in
Billy Taylor segments :Charlie Parker's 'confirmation'
Charles Alfred "Chief" Anderson
Daughters of the dust
Entertainment :are blacks getting A fair share?
Volume 7,The societal response to SNCC
The only color of freedom is green
Tony Brown's journal.Politics :new black power?Part 2
Stockpiling black genes
The winning spirit
Pain or puncture?
Malcolm X
The Klan exposed
Richard Pryor.Rap II
Yes, ma'am
Roy Wilkins :excerpts on civil rights
The Henson saga
Is America for sale?
Brick by brick :a civil rights story
Mary Mcleod Bethune :champion for education
Malcolm X :"House Negroes and Field Negroes" speech excerpt
The longest struggle.Part 3,War with Jim Crow
Malcolm X :speech excerpt from Los Angeles
Can whites raise black children?
Is The Black Middle Class Angry?
Color of freedom.Part 1,ethnic nationalism
A face-off with Roy Innis
Black Americans and black immigrants
John Lewis - 'Walking with the wind : a memoir of the movement' (July 7, 1998)
The black elite
Can you dig it? :Black history quiz.Show 3
Martin Luther King Clip Reel, 1986
50 years of military integration (July 31, 1998)
Becoming Barack :evolution of a leader
The reluctant entrepreneur
Testimony before the Church Committee Details FBI Plans to Intimidate Martin Luther King Jr. ca. 1975
The Wereth eleven
Malcolm X :Founding Rally of Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) speech excerpt
An unlikely friendship
Black like who?
Black Hollywood.Part 3,The middle years
Volume 30,The Young People's Project :come let us build a new world
Volume 6,Luncheon keynote :Rev. James Lawson, "we have not yet arrived"
Trouble in paradise, 1982
Are college scholarships quotas?
Racial superiority
Mildred Loving, key figure in civil rights era, dies (May 6, 2008)
Were Gulf War veterans used as guinea pigs?
A class of one :Ruby Bridges (Feb. 18, 1997)
Tony Brown's journal :self-health : cutting edge science or quackery
Is melatonin the next miracle drug?
The longest struggle.Part 4,75-year march
Veronica Ali :the woman few people know
The Marian Anderson story :lady in the Lincoln Memorial
A drug war
School desegregation
Jerry Falwell talks about racism
Songs of the spirit.Part II
The last word
Bridge to Freedom 1965
Famous writers :Chester Himes & Ralph Ellison
The black press :soldiers without swords
Do blacks need new leaders?
White, black, or none of the above
Blacks and AIDS
Duke Ellington :a Billy Taylor salute
Inside North Korea :an African American's journal
Jackie Robinson :excerpts from civil rights rally
Interview with John Lewis (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
The greats
Iowa :winners and losers
Which is worse :mosquitoes or nerve poison?
Angela Davis :interview from jail
New Bedford
Integration up south
Big brother or little brother?
Successful tips
Inside the Klan
Is the media on trial?