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Planning Process

The planning process for the 2016 Strategic Plan took place February, 2015 through December, 2015.

The 2016 strategic planning process was an enormous effort that sought to meaningfully engage all voices from employees, students, alumni and community stakeholders. The planning phase of the strategic plan began in late February 2015 and concluded with a final plan for review in December 2015.

Multiple avenues for participation and involvement were available to the campus and broader community through open forums, discussions and surveys that were designed to gather and collect ideas, input and other suggestions.

Several planning teams were gathered to focus on specific priorities and goals. Expand the team boxes below to view the team members.


Strategic Planning Steering Committee
  • Lane Earns (Chair)
  • Sylvia Carey-Butler
  • Jamie Ceman
  • Dale Feinauer
  • Michael Ford
  • Jaime Page-Stadler
  • Carleen Vande Zande
Strategic Priority A: Enhance Student Success
  • Brandon Miller
  • Tom Fojtik
  • Irma Burgos
  • Sally Masters
  • Jamie Page-Stadler
  • Nancy Harrison
  • Anne Milkovich
Strategic Priority B: Promote Academic Excellence
  • Mike Ford
  • Susan Cramer
  • Steve Bentivenga
  • Gabe Loiacono
  • Jane Purse-Wiedenhoeft
  • Brian Kermath
  • Mark Clements
Strategic Priority C: Expand Community Engagement & Economic Development
  • Jamie Ceman
  • Doug Jarmusz
  • Colleen Merrill
  • Darryl Sims
  • Meridith Jaeger
  • Jakob Iverson
  • Cindy Schultz
  • Susan Adams
  • Mike Lueder
  • Alison Shaw
  • Paul Van Auken
  • Anne Milkovich
Strategic Priority D: Build An Inclusive Excellence & Supportive Institutional Environment
  • Sylvia Carey-Butler
  • Jordan Landry
  • Ameerah McBride
  • Laurie Textor
  • Stacey Skoning
  • Brent MacWilliams
  • Laura Knaapen
  • Lisa Goetsch
Members of the Strategic Planning Team who created the draft plan
  • Michael Ford, Literacy and Language (Faculty – Chair)
  • Sylvia Carey-Butler, Center for Equity and Diversity (Administrator – Vice-Chair)
  • Susan Adams, LLCE (AS)
  • Victor Alatorre, Residence Life (AS)
  • Franca Barricelli, COLS Dean’s Office (Administrator/Faculty)
  • Susan Cramer, Graduate Studies (Administrator/Faculty)
  • Norlisha Crawford, English/ African American Studies (Faculty)
  • Lisa Danielson, Registrar’s Office (AS)
  • Nancy Harrison, Student Support (AS)
  • Douglas Heil, Radio/TV/Film (Faculty)
  • Charlie Hill, LLCE (Faculty)
  • Meridith Jaeger, Wisconsin Family Business Forum (AS)
  • Stephen Kercher, History (Faculty)
  • Jean Kwaterski, Student Affairs (AS)
  • David Lishner, Psychology (Faculty)
  • Jeff Locy, Facilities Management (US)
  • Erin McArthur, Library (AS)
  • Kate McQuillan, Human Resources (AS)
  • Ann Mittelstadt, Student
  • Maureen Muldoon, Geology (Faculty)
  • Leslie Neal-Boylan, CON Dean (Administrator)
  • Reginald Parson, Student
  • Denise Robson, Economics (Faculty)
  • Alan Saginak, Professional Counseling (Faculty)
  • Jordan Schettle, Student
  • Mary Seaman, Biology (IAS)
  • Alison Shaw, Music (Faculty)
  • David Siemers, Political Science (Faculty)
  • Robert Sipes, Kinesiology/Athletic Training (Faculty)
  • Matt Suwalski, Reeve Union (AS)
  • Lisa Szromba, UARC (AS)
  • Patrick Vander Zanden, Residence Life (AS)
  • James Wiciak, IT (US)
  • Thomas Wolf, University Books (US)

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