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Become a proactive, integrated and intersectional beacon of sustainability.

3.1.1: Achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 following UWO’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan.

3.1.2: Establish the Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations as a national leader in sustainability research, education and practice.

3.1.3: Integrate sustainability across the institution in a holistic manner, placing social and economic justice on an equal footing with environmental sustainability.


Bolster the institution’s fiscal sustainability by allowing fearless futurism to drive our decisions and actions in enrollment management and revenue generation.

3.2.1: Adopt the latest analytical, predictive and precise data-driven practices, technologies and marketing tactics to strengthen recruitment and retention.

3.2.2: Rebuild UWO’s development unit within the Division of University Affairs to embrace analytics and best engage stakeholders in collaboration with all UWO-affiliated Foundations, Advancement and Alumni Relations teams, to include the launch of a landmark capital campaign focused on growing student scholarships.

3.2.3: Bolster and help sustain pursuit of staff and faculty extramural grants and contracts.


Develop and implement a plan that imagines, pursues and builds next-gen UWO facilities.

3.3.1: Complete a forward-focused master plan aligning academic and co-curricular aims with new facilities and space to accommodate them while also advancing our sustainability goals.

3.3.2: Implement a self-funded, deferred maintenance and equipment modernization program to address and prioritize long-standing issues.

3.3.3: Engrain modern student, faculty and staff safety technologies and practices in each building’s fabric and function, while ensuring accessibility for every learner, employee and guest.

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